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My Biggest Complaint About Child Models Who Might as Well Be Naked

I hate the sites that have photos of young girls posed like sleezy adult models. In some of the pictures they are practically naked. It’s like child pornography. Yuck! I want www.oinkie.com to shut down for good, and another sites too which the webmaster post the address of non-nude model girls from 5 to 17 years old!!!! Thats sick!!! I believe that oinkie webmaster is a sick person and I want FBI to check him out and bust him and seize his computer now!!!!!

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  1. wow, yeah that sites a bit awkward.

  2. WTF??? I had never heard of that site until I saw your post, so I just went to look. Who let’s their daughter get dressed like a whore and the posts it online? They are BEGGING for something bad to happen. Those poor girls will be messed up for life….

  3. I already reported to child abuse program about this in a few months ago and they already reported to FBI. I was checking this sick site and see if it is still alive. Apparently, this site is shutted down. Look like he got busted! Great job by FBI! Keep Going to busting those sicko pedo!

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