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My Biggest Complaint About Complaints About My Complaints

Are we serious people? Are you really offended by my cellulite complaint? Do you actually think I lost sleep over that useless woman at my 24 hour deli? If so, this website may not be for you. A prerequisite for reading anything on this website is a sense of humor and thick skin. It also helps to have slightly above average intelligence, but I’m not going to put too much pressure on you. We’ll take it slow. I know you ate lead as a child and perhaps even as an adult.

Now I’m not offended by the person who joined this site just to disagree with my complaints. This is just an action I’m taking to prevent this kind of thing from becoming the only reason to join. Look at the name of the site. I’m sure there are some ridiculously minor things in life that just irk the hell out of you. Give in to the dark side and become one with your inner complainer.

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  1. I think you should consider it an honor that someone registered to complain about your complaint. That’s a big score.

    Was it the cellulite complaint that did it? I would have thought it was the cheap jew stereotype one. You never know what will get people fired up and cause them to take action.

  2. trophywife, your my best cellulite-free-friend.

  3. Go get em DBlock….

    People should just relax. This website really allows people to get things off their chests (men and women). Complain away.

  4. I get the whole point you are trying to get across, but that doesn’t really make it right for you to hurt people. I’m sure you aren’t a prize and anyone that would make you feel bad I’m sure would piss you off. And seriously, “useless woman”. You are an ass…

  5. LOL, Wow…I’m speechless. Though I didn’t agree with your “cellulite” posting, i have to admit…it was funny and sarcastic. I laughed the whole damn time. I don’t agree with everything you say, no…but at the same time, I dont think it should be taken to heart either…I mean come on…it’s not like we will ever MEET you, right?

  6. hey i hate cellulite too. i see no fault with you friend.

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