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My Biggest Complaint About Electric Votive Church Candles

Same price, no fun.

I’m all for fire safety. But electric church candles?

I’ve been dropping coins in the slots at churches for years and praying for all your sorry asses. I pay my quarter (dollar in NYC) light a candle and feel better. Lighting the candle is a win-win: the church gets money, you get my prayers, and I have my inner-pyro satisfied.

And now my church goes and gets electric candles. I can’t even tell which candles I’m lighting. I have to stare at the set for a few seconds to get a visual reference grid of lit candles and then flip the switch for my candle and hope I see my little flicker. It’s pretty tough to spot my candle when 50 others are already lit.

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  1. Is there a way to keep the light on continuously????? We look forward to your reply

  2. Some of the better electronic candle makers do offer memorials that you keep lit yearly but you need to talk to your church officials about those. Rather then have somebody die or cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage I say suck it up and learn to love the new electronic candles

  3. Yes we offer such a model - the candles have a set and select auto timing meaning that each candle will burn for the period set- just like a candle on a wax candle stand would. However, there is a switch can be activated by removing the globe and the timing signal will be ignored and that candle(s) will remain lit.

  4. Nothing beats a true candle!!! Why suddenly the worries about “dying and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage”????
    For 2,000 years it has worked so what is suddenly the problem???
    But of course the Holy Church was in its Glory years.
    It says something for our times. We need more candles than ever.

  5. I have been making my candles at home and using paraffin wax. Is soy wax better?

  6. Do you think paraffin is better than soy wax since it’s cheaper?

  7. It’s a shame that churches are now using electric candles. The symbolism of that the candle represents is totally lost.

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