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Charity Trees And Christmas Presents for Poor Kids | My Biggest Complaint
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My Biggest Complaint About Charity Trees And Christmas Presents for Poor Kids

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My dear mother has brought something very troubling to my attention. Apparently she went grocery shopping today and came across one of those Christmas trees with the names on them and you buy a couple presents for a less fortunate child. I wanted to actually participate this year, but with this economy it’s just not practical this year unfortunately. After what my mom told me, however, I don’t think I’ll be doing this ever. It’s politically incorrect to challenge charity handout organizations, but enough is enough so here I come to save the day.

She took a quick look at this “charitree” just to see what these “poor precious children” are so desperately seeking this holiday season… a regular ipod, the ipod you can play games on, a mountain bike, playstation 3 system, plasma tv among others. I repeat in this battered economy where parents can’t even afford these things for their own kids, they’re expected to shell out the dough for these things for kids THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW! I’m not blaming the kids on this. They were asked what they wanted and they responded honestly fair enough. However, couldn’t even one of the mentors involved with these kids inform them that their requests are just slight outside the realm of something I’d like to call REALITY?! Whatever happened to humility with kids asking for simple walkmans, movies, cds, and simple clothes? I guess next a broke-ass 17-year-old is going to ask for a friggin BMW. “Now, you ask yourself this… isn’t this collapsing economy the perfect time to give high-end merchandise to low-end snot-nosed brats? I know you’ll make the right decision or be denounced as a horrible, American imperialist monster. Afterall, everyone should be entitled to everything regardless of income.” GO TO HELL!!

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  1. I can believe it now days. I’m only 35 and when I was a child growing up, it wasn’t all these expensive things. I remember asking for a “Darcy” Barbie doll. Not 300 of them, just one. I have always asked for a sled every year growing up. I would really wear out the previous sleds out from past years or break them plowing into snow drifts. When these kids get older and out on their own, the real life is going to smash them in the nose. Maybe stores should start putting christmas trees out for all the homeless adults and see what homeless adults want. It may be the simple things. A coat, scarf, gloves, a pair of shoes, a good hot meal. That to me would be more meaningful to me than buying a child an ipod. I would like to see this tree and light it up for Christmas if you know what i mean. Where is it located. Outraged Kansan!

  2. I am one of those familys that can not get my kids christmas this year. iam a singlemother I cry every night because i ask god for a miricle so my kids can have a good christmas this year. but I dont think that will happen

  3. even if you feel this strongly about it, you shouldn’t be cussing out people who make the other decision. I’m a 14 year old and even I can see that what you did is stupid. Just state your point and let others decide for themselves what to do. If you don’t want to buy some kid a PS3 i understand I wouldn’t either, but if someone really wants to, it’s their money. Get it?

  4. Sandra Jackson
    May god bless you and your family this holiday season.

  5. Sooooooooooo Nick, what are you asking for Christmas this year?

  6. Hobo thank you very much every prayer helps in many ways.

  7. Thank God I’m not the only one who feels this way. My company has always participated in a charity tree. I stopped giving because the gift requests were getting too extravagant - and these were from kids living in a shelter! Unfortunately this year I don’t even have the money to give to the charities I give to regularly. So this started me thinking about the entire process…..first there was Toys for Tots (great organization - go Marines!), then coats for kids, next it was backpacks and then came the kicker - fill up the backpacks with school supplies! Last year we also had Easter baskets and the final straw was snacks for camp. What’s next - have a kid over for the weekend so he/she can see how a real family lives! The company also has a push for 100% participation in The United Way. Heck, I didn’t see my name on their charity list - no one is offering to assist me with my $3,200 hospital bill and that’s over the $635 monthly premiums!

    I’m realistic and know that there are many families in need but what I’m not seeing is (and I hope I’m wrong) is that there is no attempt to stop the people who are using these charities not as a need but as “their right.”

