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Autozone Car Parts Stores | My Biggest Complaint
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Random: Microwaved bacon, hotdogs and eggs at the office.
File your complaint now

My Biggest Complaint About Autozone Car Parts Stores

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I went to the Autozone located on 520 west street road today for some parts for my truck. The staff seemed too busy to help me as they were playing with their cell phones. After waiting for 15 minutes, I ask to speak with the Store Manager. The parts guy goes back and I waited for another 15 minutes.

Finally, the Store Manager comes out and he looks up the part for me. I tell him that I needed the economy part and he tries to sell me the most expensive thing out of my price range. I tell him that I cannot afford that and would like to purchase the lower priced part.

He says to me “Sir, it’s obvious that you don’t know what quality is and if you want junk, I can sell you junk”. I am confused now……so, everything they sell to a consumer is junk unless you buy the most expensive? He goes on talking about how he was a mechanic at Pep Boys for several years and knows what he is talking about so I give in and say yes to the higher priced part.

When I get home, I open up the box that the part was in and I find a part that looks like it was just pulled out of a vehicle. I called the store and spoke to the Store Manager who sold me this and demanded a refund as I paid for it in cash and he said to come back on Friday afternoon.

What kind of company is this????? I will NEVER go back there again!

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  1. Sir,
    My name is Scott Koch and I work at the AutoZone Corporate office. One of my responsibilities is to monitor the internet for anything involving our company. I apologize for your experience in our store. I would like to further discuss this incident with you. You can contact me at


  2. Hey Scott, that must be a cool gig you have… Monitoring the internet. I do the same thing, but I monitor it for porn (just kidding).

    You really should reprimand these employees.

    I have a complaint to add. When I’m talking to the parts guy and he is taking my info some times the phone rings. When this happens, they immediately stop looking for my part and talk to the guy on the phone about his part. This is BS. I was on line first. I should be helped first.

    Zod has spoken

  3. General, we all hate that.

  4. Zod, I hear you .

  5. Hey Zod i work for autozone ok. And you are right the whole phone thing is a funny situation. But we are trained that the phone is a top priority because iff you are in the store, its looked at we already have you so to speak, and were trying to get the customer on the phone also.

    It might be stupid to the customer in the store but at the same time. percentage wise their making more money by doing this nine times outta 10 the customer in the store isnt gonna leave because the phone is answered you see where I’m coming.

    If you dont believ me ask a manager at autozone. And you know what else they even have randon people call to see how long the phone ring

  6. Also notice this? Notice how many phones their are and how loud they are? Hard to even concentrate or look up a part with them ringing. that tells you right there.

  7. The phone ALWAYS rings when you have your ‘hands’ full…

    …once I was up a ladder pulling down an axle (there’s only two of us on duty-a normality, and the other is outside at a customer’s vehicle) I almost fell running to the darn phone…it rang 5 times…and it was the DM!! I got yelled at for letting it ring more than 3 times, even thought I was panting from running to catch it :(

    He may not be the DM anymore, but the cloud-of-fear is still there!

  8. i work at autozone and we were having this mystery caller thing with the phones and who ever didnt follow the jackson 5 would fail the challenge, i got caught 3 times, but i didnt give a crap. I just answer the phone “autozone, this is *****, can i help you? who ever thought about that stupid mystery caller thing is a retard. ill say whatever i want when i answer the damn phone. screw that challenge.

  9. I just got back from your store at The Colony TX 75056. Prior to going to the store I called the rewards program and they told me that I had $6.48 in credit I believe. My question was so if I go buy 2 locking gas caps I need I would get this discount correct (answer yes sir). So I called again just to be safe because I have been down this road with the guys at the local store. I get same answer from the rewards people. Well I get to the store I get the caps and tell the store manager about the conversation with the rewards people he says no problem he yells out to the register guy. The man has a discount on his rewards card. They ring me up I pay the bill and go home. I get home check the bill a little further and it turns out I never got the discount. I go back to the store and the manager and the register guy both say I don’t have any points. I ask to use the store tele and call the rewards program they tell me I do have the points and that they need to call their help line. Do they no they said the data is the same no matter what and they show me some screen that say’s no points. So what gives? My card number is 9100 0000 1067 1519 and let me tell you when you go to this store in The Colony and want your discount they will not go the extra mile and call the help desk. They weren’t busy yet they act as if you’re a pain in the ass. Personally I would clean house top to bottom.

