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My Biggest Complaint About Busch Gardens - “Europe”

I just spent the day at Busch Gardens - Europe and that happens to be my biggest complaint about the whole thing.

I’ve been going to Busch Gardens since I was a kid back in the 70’s when it opened. As far back as I can remember it’s always been “Busch Gardens - The Old Country”. There was a brief period when they changed the name to “Busch Gardens - Williamsburg” but I never acknowledged that change. It was, still is and always will be “Busch Gardens - The Old Country” to me.

What was wrong with “The Old Country”? Did that offend somebody? Does that not pass the politically correct smell test?

“The Old Country” rolls of your tounge. “Magic Kingdom” takes me somewhere mentally. “The Old Country” does the same thing… sort of. “The Old Country” makes you want to drink more of the delicious beer. It makes you feel like you’re in a theme park and not just on another continent.

Oh wait a minute… that continent thing… I also learned they switched the name of the Busch Gardens in Tampa, too. Now the once super cool theme park name of “The Dark Continent” is just simply “Africa”. Wow. That’s worse than “Europe”.

“The Dark Continent” makes me think of exploration, mystery and animals that can eat me. “Africa” makes me think of genocide, political turmoil and Bono’s debt relief.

Maybe “Busch Gardens - Europe” is not that bad after all because at least “Busch Gardens - Europe” only makes me think of soccer, body odor and women who don’t shave their legs.

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  1. Boy, someone sure has too much time on thier hands!

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