    Until I can afford a flat-screen tv for myself or even a new winter coat - yup I need one of those - I will not be providing the items for someone I don’t know.

  8. I need to knowif anyone knows of someone i can call to help my family for christmas this year. I lost my job. My kids will not have a christmas this year. They dont need nothing exspensive just anything to open on that day.God be with you all thank you sandra jackson

  9. Sanda,
    I would suggest visiting There is a tab at the top called “Request Toys.” That will direct you to your local Toys for Tots director, and he/she should be able to help you out.
    Good luck and God bless you and your family.

  10. Sandra Jackson-
    I will be saying a prayer for your family even though I don’t know you.
    Do you live near the state of Kansas? I am not doing much shopping this year for Christmas. We found out my company is shutting down for a couple of weeks. I am just so thankful I am able to get a bath and have heat this year. Last year at this same very time we were without heat and water for a bath for a week. We were in a ice storm.

  11. I never thought of Thanks for the suggestion “R”. I hope that organization will be able to help you out.

  12. R thank you so much and may god be with you and your family to. I live in South Carolina. thank you.

  13. I have contacted toys for tots web site. They will not be able to help me out this year but thanks for the suggestion. God Bless thank you sandra


  15. Marlo may god be with you and in the end that is all i can do to is try make it the best i can.Happy Holidays.

  16. I do not complain about it. I go to the tree and find the one or two children who asked for inexpensive items. I am one of these families who go help from these trees What I saved from getting help from others allowed me to provide food for my family on Christmas day.

  17. Why does having a good Christmas rely so heavily in the “gifts”? ? ? It is still christmas with out the presents. You can still get together with family and have a nice meal, and celebrate, without a bunch of presents under the tree! I like to give my kids gifts just as much as the next person, but I don’t think that It has to be the whole freaken world under the tree. Some candy, fruit , and a few dollar toys in the stocking, a few gifts under the tree. Something you make perhaps, a book, a new toy. We are middle class, and I have NO problem shoppin at goodwill for gently used items. I have two kids, and I did the math, and figured out with shopping at the good will I could pull of a small xmass with $30 for both of my kids. It’s really not about the gifts. All I keep hearing about on the radio lately is how you can help doante gifts to this single mom and that single mom, and this person is laid off and blah blah blah blah blah,………… I get if you are asking for food to make a nice christmas meal, or clothing for your kids, but beyond that NO I do not get it. WHY oh Why does your child need XY an Z toys, to make their christmas? What are you teaching them if that is the case? Has anyone been to Walmart lately, you can get a doll or stuffed animal for $5! Kids dont need every freaken toy in the world.

  18. I have a complaint against this complaint…shame on you for cursing these children. These ARE children we are talking about…and most children do not grasp the idea of expense..all they know is they see what their friends are playing with or have and it’s natural for them to have the same wants (didn’t we all have these same urges as children). From what I have seen of those “Angel trees”..there is not someone standing there..gun in hand..forcing people to you have the opportunity to be disgusted if you so choose and simply walk away. It is your right to feel this simply don’t buy…it is also the right of these children to reply honestly when asked what they would like for Christmas..most of these children do have realistic items on their clothing, shoes and simple toys…I do believe some of them request things like tv’s and such for their parents..children have big hearts ;) ..they have dreams as does any child..and most of them know..that big ticket items as ps3 are just that…dreams…doesn’t hurt to ask tho. Complain if you want…but goodness…cursing about or at children..well that makes you smaller than a mad elf!!!!

