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My Biggest Complaint About Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Extradition Fight

Why doesn’t the U.S. stop Dog’s extradition?

My biggest complaint about Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman facing extradition to Mexico is that any U.S. Court is seriously considering going through with this.

Let me get this straight

  • Dog catches a rapist fugitive in Mexico
  • The rapist fugitive is returned to the U.S., convicted and is now serving a 124 year prison sentence
  • The Mexican government wants Dog extradited because . . . he caught a rapist fugitive who was returned, convicted and is now serving 124 years in prison

Right, got it.

The U.S. is invaded daily by countless illegal immigrants from Mexico who completely disregard the laws of the United States. The U.S. even recently considered giving these illegals a “path to citizenship”, and the Mexican government wants an American citizen extradited because he caught a rapist?

It is an absolute embarrassment that the United States government and justice system would allow something like this to take place. Seriously, can our federal government do anything anymore?

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. My whole family is in an uproar about this, including my 12 year old granddaughter.

  2. Maybe the Mexican authorities should have just sent in a team of bounty hunters to kidnap him and take him to Mexico? Extradition treaties and proceedings exist for this very reason. The Dog had no legal grounds to be in Mexico, no legal authority to capture this fugitive and no legal authority to bring him back into the US.

  3. Dog is a good man, what have any of you ever one to help people, the way i see it this guy is doing everything he can to help and people like the ones on this site cant see a batt if it smacked them in the face, I work for the canadian army I also worked with the US army and I can say this guy is giving it his all and all you people do is crap on him for one mess up, let the guy go let him do his job he did not kill anyone and he has done more good then bad, if you don’t agree eat me im a big man.

  4. i think that the dog did what he loves to do and thats putting a fugitive behind bars. i bet if it was your daughter, mother,or even your wife everybody’s opinion would be different. well i support you dog keep putting those punks in jail where they belong.

  5. Hey anukexpat the problem with the mexican authorities sending in a team of bounty hunters to the USA they would all say hell with this we can make more money working here and stay in the USA, opps that is what they are doing any disregarding our laws with the blessing of the mexican authorities!,.

  6. The reason the world gets pissed off with America is that it often only follows laws which suit it’s current mood. You can’t pick and choose the laws that suit on any given day….. oh wait a minute, yes you can…. George W has given himself immunity for the court of human rights…. sorry, I forgot about that.

  7. Dog finally got justice when a Mexican judge threw out this case, because the statute of limitations on it had expired.

    Justice has prevailed! All the little hate mongers are upset, and crying and blubbering because the Dog triumphed over the evil machinations of two countries!

    Well that’s because he was right, and because he put a monster away for 124 years! Luster will rape no more innocent women, and THAT’S the bottom line!!

  8. @psychward, so we must follow all laws at all times even those created by another country when we are on american soil. Well if this is the case I can the muslim extremists making a law that all americans must die, therefore our government must then go about executing all americans, seems like a no brainer to me!

  9. Cry me a river!!!

    The creep have been convicted of EIGHTEEN armed
    robberies and served only TWO years for

    Hope next time the messy-cans toss the scumbag in jail
    for life with an 800# gorilla for a “husband” in his

    Bounty hunter are the most despicable rat bastards there is,
    alongside pimps and child molesters…

  10. @ Hotspur666 (you handle here even looks a bit demonic) WOW hooo. sounds like you have some experience in this subject matter don’t you? perhaps your a crim or one of your family got nabbed by a bounty hunter????? How else would you have such intimate knowledge of a bounty hunters character?

    The truth be known most bounty hunter are bondsman or work for bondsman. Say you get yourself put in the poky then go to a bondsman to pay your $15,000 bond which cost you roughly $1,500 out you or your families pocket. Then you skip out well the bondsman just lost $15,000 less the $1,500 you paid him and you think he is scum for going to find you and put back in the poky???

    WOW what is this world coming to?????

  11. The dog is coming BACK!

  12. I realy love watching the show, and i was heart broken, when Leeland got beaten up, i would love to meet you, but i hate beth, are her boobs real, my friend keeps asking me. how can she were realy high heales when she has to run, i would laph my face off if she fell and broke a heal, but all in all leeland is fit, and my cusen drueles over him….

  13. The dog and his family are an impressive group they succeed were the law doesnt yes dog has been on the wrong side of the law before but he seen the damage he was doing and straightend out and now for redemption he works to make sure the streets are safer for everyone i think he deserves respect from everyone for the duty he performs if u disagree tough!!!!

  14. Make no mistake guys, whatever excrement your society throws at Mexico, we only want the female party teenagers (before they become felons). If by any means, your society has a surplus of fellows like the “dog” (perro) please keep them on a leash and have them in your yard, don´t spit them out to contaminate other countries. As putrid (or heroic, depends on your side) as he seems, we Mexicans truly don´t want them here. As the world knows, we already have enough problems to take care of. He is the product of your rotten, fetid, plastic, spoon fed and money driven society, so deal with him, and the thousands like him you have in your family..

  15. Man that is so true. i keep telling my friends that but everytime i mention his name they know that they are in for a fight and dont want anything to do with me. You have some words of wisdom my friend. And anyone who says different bout Dog can go die in a hole

  16. I think that duane leland and tim did what they had to do in order to get andrew luster off the streets before he struck again.

  17. To me, this is/was a very interesting case, indeed. Yes, he broke the law in mexico. Yes, he did humanity a favor…know? We shouldnt break the law in any case, I guess, but where is the line? There is ALWAYS a line…like it or not. Child molesters should be shot in the face, imho, but we cant just go do that, cause it gets outta hand real quick…..-=….Think gunfight at the ok corrral….=-…I dont really have an opinion on this, other than I dont know enough about it to make an informed decision….

  18. Hi
    Im from the U.K. and im in security for the MOD Leave the DOG Alone hes turned his life around hes turned his back on crime hes paid his sentence now hes caught a SCUM Mexican rapist good on ya dog from one lawman to another God Bless You DOG
    Love to all your family and peace on earth.
    Nick Page

  19. What you guys fail to understand is that is is a crime to go into Mexico and just take someone. If he was a real bail agent he would know that. The first thing we are taught is that yu dont go into Canada or Mexico. Some states in the US do not recognize

  20. Maybe people from mexico should come steal you

  21. The “DOG”, he is a muerderer, did you forgot about it?????

  22. The funny thins is the goverment does many wrongs every day and only the celebrities ever get any remorse from people

  23. Put his sorry azz i jail he broke the law also by jumping bail him and his crying baby azz let him get what he deserves he wldnt be sht without Beth and some one needs to slap that loud mouth getting in the face bi atch crazy ask me all of them need putting in their place the only reason I watch the show is to hope to see someone put their stupid azz in place one of these daysI loved it when he was lockd up in mexico crying like a baby HAHA

  24. how anyone can watch that garbage is beyond me. he has made his living off the miserys of others. he is not a hero he is a racist piece of garbage. bounty hunters are garbage period. bailbondsman are garbage usually. lawyers are needed garbage like compost for our fetid society. bounty hunters are not policemen they are (usually) racist, illiterate, numbskulls who are commiting kidnapping for the swine in the da’s office. my father was a cop and i know all about bounty hunters. they screw up more times than they succeed no matter what the “demon box” says

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