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Autozone Employee Treatment | My Biggest Complaint
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File your complaint now

My Biggest Complaint About Autozone Employee Treatment

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i was recently fired from autozone because of there new bull**** points system for being late or absent.i had 9 points when my fiancee was life flighted to a hospital,when i arived at the hospital she asked me not to leave her because she was afraid and did not want to die alone.autozone would not give me my vacation days or help me in any way to preserve my job,autozone managers are scum bags. i was fired a week before christmas because i needed to be with my fiancee before she died,what a way to take care of your employees.but it is kind of strange how some employees are late or absent and dont get points or others don’t get fired untill they have 20 or more points.i will see you in court scum bags

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  1. i completely agree with you on the points bull. its bogus and I’ve seen the same thing with the lucky few people who survived over the 12 point max. i had to resign from autozone because of points and 50% of those points were medical related.

  2. The store manager or any grey shirt has the ability to make those points appear. Its in the “end of day attendance” portion of the closing tasks. They can put in certain things to make the points disappear. Seems to me that your manager just didnt care.

  3. i recently got fired by this piece of dodo company as well, i had emergencies, for the reason my wife is chronically ill, and it was so severe i had to call in a day or in the middle of the night before so i cant get any points, an sure enough, in a day she wasnt, i had a schedule that said 5:30, and the store schedule said 5. i was 10 points, and since its the weekend which is friday, when did friday count as a weekend??? any how, i was 18 mins late. and did not “call” stating i was going to be late, and i had 2 points, and then i made it to the magic number. i had know proof that my schedule said 5:30 for i had lost the paper, but the thing is they always redo the schedule, for reasons that the district manager has to say yay or nay on the schedule. so thats what had happend…

    heres the thing the store manager didnt like me, since i worked with him before, and i transferred, and then quit the first time i worked with the company, they where wagging the supervisor position which i knew a whole lot than the manager and most psm. then saddly i came back, for i was going full time at a college, and i love dealing with automotives, and i needed money as well, and sure enough the point system came into play, and the the old manager i worked with took over the store i started to work at, and we became “real good”friends. i complained to the district manager that i wasnt able to work with him since i had worked with him i knew i was not going to get along with him, but nothing happened.

    well shows you that AUTOZONE is a company that have people that kiss ass for the manager and move up, and those who are not have either the option of quitting or biting the bullet, for the sake of having a job.

    did you know that store managers are the only ones that dont get the point system???
    and did you know they are the laziest ones that always say they are “doing paper work” and when they come up in front dont know what they are talking about in parts, and are enforcers of wittdtjr?
    and they either call and take the day off, or leave early, and either dont ever work on sundays, or do, but leave extremely early?

    did you know the upscale sales are money in the District managers, and regional mangers pocket? that is they are gaining commission, while the “RED ANTS” do the most ****tiest job of trying to sale them, so they can get a higher position.

    if anybody posts a comment here, is there a way we can do something about this? i am willing to do whatever it takes that this company is being unfair with their employees and that we need to stop this…

  4. The point system is 100% not reliable. Store Mangers can basically modify tardiness and/or absences. It seems you had a Store Manager as an IDIOT. I recently seen where an employee has 31.5 points and are STILL currently employed with the company.

    Scumbags they are. Not any grey shirt can change the points. Store manager can fix all they want even after payroll closes.
    Look at the site above. The LP department is the worst. They coerce employees in false guilt then fire them.

  6. I tried to start a very large lawsuit against Autozone at under the title Autozone - Wrongful Termination Discrimination Harassment because of the points system and the way they treat their employees. I still got tons of evidence on how they manipulate the points and the threats that are made against the employees. I DO NOT GO THERE FOR ANYTHING ANY MORE!

  7. i recently have been employed by Advance auto 10000% better company in my perspective , employees are NOT threatened with points or poorly treated , mostly the people i currently work with are EX employees from autozone , autozones best commerical specialist in my area is qutting and going to advance , SCREW autozone and there bull…. oh and another ” special ” thing about autozone is they have a ” special ” internet task force which monitors websites EX facebook , myspace , yahoo for complaints , and negative rants about autozone

    HIEL AZ!

  8. Its obvious you didn’t pursue the issue to much Ive been a auto zone part time psm for 6 years now, yes there are guys that do not show up late, and sometimes run a little behind there is nothing wrong with letting the point slide. but for instance you already had 9 points before your fiancee was even sick, you were on your way out the door anyways. It seems that the people that have an attendance problem are the only complainers or scared of going up the ladder. My store manger wants to give me a point and i don’t feel comfortable about it, i talk to my district manager. i currently have 1.5 points and they have been doing this point system for how long now?

  9. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ve been unfairly fired by this nazi company. We need to do something about this immediately…
    Autozone treats their employees like robots, we’re not allowed to have any type of emergency because even if we’re on our death bed, we get points.
    I’m a hard working redshirt but I’m getting canned for being human and having an emergency on a weekend. But let me tell you corporate pigs something if you’re reading this:


    I’m sure LP will have a field day when I alert them of all the crooked **** my boss does.

    Autozone acts like they care about their employees with their piece of **** generic pins, but in reality this company’s “point system”
    only goes to show their lack of consideration towards the specific needs of each employee.

  10. In my store alone we have been through 19 store managers in 20 years. Fired more psm’s then i can remember and even more red sirts. My district manager first words in the last meeting was hey thanks for winning me a vacation keep it up. Now how am i sappose to feel at the fact we did all the work and he gets a vacation and punches us in the face. Our store manager is under so much pressure to sell the wittdtjr goop and checkout challange he has to buy it just to make the guy happy. We live in a small town where most of the people are regulars. You can only sell so much goop to the same people b4 they get pissed at you. We have been even getting threts of being written up if we dont sell it like thats realy going to make me want to sell it. As far as the point system i understand it and why they use it but it is not a fair system. You can get 4 points in one weekend day but it takes 90 days per point. You get a half a point even if you call in on time with a note. Now im waiting to get realy bad sick and go to work just to let it rip all over the store. Ive tried to stand my ground on returns and follow policy lol that is a waist as soon as your done the customer complains and then the dm or corp is calling you telling you just make them happy and give them what they want making you look like an ass infront of your co workers as the customer smiles at you like he won something. You tell me people are happy working for the company i bet if you did a study you would have more negative comments then positive ones mainly on management. I have a lot more to say but I think you all know what im talking about.

  11. I have been written up twice now for not selling the wittdjr goop, and supposedly not greeting customers. I was just told yesterday that if our last mystery shop didn’t go well, I was terminated. I feel as though I am being singled out from the rest of the psms. I’m not doing anything different than anybody else.

  12. I recently quit my job with this company and I could not have been happier the day I told our Regional Manager in no uncertain terms exactly what I thought of him and the job. They expected me to go and work at another store doing a remodel fifty miles away and then told me they were not going to pay for my mileage like they are supposed to. This was the last straw in a long line of things that this company has done to royally **** me off. The absolute biggest thing that ****ed me off was the situation of payroll. I had been with the company almost two years and was only making 7.35 an hour. I’ve watched several employees get hired in with NO experience at more that eight dollars an hour. Of course I asked for a raise or promotion, and promptly got laughed at, or they told me it was someone else’s fault.The corporate bull that I’ve had to deal with at Auto Zone is enough to make me want to blow up every Auto Zone store I come across.

  13. Although am still an employee of Autozone by their rights I am certain that I will not remain that way. I injured my spine in an at home accident on March 6, 2010. I will never recover fully enough to reeturn to work at distribution center where I worked. The time off I have had has allowwed me to reflect on my time with the company of Autozone. It saddens my heart to realize that they employ mind control tactics that were common in Nazi Germany and Fuedal Japan. I still have family members and friends who work for Autozone who can’t see past the haze of these unfortanate practices. It is similar to the indoctornation of a cult. There are ways out but they come at a great cost. Please anyone who reads this stay away form this company. They are very dangerous.

    I have been fortunate and should receive disability and be able to attend college. I intend to study History and return to work with a useful profession.

  14. Autozone is a bunch of BS,the district managers dont dont care,about to ****s,they think they own the ****ing place….

