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My Biggest Complaint About Cars Honking When Locked With The Remote

Mornings, at least the ones in which you have to go to work, are never fun.

As I’m stumbling in, trying to prepare my fake smile, the last thing I need is to be jolted into a near heart-attack by some car going HONK!!! as I’m walking by.

C’mon, people, please consider your fellow humans and do one of two things: lock the vehicle with the convenient door-mounted lock button as you’re getting out instead of using the remote; or read the manual and figure out how to turn off the honk feature. It’s the *very* first thing I did when I got my new used car.

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  1. I agree! Some people are of such poor breeding that they will continue to press the remote to make the car “beep” several times. They are just too stupid to live. I imagine there is some need in their life that the feel they need to be heard.

  2. Hello, You fools are the stupid ones the honk report is a feature desinged to let the user know that the lock has activated. Instead of just guessing wheather your key fob has a good battery, you are within range of your car, there is no neferious interferance preventing the radio signal from reaching your cars antenna and there is not a mechanical failure with your cars mechanism. The honk has served to save many people from being robbed!!!!!

    And you know what I love it. Poeple like you, who scare so easily, I lay and wait for you to pass the path of my car and set off the panic alarm from a distance (horn a honking, lights flashing ) and watch you whail in your skin. I can hardly wait for halloween!!!

  3. Yeah but mark your parents can’t take care of you forever. Get a job and do something meaningful in life, like stop using up all the oxygen.

  4. Mark doesn’t know how to operate the simple up-down locks. He likes his new remote. What happens when the batteries DO die and he needs to use his *gasp* keys to get in?

  5. rouschkateer, How did you deduce from this post I don’t know how to operate the up down lock buttons?

  6. It baffles me why someone needs to hear a honk to know his / her car is locked. My truck’s lights go on and off and that’s it! It drives me nuts when these people use their honking remotes; I don’t need to know that their vehicle is locked!!!! There is a legitimate reason to honk, to hear that your car is locked isn’t one of them.

  7. It’s basic courtesy, you don’t yell at top of your lung next to other people do you?

    Car horn were designed to be loud, unpleasant, the purpose is to get people’s attention when there are danger.

    It’s not polite to make huge noise “HONK” in places like residential area, children’s playing area, anywhere that’s quiet and peaceful, it’s simply intrusive and disturbing

    Next time you honk to letting me know you are leaving your car alone, don’t be surprised to find 4 flat tires.

  8. Hey John, Yes I often times do yell in the presence. More to the point one time at disneyland they hand out these clelbatroy whistle things for new years. I blew in mine so hard that it failed and started making this horrid loud noise. So what do I do I walk behind some unsuspecting person and blow it really loud scarring the heck out of them. It specially effect around small asian children they really got scarred must be something about the culture.

    My point is I don’t have time to look for lights or check the doors by hand so the honk is a really great report telling me my doors are secured. Besides the honk in report of locking is a rather short subdued honk.

  9. Mark, all I’m saying is honking is annoying for most people.

    In general, if you are polite to others, people will be polite to you. If someone slashed your tires or thrown a rock into your windshield, you know why.

  10. IT’S UNBEARABLE - There’s an office parking lot facing my house, I hear those stupid car horns every minute - how can this be legal? As far as I know, you’re not even allowed honking unless there is some kind of “emergency” - the car manufacturers are to blame - lights that flash to confirm that the car’s locked are just as effective - it’s OBNOXIOUS!

  11. To everyone,
    I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsiderate with setting my car alarm. I had no idea it would be so much more annoying to hear horns honk than have lights flash. I used to live in a world that revolved around me. I now realize I was in error; please accept my apologies. I will change my behavior.

  12. Thank you, Mark, for your mature response. I think most people would say that a honking horm is far more annoying than flashing lights. Even if that is not the case for you, it’s good of you to consider others in your decision-making.

  13. FYI The responce posted above is not from the same mark as posted about scarring people. you say most people are scared of honks well I can say this to you most people actually 97% of them are never sucessful.

  14. I think you are confusing honking alarms (which may be 97% unsuccessful, because people just ignore them), and what we’re talking about: locking your car with the remote and it honks to let you know it’s locked (which is irritating 100% of the time :-). By the way, there’s a good movie about urban noise out: “Noise” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0425308/); it was most cathartic to see a bunch of cars “fixed”. Also, I note with dismay that one of my neighbors seems to have a new car alarm, that, when triggered (as it was recently by the concussion from fireworks) honks like there was a coked-up idiot in there who couldn’t figure out how to open the door (not a steady honk, but semi-random).

