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My Biggest Complaint About Bluetooth Headsets And People Who Won’t Take Them Off - Ever

Bluetooth headset wearers - take a break, join us here on Earth.

You look like idiots.

Bluetooth headsets may never be cool looking. I agree, they are somewhat functional, if you can get one that actually works. Use them in the car for hands free cell phone action. Nobody will fault you for that.

Wear a bluetooth headset at a mall, restaurant, beach, doctor’s office, school, library or other public place and you’re just a plain ole’ dork.

Sometimes you need to know when to put the technology away and rejoin the people on this planet.

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  1. why this would bother anyone is beyond me. as with anything, rude behavior is most often about how you use a thing, not the thing itself.

    in addition to the star rating as is, there should be one for complaining about the complaint. i would tick it in this case.

  2. Yeah they walk around looking like total dipsticks. Weve tried em and they are just plain not good! like said above if you get one that works. And how uncomforatable are these things when wearing them all the time.

    But here is the real kicker and it did bother me is when some jerk thinkgs its really cool to wear his blue tooth head set durring the movies, pirates of the carribean to be specific, flash flash flash all thru the movie how annoying!!!!!

  3. People care?

  4. If you see an attractive girl walking down the street, you normally look and take note… “WOW, she’s hot”. When you see a person with a Bluetooth thing in their ear you also take note… “WOW, what a dork”. That’s all the original poster was saying.

  5. resistance is futile - we will assimilate you

  6. It means they are lazy and want to be thought of as “someone”. Plus they looks stupid walking down the sidewalk talking to themselves.

  7. I personally think its ridiculous and would never wear one. But to each his/her own. It might come in handy due to the new law in California where talking on the phone while driving will be illegal beginning July 1st, 2008.

  8. Those things look ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Are you so important, waiting for such a critical call that you can’t take it out of your ear while you’re at a restaurant eating? My instant thought upon seeing an individual with one in his (99% of the time it’s a guy) ear is: LOSER.

  9. Frankly why anyone would need one in their ear while walking about the supermarket as I’ve seen a few chubby suburban bags doing is beyond me. I suppose you could get an urgent call from home with a life changing announcement that disposable diapers are on sale….

  10. I dont care if they wear them, I care when they start talking randomly.

    Bluetoother: “Hey, so about that money I owe you..”

    Me: “Uh, yeah?”

    Bluetoother: “Wanna meet up at the bar again?”

    Me, realizing what’s going on: “Arrrrrrgh!”

  11. I hate when people wear their cell phones in holsters on their belt… for no reason.

  12. Yea, I think I have the cure for those people around us who just can’t stop talking to someone on the other end of the phone. I start talking as loud as them and pretty soon they leave. Better them than me.
    What a bunch of dorks! Mostly these conversations are in the grocery store “Yea, what shall I get the straight fries or curly ones?”
    Or this one I heard this one yesterday. “Yeah I’m in frozen food where are you?

  13. Just buy a cell phone blocker and get even. Those jerks think they are so self-important!

  14. They look stupid, and they seem even more stupid when they talk LOUDLY to, apparently, nobody (until you see that stupid thing in their ear). they are ANNOYING at restaurants with their LOUD, self-important chatter!

  15. Not only are cellphone ‘blockers’ aka, signal jammers illegal in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, but you think they’re being rude? You’re taking it upon yourself to disrupt a service they PAY to have access to. How self-righteous and egocentric is that? You think you have the right to dictate where I can use a service I pay to have world-wide?

    I’m a corporate official for a large business in America, I use a BlackBerry smartphone and since it’s large and bulky I use a Bluetooth headset to talk on it. I’ve never seen such immaturity before, “Oh no! I’m feeling insecure because other people have lives, and business to attend to! So let’s stop them from using their bluetooth headsets!”

    Let’s move into the 21st century folks, we’re not sending letters anymore to do business. Anybody who works in a fast paced corporate environment needs to stay in touch, and outside of work I continue wearing my headset for it’s ease of use and simplicity! Shocker! People are using modern technology to make their lives easier, what a radical concept!

  16. If I had a cell phone blanker I’d use it only when some loudmouth person was bothering me in some public place. If it’s THAT much of a 911 to use your bluetooth while just about screaming, then take it outside and make yourself look stupid there, Let me enjoy my lunch, which I am paying to eat in a nice atmosphere. Technology is ne thing, but keeping it out of someone’s face (and ears) is another. Use common sense is all.

  17. If nothing else technology has made it much easier for people to give the illusion that they are working. Seems to me that if people stayed in one place long enough to actually get some work done then they wouldn’t need all these connectivity options.

    When pagers first emerged there were plenty of would-be hipsters eager to display them and have others believe that they were an on-call transplant surgeon or a Gordon Gecko type in the process of closing the next big deal. And perhaps the early adopters of the technology actually were power players who couldn’t afford to be out of touch for long. But the vast majority were posers.

    Many guys used to have themselves paged in bars so they could pull out the pager in a pathetic attempt to get attention. “Hmmm. They really need my input to complete this merger before midnight so give me a few minutes while I give them a call”. In reality it was probably a bill collector or his wife trying to find him. Anyway technology has advanced considerably since then though the behavior is the same.

    You see coffee shops full of laptops, all manner of cell phones, and blue-tooth headsets (and this is just at one table). And since you can’t escape the banter, its rather easy to conclude that all these alleged “big business deals” that require all this cutting-edge technology aren’t real at all. Its just people complaining about the usual things - work, their spouse, school, the house they want to buy, and blah, blah, blah. If you are really cutting an important business deal then you wouldn’t be at Starbuck’s for 3 hours trying to pick up a date.

