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My Biggest Complaint About Autozone

I bought a car battery 2 years 7 months ago with the 3 years warranty at Autozone. When I bought it the sales person was really nice and made me believe that I got a good deal (Autozone will replace the battery if it dies before 3 years). It turns out it is a bogus deal.

When my car battery died (2 yrs 7mth), I brought it to Autozone in Union City, CA. The salesperson said that he needed to recharge the battery and tested it before he could give me a new battery. So I waited for 3 hours to get the battery charged.

When I come back to get the new battery, he said that the old battery was fully charged fully and I do not need a new battery. I insisted that the battery is bad and there is no point to recharge it and to find it dead again later. Autozone is the only store in California that recommend their customer to continue using a bad battery in the car with a caveat that they will give you a free battery recharge when it dies.

I argued with the salesperson and they said that my altenator was bad. I asked them to test the alternator. They tested it in front of me and everything look good. My car altenator was charging around 13.7 to 14Volt.

So the salesperson continue to switch the test machine until he gets a number 37A, then he said your car alternator was bad because a new one will charge at 97A (even though it was listed as maximum Amp on the new alternator). If the alternator has to recharge the battery at 97A, it means the battery is really bad or it will burn my good battery.

So I continue to argue with him and escalate it to the assistant manager Eugene. Unfortunately, I got a bad assistant manager in this location (Union City). Instead of trying to help me, he just scolded and insulted me in front of other customers and blame the whole things to my car altenator. I left the store feeling humiliated, a big increase on my blood pressure, increase on my heat beat, really upset…..

So the next morning, I found out that I was right and the car battery is almost died. Luckily I can still start the engine. This time I drive the car for an hour to work to recharge the battery and hope it did not die when I am ready to go home.

Luckily, the battery still have enough juice and I can start the car and drive it back home.

I decided to go to Costco to get a new battery on the way home, but on the way there I stop at Autozone in Fremont and pushed my luck there.

This time I pretend to just got a battery problem and I asked the sales person there to test the battery in front of me. While he tested, he told me that my car altenator was bad because the tester show everything test ok.
Fortunately for me and unfortunately for him, the tester machine show “BAD BATTERY” at the end of test and we both saw it. This time he cannot make any excuse and I got a new battery.


If you insist to buy the auto part there, then you will have to hassle with them later when the part fall apart. If you lucky like me, you will find a new salesperson and you will get your auto part replace at no cost. If you unlucky, you will get a high blood pressure, you have to spend extra money to proof that you are not wrong to them, and still don’t get the auto part replace (another extra money).

This is my last visit to Autozone. Next time I am in need to buy auto parts, I will go to Kragen for sure.

Autozone???….what??? never heard of it!!!!!

One month after this ordeal, my replacement car battery is still running good
my old car altenator still recharge the battery well…… AUTOZONE, DID I TELL

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  1. i am sorry you had alot of trouble and i can understand how you feel but i guarantee that is not how all stores handle the these situations…i as a store manager myself feel that you just had the bad luck of dealing with uneducated incompetent workers.

  2. Demand the phone number for the District Manager and Regional Manager. Auto Zone employees are required to give you the number. Make sure you write down the names of any employees you deal with at the store and give those names to the District/Regional Managers. Make sure when you speak with the District/Regional Managers you ask for the phone number of the Divisional Vice President’s office.

    If the store refuses to give you the phone numbers, call: All you need to do is call Auto Zone customer service at: 1-800-288-6966. Make sure you have names and the employees know this.

  3. Why do people who do not know how to spell or even type a grammatically correct sentence get on a website and type the way that they normally speak?? If you are going to type something on a website or type ANYTHING SOMEONE ELSE WILL SEE, PLEASE USE CORRECT ENGLISH AND USE YOUR SPELLCHECK!!! SPELLCHECK IS THERE FOR A REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What’s amazing to me is that your car is still running. I have used Autozone for many, many years and have always found thier equipment to be reliable. The best part is, it is not open to interpretation. It’s either good, or bad. As an ASE certified tech, I can tell you that an improperly charging alternator can cause a battery to go bad. When they tested the battery initially, I’m sure your battery was fine, by not trusting thier advice and continuing to drive your car with a faulty alternator, YOU caused the damage to your battery. Next time…replace the stupid alternator and save yourself some trouble.

  5. Autozone has always provided myself with reliable parts and went far beyond any specified warranty. Autozone customer satisfaction has excelled in my surrounding area. As a former parts sales manager of a competitive store and also as a ASE certified mechanic I realize some customers have little knowledge or understanding of autoparts and rely on the knowledge of a sales person. Also there is a few people who want something for nothing and get very mad when they are confronted with this.

  6. If the battery is bad,well,it’s bad….Charge and retest the battery is the only true way you can pinpoint the problem. A discharged battery cannot be tested. And it doesnt take 3 hours to charge a battery unless the chargers are charging other customers batteries….Quit being a drama queen,put your big girl panties on and be patient…I bet they installed the battery for you for free didnt they….Oops,you failed to mention that didnt you? Customers like you they can afford to live without and wish they could give you your old one back and send you on your way…

  7. I had a battery exchange experience on 05/23/08 that I like to share.
    By the way, if I make a spelling error or a grammatical mistake,
    please forgive me as I only went to the 8th grade. With that out of
    the way. I went to have my battery/alternator tested at the Auto-
    Zone where I purchased them as one or the other wasn’t operating
    correctly. At first the employee tried testing the battery with the
    meter off. When that was corrected, the battery indicated “Low
    voltage” . Battery was exchanged and I was give the tools to
    go change it myself. While I was changing the battery, a young
    lady had battery problems also. However in this case a male
    employee carried out her battery and waited until I was done
    with the tools to install hers. My complaint you ask? If you are
    going to do for one, do it for the other or not at all. I was offered
    no help even though I’m a senior citizen. Just the offer to help.
    Would of been fine. Thank you for your time in reading my

  8. Stop whining. Your alternator was bad. Replacing the battery under warranty would have made no sense. I see idiots like you at stores like Autozone all the time. You think you know a lot about cars but you’re really just a nitwit. You change the facts as your story goes along. First the battery was good, then it was bad. Then the alternator was bad and then it was good. Make up your mind. By the way, genius, battery charging takes 45 minutes to 1 hour not 3 hours. I’ve had the service done before on my Duralast Gold battery with the 3 year warranty.

  9. i pre ferr auto zone to car dealer ships they give you products that do the job and for a price i don’t mind as much, however it is true that there are bad employees but there are also terible customers if you give aditude , unfortunitly these day you’ll get it back so any how
    i find honey additudes will ussually get a sweeter deal than viniger ones also to the seneir citizen i can agree that you should of been at least offered the help , maybe they just didn’t want to in sult you pride tho but i hope you will be offered at least in the future

  10. you guys all crack me up. the one guy bitching about grammer, yet he doesnt know how to use a comma.

    next it was her battery that was bad…everywhere the altenator tested out “good”. so everyone that said it was bad is retarded, her altenator doesnt need to charge at anything more that 5 amps. i wish you guys would shut up unless you have something that is crediable to conversation or know what you’re talking about.

  11. You have to take the good with the bad. I have 3 A.Z.’s almost equal distance from my house. 1 really sucks, ignorant people who make you wonder if they forget to breathe sometimes. 1 is mediocre, but leans to the “duh” side. The last one that is actually a little closer is the newest store and seems to be the best. Building a racecar I have some odd requests and they have let me look things up and compare the parts myself.
    The NAPA in that town however… if they can’t find it in the computer it doesn’t exist! I have a ‘67 Olds 442 w/ a 425. Since they don’t list that in the computer… I can’t get parts @ that NAPA for it. and the guys always want to argue with me about the engine size.

  12. As a parts sales manager at an autozone, the correct procedure was followed. The battery although should have just been exchanged right then and there because the customer is always supposed to be right.However, the alternator will kill the battery over time when it is bad. So, the battery was not bad until the alternator killed it because most batteries dont just die after 2 years. It was also un professional of the employee to make you feel humiliated, and corrective action should have been followed regarding his/her actions.

  13. First off like others have said it takes only an hour to charge the battery. I also work at AZ, Shannon if you don’t test the old one how do you know that the battery is even in need of replacement? 5/10 people that I have come across think the battery is dead because their car stalled…. See my point. As for the guy complaining about his battery, let me give you my view. We sell probably 15 batteries a day, along with wiper blades and so on. If you needed help you could have asked. I will always offer my help to a lady of any age. To be honest if your a guy you can put your own battery in unless you ask me too because you are older or disabled like yourself. I cant stand it when I put a battery in for a 30 something guy while he sits in the store and I put the battery in 100degree weather FOR FREE because he is too cheap to pay someone or do it himself.

  14. You get what you pay for at AutoZone. Just be prepared to do the job three or four times with all of the defective rebuilt parts that they are known to sell. People shop there because it is cheap (sometimes)and many of the AutoZone brands have lifetime warranties. The bad part of this is you will need it on 80% of the crap they sell. Duralast? Folks, shop anywhere but AutoZone a company founded and run by trial and error at the customers expense.

  15. Grammar is spelled with an “a” at the end, Patrick. Please remove the plank in your own eye before you touch the speck in your fellow man’s.

    I bought a battery at AutoZone in September. Last week, October 22nd to be exact, my hood began to smoke on the interstate and the car stopped completely.

    What happened? Well, after the FIRE under the hood was put out by the local fire department, it was obvious that the battery was not installed correctly. The battery itself had not been mounted to the frame and the battery fell up against other components in the engine. The battery is clearly melted in half (which I have photos of) and I’m just lucky that the impending fire was small and short-lived. No other parts of the car were damaged and no one was hurt.

    AutoZone, after I contacted the District Manager, sent three employees out to the car to test the alternator (which was fine, by admission of the employees and by my mechanic’s test) and to take photographs. AutoZone then called my mechanic and requested a fax of the invoice for the repair.

    There is a good way to go about dealing with this company. In my experience, they were very reasonable about coming to look at my car and I’m excited by their request to see the repair invoice.

    I’m not trying to rip anybody off — I don’t want more than what I feel I am due. I want AutoZone to repair the damage to the car’s wiring (the only thing that was damaged) and replace the battery. If I were a jerk about it, I suppose I could have asked my mechanic to “pad the bill” a bit (though he is quite ethical and I doubt he would do it) — but honestly, I just want them to fix the mistake they made.

    I will update this post when I hear back from AutoZone. Maybe they’re not as evil as some would make them out to seem?

  16. stop bitching how somebody installed youre battery wrong it was a FREE install you cheap bastard what do you expect next time do it yourself . you must a real __ if you cant do it yourself ive seen girls do it …………….


  18. Mike :

    Businesses like AutoZone who provide an advertised service have what is known in the legal world as ‘duty of care’. I can tell you have a seriously limited education, so I’ll try to make this simple for you.

    Imagine if you and your welfare-trap family went to your favorite restaurant and one of the employees intentionally put glass in your food. If one of your sixteen or seventeen illegitimate children eats the glass and becomes ill, are you going to pursue action against the restaurant? Maybe your morbidly obese wife chokes and her belly button prolapses, causing her great pain. Or maybe you manage to eat some of the food, even though you have only a few teeth, and you are hurt somehow. Wouldn’t you expect at least some kind of response on the part of the restaurant?

    Now I know they don’t have many restaurants in the backwoods of Arkansas, but just try and wrap your brain around the idea that a business has a certain responsibility to their customers.

    Not only did I buy the guy something to drink, I ended up keeping him out of trouble with his manager. Hey — maybe you know the guy — he looked like a true pig-****ing redneck.

    I almost always install my own batteries, change my own oil, etc. Regardless of the circumstances that led me to take my car to AutoZone, they have a duty to back up the services they promise, or at least to complete them with some sense of accountability.

    Sorry for using multi-syllabic words. For the ones you don’t recognize, check out www.Dictionary.com.

  19. W.F. It is really unclear where your going with your response to Mike. Grammar and spelling aside it appears you are saying autozone has an obligation to install your battery when purchased from them. Just cuz you buy it from autozone does not mean they have any obligation to install it, help you install it or even loan you tools to install it. Of course if you purchase that service from them or they offer it then yah they do have a responsibility to use diligence and care in doing it correctly.