  15. it is the most annoying thing going for cars right now. if you live in an apartment , God help you. I hear this sh** about 30 - 40 times every day and night. Most people have to honk 2 or 3 times just to ‘make sure’ or ‘be an asshole’, either one. yeah, they have to ‘make sure’ it’s locked even though the entire point of the honk is to ‘make sure’ it’s locked.

    these people are asinine. they don’t care how loud they are or that honking is supposed to be used as a deterrant and attention grabber. no, they’re too important for that. they need to lock their doors and you need to know that they are locked.

    anyone seen Idiocracy? yeah.

  16. People (Americans in particular). They’re just plain inconsiderate. Discourteous, disrespectful of others. Times have changed. For the worse in no humanity.

  17. Now that most of us agree that honking a car horn in order to know whether the car is locked or not (note that in France, the lights flash) is unnecessary, does anyone have an idea of how to change this? Is a city ordinance out of the question? A public information campaign? A postit brigade? Or just break a few windsheilds (only have that thought when I get really frustrated)? Is it outlawed in some city somewhere? I’d love to know what people think.

  18. Why is that the people locking the car with the horn alarm are way out of range when locking the car? THEY don’t want to be standing in front of the vehicle when the horn sounds. No problem if its YOU having your eardrum shattered as you walk past their vehicle while they’re out of range. I’ll never understand how such an idiotic idea ever made it to the market. What would these offenders say if you went up to them and sounded an air horn as they walked past you? Hmmmmmmmm.
    This rude, obnoxious and mindless practice should be outlawed.

  19. Yeah.. it is VERY annoying! now STFU. Hi Leona Lewis

  20. It is illegal in most states to honk except in emergencies. These honking scofflaws wake people out of their sleep, and create a nuisance. Remote honks are conditioning many people to honk for no reason, so now you hear honking at anything, anytime. Perhaps car companies want americans to grow accustomed to constant honking like India and third world nations. By doing so, people may accept unlimited population growth, and these companies will sell more cars. It is time we stand up to the injustice.

  21. I’ve heard people say that they want to smash windshields or slash the tires of the obnoxious jerks that honk to lock. Don’t do that. Most windshields are covered by insurance and are extremely difficult to break. Modern tires are very tough and require a great deal of strength and a very sharp knife to slice open. I know someone who just leaves a terse note under the offender’s wiper and then thoroughly spits on the driver’s side window and mirror. She even carries peanuts or crackers to make a larger mess. She has also put disgusting substances like Vaseline under their door handles. Not me. I just shout “hey!” in a strong voice. They generally turn around and look at me. I’m a pretty big guy (6′ 2″ and 220 lbs.), and when I tell them not to honk at me, they usually shake their keys and say “I was just locking my car!” I explain to them that their horn startled me and then ask them how they would like it if I startled them for a while. One young gentleman was very certain about his “right” to honk his horn unnecessarily. When we parted ways however, he had changed his mind to a better understanding about respecting the rights of others. Actually, a pretty smart kid. I believe that if enough people took action about this problem, inconsiderate drivers would stop disturbing the peace for no reason. At least let them know that you are not impressed by a system that is over ten years old. Most of us have a remote control t.v.

  22. At its source, the problem here is not the people locking their cars. Its not their fault that their car has this problem. The problem is the car manufacturers who, for whatever reasons, have largely followed this trend of using the car’s horn to signal when the door is locked or unlocked with the remote. One exception is Toyota, who uses a separate beep sound for this.

    How do annoying ideas like this get started? I’m not sure. Maybe one manufacturer did this, and then the others followed. There seems to be little connection between car designers and car buyers. I wish all manufacturers (for cars or otherwise) had online suggestion boxes. But it seems that there is this culture of “we know best what you want to buy” with most of them, and they happily continue to design their products in a vacuum, oblivious to what people really want.

    Here’s the secret to designing a good product: make it so that it annoys as few people as possible!

  23. There are ample ways to lock your car door without waking people in the middle of the night, without annoying anyone who is nearby, without disturbing a neighborhood, but it takes a bit of civility, some common sense and a brain bigger than that of an ant. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Americans who have the capacity to understand that their actions affect others. So many are so self-absorbed so clueless, so narcissistic that they are unable to make the relationship between action and affect. The clueless American is an embarrassment to themselves, but they are too clueless to see the connection.