    I don’t blame the technology which is actually pretty cool. Its just that people don’t use the technology to do anything that new or cool.

  18. Sam, you said it 100%. On a side note, it used to be that, if you had a desk job and a phone, you were expected to answer it. Now, people use voicemail to screen out calls they don’t want to answer. So much for customer service. Oh, I thought “diversity” was supposed to fix that!

  19. Nice try Paul, I take it you are one of the dorks walking around with a giant plastic thing hanging out of your ear….. and all this time you thought you looked cool and important, but are just discovering that you look like a weiner to the rest of us……why don’t you shove a hose up your ass because you never know when you might have to ****……. sorry you’re batman costume makes you look like an asshole, I don’t care who you might need to talk to…..

  20. People will find the most stupid things to argue about. I found the most arguments like this one to come from wearing a handgun in public, concealed or open carry, legal or not….don’t matter, people will always either be pro or con. Now its about a bluetooth headset worn in “inappropriate” places. The way I see it is just do what makes you happy and do not worry about what people have to say for there will always be those who criticize. I wear my bluetooth in public because I find it convenient, and I open carry my firearm as well.

  21. Hey John S: You said, in part, “The way I see it is just do what makes you happy and do not worry about what people have to say for there will always be those who criticize. I wear my bluetooth in public because I find it convenient, and I open carry my firearm as well.”
    Okay, I have no problem with your gun. But “to make me happy

  22. Personally, I find it hard to understand why everything is black & white on something with so many grays. Here’s an example of where bluetooth handsfree sets are actually beneficial. How about the disabled. I personally walk with a crutch, and that’s a good day. I literally do not have a hand to spare. So, if I have to get groceries, and the phone rings, should I literally stop what I’m doing to speak on the phone - no matter how trivial. With a bluetooth set, I tap on the answer button, and can continue carrying the groceries while walking with the required crutch.

    And there was a time I had to rely on a manual wheelchair. Am I some important corporate business executive - definitely not. However, I don’t see this as being a poser. The handsfree set serves it’s purpose if used properly.

    Are there people that are stupid with them, of course. There are also people that are stupid with cell phones in general, but we don’t call them stupid, or make remarks of how much of an idiot or poser they are.

    Just my two cents worth.

  23. Good for you, Frank. It makes every bit of sense for you to wear one. But you have a physcial handicap - that’s one thing. The others have a mental deficiency. That’s something else.

    There cannot be enough conveniences for the handicapped. I hope your situation isn’t progressive.

  24. Nunya, that wasn’t exactly the point I tried to make, I was just referencing with experience. If used wisely, bluetooth handsfree sets can be used in a number of situations where holding the phone may not be realistic. However, from what I read - if you’re not driving, you shouldn’t have one because you’re just being a show-off, dork, or as you quote - mentally deficient.

    If you live in a big city where public buses are a staple of transportation (such as San Fran, LA, NYC, or my city), then you would know buses can get crowded. It could be near impossible to reach for your phone in your pocket (or purse) when you can barely breathe without smelling the person next to you because they are involuntarily in your face.

    Another situation is if you are expecting a call where you would have to write something down. As cell phones become smaller or with less bulk, they become harder to hold with your head looking as if someone just snapped your neck. And we all know we write better when the paper is held with one hand, and you’re writing with another.

    What I would find as a strange thing is the stupid people who use the Nextel Walkie Talkie feature when they should use the cell phone feature instead. Or the people who put the phone in front of the face to speak to the person while rushing the phone back to their ear.

    Essentially, the point is use technology of all sorts properly and with moderation rather than using it because it’s there. And I don’t see the point in someone judging just because they see 10 minutes of that person’s life.

    As for the answer to the off topic question - I make due. I probably won’t get better, but something I have accepted a long time ago.

  25. Frank, you are 100% correct, sir. :)

  26. bluetooth in ear = huge douche. no way around it. No one is that important. I don’t see president obama with a plastic techno dildo in his ear.

  27. This is really the best option you have for spending your time? To accommodate a disability, to make a situation more convenient, or to feel important … why any of you care is well beyond me.

    What credentials do any of you possess, that allow you to pass judgment on the topic?? You were voted best dressed in high school? You run the What’s Hot / What’s Not gossip column in your local rag? Exactly. Last I checked you are simply a bunch of anonymous web surfers who’ve mustered up the ability to submit a comment on a random ass website. Congrats for having such strong opinions on a completely valueless matter, I hope you’re not disappointed when you find out no one cares.

    I’m going to go ahead and say, people who blog about people who wear Bluetooth headsets = higher level of douche than the shlub that’s wearing the headset (for whatever reason).
    And yes, I recognize I’m posting on here too = huge douche. :)

  28. “Just buy a cell phone blocker and get even” … really? Are we on the grade school playground?

    Scooter is super pissed about how “self-important” these people are, but she has found it necessary to post a picture of her 210 pound ass on her comments so we’ll all know who she is. No one cares who you are … what you look like … or what your opinion is.

    I have stumbled across the leas valuable website on the internet.

  29. “cooter is super pissed about how “self-important” these people are, but she has found it necessary to post a picture of her 210 pound ass on her comments so we’ll all know who she is. No one cares who you are … what you look like … or what your opinion is.”

    I didn’t know you could post pictures here. Please tell me how. Oh and I am impressed that you claim to speak for everyone.

    Oh and I’m not pissed. I’m having a great day, as always. And I am not a female and I do not weigh 210 pounds.

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