  20. Mark: Your questions are valid. I never suggested they had an obligation to install a purchased battery — the service was offered and I accepted. My advice to the manager of this particular store would be to not offer a service if they cannot pull it off. I think the employee they sent to install the battery was about 16, and probably took on more than he could chew.

    However, there is good news, at least for me.

    AutoZone called today and will cover the cost of the repair.

    As stated in my original post, maybe this corporation is not as evil as some commentors would propose.

  21. Wow people. Chill out seriously. In my personal opinion, it all boils down to how the customer treats me. I don’t care if you are a man, a woman, old, young, tall whatever you get my point. Treat me with respect as an employee and you will receive the services we “promise” not conveying the attitude of “well i bought it here so you have to install it”. That is not how it works. Sorry.

    It must be available and have no cross bars, and no other surrounding parts that need to be removed in order for the installation.

    This post is not intended to offend anyone, or make anyone mad. Sorry if i have used any improper grammer. I am only here to state my opinion. Thanks for reading.

  22. As a follow up to my last post, I would also like to state that females in this work environment are capable of just the same, if not more than some males. It is too often that i get a customer who will do nothing but be sexist, and second guess anything i that comes out of my mouth.
    Truthfully, i am a female in my 20’s who works under a male of right around the same age and i have a very good deal of knowlege; quite a bit more than what he has.

    So please, give everyone a chance. Just because i dont have a ***** doesnt mean i dont know just as much, if not more that any male.


  23. Shannon — a reasonable person would know better than to suggest a woman has any less ability when dealing with cars and mechanic abilities. I have read in industry magazines recently (an article by Jim Macpherson was particularly interesting) suggesting that often women make “better” (if not just faster) mechanics.

    Unfortunately, you’re not dealing with a reasonable person. This guy mike has absolutely no grain in the silo if you know what I mean.

    If the employee from AutoZone had not suggested he install the battery himself, I would never have “demanded” that he do so. That is not my style. His suggestion represents a verbal contract, which are enforceable in my state. The employeee proved the conditions of the contract by acting within the confines of the contract. Had the case gone to small claims court, it would have been my job to “prove” the terms of the verbal contract.

    Obviously, AutoZone (in my state) feels I am entitled to the repair amount, as they submitted payment to my mechanic. They didn’t even want to take it to the court level. My car is paid for and I’m picking it up tomorrow.

    A repair bill of $1600 is not asking for much considering the level of care afforded me by the employee — almost none.

    Thanks for your insight.

  24. Whatever happened to the North American tradition of polite and reasonable public discussion? Surely, descent to personal denigration and mocking another’s family and culture, (without any shred of evidence of the validity of the criticism), cannot be helpful to anyone.
    Good service is a point of difference that no-one can take away from the provider. Also the level of ignorance being displayed in some of the posts, and being attributed to the company’s employees “did not switch on the meter when testing the battery” etc is a cause of real concern to anyone liable to share the road with vehicles maintained in this fashion.
    If I worked at AutoZone, or had sharesin the Co., I would be motivated to try and make sure that the workculture at the local level did not reflect these values.
    I take it that the employees being refered to are not qualified vehicle service technicians, (mechanics), as the sort of behaviours described would be untradesmanlike.

  25. If you have trouble with AutoZone and their claims department, feel free to call one of these numbers and let them have it:



    These numbers are not available to the general public.

  26. None of this is any surprise to me. Dumb****s who favor Autozone trying to defend its lousy workmanship and scam tactics that can be seen across the board at companies of its ilk. Autozone is just as much a scam as the quickie lube places that charge you a good rate for fumbling around breaking things on the inside of your car and “identifying” them for you so you can pay them to fix it. A bunch of stinkin’ liars that deserve nothing. No auto bailout, no extra pay for doing something they should have done previously. The reason people end up doing it themselves will, in the future, be that they don’t want to get scammed by companies like Autozone anymore. Grease monkeys, your days are numbered.

  27. Will someone please show me the actual document that tells autozone has free installation on batteries. I have seen several posters on their stores windows but not one that says free battery installation. It says free testing on batteries, starters and alternators. Maybe if customers wouldn’t insult the workers they would get better service?

  28. Thank you jack..! Free installation is done as a COURTESY.. Not something we are SUPPOSED to do, or HAVE to do.

  29. I’d just like to point out that I think people who treat *any* employee of *any* company like **** are just idiots. Maybe they’ve never worked a job before — maybe they feel entitled for some reason.

    HOWEVER, if your lame ass company can’t perform a service correctly, why would you offer it?

    I know how to install a battery — any idiot knows how (you would think) — but in my case, I simply didn’t have time to do it. I learned my lesson — next time, I’ll *make* time.

    The fact that Autozone stepped up to the plate and compensated me for damages to my car due to faulty installation says a lot to me about the company’s ethics. I was surprised that they handled my problem, even though I felt like they *should* have. Not every corporation does what’s right, and I’m glad in this case that Autozone had the decency to take care of a legitimate problem.

    Will I ever do business with them again? Hell no. Don’t send a fifteen year old to do a job they are incapable of.

  30. how do u not have time to install a battery yet you have time to stay at the store and have the employee do it for you.

    just curious.

  31. I didn’t stay at the store.

    At the time, I was working literally across the street from the store.

  32. get over yourself.

  33. You would think this thread would be dead after so long.

    Let me lay some facts down for you, places like this run understaffed, overworked, and not to mention most are underpaid and just trying to either get threw school or to some point of their lives. On top of that they have to deal with Dumb people who do not even know what year their car is. Add to the fact that most people who ask for their “services” are to freaking cheap to drag their asses to Walmart where they belong.

    Anyone who demands that an Auto Zone employee has to do something for them along the lines of Installing a battery, or wiper blades, or headlights needs their head examined, double if you are going to complain about any part of it.

    If you want your damn part professionally installed go to a ****ing shop you dense pricks.

    Dante Apollyon (you caught me on a bad day.)

  34. Yawn.

    I think its hilarious that people are getting so upset.

    Reading over the entire thread, I can’t find one instance of anyone *demanding* that an employee install anything.

    For my part, when I paid for the battery, the person who checked me out (who identified himself as “store manager”) told me to come back in a few hours and the battery would be installed and ready to go.

    Do you expect me to say “No, no, by all means, let me handle it. Even though you’re offering me a service without asking if I want it — please give your EMPLOYEES who are PAID to be here a little break. Leaning up against a bank of tires on the back wall must be SO tiring for them, and after all, I have nothing better to do than leave my car here in your parking lot and return after I’m out of work to install it. Please, Mr. Store Manager, don’t even offer such a service — in fact, I’m offended that you offered. I’m a man, after all! Let me handle the battery installation, so that you and your employees can go back to playing grabass. Good day, sir.”

    I’ll break down my point for those participating in this discussion with less than a seventh grade education:

    If this particular store couldn’t or didn’t want to offer a service, they simply should not have mentioned it. I know how to install a battery. Its easy enough.

    Amazing how many people are coming to the aid of an incompetent employee. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you guys suck at your job, the same way the employees at AutoZone sucked, and you’re feeling personally attacked.

    If AutoZone didn’t feel they were culpable, they wouldn’t have coughed up the money for the repair.

  35. You’re absolutely right, just like I sucked while i was in the Army, and have no work drive at all.

  36. AutoZone doesn’t care about lawsuits of any kind. Only money. They’ll put their own employees’ in harms way to get what they want. When it was a ice storm, the area(Rochester NY) where AutoZone sat lost power. Despite it being day time, it still gets PITCH black in AutoZone with the lights off. With no security, or cameras, or working cash registers, AutoZone employees’ still have to serve their customers or be terminated.

    Thats just one problem. I think they also don’t mind internal theft, because those who report it get fired. Those who are stealing don’t. Infact, a employee was caught sliding parts to a particular customer, this Customer identity was noted. Loss Prevention (Joe Olick) & the DM (Rob Browe) knew that this particular customer was involved with this petty crime. This customer puts in a application to work at AutoZone and gets F**king hired.

    What a company!!!!

  37. AutoZone is a DISCOUNT parts store. Just like WalMart is a discount retailer. If you expect the product quality, and service quality of a calibre equal to or exceeding a dealership or reputable service facility, then GO TO ONE! If you simply want a discount, moderate product and average service, go to a discount store. But stay true to your decision. Don’t blast these people for doing EXACTLY what they were supposed to.
    I work at a competitor of Autozone, and I STILL think you are treating them unfairly. My company does not offer these services because we cater to the Automotive professionals that DO offer these services. This is not to say I have not installed wiper blades, or helped someone with a battery, but I know my limitations and those of my employees. I would never expect my people to provide a service they were not capable of or comfortable doing. Nor does my company (currently) expect them to. Someone in this post made the comment that those people are overworked, underpaid, and under trained. Welcome to the business world. That exists everywhere, in every industry(Except politics) I have also worked at Several New Car Dealerships, and believe me, with the exception of 1 or 2 mechanics, most of the mechanics at your average dealer are also untrained or barely trained, and rely on the experience of those at the dealer who have learned from their mistakes. They throw parts at a car HOPING it will fix the problem, and all the while, you, the customer are paying extravagent “Dignostic Time” charges until they find the real problem, usually by trial and error. So try not to be too hard on the minimum wage employees that are trying to make an honest living. If you have a bad experience, share it with the store manager, and move on. Make better buying decisions next time. I am sure there are just as many happy, qualified employees at Autozone which provide excellent customer service daily, that will never receive the recognition they deserve.

  38. Autozone horror story for you.

    Purchased a distributor cap, had it installed at a very competent garage because it is a astro van and very difficult to get to the engine.
    Six months later I am driving down the interstate heading home, and the van starts missing. It is the middle of the night so I drive it home. The next day I take it to the garage, and the diagnostic computer tells him that the #1 cylinder is not firing. He pulls it from the dist cap and puts a short plug wire on it with a plug in it. We turn the engine over..and nothing, no fire. He replaces the cap and the plug and it still misses but not as bad.
    The mechanic tells me that due to the raw gas being dumped into the cylinder the oil was washed away and the rings are now worn so the cylinder lost its compression.
    He says the dist cap was defective, that he had never seen one just stop firing completely on one cylinder. The cap was not cracked and it showed very little wear.
    I went to autozone, I told them what happned and showed them the cap…they said there was no warranty on it now and it was a duralast cap. I didnt know that duralast a private label for autozone..I go home intending to email duralast. I find out that duralast is autozone..duh.
    I email autozone…now it gets really interesting.
    I get a phone call the next day from the store manager, and he tells me to a estimate to fix the van and bring it with the cap to autozone.
    I take the estimate and the cap on a Friday…Monday he calls me and tells me that it is not a autozone cap.
    I drive directly to the store…and sure enough its not autozone cap…its not the one I dropped off either. He smugly tells me to see if I can find different cap to bring in…I know what has happened and I know I am screwed. But I am also mad.
    I call the district manager…and am told that there is no reason for their manager to do that. Implying that I am lying.
    Then she tells me to bring a reciept along with the cap and the estimate and they will submit a claim.
    Well I say I dont have a reciept and you have the cap already.
    She says the conversation is over then and hangs up.
    Now when I took the orignal cap to the store they never asked for a receipt, since it was a autozone cap it was obvious it was theirs, and I was not asking for any warranty. For it to fail like it did was unacceptable regardless of warranty.
    I called the regional manager and he was much more reasonable, never disputed my story and said it was strange that they did not require a receipt the first time. He said he would look into it.
    I know why they didnt require a receipt..the store manager wanted that cap. And he knew I didnt have a receipt.
    Why did he do this..
    1. He was instructed to by upper management to keep claims costs down. The estimate was 2800 dollars to rebuild the engine. Without the cap no claim.
    2. He did it on his own to keep his store numbers looking good.
    3. Some other reason that I am unaware of.
    Bottom line is I am not lying. But they did pull one over on me

    The moral of this story is

    If you need a part that is vital to your engine..buy OEM

    Autozone can and will justify anything they do and they will lie to you

    Autozone is a multi billion dollar company but with out us they are nothing…buy your automotive needs elsewhere. Support honest businesses.