    Check out challenge thats a bunch of crap,if the customer wanted lucas fuel injector cleaner they would have put in the basket, when they were shopping,ima say this rite now,I dont promote COC and I dont make my red shirts either…..we feel like were shoving it down there throat when they DONT buy it….I personally dont see the point in check out challenge now wiitjr….SO IM GONNA LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT AUTOZONE, WHEN YOU BUY LIGHT BULBS FOR YOUR CAR,DO NOT,AND I REPEAT DO NOT, BUY BULB GREASE,WHEN YOURE READY TO CHECK OUT FOR THE HEADLIGHT OR BRAKELIGHT BULB ETC ETC.. THERE GONNA ASK IF U NEED THE BULB GREASE SAY NO….WHY BECAUSE AUTOZONE EMPLOYEES ARE FORCED TO SELL IT BY THE AUTOZONE COPERATE……AND THATS A BUNCH OF HORSE ****…..**** AUTOZONE,NOTHING BUT A RIP OFF ****ING COMPANY…..PS:THIS ALL COMING FROM A STORE MANAGER!!

  15. Wow! what a bunch of pissed off current and ex employees
    I have been working for Autozone and it has been great so far
    mabey I’m blessed to have a great team on my side .

  16. bud~ i like how you said ” its been great so far ” what is it your first week? only time will tell id say give it a few months….

  17. I’ve been working for the company for almost a year now…and I love it minus the WITTIDJR and COC bull****…this period its flashlights and the only way to get credit for selling the stupid things is if you sell two. Its hard enough to push WITTIDJR without the stupid COC and on top of everything we have to ask for St Judes donations. They say customers come first but honestly MONEY comes first. If customers really came first we wouldn’t be forced to sell them a bunch of **** they don’t need.

    Also my district manager is boning half of his female employees. Especially one girl she’s been with the company for less than a year and because the two are boning she is already getting her own store, although there are four other managers actually DESERVING of the position, have been with the company for several years, and actually KNOW cars and what they’re talking about. Everybodies schedules revolve around hers, even her own store managers schedule and a store manager at the store she is training at.

    Who comes first?

  18. I agree with the points system being flawed. I have broken down halfway to work and then walked the rest of the way which is a few miles and still got a point. Points should not be givin if it is out the persons control. Yes autozone is very money hungry and doesn’t care about its employees or customers for that matter. We live a very very snowy area and autozone will not put winter tires on our trucks. I hope I wreck and get hurt so I can sue them and get paid for sittin on my ass. Another thing autozone is good for is useless psms and assistant managers. Our commercial manager does more than them and our store manager is out on medical leave. Our one psm adam will clock in at 10 and not come to the busy front until a half hour later. And when the the assistant manager and adam get together they hide in the back on cell phones and computer doing nothing but then proceed to come tell every red shirt to get to work. And the only one capable of firing anyone is the dm and he can’t fire anyone for being lazy useless ****s. *store 2933*

  19. the store manager can fix the points if they want to but they wont i agree the dms and the store managers are lazy and they push employees to sell witt and coc when its not necessary for the job customers dont want to be asked 30 questions everytime they check out autozone doesnt care about their redshirts the store managers get a bonus for all that the employees sell and the dress code is crazy if employees have to wear that **** the company should have to pay for it those clothes arent made for getting greasy and dirty and they are expensive to buy bottom line is AUTOZONE IS A ****TY COMPANY TO WORK FOR OR BUY PARTS FROM and if anyone in a union is reading this dont shop AZ because they are against unions

  20. Yes the managers can adjust the points but the district manager will bitch. Anything and everythin in the stores are monitored by the next hire up person. I’m going to be argueing my late points here tomorrow to the dm due to the fact that I am forced to miss lunches every other day for deliveries and customers but when it comes to me being 1 second over when I really do have a reason to be late then I get a point. Who is getting points for my 10 hour days with no lunch. Which I might add is illegal under state labor laws. So if my points are not removed then I will be seeing autozone in court. Well I don’t want all points removed because honestly 4 where my fault.

  21. I’m really sorry to say this but, unfortunetly you’re all correct. I found out the hard way also by just being fired one week before Christmas.
    Sure makes for a Happy Holiday. What a bunch of insensative Basters.

    They seem to do that quite often, don’t they? That way they won’t have to pay you for the Holiday and by the way, just exactly where did your Vacation Pay go to for that year (you EARNED it). You won’t see it in January, that’s for sure because you won’t be there.

    Some employees really can and do get away with almost anything if the Store Manager or District Manager LIKES you. If your not in the Big Boys CLUB, (and no matter how many years you have worked for them), they can and will get rid of you one way or the other.

    Anybody Know a GREAT (WINNING) Lawyer?

  22. I’ve been working at auto zone for almost 4 months now and really see what everyone is talking about. Recently was in an car accident while working and it was the other person’s fault. Ever since then the store manager has been acting differently towards me, don’t know if its about a year end bonus, a raise, idk. I so have an attorney already about the accident, but feel discriminated against. I am assigned to the far out areas with delivery and the store manager gossip with commercial manager expecting me to deliver to 4 far away locations within 1 hr, also today is Thursday, I just got home from work(autozone) and car broke down. Called someone to cover for me 4 tomorrow (friday), the person agreed to do so, notified the store manager and she say i still will get pointed 8 points. Some double point bull crap and additional 6 for a no call no show, i do not understand this b/c i spoke to her a day before friday and i will be speaking to my attorney about this b/c i don’t feel this is right. comment if you wish.

  23. f*ck the points system. f*ck COC and WITT. when it comes down to it autozone cares about one thing.. MONEY. Our store was recently remodeled,(which by the way, f*ck the new store layout.. if you havent been remodelled yet, enjoy your old store while it lasts. you lose counter space, hardparts get completely moved around and f*cked up) The store manager gets “X” amount of money for store necessity items like, toilet paper, handtowls, mopheads, shrink wrap, instore use tools.. sh*t like that, and what ever is left over at the end of the month is included into the store managers salary. The remodel is taken from that store necessity fund and costs thousands more than what is alotted in the fund and all extra expenses come out the store managers salary.. so autozone doesnt have to pay for the remodel, THE STORE MANAGER DOES!! AND IT IS MANDITORY THAT THE STORE REMODEL IS DONE. corperate agenda.

    the packets that we sell are dollar signs. the reason they push them so much is because autozone only pay 2 cents per packet, and sells them for $1.29.. so for each packet that is sold (which is hundreds of millions anually) autozone makes a $1.27 profit, but only shows a percentage that as actual profit.. so the remainder thats left over gets divided up between the corperate elites as bonuses.. while we get whipped like slaves about selling these bulls*it f*ucking packets..

    and as for the COC.. example: say the COC is gumout. Autozone calls in a huuuuge order of Gumout Regane and only pays pennies on the dollar for each one, then turns around and sells them for $4.99 a bottle. then they only claim a percentage of the actual sale price as a profit and the rest gets distributed as bonuses. I DO NOT PUSH COC OR WITT ITEMS. NOT UNTIL I GET AN INCENTIVE OR COMPENSATION.

    now the points system. F*CK IT ALL. its a flawed and failed system. i know first hand. i was up to 11 points.. and then i walked in and checked at the stupid papers w have hanging up and noticed i was down to 3 points. umm, what? although it worked in my favor, this only goes to show that the points system has no value. if the points can be change at the click of a button and bythe disgression of one person, then why even have it at all? its pointless. its just a stupid game. its put in place to scare us so that we dont step out of line. and those who do get punished absolutely

    Autozone puts customers first. but in the coperate sence of the word, “customer” means “share holder” not making this up. they rub it in our face with their stupid cheer and tune-in magazine that all they care about is keeping the share holders happy.. “customers first” ..autozone could care less if im putting a battery in for someone or using my knowlage of automotive machanical systems to use ar that i am an ASE certified mechanic. all they care about is that we push COC and WITTDTJR and cutting hours so that they can show a profit so that thier shares can go up 1 cent. F*CK THIS SOUL-LESS CORPERATE HELLHOLE!!

    p.s. has anyone noticed hours beig cut lately? i just found out that for each hour that is cut your DM gets “x” amount of dollars.. so say u usually work 40 hrs a week, and u got cut to 20 hrs and ur DMs comission of cut labor was $5 per hour.. he now gets a $100 bonus at the end of the week. and thats just one employee.. now consider how many hours are actually cut in a givin week and do the math and see how our DMs get rewarded by pushing thier employees further towards poverty. KEEP THE RICH PEOPLE RICH AND THE POOR PEOPLE POOR. THAT SHOULD BE AUTOZONES NEW CHEER

  24. everyone need to file a class action lawsuit against them, I too agree that they are a piece of work. This company is a piece of crap!!!!

