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My Biggest Complaint About Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Did you see Dick Clark on TV this New Year’s Eve? I vaguely recall somebody telling me he had a stroke a while back.

So I turn on New Year’s Rocking Eve about 2 minutes before midnight and I’m horrified to see Dick Clark on TV. Seriously, everybody in the room was horrified. It was jaw dropping. He scared my kids.

My biggest complaint is that Dick Clark looks like he was embalmed 20 years ago and has had so much plastic surgery that you can’t even appreciate that the guy had a stroke. He’s giving Michael Jackson a run for his money.

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  1. I love Dick Clark and applaud his courage and his sense of humor in the face of adverse circumstances. I told my kids about him too..and they understand what a role model he is. If anyone fears him, it is a sign of their own insecurities. If a child fears him, the parent needs to get a better outlook on the meaning of life.

  2. Yes, I agree. It did take a lot of courage for Dick Clark to think that he could get that much cosmetic surgery and still make an appearance on New Year’s Eve.

    He is another good reason why people should not get cosmetic surgery; they look like freaks. I don’t really want my kids to think that getting cosmetic surgery makes somebody a role model (I’m not talking about the type that fixes serious disfigurements here). In fact, it is just the opposite. And I don’t think this is a sign of an insecurity in me.

    We may be emphasizing two different things here. My comment was about Dick Clark’s plastic surgery, not his stroke. His face looked glossy and his skin looked like it had been pulled back with pliers and stapled behind his ears.

  3. And what was with his teeth? Were they filed to points? i don’t remember THAT Dick Clark. He should not have mustered up the courage, despite good reasons to do so, because he looked horrible and my wife and I were astonished, wondering if that was actually him. And yes, Carson Daly’s head has been squeezed in a vice to look just like Dick’s head used to look.

  4. Are you guys serious? What courage? Soldiers that defy certain death to save people are courageous. Firemen are courageous. Dick Clark coming out and talking in his poor condition is not courageous; it’s his goddamn job and I think he would be offended that you feel so sorry for him.

  5. All I can say is I really needed the laugh I got from reading these comments. Thanks and Happy New Year y’all!

  6. Does anybody know if Dick made an appearance on the Dec 31, 2008, event? If so, did he still look like he was embalmed?

  7. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Dick Clark last night. I grew up with the guy…this wasn’t the same guy. Ughhhh!!! I remember when one of my grandparents had a stroke and was never the same person after that ordeal. I so wish Dick Clark of the 1970’s and 80’s would re-appear with all that positive zest for life. Wishful thinking. I couldn’t understand his speech. His teeth were the stuff vampires long for. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you SHOULD do it. Please, anybody close to Dick Clark…family members, producers, Ryan Seacrest…ANYBODY…convince Dick to retire and live out his life away from the camera. The folks in my home stood there in amazement at what has happened to this poor human being. Let this be his last rock’n eve…please.

  8. I’ve been watching Dick Clark since his first days
    of American Bandstand. I appreciate his contributions
    to the music industry, and the fact that he is an icon.
    He is American Pie, and The Beach Boys all rolled up and served with a Corvette !
    But if he is part of another New Years Eve extravaganza,
    I will watch something else.
    For ABC to subject viewers to such a horror show
    is down right cruel to all parties.


  10. Fast forward to 12/31/2009…. Dick Clark is back. I’m horrified. He sounds like he’s gurgling on the devil that is stuck in this throat. This isn’t fun. This isn’t the Special Olympics. Dick should be watching this from his LazyBoy at the retirement home. Time to switch the channel.

  11. 12/31/2009: I do not have a problem with him doing this show despite his age and the effects of a stroke… that’s great. The thing that freaks me out is that his face has not one wrinkle, not one age spot, etc. I am 35 and my face shows signs of age. It’s just creepy to see someone of 80+ years who hasn’t actually aged.

  12. Marilyn,

    His face is a side-effect of the embalming process. They must just stretch it out each year like recovering a drum. Clearly the man has psychological issues. He’s like 80 and he wants to look like he did when he was 75, or was that 65, come to think of it…. 40.

  13. Interesting that when you try so hard to avoid death & age, you end up looking pre-embalmed. Trying to skip aging makes you more horrific than the thing you’re avoiding.

  14. I saw him on New Year’s eve 2008, and he looked alot better. He looks like the head vampire from “Lost Boys.” He used to be the guy that never seemed to age, but life has caught up with him and he needs to let it go.

  15. If it’s OK that he be on TV every year, then I will insist that Guy Lombardo be dis-interred and propped up with a baton in his hand with his signature Auld Lang Syne being played in the background.
    It’d be just as brutal as watching Dick Clark.
    Dick, you’re a downer, go home and count your millions.

  16. I agree. What’s wrong with looking your age? The thought that someone has to undergo surgery to look so plastic instead of being content with who they are is far sadder (and more pathetic) than being human and having a stroke. True courage would have being honest.

  17. RE: Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve 2012 Show. It has been a tradition to watch this show every NYE.We were horrified to see an orange looking Dick Clark STILL on this show. For ABC to subject viewers to such a horror show is down right cruel. We were jaw dropped that executives let this poor man be on tv. It was hard to have a good time and celebrate without sheer horror and instead of feeling joyous we felt sad and depressed to watch him speak. Total buzkill.It was like weekend at Bernies!

  18. I find it difficult to criticize Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve 2012 appearance. I was always taught to “not speak ill of the dead”.

  19. Oops! Meant to say 2011 appearance. Hopefully we will be spared in 2012

  20. Dear Cathy from N.J. Two things I wish for you. I hope you live to Dick’s age and I pray you never have a stroke.

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