  39. Guys / Gals, Please keep one thing in mind when you visit your local parts store, remember where you parked your car. You parked in the parking lot, not in a service garage, so if you allow the employee of that part store to perform any work on your car, odds are that person is not qualified to perform the work he / she is doing….I’m not saying they aren’t capable of doing the task at hand, but odds are their not trained or ceritified to do it. The purpose of any business is to provide a service and / or product for profit and to keep you satisfied as to gaining repeat business from you the customer. AutoZone didn’t grow into the worlds largest retail auto parts chain by providing poor customer service.No large corperation is going to be able to satisfy every customer.Those employees that have been around long enough to learn and understand the culture and creed of that company are usually trained well enough to give you the customer the best available service and advice that you expect from a company built on customer service.No one wants customer complaints, but that is one way a company grows and learn how not to repeat the same mistakes. I’m sure that most retail organizations such as AutoZone relate these bad customer experience with the employees in hope of resolving any issues to keep these problem don’t happen again. Thanks for letting me sure this point of view witk you….

  40. any problems customers have with autozone call corporate when thats done they will kiss your a** to keep u as a customer including the issue your having and usually a 20% off coupon trust me i am a current autozone employee with 5 years in i know the ins and outs

  41. Wow! This is to W.F. I am printing your story and taking it to court with me on 2/13. I had the same exact incident to happen to me on 6/25/07 but a very different outcome! My battery died because I left the vanity light on in my ‘89 Toyota Camry while I was out of state. I had replaced every part in and on that car but the engine which was sound at 170K miles. Even got a new paint job 10/06. AAA boosted up my battery and I went to a 24 hour Auto Zone in Norcross Ga. The man checked the battery and the alternator. He said it was in fact the battery. He told me it would take 45 minutes to change. I went to a nearby Wendy’s with my 1 year old daughter at 10pm. Dead tired from an 8 hour drive from VA.

    This man complained about being at work because he was working on a car at home and would make more money there than at work. He said he was going to “fake a pain” to go home. I came back after 40 minutes and he said my car was done 35 minutes ago! He had my number and even came to the Wendy’s drive through where I was sitting but never told me I was done! I got my car and drove home.

    12 hours later, the car cut off in the middle of the road and was smoking. A man stopped to check it and said the battery was on fire. The fireman put it out and their report and my mechanics say it was the battery. AZ sent someone out to look at my car and said they were not responsible because “batteries do NOT catch on fire”. I was appalled. My battery was charred to a crisp and rubber hoses and what not around it was scorched. You can tell by the pictures that it was the battery. Now I have to take them to court to compensate me for my damages.

    I have not and never will purchase anything else from AZ. Not even a screw!! With all the money they rake in, they could not compensate me for the improper installation of my battery by a disgruntled worker. Your case of the fire is the same thing my mechanic said. I am glad it worked out for you and I hope and pray with all of my evidence, I will get a judgment on tomorrow…

  42. Tina –

    I was lucky enough to have really solid legal advice.

    TAKE PICTURES, take plenty of pictures.

    Another way I was lucky — the fire department had to come and spray flame retardant on my engine. The flame retardant left a kind of “dust” on my engine that my mechanic used to “prove” that the battery had fallen off its mount.

    Good luck. The good news is, I found the “higher ups” at AZ to be really reasonable. As long as you don’t try to screw them or get more than you deserve, you should fare well in court.

    If you want more information about my case (for court purposes) feel free to contact me — W.F.Roby@*gmail.com. Just remove the * from the address.

  43. if your alternator tested at 37 amp that is faulty. if your alternator is rated to charge at 97 amps it should run at 80%. (approx 78 amps). when you test a battery and charge it separately for your vehicle it will register good battery. it is good. when you run it with a bad alternator and then test it after completely exhausting it will test bad. i hope you at least were greatful for the testing autozone offered FREE and the FREE diagnosis of your alternator which WAS FAULTY in your own statement. this is not a complaint, this is uniformed banter.

    if you are not satisfied with your experience in buying autoparts and having them installed free by underpaid out of work mechanics and struggling students, you should price a battery installation at a garage. And the garage will charge you to install that battery even in the warranty period.

    You should feel very disheartened to post such a thing about people who are very knowledgeable and TRAINED, and trying to save YOU money so you can enjoy your day. YOUR under maintenenced car is not the Autozoners problem.

  44. WF

    I sent you an email today. Anyway, I went to court Friday and the Judge was gracious enough to let me know that I would NOT win my case without an expert. She suggested a reset and said that I could use the time to subpoena my witnesses. She was helping me out seeing AZ’s Lawyer came with an AZ expert. So I will subpoena those I need and come back when they give me another date.

    What’s so disgusting is that I bought basically all of my parts from them when I was restoring my Camry. I never had a problem when my mechanics installed the parts. The first and only problem I had was when their worker, who claimed to be a mechanic, installed a battery. My Bible Study Teacher put in my previous battery.

    I have a lot of pictures. Even the fireman said the fire started with the battery. My Attorney told me to get an affidavit from my mechanic back in May. Then 3 days before my court date, she says I need the mechanic there. Unfortunately, I could not locate him because he was home caring for a sick daughter until the day before court. I will also try to get some type of arson specialist to come for my defense as well. I have a very good case. I drove my car all of 30 minutes after this clown installed the battery. What else do they think sparked the fire from a car that was fine up until then? I just want to be compensated for my losses….


  45. sorry to hear this story, however AutoZone did not treat you unfairly, but the employee did, AutoZone has a no hassel return policy, that employee was wronge to test and return you your battery, instead policy requires you exchange your old battery no questions asked, and as a precaution this happens any where you go, walmart, kragen, advance auto you name it, you just need to be informed next time such situation exists.

  46. To the guy who says Autozone doesn’t mind internal Theft ??? What Up? I was arrested almost a year after I left they company,so I don’t agree. You forgot to mention about what you took and I am sure there wasnt enough evidence to prosecute who ever it was , Im sure Autozone cares about Law Suits, Why dont you stop watching Opera and get to the real world

  47. Get a life, really you people make me sick, you expect super service yet i bet you where a complete ass to the sales person, your story is so one sided it makes me ill.

  48. You clearly get what you pay for. Longtime Autozone customer.

  49. I walked in to Auto zone to have my car checked out with a scanner, ( THE YOUNG PUNK AT THE COUNTER SAID ” HOLD ON LET ME TAKE THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU FIRST” After I had been already waiting for 15 min just to get to the counter). As soon as he was finished with the person that was behind me to begin with he said to the manager, ( HEY CAN I GO HOME NOW MY SHIFT IS ALMOST OVER). They said OK. So then I got back in line To start over and the manager and asst manager were going to be the only ones left in the store (THERE NOT ALOUD TO GO OUTSIDE). BUT they knew why I was there and The Kid had not left yet So there was Three people in the store. The scanner takes about 5 min at the most to use But They Would not help me out.”"”"” I was a loyal Customer since 1996″”"”"”. Now I will go Elsewhere.

    Store Location was 43ave and Bell road in Phoenix Arizona
    Night Shift Friday April 17th 2009
    Going Elsewhere,
    P.S. ( Went to checker auto right after and they were glad to help and sell the part I needed.) 35th ave n of Thunderbird. They only had 10 min till closing the store.) 2 people

  50. Coming from an ASE Certified manager with AutoZOne!!! Your alt was bad…13.7 is low, your diode was bad and you killed your ALT..replace your alt. it should be putting out 14.3. and yes, we do hold the battery for an hour to charge..but it doesnt just charge. It charges and discharges several times to test each cell..the ones that you probably melted!

  51. OMG!!! Please read several threads up….!!!!!!!!
    The sign out front says Auto Zone (Discount Auto Parts)


  52. Sorry, but the law is not on your side.

    Several people who have complained here have won settlements against Auto Zone.

    No one has claimed they are a “repair shop”.

    Auto Zone has a duty of care to the customers they serve. I know those words a probably a little too big for you, but you can type “duty of care” into Google to figure out what it means, can’t you? You’re obviously capable of typing.

    If they want to stop losing cases, they should stop performing faulty installations. Auto Zone has been found vicariously liable in a number of cases around the country, resulting in legal settlements of millions of dollars.

    Seems like one easy way to avoid these kind of settlements is to stop hiring idiots.

  53. I just wanted to say that as for the Autozone in Paducah KY, Irvin Cobb Drive, 270-442-3985 (got it memorized) I have absolutely no complaints. I am a USPS rural route mail carrier, and get 98% of my auto parts at that store. Trust me mail carriers spend lots of money at part stores. The Guys who work there have treated me and my husband with excellent service for the past 8 years. I don’t mind waiting for them to take care of their phone customers, because I am often a phone customer, and i am already at the store so why should someone else have to drive to the store and get in line just to ask a question, And sometimes if they don’t have my part the Autozone on the other end of town will, and they will tell me that on the phone so I don’t have to waste time driving around. Sometimes They’ve l even called the other store for me, and had parts brought over to Irvin Cobb Dr. (closer for me) to pick up. Besides, if someone has been waiting a good while in line, and I am on the phone with one of them, they just say Karen would you mind holding. I say sure take care of your customer. And if we accidently get cut off i just call back. I spend probably 1000.00 plus a year, and most of it in Autozone keeping up my rigs, Frank, George, or Brian usually wait on us. And we have never had any problem getting them to check our batteries, starters, alternators, check engine lights, etc. Sometimes they will try to sell me better quality more expensive parts, but they will always print out all of my options and prices for me. Sometimes i take their advice, sometimes I don’t. And yes i have gotten home with the wrong part a few times, and never had any problem getting it replaced with the correct one. We have one of those reward cards and it was so wore out from being swiped, they just had to replace it with a new one. They will even give my husband advice and instructions on how to save money and different ways to fix alot of different problems. Alot of parts have to be ordered and they are most always there the next day for pick up. About 1995-1999 when we first moved here, they had some Mexican people working there and i would never go there because I couldn’t understand their English. (Don’t personally have anything against Mexicans, everybody’s gotta work, but if ya can’t speak English, ya ain’t selling me anything) we went to Advance Auto for a few years and the when they got Frank, and George and Dale at Autozone, and got rid of the Mexicans, we started taking all of business to Autozone. The guys are super good at their job, very polite and helpful, (not just to me and my husband, but I have observed them with the other customers, even some rude ones I don’t know if I could have been quite so nice to) The store is always orderly and clean, and i plan on continuing doing my business at that store, sometimes even when something is occasionally cheaper somewhere else just because they do people right.

  54. i went to the the Autozone in El Monte, Los Angeles, California. The assistance manager named Juan M. was a really bad guy. He was just keeping talking to other people using Spanish when I was talking to him. Moreover, they won’t let you return battery or tool even if you bought it for 5 minutes. Autozone has bad service and bad policy.

    Juan M. was trying to point me on the back of the receipt saying their policy is to not allowing tool to be returned. However, the policy does not mean that by my understanding.

    I would like to warn everybody to go to other part store instead of AutoZone.

  55. i recently bought a Bosch oil filter for my oil change and the store manager looked up the part and also pulled the part from shelf personally and sold it to us. subsequently found out that the wrong oil filter was given ( the actual and the wrong oil filter are almost identical in shape size and looks). after my mechanic changed the oil and put the wrong filter, all the oil leaked out and while i was driving it started knocking. i immediately stopped the vehicle and got it towed. i think the motor is damaged considerably and making lot of sound.
    we subsequently contacted the store manager last week and so far no response from the Regional Manager or anybody else!
    what should i do?

  56. Honey, you need to go in there and karate chop a dumbass.
    my battery, that i just bought less than a month ago, just died. and when i walk my butt into that store and if they refuse to present to me a NEW battery- there will be trouble.
    “would you like us to recharge and or test it today?”
    “HELL no i dont want no damn recharge, i want a new battery and you are gunna give it to me.”

    i wont take crap from no where, policy or not. the customer is always right, and if they dont want their store in flames by angry ol little me, they better damn make sure they give me my new battery they promised.