  25. The only retribution or satisfaction that can be gleaned from these thieving, lying crooks is to form or join a Union. As muuch as I believe the unions have proven to be the bane of the US auto industry, they are needed in companies like AZ where there are no real system of checks and balances in place to thwart their illegal activities.

    Not even a nationwide lawsuit by Wal-Mart employees was enough to impact their business in the least bit.

    After my miserable experience in this company, I wouldn’t spend a penny that would end up in their account for the rest of my life.

  26. well i have been a customer of autozone since the mid 90’s and now unfortunatly i am working for them. and this check out counter thing makes me sick to my stomache . i helped a few people that came in and just had enough money for the part they needed fr there car and yet the manager has yelled at e for not offering them the worthless towel thing they had for check out…what the f***? are you kidding me with this company or what? i will never buy a part from them again and neither will all my freinds who are mechanics also….what ever happend to the customer come first? stay far away from autozne they are terrible people. i am going to work for the real auto parts like carquest or napa they been around longer and are much better

  27. i agree with everything i have read i think the pionts that autozone is nothing but bull**** and stupid no wonder your company cant keep anybody how are ya suppose to keep any empoyees if all you all think about is those stupid points theres people out there that really need jobs but cant keep it because of the points they have doctors excues and family that get sick and what the hell do ya do fire them over some dumb points all i have to say is im glad my company that im working at is nothing like autozone at least my company does and really truely care about there empoyees which i have been at for 2 and half years now and

  28. is it possible when you get an individual performance report that those numbers can be unaccurate or changed?

  29. it is, especially the point system, i worked for store 1433 as a psm for a year and a half when i decided to stop putting up with the bull**** i had marked a red shirt late or absent when she didnt show up for work but the points didnt show up, y cuz either the store manager or commercial manager changed it whichever one she is ucking, everyone else was good to work with but everytime we made a complaint against the one that didnt work nothing was done, and our dm was two face so telling him anything was useless, quitting was the best thing i did

  30. Auto zone what can I say:……I gave up four years of my life to this company I understand the logic in the point system but I don’t agree with the store managers not getting points stacked if they are late or absent……when I didst have an attendance issue I use to often open the store with my store manager and he use to be least 15 minutes late all the time …..I just recently had a baby and having to get up earlier now to get my son fed diaper changed and get my husband up to give me a ride to work every morning is a task and a half so lately I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since my son has been born … I’m being disciplined for tardy from months ago that were excused… the same manager who was often late past the 15 minutes ….hypocrite ….also he broke the one major policy aside from no stealing he demanded that I give him my doc pass word so he wouldn’t get in problem for not completing the computer test for Lo…..any one thinkin Bout making up a world wide law suite or interested in starting up a petition pleas let me in on it cause I’m still employed but most of my co workers are waiting for someone else to make the first move cause their too scared…..

  31. the store manager @ my store will leave early and he doesnt get points thats bs i really agree with the coc is ****ing gay they ought to give points to the upper level management and leave us the F*** alone


  33. Well I’m currently working here but I’m trying to quit because I have a way better jon and now I’m being accused of stealing money from them. And I know its my manager that has something to do with the money being stolen and its getting me mad because if I quit I’m guilty for steeling but I have never stole money from them I have a clean record and now its all going to be jacked up now I don’t know what to do! This has me stressed is there any number that I can call I need some help!

  34. Do you all want a pillow to cry on? I read the first complaint. If you didnt’ rack up your points you would have no problem. This, same as others, is not a f**kin charity its a business. This is why you will always earn mini wage if you are so hard on the street why are you working at AutoZone. lol

  35. **** autozone

  36. Autozone adds more insult to the employees by the “one team” unity. I think Its great that commercial has to come out and help D.I.Y, also vice-versa. However comercial manager collects the bonus from commercial, so where is the “one team” bonus? Should it be split according to performance? No, it goes to the commercial managers pocket.

  37. I will have to agree about the point system being faulty but the main reason for this complaint is the way red shirts do most of the selling but do not get any commission except for everyone higher up. I have been with this company almost 4 years and my automotive knowledge has been abused. This company needs a class action lawsuit and a union this s getting out of hand.

  38. I cant believe what I am reading…………..
    I was a PSM for 2 1/2 years before moving up to store manager, when I was a psm I never got a point and known many red and grey shirts that never got a point… it’s easy, SHOW UP!!! (thats a no-brainer).. If you constantly have a real good reason not to be on time or not there at all, that hurts others that want to go home… we will find someone that can show.. I would show 15mins early every shift (just in case something happened)… If you have that many things happen in 90 days, your just bad luck…..

    If you dont like selling witt or coc, DONT GET A JOB IN SALES…DUH. Autozone hires sales people, that means SELL!…
    Also, many people dont know they need to lube caliper pins, put greese in plug wires, anti-seize on plugs, change there fuel filter, pcv …ECT… and if you dont think they need it… you are a hack… go dig a ditch…
    I am a ASE master tech, GM master tech, 25yrs as a tech… dont tell me you dont need it….

    All autozone cares about is money…. no, the stock holders do… THATS WHY WE SELL PARTS… FOR MONEY…DUH.. Autozone is a “For Profit Corp”….. LOL… Thats what pays the wages…

    Autozone does care about the customers: No hassel returns, life time warr database nation wide, and offering the customer

    FYI: I have not yet fired someone over points, my crew shows up.
    We are at the top of all boards because I hires SALES PEOPLE.
    Our customers love us because we help them DO THE JOB RIGHT!

    I Feel sorry for all of you with such low work ethics…. You should have been raised better….

  39. I agree, Autozone sucks! Most of the managers and district managers have their heads stuck up their asses and crap on their valuable employees! Does anyone know if they must pay vacation on termination? My experience is most employers do pay accrued vacation. It seems like Autozone is refusing though. Thanks for any info!

  40. My only beef is that payroll is cut down to the point I have to work 60+ hours a week with no compensation. I’m a store manager, and have worked for the company for 5 years. I run a store in the best performing district in our division. Our service standards are set very high.

    Starting with this summer, our hours were cut. We close earlier on saturday, sunday, and don’t get our summer hours throughout the week. I was told that we would get some of those hours back to use in the middle of the day. But they just cut the hours out.

    I love my job at AZ. I feel like I have a lot of potential in this position. But you cannot cut back my hours to the point I have to sacrifice customer service, or not get required tasks done. If anyone has to pick up the slack, it is me. And I am fine with that… once in a while. Requiring me to work 60+ hours a week, just to get the job done with what little hours I have… then holding me responsible for the store standards fall because of this, is not fair.

    Last year we were getting 275 hours a week for DIY coverage. Now, we are getting 230-235. And although we close earlier, we are still helping the same amount of customers. We are still trying to keep store standards up. We are still trying to go the extra mile. But it’s all at my expense.

    The last few months have been really rough. But if store standards fall because I decide to work my 50 hours (and not one minute more), I am still held accountable.

    I try really hard to make sure my team stay motivated to complete the task at hand. But lately, the morale in the store has decreased, and a lot of the zoners feel overwhelmed. The tasks just keep piling up, and the payroll keeps getting cut.

    For a 28K/wk store, you cannot run a 8% payroll every week and still get all these tasks done!

  41. First of I’d like to say I am a store manager at autozone. I’ve been with the company for going on 3 years now. Started as a red shirt.

    I’m past the point of wanting to quit. The whole company is based on one thing and one thing only…. Money. Not customer service… MONEY.
    Let me elaborate.
    The duty of every other big retailer store manger is to… Run the place right? RIGHT! Now how is the store manager supposed to do his/her job when we are constantly being beat on? When we get our hours cut? When we need to fire employees and need to wait for months to be approved to hire a replacement?

    What does all this mean?
    It means the store manager is going to be putting in 60 even 70 hours a week and only get paid for 50? I thought the law was anything over 40 hours a week means you have to get compensated for it in some form. Do we? No.

    We don’t even get a thank you.
    Lets take a look at our KPI’s (every employee in this god forsaken company knows what that is)

    *Check out challenge:
    If you are a customer and an employee is helping you find a part and right before you are about to check out, you are bombarded with the following corporate-mandatory items:
    *Sell you crap that you don’t need and half the time won’t use like fuel injector cleaner that doesn’t do crap
    * Rewards card so they can collect your information and I’m pretty sure sell it somewhere on the back end
    * Variety of grease and lubricants for bulbs, pads, plugs, wire and such.
    *Air filters that they want us to shove down customers throats when they buy and oil change

    There is so much more I could go on about but have no energy for.

    And by the way our upper management is ridiculously ignorant and uneducated.