  24. Where exactly do you whiners live that the incessant car honk is some major disturbance in your day? While I would agree that honking can be, under certain circumstances, quite annoying, people locking their doors are allowed that right. If it scares you, suck it up pansies! The whole world does not revolve around you and your warped misconception of reality that you are entitled some very precious “quiet” at all times. A lot of people may not be aware that there is another option. Some of those car owners find the honking to be an annoyance themselves but are clueless. That does not give the whimps of the world the right to be rude and start name calling and bashing. My car beeps to lock and unlock and does not honk. If, on the otherhand, it did honk and it was a quick, cheap fix, I would consider it. That is, if someone politely informed me that their slumber was disturbed or it was giving Gramps a coronary. However, if you approach me negatively with your misplaced sense of self-entitlement I may be inclined to purposefully honk it more due to your lack of social etiquette. I am a true believer in the saying “Its not what you say, but rather how you say it.” In other words if you have a good point that’s great but if you come across as a DBag, no one is gonna give a damn. God help us all! :)

  25. Anita, it’s small-minded, uncivil, clueless, selfish, inconsiderate people who have absolutely no idea of anything beyond their own little world of “what I do doesn’t matter as long as I like it” mentality. Thus encouraging the selfish, me, me, me mantra of most narcissists.

    The dysfunctional see no problem with waking people up so they have the minor convenience of locking a door without a key. Only the least aware don’t understand how to lock car doors with a horn. Disregard for others that shows an inability to rationalize how actions affect others. The dolts of the world are the problem, not those who see those dolt-like actions as childish and ignorant.

  26. I am female and there is no problem changing your locked door horn alarm to lights that flash. If you have a problem ask someone to help you. They are very annoying. P.

  27. This can so easily be changed to a chirp, or flash of the headlights. Your dealer can do it. Mine did. Why wake people up in the area just to let them know that you have locked your car doors?


  28. If only Domestic Car Mfr’s were smart enough to do what Toyota and other import Mfr do; Use a discreet low deceibal beep. Unless your a couple blocks away or deaf!

  29. I think this type of honking lock should be outlawed. A short HONK used to mean ALERT > DANGER, and a quick BEEP was meant to get your attention (to say hi, or bring something to your attention like a brake light out, or your trunk was open, etc.).

    Now people use their horns to have HISSY FITS if someone DARES to take their turn at a four-way stop. (I live on such a corner.) It is simply disgusting.

    If people can’t lock their car and then pull the handle to check to be sure it locked, then they are really too stupid to even own a car.

  30. Barbara

    I agree that remote honking is a ‘gateway drug’ to excessive honking. Once a warning of danger, drivers honk at any inconvenience, like someone making a legal turn that slows them a bit. I recently witnessed incidents of ‘drive-by’ honking, the person passing house honks not seeing or even knowing if their ‘friend’ is home.

    Remote honking, (euphemistically called ‘chirping’ as if to conjure up pleasant bird songs), is unnecessary to lock car or arm the alarm system. Drivers should be made aware of the fact that it is annoying nuisance and unnecessary.

  31. Stupid Car Design Causing Noise Pollution in America

    The basic question here is does one person have a right to disturb another person with their car horn anytime they want to? The common sense answer is NO! Without civil laws if one person disturbed the sleep of another with a loud noise the person sleeping would probably beat the crap of the person who woke them up and it wouldn’t happen again.

    I blame the car manufacturers for a stupid design. Now I am convinced that there is a car buyer in America that actually think it is a status symbol that they can sound their car horn remotely. What is even more amazing is that they over pay for these stupid products. Is the average car consumer in America so brain-washed by media commercials that they have lost the ability to use common sense in spending thousands of dollars for transportation?

    This non-sense has to stop at some point but if the person with their finger on the remote button suffers absolutely no consequences for disturbing others then they will not change what they are doing just as the car producers will not change the design.

    Please vote with your feet and your money. Do not buy these disturbing products and if you have one take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it!

    Here’s just a few of the ones that I am forced to hear every day and I will not buy: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan.

  32. “Adviser”: I have no clue as to how you got on the subject of public safety. Have you read the other comments on this site? We are NOT talking about fire trucks, ambulances and patrol cars.
    I do have a few questions for you.
    Have you been awakened at 3:00am by an automobile horn? Have you walked in front of a Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda or Jeep in a closed parking garage and the owner pressed the button on their remote keyless entry and sounded their car horn a few meters from your ears?
    If the answer is NO then I say the answer is NOT YET and when it happens you will understand what this site is all about.
    Thanks for reading and please do not purchase these disturbing horn-locking cars until they fix this stupid feature.