  19. I am the Director of a nonprofit agency and this year was our first big toy drive. I was shocked at some of the parents who loudly complained about the “crap” they got. Fortunately, there were only a handful of ungrateful, greedy parents, but the few that were there were dispicable. The attitude that they “desevered” something for their kids for free for Christmas really bothered me. The people who donate to toys for tots and other agencies spend their hard earned money to buy a present for someone else’s child. The parents who complained were those expecting the ipods and other expensive gifts. For those on here seeking gifts for their kids for Christmas - I have a few ideas. You can find some great stuff at Goodwill for next to nothing. Giving up a small luxury here and there (internet, soda, meat several times a week, etc) will provide you with funds to spend at your local thrift shop. If you can’t realistically afford much, this is a good time to start teaching your kids that it’s truly better to give than to receive. Spend the day at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen serving others. Nothing will get you out of your depression or “poor me” feeling quicker than serving the less fortunate. Be thankful for what you have and count your blessings daily.

  20. U dont have to spend alot on your children for christmas this year. I lost my job and my home and am now living with my sister and I have been wondering how I will have one thing for my children to open this year. I did manage to find a small job that pays me 89.00 every 2 weeks and I went to walmart and bought all six of my children a bathrobe with pjs rolled up in them for 10.00 a piece. They all asked for that one on there list among many other things but that is all i could afford. Its not about the price or how big it is, its about how hard u tried. I would also like to say that we have dollar general stores here and they have some name brand toys there at great prices,alot cheaper then the stores and they have there own brands that are really really cheap, if anyone needs ideas

  21. HELLO,
    Wow!! I really cannot believe some of the comments on this page. Sure some kids ask for alot more than what most people think they should. Kids are kids. I try to pick a child from the Angel Tree when I can afford it. I had to ask for help one year when I was sick and my husband was laid off work. If it was’nt for the few gifts and food we got my family would have done without. I am a strong believer in “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND” . You never know what is around the corner. I know there are those few people out there that are not grateful for what ever they may get. But I don’t think it is up to us to judge. If you want to help a family out then do so. If you don’t then that is fine too. Just stop bitching about it.


  22. I agree with you Christina. Thats the way things should be

  23. This person sounds so very bitter. I have run a Project Santa for the past few years at a medium sized company.
    Each year the gifts that the children request reflect all the ads that are on the TV.
    You cannot fault the children for being honest about their heart’s desire.
    Again, in my experience of collecting hundreds of gifts each year for needy children you will find honest little ones with horrible lives that are just looking for a little bit of joy and happiness.
    These children frequently ask for gifts for their parents and not themselves.
    Find it in your heart to put yourself in their place for just one day and then maybe you will understand.
    Bitterness will only dimish your own joy.

  24. I wanted to respond to the lady who complained about how the children requested ipods, tv’s, etc…… First of all, your attitude is horrible. I have worked since I was 13 years old and am now 36. I was a single mother of a very sick child and could not get assistance or help. 2 years ago, I had to quit my job due to sickness and couldnt get unemployment or disability because I got married and they are saying my husband makes too much! My husband pays childsupport and they take most of his money. what is left he pays bills! My child need clothes and is made fun of because he does not wear clothes like society! He is 16 and has none of the cool stuff the other teens have! He is not spoiled nor snotty noise and has given to the poor children without me telling him! So if someone were to ask him or I if you had a wish or if you could get a gift, he may say a ipod since he has not been able to have one for 5 years! Don’t talk about people you don’t know or understand! I worked with children for 13 years and most poor children are grateful and understanding but if given a wish, they say big things only because they have desperately waited for so long! you don’t know the parents situation. Some are just cons, but most are hard working people like yourself and just need a helping hand! Reading your post makes me sick in the inside and I am praying for you, because you are rude and inconsiderate and have no idea why a child would ask for that! I was a mentor and those mentors are going to encourage the children to go for their dream. If you don’t want to help, don’t! You reap what you sow! God bless you and I hope you don’t get homeless or have no income because then you would understand a lit bit better. How dare you call God’s children snotty nose just because they have a dream to actually have a nice extraggant gift.