  57. I am an ASE Certified P2 Parts Specialist who worked for AutoZone’s predecessor for 10 years - Chief Auto Parts - as a Multi-Unit Manager. I managed 2 stores simultaneously in East LA, the chain’s #2 and #9 sales volume stores. I am writing in response to 2 postings. First, Ralph’s posting regarding the “defective distributor cap” on the Astro van causing the cylinder to be flooded with raw gas, causing the piston rings to wear, necessitating a rebuild. WHAT A CROCK OF S**T!!! This is clearly a blatant attempt to screw AutoZone out of $2800 and obtain a free engine rebuild! Now I’ve heard everything! I am GLAD AZ pulled a switcheroo on you and lost the cap!

    Second, David Yen, complaining about the El Monte AZ location…AUTO PARTS STORES ARE NOT IN BUSINESS TO LOAN PARTS OUT TO TEST YOUR FREAKIN’ CAR! I would always run across cheap bastards who would “buy” a tool, use it quickly, and claim it was the wrong tool or wrong size so they could obtain a refund. I NEVER had a problem exchanging a defective tool for an identical swap, or the wrong size for the correct size, but a refund? HELL NO! My stores had the lowest return percentage in the CHAIN because I never allowed myself to be taken advantage of by abusive “customers” like David Yen. He also mentioned batteries, sounds like he tried to test his electrical system by buying a battery when there was another problem present, such as a bad starter or relay…I REMEMBER HIS KIND!

    AutoZoners are largely good folks who try to provide good service at a fair price. Sadly, there are always those who will try to take advantage of the system! I sure don’t miss those idiots!

  58. You really crack me up!! First off you can clearly see you have no automotive knowledge and expect a machine alone to tell you what is wrong not a human!! Fact when your alt. tested at 37A and was rated for 97A it is BAD. IF you took 2min out of your day and looked it up you would have known this alternators are bad below 80% rating (translation) yours would have to test at 77A or higher to be good, second the machine also tests your regulator.. Fact the leading cause to a new battery going bad in under three years is faulty alternator, improperly connected systems connected to the battery SYSTEM and improper maintentance of it, which I doubt you have know clue how to do!! Cars have computers on them for a reason and we have advanced in technolgy the old days are gone!!
    So should you be able to walk in and DEMAND a new battery because yours is dead (which I noticed seemed to work for a couple of days till you got rid of it) NO you are the reason ALL OUR prices go up, I doubt you took 10sec to read the Limited part of your warranty? Diagonse the problem not throw parts but hey welcome to kragen good luck in two years when you want it warrantied and they don’t have your info and send you down the road!!

  59. So far out of 95% of the complaints I have seen on here, they are posted by people that have no clue how to work on a car, think that parts stores are here so they can use them for trial and error because they are to cheap to do the job right or buy the REPAIR MANUEL!!
    Response to Bala: Get a grip the reason you didn’t mention you are not sueing the mechanic that put the oil filter on for you is because HE IS NOT it’s a buddy that thinks he is, reason I know this, a real mechanic would have know it was the wrong filter when he put it on, a wrong filter don’t start leaking 5 mile away from the shop they leak as soon as you start it. So take your lumps and figure out he didn’t put the oil in, your engine was shot already and quit raising our prices by using idiots.
    Response to Joshua: You are the reason our prices are so high, I bet you have never went to your doctor and screamed like you do at AZ. Find the problem and fix it.. Yes out of the millions of batteries made some are bad and yes they are warrantied but they need to be tested to be sure that is your problem, but if you had clue about cars other than how to put gas in it you would know this and second could understand and read the word LIMITED attached to lifetime warranty.
    Word to the wise set at a drive up window at a fast food restraunt and throw a fit about your food and DEMAND they fix it right now and see what you get.. Now one wonders do you really want to take a chance with a high dollar car because you want to be a jerk then have the same person you just pissed off fix it, when you already have know clue!!
    People like you are the reason one day soon just like wal-mart did these warranties will be so difficult.

  60. Well, I got all of my parts from Auto Zone and only went elsewhere when they did not have what I need. I bought my parts and paid my mechanics to put them on. They were charging me 3 times the amount for parts and thought I did not know. I started calling parts places to check their prices. I stayed with them because they did a good job, but I bought my own parts and only paid them labor.

    The ONLY reason AZ put the battery in my car that caught on fire 12 hours later is because it was 10pm on a Sunday night and I needed it done to get to Daycare and work that Monday. I don’t expect them to install my parts but that night the man assured me he could. I have not been back to AZ and never will. I have a lawsuit that is pending. I hired a Fire Investigator who said the man, calling himself a mechanic, did not use “duty of care” when installing my battery. He should have known he was running a wire over a cable that gets hot.

    AZ’s Attorney sent me a harassing letter to drop my lawsuit or they will sue me. I have legal counsel and I know they have to file a counter suit at the time of the filing. They don’t scare me. They will wish they had settled with me when I am done. AZ does not take responsibility for their errors or what their workers do. Shame on them!

  61. I called Autozones number and there where 2 options:

    (1) if you have a question about our website
    (2) if you wnat to locate the neares autozone store
    (3) if you have a comment about a autozone store

    pressing # 3 will give you the message:

    “the number for the regional office is 000-000-0000″

    I tried this several times, also tried to press “0″ to talk to someone but there is absolutely no way to talk to a live person.

    What kind of a business is this !!!! ????????????

  62. Ha these comments where a good laugh this morn.

  63. Ok I am trying to rationalize all of these comments. As far as the bad battery I work for Autozone and we do have a procedure we have to follow but can be circumvented by a commonsense manager. In the end the customer is NOT always right and believe me the electrical system of a car is not simplistic at all. There are a number of things that can cause a bad battery. Such as a blown fusibile link inline from your alternator, a grounded or exposed wire contacting your chassis, no hold down on your battery which allows excess vibration that kills a battery quickly. I am ASE certified and have been in this business 10 years so please no attempted slams about my comments I know this business. That said autozone like any other chain corporation has bad eggs, duh it happens get a grip. It amazes me that you people judge the whole corporation because of one idiot or one poorly run store. I am also suprised that the other AZ employees on here telling you the customer to call and get there fellow employees punished or worse fired. That’s great carma is a fine machine sell out your AZ employees one day a customer could end your career too. To the public we are human beings treat us as you would like to be treated. We are underpaid lord if you only knew how little we make to answer close to 200 phone calls in an 8hour shift, install batteries, do planograms, test alternators and starters from junkyards, install wiper blades in the pouring rain, install headlight and taillight bulbs, and every other test and oh yeh how could I forget the OBD diagnostic test my favorite. The public exploits this service as a solve all problem fixer. It does exactly what it says on-board-diagnostic, after we print the codes you still need a mechanics education to fix your vehicle. I dispise crawling under your dash and in some cars it is a health hazard, at the end of the day my neck kills me. The hilarious part is when you try to explain to the customer that they still need to take there car to a mechanic because the codes contradict each other or it may not be the identified part on the code they are upset. People can’t we all be respectful and look past the fact we are serving one another and treat each other with fairness and temperment.

  64. i uused to work at az….just for the record we are not mechanics and nowhere in the interview process do they ask you that……i think if you cant work on your own vehicles you shouuldnt be driving…so if your vehicle gets screwed up after a employee working on it then…..what do you expect…..i wouldnt want anyone working on my car that dosent have a ASE badge on there shirt…..just cauuse your to lazy to change your own wipers or battery dosent mean the person there is quualified to work on a car.either.

  65. Some of the comments made here - especially about the original poster not stating that her battery WAS replaced eventually - shows that the commenter didn’t read the entire post.

    Please read an entire post before you comment.

    Yes the poster - had bad grammar but it sounds like the bad grammar of an English as a second language individual. So, unless the complainer also speaks several languages - keep rude comments to yourself.

    As far as the ASE techs - most of your posts just accentuate what mainstream ‘normal’ people don’t like about you. Your egos are bigger then your certifications deserve. Although I do appreciate comments made by an experienced techie who recognized that the poster just had a bad experience with improperly trained employees.

    The alternator wasn’t bad the battery was…case closed. If you disagree you disagree but why would you choose to belittle a person you’ve never met who was only trying to save others some future trouble? Americans can do better than that - we ARE better than that.

  66. I totally agree with Bryan: Buying a part at AZ is like playing the Lottery. Bought “brandnew” A/C compressor, manufactured by CompressorWorks Inc.

    Part was professionally installed by Brake Masters, prior to installation the entire system was professionally flushed, Receiver / Dryer and Orifice tube were changed as well.

    A/C worked for about 2 miles before the compressor locked up. AZ exchanged the part but I had to pay twice for the installation. Brake Masters told me that they have this problem with compressors from CompressorWorks all the time and they wrote a letter for AZ. I made a claim to get the money that I had to pay for the 2nd installation back, AZ submitted it to the manufacturer. Manufacturer found that the compressor was “severely contaminated”, my claim was denied. Buying a part at AZ is almost the same as buying a part at a junkyard. The junkyard will exchange a defective engine or transmission that you bought from them but you will have to pay twice for the installation.

    If the compressor locked up because it was defective it is normal to find metal shavings inside, this does not prove that my A/C system was not flushed properly. Brake Masters employs ASE certified technicians who know what they have to do. I had paid an additional $ 50 for having the system flushed.

    Autozone does not stand behind the products that they sell and they care a s**t about their customers.

  67. its me again.. thanks for the laugh :)

  68. first , this is my first time seeing this thread. and i have a few comments to say. i am a manager at an autozone in ne indiana. i have been for six years. and i am ase cert. also i am sorry if spelling or grammer is not right, get over it.
    my main point is you should be able to trust the advice given to you. that said, like every other corp in these times, they want people to look up parts, and sell the parts. unfort. that means hiring people that dont know much. if you have a bad exp at a store, either call a differnt store.. or get ahold of the local dist mgr. or regional mgr.
    1st) autozone is a retail corp selling parts to diy cust. diy means do it yourself. as in you do the work so that you dont have to pay a shop.
    2nd) we do install some parts. but it is not advertised as a free service. and we do it on some vehicles but not all. we will install wiper blades, batteries, light bulbs, however the rule is, it should not take more then 5 to 10 minutes. in some cases we will do it if it takes longer. if you willing to be patient. we do have to take care of other cust too.
    3rd) wj, thanks for understanding your unique case. autozone is not in the business off ripping of custumers. if it wasnt for you we would not have the highest cust loyalty of all the parts stores.

    as for other post. if your new battery goes dead after a few day it is extrem unlikely the battery was the problem. you have a bad diode in the alt or a parest drain somewhere in your elect syst. a batt has to be over 12 volts to test it. if less we have to charge it. if it test good after a charge then 99% chance the batt is good.
    if you have an 80 amp alt and only showing 30 amps that will destroy your batt. even though your showing 30 something amps it cant keep up.lets say you have 10 things drawing 10 amps each. you need 100 amps to keep everything going. if your only pushing 30 amps your going to lose power. after a few days you batt will not have enough power to start the car.its not the batt fault. its your alt. we are not gonna give you a free new batt, just to have the same thing happen again in a few days.
    if we do we will have to raise the prices on our battaries to compensate.
    i will post more in the next few days

  69. Really touching, Jeff - unfortunately the Autozone reality looks a little bit different:

    Neither the District Manager Derek nor the Regional Manager Sam Sandoval ever returned my phone calls. The store manager Marshall where I bought the “brandnew” Compressorworks part just shrugged his shoulders when I told him that I was not getting any answer.

    Thats how much Autozone cares about customers…

  70. Flame! Flame!

  71. steve,
    unfortunatly, your warrenty did what it was suppose to do. they exchange the defective parts with another one. as for the shop that did the work. they maybe ase cert. but it doesnt mean that they didnt cut corners.
    this is what should have happened. the comp goes bad in the first 30 days, ” 30 min for you”. the shop should have installed the replacement for you without charging you for it. then “they” should have filed the claim with autozone. i have seen a few instances like this with midas, firestone, goodyear. and that is how its handled. you should have never been thrown in the middle of this, like you were.

  72. again: Get back to reality, Jeff. Your idea of the wonderful customer oriented Auto Zone World is the “how-it-should-be” concept.

    brake masters flushed the system, I paid $ 50 for it and they also changed the orifice tube that has a filter inside that would retain any kind of contamination. They did not “cut any corners”, Compressor Works parts are junk and Autozone knows this.