    Ex: Every time my District Manager comes to my store and writes me a “fix it list”, he reads it out to me like I’m some kind of a retarded kid. This man can’t spell to save his life.
    Half the time he can’t even make out what he was trying to say.

    The regional manager is a pig. Does nothing but sit on his fat ass and eat all day. When there’s is some big visit coming in from Memphis TN like a VP or the CEO, that’s when he decided to get of his cushion and start visiting stores and bitch about anything.

    Our Loss Prevention system is a joke. They won’t put cameras in the majority of the store and expect us to keep our shrink low?

    We can’t have customer complaints but are constantly reminded to deny returns even though there are on average of 8 state required signs posted on our parts pods. So when we deny a return that is not legit and they complain then we get a call from our DM yelling at us for doing it (umm contradicting much?). Then we are forced to return is and makes us look like asses.

    I could go on for hours but I’m getting to outraged as it is so i will stop now.


    To all of my customer and customers of auto zone; if we give you crap for the things we do it’s not because we want to but because we have to. So my apologies to all of you. You should really, and i mean REALLY try to shop somewhere else like the reputable auto parts stores like Advance or Napa and Pep Boys.

    Auto zone always puts MONEY first
    We DON’T know our Prices and products
    Our Stores look like crap (old ass stores that don’t get upgrades)
    We have the worst merchandise at the crappy price
    Sell more unnecessary crap at the sky high price.

    AZ Cheer and Plage.

  42. Oh boo ****ing hoo. Yes auto zone has a point system but so does home depot. Maybe if you learned to read your schedule and actually be a real employee, you wouldn’t have lost your job. And not everyone has to kiss ass to move up in this company. Try working for a change. How long can you stay a red shirt? How old are you complaining about a retail job? Remember unless you bring something worth your worth, your expendable, replaceable. And maybe you haven’t been into an auto zone lately. We have more new stores than all these garbage competitors. Have you ever seen the inside of Mavericks, or O’rielys?
    Now those are dirty looking stores..
    And mr. Store manager do us all a favor and just quit!! Your a ****ing crybaby that obviously can’t get another job so you bicker, bitch and moan about a company that feeds you and your pathetic joke of a family. Grow up and be a man or woman. From me to you, your a p.o.s. Just kill yourself.

  43. The answer to your problems, if you still work for this dumpster of a company, is to violate their ILLEGAL contract and FORM A UNION! Here is why it’s completely legal, and ILLEGAL for them to fire you for it:

    Under section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (the “Act”), 29 U.S.C. § 157, employees “have the right to

    self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations … and to engage in other concerted activities for

    the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection….” According to section 8(a)(1) of the

    Act, 29 U.S.C. § 158(a)(1), it is an unfair labor practice for an employer “to interfere with, restrain, or coerce

    employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in section 7.” In addition, section 8(a)(3) of the Act, 29

    U.S.C. § 158(a)(3), provides that discrimination in regard to … any term or condition of employment to encourage

    or discourage membership in any labor organization” is an unfair labor practice for an employer.

    J.R. Hyde is on PUBLIC RECORD as openly, and illegally telling his people he will violate any attempt by employees to form or use Union tactics to force him to make changes. However, until now, Autozone Corporate has witnessed no massive, company-wide uprising.

  44. So u retards got fired. Big deal. They must have an auto zone tree you retards grow on and when your heads are nice and squishy and your auto iq is about 5 they make you a parts guy! Lol! Go try and make your 300 dollar piece of crap faster by putting all duralast parts on it you bunch of underqualied whiny whanna be parts experts! Lol. Whould you like fries with your poopy diapers?

  45. sure you can bitch about the points system and all but you also have to remember that is not only the sm and dms who look at this system, loss prevention can see when anything is changed on computers including your little points system. i personally was happy to see it i was a psm with another psm who constantly called in late witch interfeared in my missing lunches or getting to my sons baseball games on time, for years(3) he got away with it until the points system. you would not believe how much that made him change his ways when he was warned.

  46. I am a 5 year autozone employee. I can tell you first hand that everything in the store comes down to having a good dm.If you have a dm who cares about his or her people autozone is a great company to work for. In my area every store has at least 3 people that have been with the company for 10 years or more.You do not get that if you treat your employees badly.
    I have worked in stores that are under a different dm and it is a night and day difference.No one in those stores (including the store manager) has been with autozone more than 3 years.Everyone either walks around mad about something or just does not care anymore.

  47. I started there three months ago. I was hired in at full-time but only get 26hours a week. I have a great knowing of car’s and truck’s. I know the parts i know how to put them on. But yet i still get 26 hours a week they told me i would get paid 12 an hour but it was really only 8 an hour. thats a big difference in PAY.


  48. I have been reading these comments about ex-employees and still employeed by Autozone. I am sorry that most of you do not like the point system but if you ask me I am glad that they put it into effect. It helps weed out the ones that dont really want a job whether it be they are late all the time or all the time calling in. My husband has been with Autozone for almost 4 years. He was hired in as a part time red shirt and within a year he was made a full time PSM. After 9 months he was made Assistant Manager and then just this past June he was made Store Manager of his own store. Autozone has been really great to him and to us as a family. His DM has his moments as everyone does, but all in all he is a great guy. He makes sure that his managers and red shirts are well taken care of. He is all the time giving his stores gifts and goals to strive to achieve. My husband is not nor has he ever been a kiss a** but because he worked his a** off for Autozone they showed their appreciation. My husband gets his a** ringed when it needs to be if he is not doing something right, just like every one else in his district. Nobody gets by with bull and as long as they do their jobs they get rewarded.

    He worked for Advance for about 5 years before he went to Autozone and he loves his job. He has since day one of starting this job. I am sorry that alot of you have had bad experiences with Autozone, but it sounds like you had crappy Store Managers and DMs. Autozone is a big corporation company and they are not there to let every one get away with anything. They are there to make profit and truely they are no different than Walmart when it comes to making money. It all depends on your store managers and your DMs on how you are treated. Believe me I have had some issues myself on certain things but like I said all in all Autozone has been great to my husband and to our family.

    I am a stay at home mom and they have made sure to pay him very well to take care of his family. We cannot complain!!!

  49. I just have a really quick question…..

    Is it hard to get fired from autozone…….

    What are the top reasons u can get fired from autozone??????

    Now I no u can get fired for stealing/not showing up,but is there anything else?????????? Let us all know thanks greyshirt..

  50. There are not too many reasons that I have seen in the years that my husband has been with Autozone that they have fired an employee. Yes theft, no show or no call in to work will generate you points which after 12 points you are terminated, but I have only seen 2 employees fired and one was for falsifying refunds and pocketing the money and the other one was because he was giving away merchandise to a commercial account that actually didnt exist and selling the parts out of his home. It is not easy to have to fire someone whether they be a red shirt or a grey shirt, or even someone higher than a store manager because the way they look at it is they have spent all that time training you and if they have to let you go then thats time wasted and more money to go into training someone to do the job you were removed from. I do notice though that if they dont think you are doing your job to their satisfaction they will demote you or move you to another store. I see that alot. Once again I am sorry that there are people that have a problem with Autozone, but my husband and I think alot about the company especially the DM that is over his district.

  51. i was fired from autozone as well, i called in sick for a variety of reasons for months, never had a problem, never even got any points. then we got this new asshole manager, i called in sick 5 times in one week, then i actually got sick and HAD to take off another day, they fired me. my manager tried to lay the guilt trip on me of “when you dont show up for work everyone else is affected unfairly” what a crock ! must be my bad luck, seems like im always getting fired from jobs that i really like, just because i always have some kind of problem, usually late, have to leave early cuz my grandma thinks she may get sick, the dog looks like it might get sick in the next few days, there has to be a company out there that cares about ME and all my problems. im just soooo tired of companies like autozone that show preferrential treatment to the employees that show up for work, on time, do thier job without crying about it all day, what do those employees have that i dont ? ? ? ? ?

  52. I was a CSM at Autozone for 4 1/2 years. After my second shoulder injury I was constantly told by regional staff to bring my gross margin percentage down, on a weekly basis. After weeks of being told this I was pulled aside by LP and told I was abusing over ride procedure and subsequently fired later that day. Now I am still injured can not get another job because of this injury and here we are 6 months since the injury date and I am not getting treated and now have 2 shoulder injuries due to overuse on the other arm. Dont know who is worse Autozone or their Insurance company Gallagher Bassett. At this point they havent even followed through with court ordered payments.