  33. “CK said at August 4, 2011 1:12 AM:
    Getting mad about a horn beep is like getting mad about sand getting on you at the beach, it’s something that happens so deal with it. Are you going to get mad about emergency vehicles driving by at night with their sirens next? I’d say those are a lot more obnoxious then a car beeping when it locks, but I’m not going to go ask the fire department, hospital, police department, etc to keep the noise down. Heck, starting up and driving my car(an old 73 VW Beetle) makes more noise then most locking cars. And I work nights so I’m leaving later at night and returning early in the morning. I honestly could care less if my car wakes somebody up with the noise of the engine, and it’s not because I’m rude or inconsiderate, that just happens to be my form of transportation and I happen to love my car. Sure there are people that are inconsiderate about having the lock-beep in certain situations, but that’s on an individual basis, not a generalization covering every single lock-beep car. I mean sure, if you know you’re going to be locking you car in the middle of the night constantly(like if you get home at 1-3am on a daily basis) then go to the extra effort and turn off the beep, but other then that I see no problem with it. There really are millions of worse things in the world then a lock-beep from a car and if this is the one that bothers you enough to really complain about it then that’s your problem, not the person with a lock-beeping car.

    NoiseNatzi said at August 7, 2011 9:04 AM:
    “CK” is a good example of the people that don’t get it.
    We are talking about unnecessary sounding of a car horn caused by unthinking or uncaring people.
    We are not talking about noise that we have no control over.
    People who are safe drivers and have driven cars for more years than these remote keyless entry devices have existed do get it.
    For safety they have programmed themselves to become very alert when they hear a car horn.
    This is almost an instinctive self preservation response to take immediate action to either get out of the path of an on-coming
    vehicle or if you are driving, take evasive action to brake or steer out of trouble.
    These horn-lockers are startling other people in car parks, disturbing other people in their homes, and even worse, waking people
    from needed sleep.
    I think there are laws that have a statement that a person should have quiet enjoyment in their home without unnecessary disturbing noise.
    I know there is a law against noisy cars and if “CK” has a bad muffler and neighbors then I am sure that all his neighbors know him very well.
    Oh! I got woke up last night by some sand at the beach!

  34. It’s amazing how clueless so many people are when it comes to honking a horn to lock a car door. They are completely disconnected from how their actions affect others. Their empathy and social skills are not generally high level.

    What we did at our location was publish a newsletter telling people to be more considerate with their horns. We also place this on the windshild of those new to the neighborhood or otherwise unaware of thier actions:

    Got your attention? As we all know, many vehicles are now equipped with door locks that are activated using the key fob. While that can be a convenience for you it can also be an annoyance to your neighbors.
    Many of these locking mechanisms produce a honking, beeping or chirping sound when activated, which can and does wake and disturb your neighbors, especially when used late at night or early morning. Please use these convenience items courteously so your neighbors can sleep soundly and relax in their homes.

    Instead of beeping your horn loudly to lock your vehicle: Can you lock your car door manually by pushing on the driver’s door lock button? Can you push the key fob button once to lock the door silently instead of twice which beeps the horn? Can you lock your car door using your key?

    Please be courteous and make this a better community so all of us can live more comfortably.

    Thank you.

    It seems to get through to most people who read it. The others are just too far gone socially to care about others.

  35. I think everyone should just get over themselves. everyone in this life or the next does not have to bend over backwards to make you happy. the honk feature is put in these devices for a reason and just because they can be turned off doesn’t mean that the person who bought it has to turn it off. everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to live it. If that means honking the horn for security reasons or just because the sound makes them giggle they have every right to do so. Here’s an idea, get over such little annoyances and get a life. :) I’m 27 years old, a college student with a 130 IQ which is just above average, and I love to honk the horn. I do so all the time. sue me.

  36. Jamie, it’s people like you that make this world as uncivil and polluted as it is. Maybe someone of your slower mental motor skills can’t understand that blowing a horn for no reason disturbs and annoys others. Your inability to rationalize that fact is a statement to your social inequities and to others who could care less about how their actions impact others.

  37. the people who don’t mind blaring their horn in front of everyone for something as measly as locking their doors are just more important than everyone else. that, or they are clueless as to their effects on others (lack of empathy). i’m going for the latter.

    i’m going to try to get a fog horn attached to my car so whenever i put my seat belt on everyone in the entire city will know.. just because i can. if i get my windshield smashed or my nose broken for it, well, that’s their fault for caring (with this logic).