  25. please tell me where in the constitution it says all people are entitled to trivial material things. most of these comments are missing the point of the whole post. i am not ripping the children. i am ripping the parents and society in general that have brainwashed the children into thinking that just because they are who they are that means they deserve everything that the slightly better off people have… WRONG! im a low-income person im not complaining about what i go without i just work hard everyday to improve… and im sorry but it shouldnt be up to us to give ur kids precious treats that we cant even afford… sorry but every now and then its necessary to just simply say well it sucks to be u.

  26. In past years I have picked tags off the salvation army tree and some of the gifts requested have been redicilous. but not all of them I usualy pick one that is reasonable this year due to layoffs,hospital bills, and other unfortunate events. my familly is in need of assistance.are my boys ages 6, 8,and 10 requesting ipods,or mountain bikes, no they realize they are out of the question and christmas is not all about what they can get, we are making gifts for each other, my older boys are wrapping up there used but still good toys to give my youngest. thier only requests were- 6 year old hotwheel car,8 year old a wimpy kid book and my 10 year old wants a football.

  27. I am so thankful that love and compassion still exist in the world today. After reading the first comment I started to feel sick and actually guilty to have kids that have dreams today. As a parent am I suppose to tell them not to have dreams?? Of course, I tell them realisticly not to expect anything like (i-pod, etc)yet I don’t want to squash all hope. I think the lists on the tree are for Santa. It is called a wish list. I too will pray for this woman who is obviously so bitter,I pray you find peace in your heart. Also, thanks to god for all the kind people and that do unto others as you would have them do unto you. God Bless and we should all be thankful to just have family and the rest is all extra.

  28. This is absolutely ridiculous. Do you honestly thin\k they are going to give that child a plasma?? NO, Im sure they are not. Im sure those kids are asked what they want but if it is ridiculous, do you really think these agencies are going to give it to them??No. And secondly, how are you going to call CHILDREN LOW END SNOT NOSE BRATS?? You know nothing about these kids. Even poor children dream of having nice things so of course if you ask them what they want—they are going to tell you. Its not like they tell the kids - if you had $20, what would you buy? Thats not what they do. And how dare you call CHILDREN low end!! What is wrong with you?

  29. You guys, she’s not cursing out or blaming the kids (she even says so if you read the post carefully), but the increasing materialism of society which fills their heads– and everyone’s heads (including mine) with the idea that you need all this expensive stuff. Just watch HGTV, no one on House Hunters will settle for a house that doesn’t have granite counter tops. Everyone on TV has nice stuff and cool gadgets. And of course, like how Monique Bishop said, at school you have to have the “cool” expensive clothes and an iPod in order to be “cool”. And the post’s writer isn’t saying there’s anything wrong with dreaming either. But isn’t it sad to let kids think they are going to get a PS3 or a plasma TV for Christmas without explaining why that’s not reasonable and let them be disappointed? She doesn’t seem bitter to me really, just a bit incensed, so lighten up a little. It would be nice if we could teach our kids to appreciate the little things in life– but then again, when I was a kid, there were no plasma TVs or mp3 players, and even game systems and games weren’t nearly as expensive, so we were always lucky that our parents could afford what we wanted, so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  30. wa asking our god for 100 christmas gifts for our sunday school children


  32. Hello! I am not sure what to do I have four kids and am unable to get them anything. I barely make it from month to month and want deeply to give my children christmas but do not know what to do. the little money I had been saving all year long got spent on my car to try and keep it alive. If there is someone that could help I would be eternaly greatful.

  33. I cant believe these are adults speaking such ignorance of a child’s mind, children pick up what they are exposed to. Why wouldn’t a child of 2010 ask for an IPOD or another expensive item that WE ADULTS in the business world push on consumers. As far as i know children are children and want what they see the other kids have, why not, marketing is never aimed at lower costing items, we are all brainwashed to some extent, but don’t blame the child for asking for what is out there at the time!!! I really hope you get that and comtemplate it for a long time, in the big picture. To say i am not giving nothing at all because the requests are to extravagent is just an excuse because you probably dont care as much as you preach. As for myself i am buying baby dolls and cute little girlie things for girls, and trucks (no guns) and building type toys for boys, and any other reasonable priced items, because i still believe in children, they are more appreciative than you might think, maybe you have become somewhat jaded from such a greedy world we live in, but please don’t turn it on children, they are not the genesis of our problems!!!