  53. AutoZone employees are one of the few companies that is registerring before a merge into a major union.

    I was an employee of AutoZone for some of 2009. My over promised position with them fell short of fulfilling their promises by a huge margin. And yes…the treatment from headquarters when they heard of the chance of the store employees transitioning to union was overwhelming to say the least.
    Since that time, I have embarked upon a quest to build a totally revamped method for employees of multiple companies to register privately, online and as soon as the number of registerred employees of each company reaches 51-55% of the total employee base…the entire list of registerred members is personally deliverred to the major union that awaits their arrival. The 3rd step of the union process will be the vote of the employees to transition their stores into union statsu.

    Once the votes are tallied, and the union does secure the required number (51%) of “YES” votes…then the transition begins with communication from the union to the corporate administration regarding the future contract negotiations for your wages, holiday pay, insurtance options, pension, etc.
    At this point…you will no longer be wrongfully harrassed by your management and all of the rights associated with being a member of a union come into focus for you-the employee.

    Please enjoy the rest of your registration process and don’t forget to…”RUN WITH THE BULLS”

  54. AutoZoners unite at as quickly as you can.

  55. For lesd than .10 cents a day, until merged into union…join asap!
    We are the and we are here for YOU!

  56. Join BullUnion…private & safe. Worth it!

  57. Advance pay $27 for whole year! Or $3 per month until your store or region of stores or all AutoZone stores merge into the major union for the official transition into the union family.

  58. $27 per year at
    We are organizing 100 companies nationwide and you can find out if yours is on the list by going to, and checking the drop down menu ”Select Company” after openning the registration page. You are not obligated to buy anything.

  59. No obligation to buy anything whatsoever…never will you or your Co-workers be forced to purchase or join…ever.

  60. ”Run With The Bulls” by joining your Co-workers at today!
    It’s easy and costs less than .10 cents per day!
    How could you not? Who’s going to know who joined…not your boss-that’s for sure.

  61. i have worked for autozone for 11 years why??? well i have a mortguage and a lot of bills i asked for a few nights off a week to go to college to better myself i was told i would be demoted to part autozone wont give u a set/normal schedule because they want to manipulate your time so all u can do is work for them and cant get a part time job on the side to catch up because u dont get your schedule till thur or fri and its always different. i really need a way out if i ever win a good bit of money im outta there

  62. The worst Company I ever work, the managers like DM and Regional Manager they think they are God the human resource is dirt I lost my time working in that ****ing company but we sun see all are faces in court .

  63. I used to work for this asshole who is now a DM Her name is narisa ballkrun in ny. Always sounds like she hates everyone and does not know how to talk to her employees. a real stupid asshole. I left az because if she is the kind of person who gets promoted then it is not a good company to work for.

  64. I did work for AZ on the DC side for 15 years. Even though I agree the points system is not perfect I do not consider it “flawed” as it is insinuated that is is completely wrong. Sure I think there should be leeway in verifying an emergency and having points deducted …wait…that’s right,,,it IS that way (OK- I was being a smart *ss.) If you have a verifiable emergency (medical, ER, FMLA, etc.) points can be removed.. I experienced it myself. Here is the thing to remember, it is considered a “no fault” attendance policy. You can call in sick and you may get a point. But you can also say “I feel like drinking beer and going fishing today instead of working”, and unless you REGULARLY miss work…you only get one point.

    In 15 years I was never recognized for perfect attendance. I had a young family, small kids, doctors, dentists, etc. But in 15 years there were more recognized for PERFECT attendance year-after-year than were not. Sure- sh*t happens and life sucks sometimes. But that is just life. Don’t abuse a policy until you are thrown on the ropes and then scream UNFAIR when you are knocked out. Life in the DC is different I am sure. But I had been friends with many store managers, DMs and RMs as well. I am sure there are bad managers out there abusing their authority and they probably have enough training to justify their actions with the policies in place. But that does not make AZ a bad company. Where AZ DOES FAIL is in management training…from the store level thru the DC level. THAT is what I am convinced those of yo with bad feeling have experienced. Bad managers from a poor (at best) and insufficient management training program.

  65. I find it funny. I worked for autozone being ASE certified in parts and being a mechanic, I was well trusted by many people and shops. As soon as I had my 2nd work related injury in the store I got the boot for doing crap they all knew about. WTG loss prevention. Needless to say I was fired while hurt, thats the first no-no. 2nd nono is the fact that it has taken these asshats almost 12 months to get me the surgery that was ordered 9 damn months ago. Then on top of it all the Gallagher Bassett ins company they use tried to say they didn’t know I was no longer employeed and not working at all. Even though they were ordered to make payments in December. Really all you current AZ employees need to open your eyes. You get **** raises every damn year and why, because AZ is losing their asses in court paying out millions of dollars for their stupid decisions made by DM’s, SM, and LP. But I must say ty I will get my money too. From AZ corporate and their **** ass insurance company, right after my 2 surgeries, and what will you get. Oh thats right more crappy pay and benefits, points and write ups, and more yelling from higher ups. Sad to say I watched 2 corporate people take ASE test at least 5 times each and they never passed it once, I aced the damn thing my first time. Ooooh don’t forget the guy who runs commercial company wide saying “I can not tell you the difference between a alternator and a starter, but I will learn.” MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. Wow! sorry to hear about your situation man. I used to work for Zone the point system is good for lazy slobs that dont like to be on time on call out on the weekends to do recreational things. It all depends on the PSMs and your Manager if they wanna point you or not, sickness i understand that is a flaw in their system cause i know of plenty store managers that abuse their power of not having to clock in so they will come hella late and take 2-3 hour lunches.

  68. You are absolutely right. I worked at AutoZone in Virginia, commercial accounts and had no problems for two years. Then I requested a transfer to AZ to help with a terminal parent. I went to a store in Goodyear, AZ. where the married assistant manager was hitting on me. When he wouldn’t stop and tried to keep me after work for some “alone” time, I complained to the manager. Within four weeks, I was fired. Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything right. I was accused of “not handling the money in the registers properly”, but luckily, another employee vouched that I left at 6pm and someone else had used my till. Suddenly, the money was “found” and everything was all peachy. Then I was told I was wearing too much jewelry (earrings and necklace). Store manager was wearing necklace at the time he told me I was out of uniform compliance. When I complained to upper management, I was transferred 30 miles from home and was in a very negative environment. I was fired for wearing the St.Jude’s bracelet at work. I was supposed to sell them, not wear one (even though I bought it). Again, two other employees were wearing them as well but nothing was said to them. Ever since I told them about their “Romeo” assistant manager, I was the bad guy. Sorry to see a national company not doing anything about these issues, but being fired ending my stress. In the end, your sanity is worth more than anything.

  69. i read all these posts on this web site and its all from whinie ass fired people looking for an axe to grind i am a manager in southern california and have been for almost 15 years. i love the points system, it works great! wittdtjr and c.o.c is a fun challenge in my store and we have a great regional staff…..i think there are a few bad areas out there in this companee but overall it pays may bills and supports my family nicely! if you cant live the creed then this isint the job for you
    autozoners always put customers first
    we know our parts and products
    are stores look great
    and we got the best merchindise at the right price
    live it,
    love it,
    own it…..i always tell my employees this
    this is retail, we do the same thing everyday over and over
    you wont get rich here and theres no adventure here
    if you want that play the lotto or join the marines
    so if you come to a retail job (like autozone) and not push yourself to the next level then you are what i call red shirt for life.!!
    it does get boring thats why we do things like wittdtjr and c.o.c. to keep the day moving ang get us to interact with customers…i could go on and on but im sure all you jilted ex autozoners will say im brainwashed or a brown noser what ever it makes me my 82,000 a year plus my 2800 bonuses every 90 days thank you autozone thank you very much!!

  70. I just got sent home due to hours being cut. My boss said he tried to call me plus left a voicemail…I checked my voicemail and missed calls…guess what…no missed calls and no voicemail. Now, to give them the benefit of a doubt my phone isn’t always that reliable so from now on I am going to give them my fax number…that way I will know they can get through.
    They are cutting hours for their commercial department and giving them to the HUB…that is NOT right. Commercial drivers, AKA delivery drivers, need their hours just as much as everyone else. I have no other income other than what I make at Auto Zone and I am not married so ALL of my bills are mine. I don’t have a husband to fall back on when some jackass in the home office decides to cut hours. Wonder what is going to happen when parts can’t be delivered to the places we deliver to because of not having enough delivery people to get the job done—safely.