  10. The highest priced, best quality part at Autozone is stiil way cheaper than the lowest priced, worst quality part at NAPA or Carquest. Next time think before you write. That way you won’t look like such an idiot.

  11. To Autozone’s store manager of Princeton Ky. Steve Cox

    It is not known what junior college you received your education from, but it is obvious that you did not gain any schooling on people management. Your managerial skills are so poor that your employees and customers are surprised that you have survived this long in the corporate world. Sometimes they question the intelligence of this company for hiring such an incompetent and rude person such as yourself. You seem to be a disrespectfull boss and your employee does not know how long they can work for you if you don’t correct this problem. One easy recommendation is to read a book on communication and take a course in management skills.

    Working with you is similar to being in a war zone. If I had not learned to avoid you as much as possible, your personality would have forced me to quit. It would be more humane to have us eternally listen to the sound of fingernails scratching against a chalkboard, than to have to work with you.

    You seem to have a problem with harrasing your employees and customers. You may not know you have this problem, but others do and it’s affecting your relationships with people at your job.To help control or eliminate this problem, you should bring something to work to occupy your time anytime you have extended free time. You have caused your employees and customers not to like you, it’s just that the job can get a little hectic at times and you do not help the situation at all.

    In life there are those that were not blessed with any social skills. You are one of those people. . . Working with you is one of the worst experiences in my life. Please think before you speak,You will please everyone if you would have let them work with you instead of for you. And practiced what you preach the rules was made for all including you.
    This is my exaluation of the job your doing. From employees and all the customers you have lost.

  12. My 1995 Saab needed some repair work done on the front driver’s side wheel. Upon examination of the vehicle, my mechanic let me know we were in need of a wheel barren. I called Auto Zone and ordered the part which came in on the same day. It was a holiday weekend, so I didn’t get back to the mechanic until Tuesday. He then told me I needed the hub assembly as well. I called Auto Zone and was informed it was going to take 2 days for the part to come in and I needed to pay for it up front. My mom was in that area, so she stopped in and paid for the part. As she was entering the store, the employee’s story changed and he informed me that the part would be in on the same day and there was no need to pay up front. She was already there, so she continued with paying for the product. I was then told I would be called by 1pm to pick up the part. At 2pm, I had not received a phone call and phoned the store again. The employee who answered the phone was very rude and told me not to “bother them because they will call me”. I was irritated and just went along to my 2nd shift job. At 430pm, I decided to phone the store again to find out what time the delivery would possibly be there in the morning for my part. I was placed on hold and found out my part had been there for most of the day waiting for me. Mr Dan Emery then informed me that the “wheel barren” I had ordered was there! He kept calling me “dear” and I asked him not to do so. I explained to him that I already possessed that part and it was not what I had ordered. He called me dear again and told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about because the part he had is what I want. I again told him I was offended at being called dear and asked him not to do so. I tried my hardest to explain to him the part I needed, but he was refusing to listen to me at all. After going back and forth with him calling me dear SIX times, I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. He placed me on hold for 12 minutes and then picked the phone back up again! It seemed to become a game to him as he continued to put me down by calling me dear. I even explained to him that I’m a 38 year old U.S. Army soldier who takes that word very offensively. He didn’t seem to care at all as he just continued to call me dear and told me to wait for the manager. At this time, my mom had entered the store and wanted her money back for the part ordered in error. At first, they were trying to tell my mom that they didn’t have to give her money back for a part I had ordered.

    I then spoke to manager Rhoda Forsythe. I feel that it was a waste of my time because the only thing she wanted to do was to defend her employee. She went on telling me how he is a “sweet” man and she stood by him. I’m glad that my mom got her money back, but I will never again visit Auto Zone. I also plan on notifying any females I know not to go there because they obviously have prejudice against women and enjoy offending them when the chance arrives.

    SPC Lemire

  13. SPC Lemire I have read your post and I assure you that it will be passed on to the correct upper management for that store. I would like to apologize on behalf of AutoZone for the treatment you received at that store. AutoZone is a company built on having the highest form of customer service of any retail store, If you do not receive a response feel free to contact me at


    Scott Koch
    AutoZone Memphis, TN

  14. Finally, I found a place to make a complaint about my favorite auto store, “NOT”.

    The sales clerk kept dropping my items all over the counter and tossed them back in the bag. When I paid with my credit card, he tossed it back to me like it was ****. The store I’m talking about is the one in Stockton, California; on the corner of Hammer Lane and Don Avenue.