  38. Stupid Car Design Causing Noise Pollution in America

    Update: I think this problem is getting worse and not better simple because of vehicle owners.

    The basic question here is does one person have a right to disturb another person with their car horn anytime they want to? The common sense answer is NO! Without civil laws if one person disturbed the sleep of another with a loud noise the person sleeping would probably beat the crap of the person who woke them up and it wouldn’t happen again.

    I blame the car manufacturers for a stupid design. Now I am convinced that there is a car buyer in America that actually think it is a status symbol that they can sound their car horn remotely. What is even more amazing is that they over pay for these stupid products. Is the average car consumer in America so brain-washed by media commercials that they have lost the ability to use common sense in spending thousands of dollars for transportation?

    This non-sense has to stop at some point but if the person with their finger on the remote button suffers absolutely no consequences for disturbing others then they will not change what they are doing just as the car producers will not change the design.

    Please vote with your feet and your money. Do not buy these disturbing products and if you have one take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it!
    Here’s just a few of the ones that I am forced to hear every day and I will not buy: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan.

  39. Thanks for your post! I completly agree. I disabled that feature in my Dodge but am now in the process of purchasing a new Chevy. I will address this issue at the dealership before I take possession of the car.

  40. There is no individual right to convenience in America or any other country on Earth.

    If this problem is allowed to continue it will lead to friction between people instead of friendship.

    I do not understand how people can think that convenience is more important that common sense. Should everyone in American be allowed to play loud music anytime they want to?

    My first post on ParaPundit was on 12/04/2010 and I can report, in my opinion that the horn-locking car problem is worse today than it was then. I stayed in a motel last night and a new Ford parked in front of my room and woke me up.

    Please send a message to car manufactures by not buying the brand of car causing this noise pollution. If you have one of these cars you should complain to the dealer and get the feature reprogrammed.

    DO NOT BUY these cars! Vote with your feet and your money and we can make a better and quieter world for everyone.

    Here is a list of car brands listed in order of disturbance to me in 2011 and 2012:
    1. Ford
    2. Honda
    3. Nissan
    4. GM (Government motors)
    5. Chrysler-Jeep (Fiat)
    6. Mazda

    I believe all these disturbing cars should be recalled and fixed!

    Thanks for reading

  41. Yeah, by far my biggest pet peeve, so bad, so obnoxious, so unnecessary. What can we do about it?? I wrote my congress people who at best gave me a “too bad” pat answer.

  42. I agree with NoiseNatzi with all my heart …
    Some car horn locks are so loud & there are people that walk away from their car to lock it & do not consider anyone around the car. I am to the point now that even when an alarm goes off I do not care. In other countries it is against the law to use them.
    A car horn is to warn people not scare them to death in a parking lot or in your neighborhood.
    In fact we have a law in some states that you can get a ticket for honking your horn on the road??? But all the crazy horn lockers can get away with it in parking lots.
    There are people with ear problems that it really affects. & it can also affect people with good hearing.
    Just going into stores & restaurants is LOUD. You can not even talk while eating or shopping..That is another story
    Can we please show some consideration to other..

  43. No wonder I was wondering what the big deal . I have a Toyota . and it doesn’t use the horn . It has a separate. Beep sound

  44. The aural confirmation isn’t even reliable. Sticky locks can malfunction, yet the horn cheerfully chirps.

    It would be so much more informative if the remote received a response signal and beeped after the car performed a simple routine that checked all the bolts and windows.

    If remote battery life was an issue, ditch the disposable and wire the ignition to charge a better battery while the car is operating. Complaints about the woes of faulty sensors can be directed to other threads.

    Young drivers don’t remember a time when cars didn’t have remotes. The rest of us were probably lured into the habit by glamorous aftermarket viper commercials.

    There are so many ways around this problem, but R&D is usually focused on the buyer’s emotional response to products, not how the products disrupt our communities.

    As with anything, we as consumers are ultimately responsible for how our technology affects others. It would be nice if our elected officials would give us a little support.

    Who’s got a link to a petition?

    an amusing aside… I live next to a church located a few blocks from campus. I’ve heard more than a dozen chirps during the few minutes it took me to post this.

  45. In the UK where I am from cars flash their lights to confirm locked. They only honk if you have failed to close a door or the trunk properly. My USA rental car - a Dodge- is annoying and embarrasing. It cannot be common sense to noise pollute like this.