  34. I am a single mother i just moved in my house about three months its so hard to get gifts for my nine month old daughter its her first Christmas and i want it to be speacil for her. But i had to pay for our rent and i don’t even have money for our gas and electric its a hard time for us i would like some gifts for her please. thank you she is in 12 month clothes

  35. I used to always pick a name or two from one of those Xmas trees and buy gifts for less fortunate kids. However, a couple years back, I was appalled by what I saw. Many kids want new games for their Playstation or other game system… Hello… if you want new games, then that means you already own the game system… How can you even own the game system, if you are disadvantage??? My kids did not own a game system because of the high cost and I would be damned if I was going to buy games for “disadvantaged” kids who own a game system…. Other kids wanted expensive brand-new bicycles… while my kids were making do with second-hand bikes… I don’t pick names any more… I buy a few gifts and donate them to the toys-for-tots campaign… they appreciate whatever you can afford to give and are certainly not greedy…. they truly help the disadvantaged…

  36. We have custody of three,their parents dont pay child support we get $262 month k tap,food stamps and my husband got laid off has had no job all year until a couple days ago.The house we live in is so cold you can see your breathe. we burn wood for heat but with all the snow we have not been able to get out to get wood so we can only heat with one stove afraid we will run out of wood.I had to use our k tap to pay the electric and buy soap,shampoo ect this month so we dont have Christmas money for the kids.My husband wont have enough money to buy christmas because we are behind on our rent.I dont think these kids will have christmas and I dont know where to turn.We did not ask for these kids but we gotthem and I want the best for them.they dont ask for much they just want clothes,skateboard ,barbie dolls and cd player.We dont have anymore old cars to scape out,I dont have job because we cant afford child care.I wish we could postpone christmas until we can get back on our feet.These kids was abrused,the parents used to set them down with a bag of chips for supper.their parents was both on drugs and now they dont even come around to see the kids.It is so sad to watch the kids look under the christmas tree and not have any presents.They are at tender ages of 11,10 and 8 please pray for us so we might be able to give these kids christmas this year,and we can warm our house that leaks.

  37. I agree 100%! Everyone here needs to stop saying bad things, SHE DIDN’T CALL THEM LOW END! She is just telling the truth. Kids should be told that they can’t ask for ipods or play stations. I know that every one here is like “kids will be kids”, but sometimes kids need to know that asking for something so expensive ( and trust me kids know that a plasma TV isn’t $20) is impractical. Even kids of middle- class won’t get Plasma TVs.I feel bad for those kids, but if they were really bad off, they would ask for a coat, or for a home. I HAVE SEEN KIDS WHO ARE IN NEED. I volunteer at a school where the kids have really bad things going on at home (some of them don’t have a home). This year when I was doing a craft with them, I said “what do you want for Christmas?” Most of them said a book, or legos, or silly bands. The most expensive think a kid asked for was “$200.00 so my parents can pay rent”. Kids can be selfless when they know that their parents are having a hard time. Kids who ask for ipads, and X boxes, are selfish and SPOILED! YES THATS RIGHT THEY ARE SPOILED LITTLE BRATS FOR ASKING FOR SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF THEIR PARENTS! THOSE KIDS NEED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON…MAYBE A BIG LUMP OF COAL INSTEAD!