  71. I once worked for AutoZone when I lost my job and was in between jobs. My qualifications though not in the autoparts field got me directly into being a CSM. Though the pay was the lowest I had ever had since about 1994, the job was fun. Met great people and had good times while working there. And of course others at the store were upset they didn’t get the position.

    It’s all about work ethic and social skills, I’m not saying I’m gods gift to retail but it’s not rocket science, you are working for a major corporation that only cares about their bottom line. If you work for them and want to advance, it’s not easy. They SM, DM positions are far and few in between and unless you want to travel long distance to work in that position and have no social life then opportunity is there. Don’t go into your local store and expect to push your way to the top there, it’s deceptive practice and your fellow employees will pick up on it and drive you out since they are all thinking the same thing. you have to work up the ranks of positions. For me personally, I had no desire to advance, I just wanted to keep my skills at use until something more realistic came along while still paying my bills, granted I was barely making it but I had a job.

    For those of you that are red shirts, most stay in that position for several reasons, they want better pay but don’t want to earn it, they don’t want to put in anymore time then they have to and most importantly they don’t want to grow up. You can’t work 30 hours a week, go through the motions while your there and go out partying all night only to expect more money so that you can buy better cars, or party more. The real world doesn’t have room for that kind of bull****. Work two jobs if you want more money. Think about it for a minute, there are over 4000 autozones, which means about 16,000 red shirts, 12000 PSM’s and obviously 4000 SM’s, what do you offer that stands out above the rest??? To me, I didn’t notice any outstanding quality in the red shirts at the store I worked at. Just your typical adult hat hasn’t gotten out of high school mode, making just enough to pay bills and play at night, and not enough for the lifestyle they wish they had and they did nothing about it to better themselves whether it was through the company or moving up somewhere else.

    My best advice to anyone who wants a better life, perhaps a job as an automotive technician? Autozone offers ASE classes and with the discount you can’t stockpile a tool collection instead of buying beer and cigarettes every night, going out to dinner, buying video games etc etc., hone your customer service and social skills (challenge) yourself and build confidence to move forward at another retail shop or sales service.

    Stop expecting life to hand everything to you, longevity at a job does not constitute movement through the ranks. Earn your keep.

    Last but not least, if for one minute you are at autozone working and you complain about the job, or the customers or the computer system to yourself, employees or customers, you will never have what it takes to move up or better your life. Stop making excuses and putting your own frustrations on other things. Grow up grow up grow up.

  72. Autozone grey shirts are what u have to be concern about. Last week my manager gave me six points because i missed work on a Saturday!!!

  73. I have been with the company for less than a month, but even before my first day in a store, I had a few issues with the apparent lack of care towards hourly hires. I would like to give a brief, simple account… but this will likely be long-winded and detailed.

    I needed a job. I am young, personable, intelligent, and have had over 10 years of retail/sales/customer service experience. Although I have never been trained in automotive, I have done a little work here and there for my own vehicle and those of friends and neighbors- I’m very easy to train, because things like string theory, medicine, and mechanical systems don’t baffle my brain, as long as I’m taught correctly.
    I stopped into an AZ for a bulb, and asked the greyshirt if they were hiring. I received an enthusiastic “YES!”, at which point I asked if they would have any desire to train a newbie. Again, I was told “yes”, happily. I was told to go online and apply, and to put in his store as the location that I was applying for. So, I did, that very night. I read during the process that my application would only be considered for the store(s) I applied for, and after one week my app would be available to other stores nearby. Two days later, I get a call from a manager, asking me to come in for an interview to a store that requires a near 30 minute drive to reach from my location. I thought maybe that I was just going there for the interview, but that was not the case. The interview was practically useless. He was going to hire whoever showed up, judging from his lack of enthusiasm for asking questions. The guy wasn’t rude or anything, but you could tell that he just wasn’t really caring. I made no bones about my reason for trying his company- I was tired of retail jobs that care more about slogans, acronyms, and a**kissing than training their employees to do an outstanding job. Was he that company? Do they have high turnover, because I want a place to stay, a place that will allow me to stay. “Oh, we don’t have high turnover, and we care a lot more about doing things right than just saying a buncha slogans and stuff like that. We’ll train you, teach you a lot about cars.” As of today, I can safely say that he was bullshi**ing through his teeth.
    The online hiring process was a whole other nightmare.
    I was offered another part time job a day after the interview because jobs are hard to come by in this area. I was told it would probably be over a week before I was contacted by AZ again, maybe even longer, so I had no reason NOT to accept it. However, the other job didn’t want to officially hire me until I heard back from AZ, and got my schedule if they hired me. Okay, so that evening, I am told that I’m hired- a day after my interview. Great, right? I am told that I have to go online and finish filling out forms, which will be emailed to me. I am told to NOT LEAVE THE COMPUTER until I get those in my email, because he wants to get me to training asap. Forms didn’t come. 11 pm, manager is home in bed, I’m still waiting. Next day, I call in, manager took the day off… and no mention of me to his assistant, who might have been able to help. Next day- I call back, play phone tag for five hours, and am assured that the emails should be to me soon. They didn’t come. During these days, I am losing both hours at my other new job, and patience from my other new boss. Day three, I call again, but manager is off again. Grr….
    Just before midnight, on day three, I get the email. It wants to know my gender, race, and marital status. THAT’S IT?!? All of that stress for three credit-qualifiers? Oh, but now I have to call the next morning- “There’s one more email link that you’ll need me to send you”… frickin’ great. It comes later, around dinner time. I get a link, I click on it, it asks me to fill out some more junk, start an account, yada yada. I do it. It says I need to wait for more info… WHAT?
    Okay, so the manager tells me to go to training, which is a 45 minute drive in the opposite direction of where I went to interview. Okay, dress code? “Red polo, black pants like you were wearing for the interview, black shoes, black socks.”.
    25 minutes into my drive to training, he calls to make sure that I am going to training. I told him the evening before that I WAS GOING. I also told him that I was in dangerous traffic, driving during the morning rush (5th worst traffic in the country, btw), and couldn’t talk, but I was on my way. He proceeds to chit chat, and tell me my upcoming schedule, after I try to tell him that I have no way of writing it down, and that I am trying to avoid vehicular death. I only heard the first day, and hoped I could get the rest of my schedule when I got there for that shift.
    I get to training. I sit at a crowded folding table with several other people, and about ten minutes later, a hefty, dull-eyed grey shirt shows up. He gives me a dirty look, and tells me to stand up, and come to him- he needs to “check my dress code”. Huh? Apparently, my black pants weren’t black enough. They were charcoal, not jet black. I explained that these were what I wore to the interview, and was told to wear them to training. He said that he needed me to go a nearby thrift store, and buy new black pants, and come back. I was pissed, I had just driven waaaay out of my way for a low wage job that had already been a headache… but, I said that I would see if they had something in my size, and be back if they did. I rummage for about five minutes, and find a pair of musty, dirty old pants that look like crepe paper, due to wrinkles. It’s the only pair they have that will fit me, so I buy them and go back. The trainer sees me, and this time I wave HIM over, and hold up the nasty pants. “Will these suffice?” “Yeah, thank you, go ahead and put them on”.
    I change in the bathroom, and rejoin “class” some 15 minutes after they started. The class is ridiculous. It’s nothing but acronyms, slogans, useless corporate grandstanding, preaching on the evils of unions and worker’s comp, and the trainer talking about how “managerial” he is- I kid you not, this guy who could barely form a coherent sentence was talking about how he was such a good manager, by firing useless red shirts and sucking the AZ c**k. He also talked about football, wasting our time, and failing miserably at making any of us feel like we made the right choice in coming that day. The only training attendee who seemed to enjoy himself was a despicably inappropriate ex-redshirt, who was being hired back for an apsm position. He made crude jokes the whole time, kept trying to act like he was some fountain of wisdom, and singling me out to preach about “putting in what you want out of the company”. The guy worked for AZ for 4 months. Over a year ago. He quit, walked out back then. I wanted to punch this chump in his multiple chins, I think we all did. Anyhoo, after our 8 hours of useless propaganda buffet, we are told to do a cheer, and either do it right, or we were going to be marched out in front of customers to do it. I bit back the vomit, and did it. I’ve worked retail before. I have sales records that are still held up as examples to aim for within Tandy, for crying out loud. Not one useful thing was learned during this time, other than glimpses of the idiocy that we could expect down the road from this company.
    I go to work the next day, hoping to get my schedule… but, the manager didn’t put me on it… or anyone, for that matter. Everyone was lacking their expected schedule, and the manager was taking that day off (surprise!). The assistant tells me when to come in after that day’s shift, and I don’t see my manager for a few days after I start at my store. Here’s what I’ve learned:
    1)You cannot rely on this company to care about your schedule, your cost of living, or other employment obligations- in fact, the schedule is changed weekly, is never solid, will often have you close on truck night and open the next morning, and is never done sooner than two days before that week starts.
    2)Your coworkers are burnt out, but for the sake of their own sanity, must give you the impression that the job is worth keeping, lest you leave and put them back where they were before you showed up. Considering that most of my coworkers are being shat on just like me, and are nice people, I do feel for them. However, they are like friends who buy into Amway- sorry, but this ain’t what *I* signed up for.
    3) Customers are given low priority, and the CoC is a joke- so is wittdtjr, for the most part. Some of those items are useful, granted, but there is absolutely no reason to shove 3 bottles of a fuel injector cleaner which has never been proven to work at anything other than slightly reducing fuel economy by adding astringents to your gas, thus making it burn and evaporate faster.