    The UK is not a quiet country as now everyone seems to own and use pointless two stroke garden machinery

  46. The new world of noise void of common sense

    I just drove about 600 miles and during the trip I heard 1 car horn used properly and about 20 used improperly.

    The proper horn was used to warn another driver who was changing lanes too closely and may have prevented an accident. The other 20 or so horns I heard were at interstate rest areas and fast food restaurants and came from cars that were parked and there was no emergency.

    Can you imagine a world where the automobile horn is only used in emergencies again?

    I CAN!

    I can NOT imagine how a so called “automobile engineer” decided it was okay to use a short horn blast to indicate the status of the door locks or the security system.

    I can NOT imagine how this stupid feature got mass produced without any thought of how disturbing it would be to other people near the vehicle.

    These vehicles are causing friction instead of friendship between neighbors and people in parking areas.

    Please send a message to the auto industry by not buying these disturbing horn-locking vehicles and make the world a quieter and better place for everyone.

    If you are one of the people disturbing others please check your owner’s manual for re-programming instructions or call your dealer for help.

    Thank you for reading.

  47. Those are 100 percent abnoxious. Annoying! Same complaint.

  48. I drive an $80,000 car, I need to know if its locked. So **** all of you old fashioned pansies, who locks their cars with their keys nowadays? Not unless u drive an old POS, give me a break lol

  49. Narcissistic, clueless animals like Mr. “I got me an $80,000 car” above don’t care about anyone or anything besides their toys. It makes them feel superior to others that have some sort of human empathy or concern for others. In their demented world, it’s the price of an object that’s important, not how it disturbs others. Just be thankful this bozo doesn’t put a airhorn on his locking mechanism to show people just how cool he is.

  50. Luxury cars especially shouldn’t use their horns this way. Go buy a Lexus instead! They use an electronic chirp and flash to notify you when the doors are locked with the remote. And if a door lock fails to operate, then you’ll know, since it won’t chirp.

    Its just poor automotive design to use the horn to alert for door locking actions. I have to wonder what brands in the luxury market would use such bad design on their expensive and supposedly well-designed cars.

  51. My car is six year old. It does have a remote to “honk” when locked. Out of respect to my neighbors they never hear my car “honking” because I use the door locks. It doesn’t matter if your car is $80,000 or $20,000 it is just rude to disturb other people. By the way when you are at the front door of the grocery store, DON’T HONK YOUR HORN when your car is parked in the lot. I don’t need to hear your horn. People take into consideration, there are elderly people just as well as young and middle aged people that are ill and don’t need to be startled with the honking horn as well as little children. I have seen children startled in parking lots when a car honks and run into the middle of the parking lot scared. It isn’t pleasant when you go to a drugstore for medications after a chemotherapy treatment and some idiot honks in front of you! Yes, it certainly does startled you. Ask any elderly people that use canes and walkers how they feel when they hear that loud honking. For those of you who think we are pansies, I rather be a pansy then a “thorn”

  52. HELP!!! My van at work just keeps honking. The car is off and locked and it will honk on its own… does this mean the key is broken? or does this mean there is a clock spring loose behind the steering wheel? I can’t stop it and it does it when I am driving too. A person got out of his car and began to initiate a fight with me because I was behind him in traffic and my van was consistently randomly honking. Then I got pulled over and the police told me to take it to the dealer. When I did, they couldn’t figure it out but admitted to the random honking. I am the most irritating and annoying person around the city and we only have one van and need it to get around….. any ideas???????

  53. How refreshing (o; someone who -doesn’t- want to honk, hehe. First, I’d get good at looking off in some other direction like you’re trying to discover the source of the honking as well!

  54. I have a 2010 VW Golf TDI. Can’t turn off the honk. I even had the dealer look at it and it’s no longer a feature I can have disabled. It even honks if I use the lock. I hate it!

  55. It is not necessary to slash tires to give someone a flat — there is a very simple tool that most bike mechanics have which removes the pin from inside the valve stem of a tire. Also, windshield are easy to break if you hit the “sweet spot”– about a third of the way in from the driver’s side door and halfway up.

    But this discussion points up one of the big problems with nuisance technologies like horn-locks and car alarms — they provoke decent, law-abiding people into committing acts of vandalism. If this country has any social fabric left, nuisance technologies like these are contributing a lot to completely destroying it.

    Mr. 130 IQ and Mr. $80,000 car need to get off the internet and start working on their personal growth. Books by Ken Wilber can help you get started on this project.

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