  38. In defense of the poor kids asking Santa for things the rich kids already have:
    I know, an ipod is extravagant. Try xbox, Kinet! Wii. Jeez it’s all blown out of proportion. However, I do have a ten year old, and of course he tells me that all his classmates have a Wii. Guess what? Their parents don’t even buy it for them for xmas or birthday. It’s sort of just if a new gizmo comes out and the kid wants it, they buy it. That is why poor kids want a Wii. Yeah, and I’m not going into the whole class struggle here, and telling you that poor kids think somehow they are “bad” and rich kids are “good” since this Santa is not giving them a Wii. If you ask a poor kid to admit somehow he is worse than a rich kid, he usually won’t. It’s only when we are your age we get it. Buy the kid what you can afford. You aren’t Santa, no one is. He thinks Santa exists though, and that is the magic of Christmas. If Santa doesn’t get him a Wii, maybe his mom will tell him there is no Santa earlier. I did. And you helped, rich people buying crap for your kids!

    Side note: the poor kids who actually can’t afford this electronic crap might actually be better off in the future, thanks to the imagination that it takes to cut out a cardboard piece of paper and pretend he has a wii. Thank god for children’s imagination. And go back into your own childhood, you can’t remember wanting what the other kids had?

  39. A friend of mine had her kids on a tree like this. But I notice they didn’t always get what they asked for but the person who pick the kids names gave what every they wanted the child to have. Some did get the expensive items and some got a toy and some clothes/ shoes. So at the end of the day it’s up to the gift giver. And those kids was happy to have something new!
    I have been blessed to take care of my only child needs! And she was raise to be thankful for anything she gotten in life. And she also know to work hard and save for the expensive items that she want. So how do we know others are teaching there kids the same thing. I mean there are some who’s not but why blame everyone.
    Just don’t turn your back on everyone. Go find someone who fit your budget then.
    Be blessed and have a Merry Christmas!

  40. to everyone who posted something saying i attacked the children it’s obvious your teachers in school failed you because it seems quite clear none of you can read. my attack was on the adult “enablers” at these charities that encourage them. this year alone i saw a request for a movie on blu-ray… I DON’T EVEN HAVE A BLU-RAY PLAYER. and spare me with this whole spoiled rich people nonsense. guess what it’s their money they earned it so they have a right to spend it as they see fit whether you like it or not. and just so you don’t go thinking i’m one of them, my wife and i combined don’t even make 50,000 a year. and maybe the real issue isn’t even being addressed here. we are so quick to attack people who have things or attack people who have the brass to call out people who think it’s ok to ask complete strangers for expensive things. maybe we should look at why we as a people are so entrenched on materialism. guess what you narrow-minded twits, none of this stuff goes with you when you die and God doesn’t give a flying crap who got what at xxxxxxmas (that’s for those dopey atheists who crap themselves when they even hear the word ‘God’)


  42. I agree with this gentlemen, but if they want an ipod and you can’t afford it buy him or her something else …… I am a single mother and its been really tough am Disable due to an horrendous car accident in 2005 my life has never been the same if your struck by an 18 wheeler……… but GOD has been with us we stick together n fight it out…. my son n Daughter know no gifts mom cant afford it…

    I only wish we had a christmas tree to decorate and listen to christmas carols that will make them happy….if any one is will consider buying us a tree, I will be forever greatful…


    Hilda Rodriguez

  43. It is all about keeping up with the Jones for adults & though the kids want the same types of gifts as many other kids already have we cant blame the kids. I look forward to the day when I can give back to my community the way others have stepped up to the plate for my son & I (another single parent). When I can afford to get that child an ipod or Wii I will do it, it is the least I can do to give back. One year a woman in our community gave me an oil change, a Jack Lalanne juicer & a bottle of Thieves Essential oils. My immune system is compromised until this day I still battle with my health. She went way beyond the gift giving then what is necessary not to mention how well she did by my son. He had a very special Christmas & so did I. She is an absolute Blessing to our community. Someday I am going to be able to do the same thing for someone who needs it. Remember it is the reason for the season that is most important, keeping Christ in Christmas is what it is all about. River Falls is an amazing community with very kind people who care about each other & in this hard time it is ok not to fulfill the list but remember they are just suggestions! This year I am trying to get my 11 yr old his 1st tool box & a new bicycle. Sure he wants everything under the sun but we have the dvd player so a movie to play in it has to be good enough. We are all challenged this year. The best gift I can imagine is the introduction or reminder of what this Christmas season is with an explanation of the fact there isnt much money to go around. Our children are selfish & self centered is it up to us to reintroduce the purpose of this holiday & at the same time fulfill them with a little bit of something!