  73. i dont doubt that you paid extra to get the system flushed. but you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it. that is part of any a/c job where major components are changed. and again not all shops but alot of shops take advantage of customers that dont know much about thier cars/ trucks. thats why they charged you for the second labor instead of coming to us. they thought they had a better chance of charging you, instead dealing with corp. poss. b/c they know they are at fault. and again i am saying possable… i dont know your exact cercumstances nor do i personaly the mechanics at your shop.
    if az knew there was a supplier that had alot of bad parts. they would change suppliers. it happens from time-to-time.

    as for my fantastic reality and concept of my wounderful world. you have to remember. every district, and region, is run differently. i am in the indianapolis region and n/e indiana district. and we handle things alot diiferently here. unfortunatly the corporation as a whole cant fix local, or dist. problems unless they know about it. the only way to get past your regional issue “since you tried the regional mgr also” is to either contact a diiferent dist mgr or a diff reg mgr.
    worst case scenario is to look up our main office in memphis tenn. and contact them.
    i hope this info helps you.
    again you should have not been stuck in the middle of this. unfort. your shop wants to charge you instead of taking care of you, instead of dealing with az corp. poss b/c of thier fault poss not. again i dont your unique curcumstances.

  74. i went to autozone the other day and they said i needed metric for a american car lmao lmao lmao

  75. Steve,
    The reason you have to pay twice for labor is because YOU bought the part and the warranty is in your name, not under BrakeMasters. If Brakemasters had bought the part from AZ, they could file a labor claim with AZ which would pay them 1/2 of what they are asking for and replace the part for free. This is standard procedure for all commercial customers (auto shops). You are only entitled to a replacement part or a refund under your personal warranty; AZ seldom pays labor claims brought to them by DIY (do it YOURSELF) customers. Plus Brakemasters knows that they can charge you full price for the reinstall while AZ will only pay half. Brakemasters has no warranty on your part, which is why you are “in the middle” of it. Next time, let the shop buy your part - yes, you will pay approx. double for the part (it’s how the shops make their money) but then the shop has to handle the warranty/labor problem, not you. The shop will probably buy the part from AZ anyway because they are the cheapest around. PS. Compressors usually don’t come lubricated, which a BRAKE place may not know, even though it says it on the box. Your warranty may have been voided if the shop didn’t add oil prior to installation. Read the info on the top of the box to see if this could be true in your case. You may have a valid grievance against the shop if they didn’t follow the instructions and your compressor seized up. CompressorWorks will not honor the warranty at the manufacturer level if it is installed incorrectly and seized up. AZ as a company is willing to eat the part but not the labor for something that may have been installed incorrectly to begin with.

  76. To the original poster with the bad battery: proper procedure was followed because the testing machine at AZ cannot test your alternator if the battery is low or dead. A bad battery will not hold a charge and won’t even be put on the charger. Either the employee didn’t know that, or your battery tested good with a low charge on the machine. Usually though, batteries are only recharged if they are not AZ’s and the customer doesn’t want to buy a new one. It definitely would have been easier to just replace the battery and then test the alternator, especially since you were in the free replacement period anyway. Sometimes employees act like it’s their money being spent on a replacement, and that’s the wrong attitude. AZ gets refunded 100% for defective batteries, so any employee should willingly give up the replacement as long as the old one is in your warranty file.

  77. I am not tooting the az horn, but, one thing you must know about the parts we get. AZ does not test them. All we do is sell them. 3 hrs to charge your battery ? What kind of battery you got on your car? A trickle charge lawn mower batt ? Our chargers take anywhere from 30 min to 1 hr to fully charge. Suppose we did give you a new battery and then it turned out to be a bad wiring problem or maybe a bad ALT ? AZ has to eat the cost of a new battery and then in turn raise prices so, here we go with price complaints. When will anyone be satisfied, when the friggen parts are free ?
    AZ trains its employees to do the one step at a time program. If the battery tests out to have a low charge then we charge it. If the tester shows that the battery is bad, then we sell you another one, or swap it out for warranty. Do you also realize that some of the work we do on people’s cars, ie; install head lights, batteries, etc, would cost you maybe a 100 dollars at a repair shop when we do it for practically minimum wage. We night as well be your slaves. One thing else you don’t take into account, is the fact when you run around telling people how bad AZ is, someone, maybe even me, loses their job because sales falls off. Put yourself in our shoes, before you open your mouth.

  78. To the person who had to wait for his code to be read. In my case, if I had made a promise to someone, and found out I had to leave, because AZ does not allow overtime. I would have merely clocked out, and then went outside to read your code for you. I would have then steered you to one of the other employees, who were still on the clock, and they would have finished you off.
    I am a 40 something man who delt with younger AZ employees, ie; most of the 20 somethings, seems to need only one thing from AZ, a pay check, and everything else doesn’t matter. In case there is a 20 something who replies to this post and says he is a good worker, and not lazy, (PLEASE NOTE THAT I SAID MOST 20somethings).
    I have been awarded the AZ extra miler award several times because the customer pays for our check, and even if I do something a little more than normal, we have a customer for life, even if they get the wrong part, or even a bad one from time to time. We are only human, and AZ employees for the most part, are NOT mechanics.

  79. this is a free country and I am happy that now there is a way how to let other people know whats going on without the censorship that TV stations, radio stations and newpapers do because they are paid by companies that don’t want to be criticized.

    If customers find out the truth and decide to take their business somewhere else, what is wrong with that ? Thats the “free market” and if Autozone goes out of business because of their business practices then maybe a better business might arise, one that is more customer friendly and does not sell crap as “new parts”. Sorry if I am not going to take my money to this business anymore and if I am not going to support your job with Az in the future - but thats the way I respond to businesses who don’t return my phone calls not even after 15 attempts.

  80. This is honestly, one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.

    There’s so many posts about people buying parts at AZ, and having their mechanic install them, and then the parts fail.

    People, get a grip here, if it isn’t the part’s fault, OF COURSE your mechanic is going to blame the part.

    And secondly, I own a garage, if you come in here with your own parts, we’ll install it. No problem.

    But we won’t warranty it, we won’t warranty the labor on it. Of course you’re going to have to pay for labor twice, you morons.

    When you go out to eat, do you bring your own steak?

    Of course not, that would be dumb.

    “But mechanics mark up their parts…”

    Of course they do, it’s called a business, it’s not UNICEF working on your car.

    Most mechanics, myself included, have a long time in this business, we know what parts are good, and what parts are not. We’re going to charge you more for good parts, because really, we don’t want to put four A/C compressors in your car.

  81. Honda dealer tested my battery and reading was only 388 CCA (new one has 688 CCA) during a 75,000 mi service. Suggested I replace it. Went to Autozone for it’s 2-year replacement warranty. I don’t know what the guy did and my battery read “good battery”. Went back to Honda dealer to retest my battery for free (because they were also replacing the high pressure steering hose). The print out showed the low CCA. I went to Kragen and reading was only 382 CCA. Went back to Autozone to show Honda printout and told them of Kragen low test. Was told if their machine showed “good battery” they won’t replace it. This time I watched closely the machine and it did not show the CCA, only the voltage. Was told the voltage reading is close to perfect, 10 volts. But later it also showed “charge and retest”. She agreed to replace the battery. But while I was at the counter, I did not know that someone was already replacing my battery w/o showing me it was a fresh one. Was surprised to learn later it was done. Tomorrow, I’ll go to another store and have my battery retested. If Autozone had refused to change my battery, I would not argue but complain to the BBB with my Honda printout as proof. It would cost them more and hurt their image and lose more customers.

  82. First off, you dont know how to spell which really hurts your case. Secondly, reread what you wrote. If the tester shows 37A as your output, and you should be getting 97A (never saw an alternator that has 97A output) then that means you have low output, low diodes, and your alternator is bad. The fact that the battery was able to be charged in the first place shows it was still good. If you have a dead cell, guess what? It will NOT hold a charge. Your low outputting alternator killed the battery. That is why the other AZ employee showed that it was bad. Warranties cover defects in workmanship and material. If your battery is drained, the problem will be found. If it is not the battery, then it will not be replaced. It has to show that its bad. You want a company who works with auto parts and electrical testing daily to take your word for it when clearly you know little to nothing about cars? I think not. Stop whining. And next time you get a part that is warrantied, whether it be from Kragen, Autozone, wherever, ask them questions. I GUARANTEE

  83. the warranty policies will be the same. If the part is good, the problem is something else. If its bad, you will get a replacement. Simple as that. Until then, stop whining about your blood pressure and learn to spell.

  84. How DARE you talk to women like that!I have had ****ty autozone batteries keep dying on me.I is NOT the alternator, for this has been check out along with the starter and every other wire in the car!Stupid alternator?If you are a true certified tech you would not be talking to people like that not very business like DIMWIT!.Bottom line Autzone is junk pure junk.Will never go there again.A monkey knows more about cars than they do!

  85. OK let’s keep the gloves above the belt..This thread is purely entertaining.What the f**k happened to human decency?? I am an employee of Autozone so with that said. Everybody on here is right and wrong.Bad Parts happen all the time, not every store handles customers the correctway, I have bad days, customers have bad days. Next time you go wherever you go for your parts treat the guy or gal behind the counter with some respect, consumers educate yourself before you go to the store. Have a nice day…AZ

  86. Shawn has the right idea. It all depends on the store/employee/part. I have been treated well at AutoZone, I have also been treated very poorly.
    My best experience’s have been with their female employee’s since the men tend to either be very condescending or relentlessly hit on me.

    I won’t go into depth about my own bad experiences with AutoZone here since there has been plenty of complaints, but needless to say I will be taking my business to the O’Reilly’s that is right across the street.

    I find it strange for some of the AutoZone fan club on here to completely blame all issues with bad employee’s on the customers themselves. No job is ever without poor employee’s, and when you factor in low pay and high stress, the chance of crappy customer service escalates. You do NOT have to be rude to get treated badly. I am not sure why so many people are acting like that’s some kind of rule.

  87. I am a current employee of Auto Zone, and I have dealt with customers like yourself on a consistent basis. It is important that we, test your battery and your alternator in order to pinpoint the problem. After all, it only makes sense: find out what is wrong, and then FIX that problem.

    You would not believe the customers that come in there telling us:

    “You gave me the wrong part!”
    Most of the time, WE, as employees get the wrong information. And this is almost always confirmed when they come back and say, things like: I don’t know what size engine it is, or don’t know what size shoes my car has, or what year it is.

  88. fags

  89. Ok, couple things here.

    1) Duralast is Autozones brand, But autozone doesnt make the parts. They are usually rebrands. Example, the distributor cap, Spark plug wires, Ignition coils, etc are made by WELLS. The same company all the other major autopart stores use. As for the Batteries, they are ENERGIZER for the valuecraft, and INTERSTATE for the duralast and duralast gold. Both major companies.

    2) Please give the employees the correct information!!!! This goes for AZ, Advanced, Pep Boys, etc…. Reason being, the countless amount of times customers give us the wrong info, your gonna get the wrong part. Know the YEAR of Production. Meaning, the build date on the inside driver side door sticker. Know the Model, 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive and know the Engine type. At least 3 times a week, people will have a 2002 Chysler Sebring thats Blue, and we need to find out its brake pads. In this example the info is wrong either way, as the sebring and sebring Convertable have Hugely different parts. YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR, YOU OWN YOUR CAR, YOU BETTER KNOW WHATS IMPORTANT ABOUT IT.

    3) There are soo many complaints about an AZ employee doing something wrong. 99% are not Mechanics. We do installs as a coutesy. We are not required to help you with installations. We do it to be nice. But if you treat us like crap, and disrespect us, i see NO reason to help you. No matter what we do to rectify the situation, you will always have a problem with us. Though we will always greet you the same way, with respect, regardless of prior issues.