    Your company has a policy of hiring disrespectful punks that have no custumer skill, much less people skills, and are totally unprofessional.

    I would suggest that customers who have been treated badly, simply go to Go to the “Rants and Raves” section, and post their experiences there.

    With a sagging economy and people strapped for cash, it would only benefit the company to treat customers like they were gold.

    Well, I’m off to

  15. Lee, I have read the issue you had in the store in Stockton, CA. First I want you to know that is absolutely not the type of Customer Service AutoZone wants taking place, and for the customer service or lack of, I apologize. I have made upper management aware of the incident and I assure you it will be corrected. I am sure that they will contact you for further information concerning the actual individual that was involved. Please contact me if you do not hear anything from an AutoZone upper management from your area. You can contact me at Again, I apologize for the way you were treated in our store.


  16. I have had the same huge problem with autozone. I am in the process of trying to get information to sue them. They cost me almost $5.000. I was trying to put a motor in a truck and the extremly rude girl at the counter sold me all the wrong parts more then once! They refuse to refund the money they owe me saying the motar was already in the truck thats funny sense this type of motar wont fit in the truck!!! If your smart dont go to the Auto zone in Hyannis Ma if you need info or you dont wont to spend twice the money to fix what they screwed up.

    What a joke!

  17. Oh Ya Does any one know the corp. office address or phone # to Auto Zone I live in MA

  18. Stanley I work at the AutoZone Corporate Office in Memphis, TN. I am forwarding your issue to the appropriate people here at the office. Feel free to contact me for any follow-up, I am not the person who handles this type of issue, but I can sure follow-up to see that it is handled.
    Corporate office number 901-495-6500

    Thank you Scott Koch

  19. I go to ft apache and w saharah store to get a part in las vegas nv.
    they tell me by phone its in then when i get there its not…i see this phillip coogan super fat guy and he directs me to this dead looking bald headed old man named ken who tells me he is sorry and that he is the manager. and that his employees make misktakes and that autozone does not take care of their employees well too train them right. I DO NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT INTERNAL PROBLEMS I JUST WANT MY PART….So the part was reordered and now i have to await another 3 days…Can’t Autozone hire better educated less obese and less old people who can get it right ?? And get my part in!!

  20. I am an Asst. Store Mgr. at Autozone… my biggest beef there is why do we (as a team) have to push the WITT, and get nothing for it ??? Not one incentive… The Store Manager gets a bonus after the quarterly report… why can’t we ??? Are we pushing this crap just to get him/her a bonus ??? I just don’t get it!!!!

  21. Sandy Please contact me at your ealiest time thanks Scott

  22. Scott,

    I am complaining the service in AUTO ZONE which is located 609 N Mattis Ave, Champaign, IL 61821. the store phone number is (217) 356-7068.

    Last night, exactly 8:50pm I went to the store to check my battery since I could not start around 8:20pm (One of my friend jump started it and told my to check the battery). 2 senior employee were chatting. I told them the situation I had, one of them unhappily looked up the computer and find one battery for me. I told him that before I buy it I need to check if my current one is a bad one. He seemed angry and told me that they are not supposed to go out to do this type of work at dark. they I went to Advanced auto part around 8:58 pm, the guy working there right away helped me check the battery and told me that I have a bad one.
    I have been a faithful supporter for last 10 plus years. you can check my record from your database. Please investigate this issue, if I don’e receive any answer from you, I am not going back any more.

  23. Morning min li, I apologize for the behavior of the store employee concerning your battery issue. I will be contacting the Regional Manager Donald Lacey and I am sure that he will contact you and discuss the Customer Service or “lack of” that you have described. I appreciate the time you have taken to let me know of the situation, as I assure you this is not the type of Customer Service we want going on in our store… Please feel free to contact me if you do not receive follow-up on this situation.

