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My Biggest Complaint About Bad Reviews about Webkinz

Webkinz. An adorable website where a kid’s plush toy comes to life. Where a kid can play with there own virtual pony, or fish, or whatever. With Webkinz, a kid can make friends, play games, compete against other pets, and last but not least, feed there pets. Of course kids love Webkinz. After all, you can’t feed a cat a cupcake in real life. And what stems from all of this? A lifelong experience they will probably never forget. So, why would people complain about something so sweet and innocent as that?

I see a lot of complaints on this website of parents and grandparents saying that Webkinz is a “bad influence” on kids, and “All that it is is a shop. It lures the kids in. Buy this, buy that.” Well, I want you to know that this is NOT true. If the people didn’t have such a one track mind about Webkinz, they could see for themselves that Webkinz isn’t all just about buying. It’s about games, friends, challenges, adventures, books, taking your pet to the park, prizes, announcements and much much more.

The next complaint I see a lot is that Webkinz is “dumbing kids down.” they say that kids do not learn anything from Webkinz, that Webkinz was made to make kids stupid, and that Ganz should close down webkinz eternally. In other words: “Oh look, Webkinz. My kids are having the best time of there life on there. Well, since they aren’t learning anything from it, why don’t I block my kids from ever going on it again, and complain on the internet about it?” God, stop being so overprotective, you idiot parents! Not only do you think this way, but you don’t even give Quizzy’s Question Corner any credit! 3 words: get a life.

My next complaints are the ones I agree on: the first is Secret Code problems. Many people complain about entering a secret code and guess what? It doesn’t work! Well, this problem can easily be fixed. If you are having secret code issues, you could:
(A: Try it again, or
(B: go to customer Support. Here is the link for the such topic: http://customerservice.webkinz.com/cs/us_en/adi.php Find which problem you are experiencing, enter some info so they can investigate, and wait for a reply.

The other complaint is Kinzchat plus problems. People say that there kids are doing innapropriate things on kinzchat plus and such. Well, it isn’t Ganz’ fault, it’s yours. It clearly says that kids need parental access before going on kinzchat plus. The advice is simple: block your kids. If you don’t know how, here is the link:

As for the first two, for those who are seriously complaining, you are either:
(A: Having a one track mind
(B: Being an overprotective parent
(C:Getting angry about something you shouldn’t be angry about, or (D: just bored and looking for something to complain about.

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  1. ok

  2. So true. Adults say “Oh look, my child isn’t learning 55747478977446453477646 facts and being Einstein. TIME TO COMPLAIN!

  3. I agree. Parents are biting off a little more than they can chew nowadays. My opinion is that they shouldn’t bite back at all. they could get judged for all the biting. Not by their kids, but by someone else. But the truth is that sometimes the parents have to nibble a little, and I don’t judge that. While I personally am not a parent, I still don’t want to see parents grilling their children about what, when and how children are doing on the internet, when the reality is that they’re really doing something as innocent as Webkinz.

  4. I disagree. This post was obviously written by a 5 year old who knew big words, but that’s it. Yes, I have seen people “make out” in the Super Chef room (Which I now only go into to warn people, as lovebirds seem to go in there a lot). But that’s it. They’re not pretending to have sex or anything or pretending to do drugs, so it’s okay by my standards (even though some people disagree). But the rules in KcP* are so strict that you can’t even say “k” without getting a warning now.
    Sooner or later, Ganz are gonna read these stupid complaints and finally shut down the clucking site as to say “Oh yeah? Is this what you want?” Personally I don’t care, since I don’t really give a beaver’s dam about the site, let alone if it gets shut down. My mom bought a Rainbow Pegasus for 18 clucking dollars at Cracker Barrel and then you know what? You can get an account there for FREE now!
    Not only that, but when I “adopted” my Rainbow Pegasus (Starfire), there wasn’t a choice to give her a gender. It had to be a girl. As if they’re saying that they are against gays. WTF?
    And BTW, I am saying Cluck and Beaver’s dam because i don’t like swearing.
    My name on this site is the same as my Webkinz World name.
    I’m in the Girls Rule room in the Light Blue Zone 24/7 as Starfire.
    Find me.
    If you want to.

  5. God Damn it, people!! You’re all just a bunch of little kids complaining about a little kids website that was made by even more little kids! Why am I even wasting my time on this?

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    Keep up the great writing.

  7. Ok, ppl need to stop complaining about this game. The only thing that is wrong with this game, is the unnecessary kinzchat plus bans. other than that, this is a fun game, and i think is somewhat educational. like, the trading room. if you want to trade for something, you have to know the value of something.

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