    4) For those comments about the free OBDII scans. Yes we scan for free, HOWEVER though it might be your first scan through us, it may be our 70th one of the day. Granted, it should only take 5 mins, but in those 5 mins, alot can happen. 90% of customers want the light turned off. ITS ILLEGAL. We are not a shop, WE CAN NOT LEGALLY CLEAR THE CODES. Also, when we search the codes for you, it may or may not show your specific vehicle, this is normal. MOST dodge, ford, GM, etc will show as DOMESTIC on the print out. Kia and Hyundai are shown as the same, as well as most Lexus and Toyota. Relax people. Also the print out gives 4 to 5 POSSIBLE CAUSES. WE STILL RECOMMEND YOU SEE A MECHANIC. They why test the car? To make sure your mechanic isnt screwing u, and maybe you know enough mechanicly to diagnose it yourself and fix it yourself.

  90. Autozone’s battery replacement warranty is a complete scam. They will only replace a battery if it doesn’t put out 12 volts AFTER it’s been charged for 24 hours. Well, what battery won’t do that? Even a really really bad battery could pass that test.

    What if you take it back, it fails and you bring it back again? Same thing. They’ll just keep doing this bull sh*t until you finally give up and buy a new battery.



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  94. Wow, this is a fun one. First and foremost, our batteries are manufactured by JOHNSON CONTROLS, which is actually a pretty high quality battery. Unfortunately, most people think becuase their vehicle won’t start, misfires, stall, wiggle, wobbles, or farts it must be the battery. Such is not the case, and AZ will NOT replace a good battery. Period. Many customers will bring back a duralast or a duralast gold battery just inside it’s free replacement period just to get a new battery. That’s all they want, just a FREE NEW battery. You people are the reason this country is going to poo. ALL YOU WANT IS SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. AND YOU’RE WILLING TO poo ON ANYONE WHO CALLS YOUR BLUFF!

    And for those who continually run our batteries down and want them recharged over and over again because you won’t replace your alternator, YOU are causing the batteries to go bad. Repetetive recharging with a fast charger will hurt the battery. Don’t expect me to happily replace a $80 battery because you can’t afford to fix your vehicles problem. IT’S YOUR VEHICLE, IT’S YOUR PROBLEM, YOU PAY, NOT AUTO ZONE.

    And by the way, just to put this out there, and please listen closely: IF YOU ARE REPLACING AN OPTIMA BATTERY EVERY 2-3 YEARS, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR VEHICLE. The U.S. military uses optimas. There’s a reason for this. There’s a reason they cost so much. Don’t come walking in my door every other year whining about battery problems because your head is so far up your rectum the only thing you hear is your own poo. Your vehicle has a problem, and the battery isn’t it.

    As far as over all quality of our parts, honestly, not bad. That because we don’t make our own. You’ll find our parts in other stores by there manufaturers name.

    P.S. Auto Zone offers no comprehensive training for any service it provides.

  95. By the way, if you drive a mercedez, bmw, porche or audi, don’t come to AZ for an alternator. Take your Cheap ass to the dealer, or spend twice as much before you figure that out. Don’t buy it if YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO FIX IT!

  96. Everyone who walks into autozone for the most part has the wrong idea of what autozone does. Since everyone anymore is so cheap and redicouoly rude and selffish, everyone thinks that the people behind the counters can fix any of your problems cause they work for a store that sales auto parts. What a bunch of idiots.

    I belive to work at autozone you should at least have an interest in cars or some knowledge, but think about it people. If autozone only had real certified mechanics behind the counters to answers all of your stupid questions, that we have no way of answering ,cause you are to damn cheap to take your car to get proper work done. Think about how much that would cost to employ all of those mechanics, price for the parts to compensate for that would be outragous. People at autozone have no idea for the most part what is wrong with your car, nor do we have the tools and in most cases the expertise to figure out your problems. That is why there is mechanics out there.

    Next time you people are going out to autozone and asking them what is wrong with your car think about this….you are asking and taking the advise of someone who does not know exacly why your check engine light is on in 99% of time. YOu are also taking advise from usually an idiot cause while there are some good emplyees at autozone most of them have heads filled with bong resin. So you being the idiot taking the advise about your car from another idiot does not end up well. Two wrongs dont make a right.

    Also maybe if everone stopped buyng the valuecraft battery for your 2005 benz s-class. If you want a part that you do not have to complain about and bring back every year stop being so damn cheap and buy a better quality part. Stop buying cheap duralast brakes for the 5000 pound van that you haul your kids around in. Just to save $10 you put your families life in jepardy by putting the chapest parts you can find. I am not a big fan of autozone parts but their higher end breakes and alot of their higher end parts are worth the extra money and are pretty good quality.

  97. I work at an Autozone in Utah. I have worked there for about a year and like the job. Some people think they can come in and be jerks to me or any other autozoner and we don’t take it. I get a a..hole customer, they get a wrong part… They come back and complain, they get ANOTHER one. The second you show disrespect, you will not be treated nice.

    And about the battery installs, we are not required to install ANY of our parts, let alone batteries. If a woman asks me to do it, I will do it yes. But she is out of her car watching me do it, and I tell her how we get paid 8 dollars an hour to do something a shop charges 60 dollars for…. If it is a capable person, I hand them tools. Pretty much all of us wont do it, although I have had a few descent people that I just did it for cause they showed me respect.

    You treat us like cooks or chefs, don’t piss off the people who make your food… you may get a surprise ending.

    The next time you go to an Autozone, show the employee RESPECT, I guarantee you will be satisfied with your service.

    Keep in mind, we’re not mechanics, we’re not gonna go work on your cars in the parking lot. WE SELL PARTS, not INSTALL them.

    Thanks for reading, be sure to correct my grammar too…


  98. My store opened late today bacause of the blizzard that came through saturday. More than one customer was irritated by this. One customer in particular I recognized as the one who cussed me out for sliding home sideways most of the way on friday night, blizzard eve. Yeah, same guy, same truck, same tag, and i do pay attention. The arrogance of many people walking through my doors is amazing. Especially since the reason I was sliding home on friday is because I had to remain open so these a-holes could get their washer fluid and wiper blades. Ridiculous.

  99. A bad battery can show as being good on a test and still be bad. That is a fact. I have two such batteries in my locker. They test good, but aren’t. You put the darn things on a charge and let ‘em go until your blue in the face and they show fully charged and won’t crank your engine to save your life. So don’t think because this may actually be happening to you, that the person doing the test on your battery is deceiving you. Sometimes it’s an honest mistake. Although, yes there are crooks out there, they lie and can be rats, I’m not saying they’re aren’t people like that, there are and we encounter them, because they really are there…. How’s my grammar? Is my spellleeng okee?
    Ah, now I will sit back and wait for the flames….

  100. This thread reads like a posting on a law community. A bunch of people who love to argue drawing out an argument about nothing. Get over yourselves please. Offer constructive criticism or keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. Spewing drivel and being pretentious only makes you look sad.

  101. Marie, thank you for leaving your COMPLAINT on MYBIGGESTCOMPLAINT.COM…

    We all will sleep better tonight having read it.

  102. ^^^ I don’t get it. Maybe you were trying to be ironic… no idea. So I’ll say you’re welcome…

  103. WOW. You truly amazed me with that response…. lol

  104. To the one that wrote the post about a couple of batteries in your locker, you are LAME!
    Oh that was me,
    gosh I am lame…..

    gee this post is almost poetry….
    very lame
    - by Henry Gibson

  105. Autozone Customer horror story:
    A customer paid for his part at another store and picked it up at my store it was $177. The next day he bought a $20 part at that same store and went to a third store and told them that they paid for the $177 part and that I gave them the $20 part. He said we were all lying and had a fit until he got his way…it was ridiculous!

    It’s hard being a good Autozoner…we can do 95% perfect job and some customer will have a fit over a 5% mistake and we get in trouble for it. We don’t make much and we are not mechanics. These stories are exactly why I refuse to install batteries, headlights, etc. I have begun installing wiper blades this year and have only broken 1 windshield so far. I know how to do everything related to my actual job and am a great customer service rep.

  106. I am reading all these complaints and defenses for and against AZ. I posted mine here because of negligence and AZ not taking responsibility. When I was restoring my 1989 Camry, nearly every part came from AZ, but my Mechanic is 2 minutes from the store so they installed every part. My battery died while I was away on vacation. I came back on a Sunday night and AZ was opened at 10pm but my Mechanics were not. That is the ONLY reason why I let them install my battery because I see them as a Parts Store, not a repair shop.

    The worker said he worked on cars and was mad he was there and not home to finish work on a car he was gonna make hundreds on. He installed my battery incorrectly because he was disgruntled and downright mad. He even said he would fake a headache because they knew he had high blood pressure and would send him home. My battery caught on fire 12 hours later while I was driving! AZ told me batteries don’t catch on fire and refused to compensate me.

    We ended up in court. They came to every hearing, received every notice and document in the mail, but when the final hearing came, they claimed they did not receive the notice. It floated around and returned to the courts 4 days before the hearing. They showed the legal newspaper article advertising our court date but since it said AZ, my name, and the case number but NOT the Attorneys name, they did not show! I had hired a Fire Investigator who proved the guy ran a wire over a line that gets hot in seconds and caused the fire. I won my case in Oct 2009 but they won’t pay. They are petitioning the courts to set aside my judgment so they can get another hearing.

    All of this for less than $5000! They are paying the Attorney more than that to keep coming to court. It is ridiculous. They have enough money to pay me and keep moving. Every part in that Camry was new but the engine and the battery. I got a new paint job, windshield and drivers door less than 2 months before it burned. And they can’t compensate me as a loyal customer!! It took me 4 years to restore that car almost new. I am only getting the BB value, car rental fees, the Investigator and Attorney’s fees. Not the time and value of the restoration of the car. I have never set foot back there in 3 years and never will!!!

    I don’t blame the workers other than the one who caused my fire. I NEVER had a problem with AZ until that day. It’s a bonus for them to install parts, especially for women, but they need a disclaimer or waiver for folks to sign if they don’t want to take responsibility for their errors when installing parts. Just saying…..

  107. Tina, I am so sorry about your car. If that individual did sabotage your car on purpose then he will get his in the end. You can’t blame an entire company for the actions of one person. Maybe you should take him to court. As far as AutoZone being cheap…let me tell you something. At Christmas time the company allows $3-$5 per employee to throw ourselves a holiday party, that’s cheap! Also, maybe the employee who helped you had an ill child or something and needed the extra money from his side jobs to pay for medicine. I agree with you, they should make customers sign a waiver if they want salespeople to install their parts. You could have called a tow truck, neighbor, cousin, somebody else to help you…choices.

  108. azgirl, I don’t think the man sabotaged or intentionally put my battery in wrong. He was mad! That is why he did not use due diligence to do a good job. This was 10pm at night. Because this is a 24 hour AZ, I would not bother a neighbor or friend to trouble them on a Sunday night. I had no problem with them installing my battery because I had heard they do it but I never needed them to until that night.

    If a person works in a grocery store and spill water on the floor and an elderly person falls and injures themself, they will file claim against the store, not the person. That person represents the store. I found out from Firestone that Parts Stores are NOT supposed to install parts or do any work on the store property because they are not a garage. I never knew this because, once again, I never needed them to install anything for me. They told me to sue the manufacturer of the battery. Ha! They are the manufacturer.

    Anyhow, thanks for your sympathy. I hate they lost my business over this but they don’t miss my pennies for sure.

  109. Hi, Tina. I am a long time az ASE certified employee in IL. The batteries that we sell, are made from a company called Johnson Controls Batteries, as just about 3/4ths of the rest of them. We slap our company label on them, just like Sears, Wal-Mart etc. The only thing that seperates us from the others, is the warranties.
    As a consumer such as yourself, I have had both bad, and mostly good results from AZ parts. In truth, the parts are not made by us, we buy them from other sources. Unfortunately, to keep cost down for the consumer, sometimes parts are not all that great. Whenever I sell a part to a customer, I thoroughly look the part over, to make sure there are no cracks, or missing parts, etc.
    My sympathies on your plight with the company. I too have had personal grievances with the company myself. But, then again, just about all fortune 500 companies I ever worked for, values the almighty dollar over their ‘good’ employees.
    I don’t want to sound like I’m changing your mind about not ever coming back, I just hope that when the next company you choose to buy from, does a better job than we did, to keep you coming back.