    I want to stick it out, I really do. I want to believe that this company will give me the tools I need to succeed, but already they have thrown me to the wolves, have shown that they are not professionals,
    and that they will hire anyone dumb enough or desperate enough. I was the latter, mostly. There were other things that I could have pointed out, but this isn’t a tell-all book on my experience thus far, and I don’t want to piss on anyone individually. In fact, most everyone there has been pretty good, it’s the culture of ineptitude, and blaming the apprentice for the master’s folly, that has me so miffed. The hiring process, the orientation, and the complete lack of training on even the point of sale system (until I am forced to attempt it with a customer when slammed), all speak to the cluster-fudge that is AZ. I was thinking of transferring, an hour ago, but since AZ Corporate doesn’t have that info online, this page was the hit I got on google. I’m glad this is what came up. I feel like maybe I should be looking for something else instead of transferring to an area that AZ’s crap wage will allow me to not be homeless.

    Good luck, you disenchanted employees. And to you jerks downing the negative posters, wait until you need someone to understand your situation, and they give you the same judgement you’re passing here!

  74. Hey Michael- Be careful who you say is being judgmental. That is in fact being judgmental. These seemingly “enthusiastic” knuckleheads that are spatting the AZ speak really know no better. They are the brainwashed, feeble minded individuals AZ retail feeds on. My opinion- for what its worth to anyone else- is the corporate monster is all about NOT paying for someone educated and/or has solid, verifiable successful retail experience. I seen it time and time again. I worked for 2 DC for 15+ years. I regularly heard the horror stories about the retail side. I will agree with you…there is a sad lack of training-if you can even call it that. However you unfortunately you have suffered at the hand of inept, brainwashed Zone Clones. You friend are the type (or so it sounds) that would be a good fit at the DC level. There are 7 DC’s across the country. If you are still looking for work, and not too bitter to try again, AZ really is a good solid company. I only left because I received a dream position with a different company. Feel free to contact me directly if still interested.

  75. Thank You!!! I got terminated because of this bs system. 6 of my points i got from my store manager printing me out a schedule with the wrong day off. Horse**** man

  76. You need to work in the Seattle area with a SM like I have. My SM adjust’s all his workers time so they dont get points. I am never late but think I will start since the others dont have to make the effort why should I? The DM either doesnt care or isnt smart enough to find out. Our SM schedules himself for 50 hours, then faxes it, then remakes it with 40 hours for himself and actually only works about 35. He is ripping the company off. He doesnt do anything at work but a little paperwork, then he complains for the rest of the day. He has a PSM that does 80% of his paperwork for him. He doesnt even know how to scan matrix.

  77. Oh, and dont bother calling Autozone Relations, you wont get anyone, they are all out back smoking, no one will answer the phone. They hire the dumbest monkeys they can to answer the phones. They dont return calls either.

  78. Wow, I have never read so much negativity regarding a company in my life. I do hope your complaints are legitimate but we all must remember, you can only have so many “dying aunts”, “flat tires”, “sick babies”, etc. The excuses are non-stop. I am attending school as a non-traditional student and you would not believe the excuses these grown people make for not coming to class. One lady said, “she doesn’t come to class often because of her commute.” When the professor told me that, my comment was, “Well, didn’t she know how long her commute was before she signed up for the class.” Come on people, let’s be real. No one want to take responsibility for their own actions. I work at a company where I have been for 14 years. I currently earn 6 weeks a year vacation. I am able to cash out up to two weeks vacation each year and guess what? I do cash them out because I don’t lay out of work. I count it a privilege to have my health and strength and to be able to get up in the morning and go in and put in an honest day’s work (something many people could / should do) but that’s just me. My parents raised me to know that there is nothing wrong with doing an honest day’s work. Most people now are lazy, shiftless and want something for nothing. I don’t want anyone to “give” me anything. When people give you something, they tend to expect something in return. That’s why I don’t take anything from anybody. No, I’m not negative, I’m real. In the meantime, I volunteer my time by reading to a young boy at a poor performing elementary school on my lunch hour. I bake cakes and hand out slices to the homeless on my way to work. I volunteer at a humane society doing yard sales and work on a habitat for humanity house build every year. You see, I am not sitting around doing the “woe is me” and complaining about my bosses. I am living my life, enjoying my life and yes, I raised a daughter as a single mother. She is now in her third year of college and guess what - she does community service as well whenever she gets a chance. Life is for living, not complaining. When you take your eyes off your situation and give of yourself, you will find that it is absolutely breath taking at what you can accomplish. By the way, I am 55 years old and take Zumba three days a week when I am not in class. So anyone reading this, I do not say all this to brag about me and what I am doing. I’m actually saying it to say LIVE YOUR LIFE, it is too short. My dad died last year at 75 and it was a wake up call to just how short life is. Too short to live it full of complaints. Now goon live life, love life and enjoy life. My best to each of you.

  79. Wow… used to work for Advanced, also been through the Army, now I know I will not work for Autozone!!!!!!! Dyamnn!

  80. The district manager in the shreveport-bossier area is a dumb bitch she has her cat liked by a store manager. This nigger took the a.s.e test 5 times and failed. She has no backbone. She makes all of her decisions based on what her lover tells her to do. Next time you go into any of the stores DONT BUY THE PACKETS OF BULB GREASE,ETC ETC.
    auto zone pays less than a penny per package and they sell it for. $1.49

  81. So you already had 9 points which means you have called in sick,showed up late ect on a regular basis. Points start dropping off after 90 days of no violations. All the other comments from people with high points sound the same.( a few may be legit) the company needs people to staff its stores, your fellow employee’s are the one’s that have to pick up your slack when you decide you don’t want to work or can’t get there on time. Go apply for welfare and get that free money so I can pay your bills.

  82. I worked @ AZ for 2 years. An ok place to work. I usually never had issues with the coc/witt stuff because guess what, I sold it. Retail is retail, and all you people complaining about selling, find a new job. I worked at a store where there was a lot of repeat customers, and usually never had any problems. Yes once in a while assholes would come in, but just dont take things personally. The 2 years I worked for there were good, but I wouldn’t necessarily go back. There are better jobs than retail.

  83. im curently a psm at autozone ive worked there for almost a year and ive seen all this happen just the other day i got told if i dont do the red shirts job at night on top of my own that i will be bumped down to a red shirt witch is bull **** i worked my ass off for psm i got promoted in 3 months but i had to work a month open to close most of the time no lunch witch is illegal and i have 13 points but 8 of them were medical with a dr note and in the policy it says you dont get any for a dr note and thats takes care of 5 points and the other 3 my grand father had punumonia and i had to stay home with him to help him he has heart problems and hes all i have were i live autozone is a great place to work i love what i do helping people with the crazy problems they bring in but you put fuel cleaner for coc for months how are we saposed to tell them that this ones good then the next is good to and weve been noticeing that are hours have been being changed like a guy i work with new psm had 5 hours of over time and when he looked at his check stub it didnt show the 5 as over time it got moved to the week before and put him at a flat 80 for two in stead of 36 for one and 44 for the next i awso got threatind to be fired if i dont sell whit or coc

  84. I worked for autozone for about a year and a half. Managers and DM do make a difference. Our mananger was the best but the DM was the worst and when the DM left autozone (thank G-d) our manager went to take his place but the DM already had his buddy who doesn’t know his right hand from his left to take his place. It all went downhill from there. I agree that selling COC’s, WITTGTJD’s, just to be the best store for the week is a bunch of crap. Only managers and DM’s get bonuses for the work that the PSM’s and Red Shirts do. There is one thing that gets me angry and stired up and that is the Loss Prevention. It’s not employee theft you have to worry about (you idiots), it’s customers. Put up camaras in your stores with the highest theft rate and then you will see loss of profits go down. Auto Zone loses so much money and then who pays for it, the employees with cut hours and extra lunches. I decided to go back to school full time and quit AZ. I’m glad I did. This company can do so much better but it needs to take care of thier employees first. I’m not going to beat a dead horse on that one. Just read the posts above to see what I’m talking about. Nuff said.

