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My Biggest Complaint About Drugs In The Drinking Water

Short and sweet… my biggest complaint about drugs in the drinking water is that I don’t live in any of the affected cities.

I’m not being trite about it and saying “oh, dude, I’d love some dope in my tap water”. Nope, not what I’m talking about.

I do wish they put prozac in the water. Especially in my neighborhood. Hell, forget the neighborhood, just start with the water cooler at work. I would even separate out the adult fountains from the kid fountains. “No, that’s mommy’s fountain. You go drink from yours.”

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  1. What we need is some contraception in the water. It would certainly go a long way to solving our population problem and just about every other problem it creates.

  2. LMAO… that is funny, and I agree

  3. Prozac, contraceptives and anti-obesity drugs!


  4. Contraceptives in the drinking water? Are you kidding? Everyone is going to end up having fertility problems, and in order to get it all out of their systems, they’ll have to buy bottled water for at least 6 months!

  5. HAHA that would be great until all your Bi-polar co-workers drank the prozac water! ever seen a misdiagnosed Bi-polar person on prozac?!?!
    oh boy….well work would be a lot more amusing!

  6. I hope you realize that all the drugs we take are ending up in the water. This is a serious problem. Especially when you consider the hormones in birth control are leading to feminized male fish. I know it sounds ridiculous but these fish are becoming so feminized that the fish cannot mate.

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