  110. Autozone is a joke. The rude customers are a joke. They come in wanting free ****. I basically am saying that all autozone customers are trash looking for a fight. The next time they want to come in with an attitude I might just suprise them and stick them in the mouth stupid ****s.




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  116. This dumb ass clearly does not realize what the testers at autozone do.
    when you have someone from autozone check your alternator they hook it up to your battery cables and load your alternator to full capacity and measure how many amps it puts out, not the amperage that is put out just to recharge your battery.

    so when your alternator tests at less than 40 amps with a full load on it that is terrible. because it takes more than that to run all the electronics in your car. So as a back up it dips into your battery voltage because your BAD alternator cant keep up. causing your brand new formally good battery to go bad.

    I work at autozone and i deal with a lot of dick head customers that think i dont know anything because i am only 18. Not only am i ASE certified in Electrical, Engine Repair, Steering and Suspension and Engine Performance, i also know how to install a battery. and read what a tester displays on the screen and read what your vehicles specs should be.
    And we also do this free of charge where any normal shop will charge you at minimum a half hour labor which will cost anywhere from 30-60 dollars. And im getting yelled at by you making 8.50 an hour getting no bonus to install your battery.

  117. Actually, it IS how all Autozones handle this issue, I’ve been having the same exact problem with my battery and the Autozone in yucca valley, CA for going on two years now. They lie, they insult you and they try to con you into buying parts you don’t need. They even went as far as to try to tell us that our warranty was bought three years prior and that we no longer HAD a warranty. Interesting how things changed when my husband produced a receipt and noted the date. We used to do a lot of business there, not anymore.

  118. A similar thing happened to me as well. Nothing is any good there in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The mananger and workers were rude and very disrespectful.

  119. Did I get scammed? I bought a headlight bulb at the new Autozone the other day. Paid with Debit. Went to replace it in the parking lot and as soon as I started pulling the old one out, it comes on. I mess around with the connection, all seems good. So I bring the unopened one back in for refund. Different clerk says, I’ll take care of that. Takes my receipt, gets on the computer and says my Debit has been credited. Hands me another receipt, I walk out.. 3 days later my light is out and I haven’t been credited in my account. I take the receipt in and explain everything and he scans the receipt. He says I was paid in cash the night of original purchase? Wrong!! I tell him I was not and that I was told my Debit was credited. No one mentioned cash. He starts getting an attitude. Says he cant credit my account, no how no way as he’s smiling at me…. Now I’m hearing how this is a scam that some of the clerks are pulling. They don’t mention that they’re actually giving you a cash voucher and as soon as your gone, they pocket the amount from the till and the transaction is complete…. Any comments or similar experiences?

  120. Ok enough with the battery already please. Yes it is a courtesy service, yes we can refuse to install your battery, we can refuse any service that is free duh. Customers get over yourself, go to a repair shop and pony up the dough to have your battery professionally installed, hell while your at it have them read your check engine light, and check your oil, and install your wipers, and put your headlight bulbs in and brake light bulbs, and every other simple task that you cannot muster the brain power to do yourself and PAY FOR IT then come back to AUTOZONE bend to your knees and kiss my ASS becuase I gaurantee your BROKE and still need my help. When did people start feeling entitled to FREE ****. And what’s with the instant attitude when you come in the door I mean I understand you frustrated with your P.O.S but watch how you talk to the guy behind the counter, I’M Just Saying you might be that special customer that walks in on that special day when I don’t give a F+CK and I just punch you in the mouth when you start yelling at me becuase number one I’m not payed well at all,number 2 I have managment above me moaning and bitching becuase my sales are NEVER high enough, And Number 3 I just don’t care at that very moment about an assualt charge becuase I’m going to claim workplace displacement syndrome and spend one night in jail tops bail out the next morning smiling with the repeated image of you swallowing teeth and writhing on the floor screaming why! why! while I laugh and then clock out for the final time knowing I don’t have to deal with anymore F*cking idiots like yourself and unemployment is now for a year and I need a much welcomed vacation. In closing I apologize in advance whoever you may be Mr.Lucky Customer so remember that before you are rude the next time. For those employees on this site be careful big brother in memphis is watching your internet activity and according to the new employee handbook you can be let go for internet postings that are deemed unprofessional and or not in the vision of Autozones’ moral compass of firing the innocent, not rewarding your attendance points when you come in on your day off but will give you 2 points if god forbid you have to go to the doctor on a friday or weekend. Oh and by the way I would love to see some of our HR people step up and help people understand there rights in the workplace instead of posting a Bullsh*t Employee Handbook that’s so unclear and indecisive basically its all up to the interpitation of whoever, and however they feel not actual guidelines, What a Company Wow. And everybody is so quick to get rid of Unions hmmm there’s an idea. Just Saying.

  121. This is not the way every AZ store works. There are many managers who believe in taking care of the customer regardless of what the issues seems to be. Many people who shop at AZ don’t want to make a decision to take their car to a shop. We at AZ do more than a lot of companies do. How many times do you hear of napa kragens or pep boys doing anything for the customer? Never or very rarely, pep charges $13 to install a battery and 10 to install wiper, but at AZ we do it for free and with a smile. AZ has the best return policy of most retail companies. I apologize for the AZ management team if some of the customers have experienced some problems. On the other hand treat the people working on the other side of the counter with some respect because it is a really tough market. AZ is the best in auto parts for a reason, that reason is customer service. And for my fellow AutoZoner’s who posted comments remember to live pledge. Who’s number 1, the customer don’t forget that. The customer are the ones who pay our checks. Next time you get your check read it carefully and see what it says on their.

  122. Oh please mister store manager spare me. I live the pledge when I’m on the clock. When I’m off work I do and say as I please and yes I know big brother in Memphis is watching. Chris, AZ has the softest return policy I’ve ever seen. If you weren’t refunded promptly and cheerfully then you need to make some phone calls. The only bad thing I can say is that if you write a check or use a “credit” card, then it takes a few days for the money to hit your account. If it’s a debit card and you run it as a debit, then you get back cash. Read what the employee hands you. Some of you zoners need therapy!!

  123. First off…W.F. is the only one with functioning brain matter in the above posts!!! The rest were pretty entertaining though….

    Went to AZ tonight. Fat roly poly kid behind the counter pulls ALL the wrong parts (brake rotors, pads, brake lines). I remind him that I have 14″ wheels, NOT 15″ and is he SURE they are right. He then argues that I told him I had 15″ tires. I show him the piece of paper that I wrote my notes on it says “14 inch tires”. He goes and gets me the RIGHT rotors, pads. Comes back and says the pads are the same for the 14 & 15 inch tires… stupid me believes him. Of course, I get home and the pads are wayyyyyy off. Stupid fat little roly poly dickless, brainless, idea-less, inbred little herpe infested dick sucking **** tard. Now tomorrow is easter, is AZ going to be open?

    I just want to pimp smack the little ****head.

  124. AZ paid me for their mistake.

  125. Chris, I have lots of brain matter and it is functioning. It’s not that hard dude, if you don’t believe or trust the kid waiting on you, then ask for someone else to double check him. Just because you wrote 14″ on your paper doesn’t mean you said 15″. Either way he shouldn’t argue with you. Your damn right we were open on Easter, I worked my 9 hours. My store only closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The company doesn’t shive a git about it’s employees. Sometimes we want to “pimp smack” our customers too, but neither of us would get away with it. I suggest that you find 2-3 zoners that aren’t retards and ask for them by name.

  126. Stop complaining you cheap bastards! you get your stuff installed for
    free and still complain.
    If you dont want want to have any problems take your cheap ass to a proffesional and get your parts installed there! problem solved!

  127. I posted a while back about not getting a refund for unopened headlight. I ended up contacting the district manager in Tacoma and he was apologetic, gave me a refund and gift certificate. Seemed sincere. Hopefully the smarta– kid got and earfull, but at least they made good on the mistake.

  128. Auto zone is a really worst car store in USA. If you like your car to be fix with the good warranty go where ever you want but not Auto Zone.
    Ihighly recommend you if you go to Auto Zone after you come back you need to trash your car. I am so serious they do not have any knowledge about your car. if your battery is bad or need to be charge they say your altenator is bad. Auto Zone is a only worst Auto store in U.S.A.

  129. “Do not TRUST Auto Zone”

  130. Autozone sells below par automotive equipment. Their staff for the most part lacks automotive knowledge and comprehension of how a vehicle works and functions. The staff is good for looking up the part in the computer and pulling it from the shelf, but this is understandable they are paid 8.00/hr. After purchasing 2 defective items in a row and having the district manager try to tell me I was parts changing I am no longer an Autozone customer. I do not claim to be the best mechanic but after wrenching for 15 years on car and 8 years and Cat equipment I believe I know a little bit. Shop at Checker Auto Parts and Napa for good quality parts.

  131. I have gone through most of this thread and have some comments. Please excuse my grammar if there are mistakes, as I am not a literary major.

    I now work for AutoZone as an ASE cert. Part Sales Manager, but before that was a long time AutoZone customer, and I must say I have had nothing but good experiences with the companies product. How the company treats it’s employees is another story that I will not go into today.

    Like someone stated above, most of AutoZone’s “Duralast” house brand are in fact re-branded.
    Batteries are Johnson Controls, like pretty much any other battery in the mainstream (Interstate, Diehard, Everstart) Even Optima’s are now made by Johnson Controls!
    Duralast Brakes were formerly known as Albany Brakes
    Duralast suspension components - Perfect Circle
    Duralast electrical items and sensors - Wells
    Duralast Wiresets - Ultra Spark
    Duralast U-Joints - PDQ

    You get the idea, my point is, most of them I have found to be reasonable quality, I’m pretty sure my whole front suspension is warrantied by AutoZone, but I have not had to use it once. My heater core is an AutoZone part (Everco) and god forbid I ever have to do that again. Pads, rotors, calipers, alternator, starter, all purchased from AutoZone. Sometimes it isn’t the part, but the quality of the installation that makes the difference.

    Our warranties are some of the best in the business, but there are rules. Just because the battery died doesn’t mean its bad. A vehicles electrical system is very complex, and an alternator or parasitic drain can also be the problem. It is our responsibility to check and make sure so you aren’t coming back in a week with the same problem. Provided sometimes out tester does not tell the whole story, but that is why AutoZone should maybe hire more people with automotive backgrounds that know that things aren’t so cut and dry when it comes to cars. That being said, customer’s need to understand that as well.

    Maybe not all AutoZone’s are like this, but at mine we take pride in helping our customers get it right the first time, and making sure the customer is satisfied when they leave our store. For customers, sometimes showing the person helping you some respect goes a long way towards getting great customer service in return.

    As far as free services, yes we do offer free battery installation (if your store doesn’t have the sign up in the front windows it should) and are responsible for any mistakes we do make. Personally though, I would never have an auto parts store install anything on my car, I’ll leave that to myself or a certified technician. Even if the person has an ASE badge on their red or grey shirt, that is a Parts certification, not a Technician certification, two completely different things.

    AutoZone is a corporation, and just like any corporation, is concerned with their bottom line. That being said, do you think it would be profitable for them to sell poor quality parts and have to constantly warranty them?

  132. I change the oil in my own cars. However, all of the mechanical work that is done on them such as brakes, fuel pumps, starters and alternators now and then, and tune ups are done by a private mechanic that buys most of his parts from Autozone.

    I have been using this guy’s services for over 10 years and I have an Autozone remanufactured alternator and remanufactured starter on my truck for 4 and 5 years respectively and no problems. Also, never a problem with the Duralast brake parts.

    If they sold as much crap as the critics claim they do their stock price would not be what is is or their share of the aftermarket as big as it is.

    Also the store people will install batteries, lights, wiperblades etc. free for you if you buy them there.

    I like my neighborhood Autozone a lot.

  133. You’re a moron learn how to spell, speak and express yourself properly than say something, until than I recommend you keep you’re mouth shut!!