  85. Great place to work if you are the store manager.. you can take a three hour lunch and go see your boyfriend. You can have him stop by in his black van and have sex and do drugs in the parking lot. Dont worry that your husband may find out cause if he calls the store just threaten and harass your employees to say you are at lunch. Oh forgot you can schedule yourself to work late but leave early. Or better yet dont show up til late cause you were having fun at your friends house then leave early. Your buddy the commercial manger she will cover for you. She also likes to tell stories and lies about the other employees. It such great fun to watch the drama. If you dont have any problem working in this type of enviroment then you can work at the store i work at in dover de it is such fun

  86. Autuzone is an orange colored W** M***. I’ve worked there for three months after retiring from a real company. I’ve stayed late to cover no shows, worked extra shifts to help out, shown up to work on time everyday.
    Autozone is a BS company, will be quitting tomorrow.

  87. Most of you people are just plain ignorant and shouldn’t be working at ANY automotive place period.

    Yes, they push sales on COC and WITT’s, but instead, stop thinking about it that way and think of the customers. COC’s, These items are on sale, all you have to do is mention them to the customers. Maybe they don’t know they’re on sale and the deal they may be getting and would want to buy something. if they say no, you say, Okay. And move on. That’s it. I guarantee you, every single day, someone is going to buy (for example) fuel injector cleaner. If you happen to have on on sale that happens to be part of the COC, mention that brand and suggest it. It’s not a big deal. You were never hired just to pull a part and ring up a customer. So quit complaining!

    WITT’s: Let’s talk about them…
    Bulb grease - Light bulbs are exposed to moisture, daily. Corrosion slowly sets in and not only can ruin the connection to the bulb, but can cause future issues when replacing bulbs. Bulb grease helps prevent this and can increase the life of the bulb. If you think that’s BS, then again, you should never be working with vehicles.

    Yes they want us to push these things, but it’s not all in vein. It really is stuff that can be beneficial to the customers. The ones you are SUPPOSED to be helping!

    As for you all that have crappy managers or DM’s. Document and report them for violations if they are making them. Just go up the ladder the proper way. Otherwise you’re just sounding slanderous. Even if a problem exists…

  88. I also was a past employee when my wife and I were having are 3 kid. Need less to say I was awarded 5 points for having my son. I guess Autozone is PRO abortion….

  89. People- quit complaining. Any company that runs the company as a business will have a way to hold the employees accountable ON ANY LEVEL.. If you are neglectful and get to nine points do not b*tch about getting fired for the tenth. AZ has a “no fault” policy. You can call in and say you want to go fishing and it is no more than the same as if you were sick. Bottom line- don’t abuse the system. As far as the guy who claims he got 5 points for the birth of his son: you may have but it was up to you to keep them from sticking. I do have sympathy for you (and anyone else) the points came at such a joyous time (or at a tragic time for some). Bottom line is- unless you are a temp- the point system is strict. If you don’t want that I advise to go to a mom-and-pop place where they don’t care if you’re there or not. Oh- wait…if you’re hired to do a job…they probably will care if you are there or not. Well- never mind.

    Bad employee- there are plenty. AZ has a way to report these and get them weeded out.

    I worked for AZ for 15 years. Started as a temp, busted my *ss and was there every day. I was promoted after 2 years and kept the respect of all my coworkers and managers (believe it or not). After 5 years as a supervisor I was promoted again to manager, and STILL had the respect of all my coworkers. I worked hard and was at work every day. Did I have perfect att…no. But I never had more than 2 points for my whole 15 years. And I worked thru bad cars (or no car), the birth of two of my four kids, two major relocations, and three surgeries (me, my son, and my wife).

    I no longer work for AZ. I took another promotion with a different company. I am helping this company improve by pointing out things like the attendance system and issuing points for absences.

    All you complainers and those who hate the points…bottom line…then don’t miss work “to go fishing”. Miss if there is no other option. But if that happens ten times a year, there is clearly a different problem.

  90. I agree with you compleatly Jim. I am a store manager for AZ now and for the guy who complained that he was fired because he stayed at the hospital with his wife, by his own admission he already had 9 points which means he has miss a butt load of time already. To tell the truth as a store manager I would most likely removed the points for that time unless he was a lousy employee which it sounds like he was.

  91. I got 6 points and a write up for calling in sick on a Monday. I asked my store manager why and she told me that it was H.R.’s doing. So you naysayers, what do you say about that pile of dung? Real talk.

  92. From 0 points to start with, then BLAM! 6 stupid points!! Crazy company.

  93. To so done.

    The only way you went from zero to six points is if your manager put in absent without notification. If you called in up to 1 hour before the shift you get 1 point. If you called in less than an hour before the shift you get 2 points. I am a store manager so trust me I know. Contact you HR people and check or ask your manager to show you how it was put in on the attendance part of ZTASC. They have to show you or its their a$$. If the manager refuses to show you file a complaint with HR. If you are a grey shirt you can check it yourself. If you are and don’t know how to do it that is a training issue.

  94. first of all autozone is a joke along with the point system..I agree with people on the point system…they will point people even if the person has proof and should not get the point STATED RIGHT IN THEIR VERY OWN HAND BOOK so yes with a DOCTOR notes of you being sick or your family being sick and need time off and they won’t give or fire you over it COURT IS the best action if you have time and a lawyer just use their own handbook in court with your proof and paper work ..and for the people claiming its retail and its all about selling then great AUTOZONE IS THE WORST RETAIL JOB EVER at least in other retail jobs at least you get BASE PAY and AND PAID for what ever you sell unlike the lazy managers who get paid off your hard earned selling :-) so if retail is all about selling then land a retail job that pays FOR BOTH wireless companies are the best them guys make alot of money off selling plus base pay

  95. I’m not an employee from AZ but my husband does, and I would like to know if there is anyway, anyone can help me to find out what do you need to transfer from one state (Texas) to another (California). And if AZ has such a thing as a paternity leave, I’m about to have my baby and all I want is for my husband to be there with me when the baby is born and few days after not just for 3 or 4 days, think that two or three weeks perhaps is enough. Thank you in advance.

  96. All the naysayers- you realize Autozone has been sued four times in the last two years for firing people due to points they accrued for medical reasons, right? And more importantly, it LOST those suits because as it turns out, that actually IS illegal?

    Of course you don’t. You drank the company kool-aid.

    If any other employees or ex-employees find their way to this link: go to the EEOC website:

    Fill out the forms and send them in. The ONLY way this abuse stops is if it costs the company lots of money. They will lie to your face to convince you not to, they blame your manager, or your manager will blame your DM. They will encourage you to talk to HR- though the number they give you will go nowhere and your regional HR manager is utterly useless. Don’t fall for it. Don’t believe the lies. They are just trying to get you to waste time until the statute of limitations lapses.

    It doesn’t matter if you have points already, it is a legal mandate to accommodate an employee’s documented medical conditions, and terminating them for circumstances that arise from the employer failing to do so is illegal. Period.

    If you work for autozone, they are out to **** you as hard as they can for as long as they can. They are DEPENDING on your ignorance. They count on you being desperate. They know you will put up with the abuse as long as you feel you have no choice, as long as you still care even the slightest bit about advancement, as long as you have any hope that conditions will improve… that will never happen. Never give an inch- if something feels wrong, rest assured that it absolutely is, and every day you spend accepting it means one more day until the statute of limitations expires and you are left high and dry.

  97. An Auto Zone can’t be fired for points accrued due to medical reason’s as you said. The key is these need to be documented with a doctors note ect. You can be fired for accumulating points for calling in sick without a doctors note in most states. In any state that is an ” at will ” state you can be fired for any reason at all except for discrimination IE you are black,female,to old ect. Auto Zone uses the point system because they don’t like people fired to be able to collect unemployment and if you are fired for points they will win if you take them to court for denying this.

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