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My Biggest Complaint About Autozone Customer Care

I’ve been going to auto zone for years and always have been a little agervated how they deal with customers. They dont answer the phone most of the time. I paid a macanic to install a slave cylender on my truck and it was bad we went through 3 slave cylenders and I was told I got to take it up with the people they get there parts from . IM sorry but auto zone should back up there product and not put the customers off on the people that make the product. Ill never spend another dime at auto zone im done with them, Advanced sold me good parts and no leaks Ill stay with advanced from now on

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  1. Boo hoo! Maybe you did get a couple bad parts, so get a refund and try buying a different brand someplace else. The guy at the counter can’t make the part not be junky. I’m sure they did back up their product…did you get new parts and/or a refund? Yes. As far as not answering the phone, autozone policy says we have to answer it in 3 rings or less. Have you spent much time inside the store? When you have 2-3 workers and 5 phone lines and customers at the counter it is hard to do it all. If we don’t answer…you bitch. If we put you on hold…you bitch. If we make you wait at the counter while we take a call…you bitch. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t!

  2. I really like you AZGIRL… You are totally right! There is also a thing called a “labor claim” we do here at Auto Zone…you should have gotten one. Your bad if you didn’t. And to be completely honest if it went out you pry have another problem somewhere else in the vehicle making it go bad…maybe u should find a new mechanic. We are the best for a reason…like said before you got a new part 3 times! I would have stopped swapping it after the 2nd time personally. WE lose money left and right because of incompetant customers that dont know what their real problem is…and we are still the bad guys. Thats pretty good Customer Service if you ask me! So if you feel the need to bitch and bitch go ahead. I just hope you dont need to replace anything after 3 years of having it because Advance doesnt honor warranty items after 3 years…even if its a lifetime part. And about answering the phones, are you really going to complain about that? The busiest aftermarket parts company in the WORLD had to make you wait to be fair to all of their customers…boohoo. Do you want a tissue to cry into. She’s right…dammed if we do, dammed if we dont!

  3. Well said Stephanie! You’re right, Advance warranty suck…you have to go to the exact same location because their stores are not connected. Isn’t it amazing how so many people never learned to wait their turn while they were in kindergarden? Well, it’s Mother’s Day and I gotta leave my kids and go to work now. Let someone bitch about the phones today, I’ll let ‘em have it. B )

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