  134. ok….. reading this post i see a couple of issues. first and formost….. i hate to say it, but over half of autozone employees are hired b/c they can look up parts in the the computer and run a register. but know nothing about how a car electrical system really works. i know this b/c i have been an assis mgr for az in northern indiana for the last 7 years. however i have 17 years in the automotive field and am ase cert in auto elect including charging systems. among other areas.
    when it comes to a battery. it is either bad or good. you cannot get an acurate test on a battery unless it is fully charged. which is a min of 12.40 volts. if its less then that then it has to be charged. if you go to your and find that the battery is dead and need a jump does not mean that the batt is bad. a batt only goes dead b/c it was drained down by something. they dont die over night its bad…. i have seen bad door switchs, factory radios shorting out “mostly in fords”. a slight car acc pinch wires, ect. but something drains it. as for our alt test. our machine that we take to your car to test your alt, does not test the alt, it test the charging system as a whole. the only way to know for sure that the alt is the prob is to remove it from the car and have it tested on the bench tester. while it is isolated from the rest of the system.
    of course im sure i will get neg resp from back yard mech, or owners of cars who’s family memb. that say that i dont know what im talking about, b/c i work for az. but i am ase cert. i am not a back yard mech.
    if you have any questions let me know. i can direct you to different web sites to show you how it works.

  135. to psm on may 11th.
    you are right in most of your statement. however b/c i am wearing an ase pin or patch on my grey shirt doesnt mean that i am cert only in parts. i am cert in several areas. as well as p2 which is a joke. its more about math, and taxes then automotive parts or diagn.
    what our cust need to remember is that az is a diy store. which stands for Do It Yourself. as apposed to paying a shop.
    that being said, we will help with putting in batt in some cases, not all. rule of thumb is as long as its a stright shot, no braces or in the fender or under the back seat. we help with lights as long as it can be done in under 5 min. ect. we are not a mech shop…. we are a parts store.

  136. K, You should take your own advice. Proofread!

  137. Hello All. I placed a comment on here about a year or so ago about a Civil Suit I had to place against Auto Zone for destroying my restored 1989 Camry. My battery died and a disgruntled worker installed my new battery incorrectly. He did not want to be at work that night and was careless. I don’t believe it was intentional. It was almost 3 years to the date but the Auto Zone Attorney called me and they finally decided to settle with me for the loss of my car. He based it on what I told him that happened and a Fire Investigators report because I had to hire one to prove they were negligent. I am satisfied with how they did resolve it. Not pleased that it took so long. They had an Attorney who was intent on “winning” so much that he refused to look at the facts. It happened that he went on Spring Break with his kids and his boss took the case and settled. I can now say that I will start back going to AZ because I had boycotted them even though they were my favorite Auto Parts store. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all..


  138. Tee, I’m really happy that you got your issue resolved. Forgive and forget and enjoy yourself.

  139. I went to autozone store # 1010 and wanted to the guy to do a diagnosis for my check engine light, the guy was very rude and told me that i have to wait till he has no more customers, I think i needed ignition coils but didnt know which one I needed to replace and would have bought one or two from them but the guy was not helpful I waited for about 15 minutes and the customers kept on coming, the guy kept ignoring me, so i walked out…I want to complain about the guy to the district manager.

  140. mobin naqawe, Sorry but doing free services in the parking lot isn’t the highest priority. It wouldn’t have diagnosed coils like that anyway. Even if you PAID for services somewhere, you would still have to wait your turn.

  141. Thanks azgirl. I have moved on. I got a 1997 Dodge Stratus after that and a year and a half ago I got a 2006 Chrysler 300. I immediately had to buy new parts for the Dodge like I did with the Camry. Right now it needs a Power Steering Reservoir Pump Hose and the Dealership has had it on back order for over a year. I have not driven it since July of last year because I can’t find the part. Thank God the 300 is a good car. I am trying to sell the Camry for parts since they all are basically new. I am just glad AZ finally settled my case.

  142. let me start by saying i used to work for az about a year ago quit due to a disability but i worked for az for about 2 and a half years at first it seemed ok then we got a new manager who was a psm at the same store i have to say she was the worst manager i have ever worked for constatly in a bad mood and treated the customers like crap people would even tell i dont like to shop here because of her i try to take my business to oriellys and more than a handfull had too share her bad mood what i dont understand and my biggest complaint is she was never demoted or terminated and still goes on treating your customers like crap the dm needs to watch his store managers more closely

  143. billybob, I agree with you. Unfortunately you can’t demote or fire someone that easily. The DM might already know about her and is just waiting for a reason. Changing managers is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.

  144. my only complaints about autozone come from working at autozone and having to deal with ignorant assholes like most of yall. ive worked at autozone a few times and did it to help people out because unlike most of the people that work there ive been to school for automotive and do it professionally for a living. one thing ive come to realize about customers is that no matter how nice you are to them if there not willing to listen to your advice when they come in there not going to have a good experience. ive had customers come back and apologize to me after being assholes when the answer i told them the first time was spot on but they didnt want to believe me. if you want good service be polite and realize most of these employees are kids and may not know a whole lot and remeber you get what you pay for so what will that “FREE” auto repair advice cost you

  145. **** autozone

  146. Hello, my dears.

    To the original poster:

    BAD ALTERNATOR. That’s it. Quit whining about AZ’s return policy! The employees did what they were supposed to do. If they were rude to you, it’s only because you decided to spend a bunch of time arguing with them about something you have ABSOLUTELY “NO” CLUE ABOUT.

    To everyone else:

    AutoZone is NOT a repair shop. Our services are offered for free out of courtesy to our customers. We are not required to install any parts, nor are we technically even required to run tests of any type on your vehicle - unless it is one of OUR warrantied parts that is able to be tested. Quit giving the employees at AutoZone a hard time when they are just trying to help you!

    The typical AZ employee is: Overworked, way underpayed, the object of suspicion from an overly zealous LP department, does not receive enough work hours, and is often forced to take on dangerous tasks in the course of his/her job. We are there to sell you parts and provide advice - not to go out to your car and replace your transmission.

    If you believe that an AutoZoner is not doing his or her job correctly, SPEAK TO A MANAGER. You can also request to speak with an ASE Certified Parts Specialist… There is usually more than one that works at your local store. Find your guy or gal at your local store and stick with him or her when asking for advice or parts. When someone does a good job, call the manager of the store to let he/she know! Quit focusing on the negatives and blaming our batteries for ruining your already faulty charging/starting system.

    If you ever need advice about your vehicle, want to speak to friendly AutoZoners, or need to make sure you’re on the right path, please visit AutoZone Store #0020 in Collierville, TN. We are always here to help and are glad to do so.


  147. Well, I am an autozone employee. I can only say one thing.. AUTOZONE IS NOT A REPAIR FACILITY! I am ASE certified in brakes, electrical/electronics, and part specialist. I will not help out any customer install a battery, unless they 1. show me respect. 2. are incapacitated (and a 50 year old man, does not count.. My grandfather was 70 before he passed away, and every day untill he passed, he worked hard labor installing tiles and plumbing and stuff.) 3. i mostly do it for females only, only due to the fact that they arent as knowledgeable in the automotive field (NOT ALL OF THEM, AS IM SURE THERE ARE A FEW WOMEN THAT KNOW MORE THAN ME ABOUT CARS) but for the most part, your average soccer mom isnt capable of jumpstarting her minivan. and 4, most importantly, if its a low end car. NOT A MERCEDES, BMW, CORVETTE, ETC. if you drive that car, stop being a hipocrite, and buy your parts OEM from a dealer. dont talk the talk if you cant walk the walk.

    If i test anything, do anything, its out of courtesy. Because im trying to do my job, which is sell you a part. I hate when people bitch because I couldnt change a battery, or run a scan on your car, because I have a store full of people. The way I see it, dont bitch when you have to wait 10 mins to get your car scanned. Even if it took me an hour, go take your car to goodyear or jiffy lube, or even a dealer, and ask them to scan your car. you know what theyre gonna tell you? “computerized diagnostic, that will be 79.99″ I just saved you 80 dollars, give me 10 minutes or even less to clear out my store, and stop bitching. people spend 30 minutes waiting in line to get a haircut, (especially women) and waste money (especially women) but cant give me a few minutes to save you 80 dollars? F*** ***

    I think Autozone as a whole does more than they should for their customers. Sometimes, however, the customer wants to be treated like royalty, and expects too much. If its pouring rain outside, please dont ask me to install your wiper blades… If you havent done that yet, then im sure you can wait another day. If you needed them that bad, you should’ve changed them six months ago when they first started making beats on your windshield, instead of eating at that chilis that you waited 90 minutes to be seated.

    So, I think people should start to appreciate what Autozone does for its customers. I know that I go out of my way alot for my customers, and i try to help out as much as possible, because that is what I like doing. But i will not however, bust my ass, and have some redneck write a bad letter to a DM crying about how he had to stand in line for 10 minutes for a DTC scan.

    For everybody else, Autozone isnt bad, because only the people that cry about things post things here. If there was a website that contained consumer reports on positive experiences, and if people praised as much as they complained, you would see that the number of happy people outweighs the amount of unhappy people.

    these are my two cents.
    and if i misspelled any word, grow up, im sure you can figure out what i meant, and if you cant figure it out by using context clues, go back to 3rd grade and learn how to read properly, and maybe you will learn a few vocabulary words.

    and if your not happy with what i said, go to advance, or pep boys, or even napa. lets see if they have the same part, with lifetime warranty, at the same price.

    :) byee

  148. I am sorry ! I have to disagree with plenty of the hatemails towards Autozone. I am a former employee(3yrsago,Not by choice military) as a(retail/commercial /mgr) and know their little hints and tricks… Most of you have been helped with the upmost “vehicle/customer service provided” !!
    Autozone is not a repair shop it provides you info and DIY to help you save money .If your Battery(showing minimal life) YES!! ,they will offer you a brand spanking new one!! Hey, they have family too ,that they do not want stranded (hence their recomendation,think about it , miss work ,miss pay !! uh no!). I have recommended many to my husbands co workers ( who are mils and make minimal according to region ) Don’t under estimate the Autozone workers ,they are to help you and trained by personal experience to help you as they would thier own family. I know I did and all my crew in Vista (2 stores) Oceanside (2store) But, “If ” You had any a horrible experience or un sat one , contact that stores manager and if he/she can not help you …”BELIEVE ME! They need to give you the # to the big cheese or they can dial it from thier store location. ;) So you may speak directly. LOL I guess that’s my favorite part of thier customer service .
    Thank you Az for your hard work. Oh and I know it’s hard !
    You OS/Vis know who I am due to my honesty!!! Miss all !

  149. Just how long do you guys expect an $89 battery to last anyway?



  150. So my charging system in my truck was jacked, figured it was the alternator. I take it in to autozone, tests out good. Ok so I replace the belt and the battery cables. Still having problems with the charging system. I take it to a different autozone about 80 miles away. Tests out good. Seriously? So I end up taking it to the dealership. 100 dollars to have them tell me my alternator is bad. THANKS AUTOZONE. Teach these idiots to test an alternator. 12 volts on an alternator that is supposed to put out 14 is not a “good” alternator. ****ing morons. And as a note I do know how to test my alternator with a voltmeter, too difficult to reach mine while the truck is running however…point is that autozone just hires ingrates off the street, these guys aren’t mechanics and half of them have no mechanical knowledge whatsoever (Especially the moron that insisted my battery was bad..the battery was 2 weeks old and it was doing 10 volts while running…obviously a problem with the charging system). I will never shop at autozone again.

  151. And shell. The employees are “trained by personal experience”? Those were your exact words. Are you ****ing serious? So any dumb ****ing hillbilly can walk into autozone and say hey I work on cars all the time in my parents driveway and BAM they are subject-matter experts? Holy ****. Autozone is a ****ing joke.

  152. Hey ****autozone, You are quite clueless i see. 1) Autozone pays minimum wage people to help DIY ( DO IT YOURSELF ) people. You want mechanic infomation, and mechanic service, you pay me $80/hr, and that is what you will recieve. AZ does not train their employees well enough to be considered ever the simplest jobs. You are gonna get $7.50/hr service. Simple as that. Even their store managers and Part service managers get barely above $10/hr. Yes Autozone is a joke, But so are Autozone’s Customers that expect the sales people to fix their customers car for free. So shove it.

  153. 2) Grow the **** up. Stop complaining. If you knew the alternator was bad, why did you not just buy one, change it yourself, and be done with it. Why blame the AutoZone employee’s for your Stupidity?

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