    Sincerely, Scott Koch

  24. every time i go into the autozone in bremum tx,the manager argues with me telling me that i’m not hooking things up right,this is the 3rd time in as many months this has happened to me,I WILL NOT EVER GO BACK TO THE STORE IN BRENHUM TX AGAIN

  25. Mr. Stanley,
    I have read the entry in mybiggestcomplaint and while we are here to give you any help we can, it doesn’t sound like we are giving you friendly advise, more like telling you what to do, and I know that is not how I would want to be treated. If you can recall the managers name, (not everyone in the Grey shirt is the actual store manager) I will pass this information on to the correct people to look into the matter. While I understand your frustration I want to assure you that this is not the way we want our customers treated and I do apologize on behalf of Autozone for that. Please let me know the persons name that is arguing with you (

    Sincerely Scott

  26. good company,bull,made mistake,cost a job,they knew the truth,he got kept and then was arrested later,no remorse,

  27. Well it seems Mr Scoot Koch has a lot of irate customers to deal with.
    Good Luck Scoot. I’ll be shopping somewhere else. Sounds like your store’s upper management are too cheap to pay and / or train people properly so that they actually care, Gotta love capitalism …

  28. Their is a thieving Twit named Jonathan Bedwell at the south Yarmouth store who would rob his friends in his automotive dealings and then gutlessly blame it on his wife. Hungry for money to say the very least! I want to warn the personnel dept of this company to be wary of him…and you folks who have to deal with this slimeball to be wary and make sure the A-Hole gives you a receipt for every transaction you carry out at Autozone with him!

  29. Len, Read your post and I would certainly like to find out more about this employee. please conatct me at I would like to discuss any specific incidents you may know about.

    thank you Scott

  30. Scott I am sorry you feel this way regarding your company policies on dropping the guy with money in hand for one that isn’t there.
    I have had to change to 98 percent using Oerileys here in owensboro ky because of rudeness and the fact the kids think it is playtime behind the counter.Oh yes I still have to go to your store at least once a month seeing how mine might be out and yours has it but I must say the last time I visited the parish ave branch in owensboro that one finished me off. The counter is now turned to customer side and I am sorry but this lay out makes me feel as I am on the wrong side. The mngr was there and he gave one of those company rehearsed reason you have all through these answers you leave Scott. I just love talking to the back of someones head at a buisness.Now I never use your store for that is the final straw. The rudest store you have in owensboro ky is on Hwy 54. That store is the one that kids hangout,oh not the customers but the kids behind the counter,or are they on my side?I don’t want to know. Really look at how you are handling these problems because remember Kmart used to be top dog ,think oerileys is going to take the lead if you dont take better care of customers..Little inside info, I have three buisnesses in town and I spend close to 5000.00 on parts a month think that numbered by 10 guys like me who give up on so many out of control part houses and leave for good.
    Jeff in owensboro

  31. I was at the Autozone on 5023 Park ave and i was there to check on my battery, which is only 2 year old and it has warranty on it. I was there already and they said it needed to be charged, and charged it, and after that it worked fine, until today when it got cold. So i go to same Autozone again and talk with Jim, a store manager by the way, a jerk i may say. I ask him to check my battery or alternator, and he says no need to, you need a new battery. Since i am a woman and naive i guess, i say ok, so he looks up at the parts section, and there is no battery of the same kind, and he told me to go to a different store. I am about ready to go and ask him to check it again, but he says no, they may check it at the other store. It will probably take him 2 minutes to check it….. So i ask him to check how much it will be, and after checking my warranty he tells me that i already got battery 2 days ago? WTF! Anyway i make him go to my car, and he tells me that i don’t have battery i purchased 2 years and the one i bought 2 days ago. Anyway he calls the store manager from the store i apparently purchased battery from and the manager Hugh says that i was indeed there! And i really wasn’t there, in fact i was in a meeting with a lot of people that can prove i was there. Now who is crazy here. I will pay the whole price in the end, but this is such a crappy crappy attitude from Jim guy. I guess i am still mad, but i had to empty my thoughts somewhere
    Thanks Aleks