  44. We sacrifice luxuries all year so I can stay home and home school my child. He understands as a young teen that things are tough and my husband works a job he hates so we can be provided with basic needs.
    My husband is always being threatened by his bosses with being fired to ‘keep him in line.’ My son even said it’s okay if we cannot buy him much. He prefers knowing he is loved over ‘things.’ It is the best lesson you can teach a child. So much for selfish only children. Teach your children that things do not matter. How many boxes of stuff do you have sitting in your closets? How many coats, shoes, bikes, sweaters, and plates do you need? Our children mirror our attitudes. Merry Christmas.

  45. I participated in a Christmas Eve charity event, in which people are bussed in to a hotel, given a full Chrismas dinner and meet Santa and each child gets a gift. I can’t tell you how rude and ungrateful some of them were! Forget manners and civility. They’d grab gifts out of my son’s arms. Try to steal more and lie to get more and the parents would get the kids in to lie. The kids would throw down gifts- we’re talking Hess Trucks, skateboards, Razor scooters etc., I ‘d kill my son, if he ever did that! The whole experience was disheartening, making me feel that instead bringing joy and happiness for the holidays, I was contributing to this perverse behavior! So I can see why you feel the way you do!

  46. I have been involved in these kinds of events on the receiving end. My girls’ father decided drugs were more important than his kids, and has spent most of their lives (5 and 6 years old) in jail or prison. I am completely willing to work my butt off, but have had a very hard time finding employment.

    Personally, my kids ask for things like finger paints, craft kits, stamps, supplies for us to bake and decorate cupcakes together, and other things that don’t cost very much. I would never allow my girls to ask for expensive items. There have been times that people brought much more or bigger items than I would have expected, and that was amazing! However, I can honestly say that as much as they want something to open on Christmas, the thing that they need the most is a parent who loves them through words and actions, someone who would do anything for them, who spends time with them.

    Please don’t get a bad impression of all poor kids based on the majority. Yes, there are those who take advantage, lie, manipulate, and so on. But, there are also those who are truly great, humble kids that are truly grateful for anything they receive.

  47. hello my name is tabby sullivan and i have three children that i can aford chistmas for and we were recently homeless and thank go we have a place know my children are 6 8 10 ,two boy and a girl that are not going to get a christmas because all of our money went into the house please i ber for your help on christmas

  48. In years before we have taken Angels off trees and bought gifts. We ave felt very fulfilled and loved the experience. The past couple years there’s no way it could happen and this year. I can’t buy my own kids christmas due to medical bills and other financial struggles. The sad thing is, the outrageous requests are a reflection on the parents and the kids are the ones being hurt by it!

    Even when we were in good financial times out children were only allowed to ask Santa for 2 or 3 presents at the very most and they were to give Santa options. They did not receive all of those gifts. Mom and dad would buy a couple that were from us and them there would be stocking stuffers. That is IT. We might buy one large, whole family gift.

    I’m trying to figure out how to get some some
    Stocking stuffers this year. I would like for one of those parents on the “tree” to explain to their autistic son that Santa can’t come. I haven’t figured out how yet, but I will and all will be ok in the end. I am frustrated by the youth of today but more so their parents who are teaching them to be this way.

  49. This is truly sad and unsettling all my kids asked for is a tree and decorations and some new clothes. It really is a shame especially for the families that actually do need help :(

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