  32. Oh and this was in Memphis Tn 5023 park Avenue 901-683-9943

  33. Hello everyone. Im a current employee of autozone, aka: one of the worst companies to work for. Theres a reason why the employees are so rude and could care less, they work for a company that only cares about profits. Every time i go into work im told what our sales goal is and that i have to do everything i can to meet it. Whether that means selling somebody “related” parts they dont need or deny perfectly legit high dollar returns. If that sales goal is not met, I wont hear the end of it the next day. Underpaid employees will always be unhappy employees, getting paid $7.50 while at the same being expected to know everything about cars. Come on people be realistic, you cant expect reliable advise from employees who probably opened their first hood to install the cheap valuecraft battery you just bought. Those FREE SERVICES that are offered are only meant to get you into the store and sell you a part whether its the problem or not. But if you ever have a problem getting a refund or part replaced the best bet is to go in the morning when the store manager is there since they only work bankers hours in a retail environment, which has never made sense to me. Anyways, 9 times out 10 you’ll get your way because store managers dont like to deal with irrate customers. They prefer to sit on their ass in the back not doing anything while the rest of us bust our behinds trying to help crowds of people. A perfect example of how this company could give a rats ass for their employees is what happened at a store in my region. This particular store was robbed 4 times within the first 6 months it was opened. Every time the employees were held at gun point and had their lives threatened. You would think that would have been enough to get some sort of armed security into the store, but it wasnt the case. Employees had to beg to the company several times that they feared for their lives everytime they went into work for them to finally get some an armed security guard in there. Apperently a few thousand dollars were worth more than their employees lives, shame on you autozone. I still work for this hell hole because it pays the few bills i have for the moment but never once would i ever consider making it a career. i also like the fact that all the parts i need for my vehicles and friends vehicles have LIFETIME WARRANTIES HAHAHAHA!!!!!! SCREW AUTOZONE!!!!! oh yea, people whenever they offer you that pack of “grease” for whatever you buy tell them no!!! instead of the battery witt pack for corrosion use some vaseline, instead brake witt pack use wheel bearing grease you might have left over. that di-electric grease for plug wire guess what, the wires already come greased with that stuff. bulb grease??? again use some vaseline. but the best advise i can offer to everyone is stay away from this evil company, take your business elsewhere. try ADVANCED AUTO PARTS, OREILLYS, PEP BOYS, NAPA, CARQUEST, any of these places are better than twilight zone LMAO!!!!!!!!

  34. Ms. Maguire I have read your complaint and I will make sure it is passed along to the appropriate people. I apologize for the treatment you received concerning your battery. Please e-mail me at if you are not contacted by a district or regional manager in a timely manner. Again, I apologize for the incident. Scott

  35. to this day i have never had any problems with autozone i drive old veh so i am always buying parts i shop at two different stores and to be honest the staff there at both stores are great

  36. Bob, I am glad to hear that. AutoZone places a big emphisis on giving great Customer Service, sometimes we may fall short, but I believe we have Great People giving Great Service for the most part and we do deliver great service and sound advice. Again thank you for your comment.


  37. Store #1345 in denton, tx need a new set of managers

    went to this store and asked for a set of front brake pads my a car i had just gotten, after i get home and tear everything apart I see that they had given me rear pads. I had 4 wheel disk brakes and just got the car so I had no idea as to what they looked like. so the next day I pull the part number off the net I need and since my wife was heading that way for shopping I let her return and pick up the new ones, the new pad are 15 more than the old pads so I tell her to pay with a pre-paid mastercard gift card we recived for x-mas. she calls about 20 min befor shes home and tells me she got them so i go and re-tear everything down only to find out they gave her REAR PADS AGAIN, I mean come on I even pulled the damn part number off and everthing, but the box she came home with and the part number I gave her didnt match. I put everything back on and head back up there today for a refund, but im told they cant give cash back that they can only refund it to the card i used to pay. well the card was used up and was at home in the trash, then im explained to by a peon up there how they are re-chargeable and I should have kept it. well I end up going back home geting the card and heading abck up there, i give them the card and the refund ticket sign the approval slip get home and check the balance online to find its 0.00…..they didnt even refund it back right, there are no pending credits on the card nothing. this chain of stores is horse****. I have email scott lets hope he can do something, non the less i will NEVER shop at autozone again.

  38. Scott,

    Having read the reviews, it appears you could use a good Regional Trainer to cover Best Practices.

    Resume available upon request.

    Happy New year!

    North West Arkansas

  39. If you believe the customers come first at Auto Zone just because “Scott” says so, It has been my expierence that this is not what happens. Employees, also, are not treated with respect.

    This company is very aware of it’s internal problems. They refuse to hold their management responsible for unethical and illegal business practices.

    As a parts manager in a store in Wisconsin, we were asked to participate in unethical & illegal practices. I thought it was a local store & our district managers covering up the wrong doings. So I contacted “Corporate”, and they said they would look in to it.

    In direct results, they thought the best course of action was to oil the squeaky wheel. Within weeks after filing a report with them, they determined “I” was the problem for reporting the wrong doings.

    Unfortunately, I was fired for not co-operating in an investigation that I opened and was told that they no longer had confidence in me. Meanwhile, I have never been asked to give my complete detailed explaination of the decieved customers, or illegal activity.

    Auto Zone’s attempt of PR, in my expierience, is BULL. I know of at least 3 managers that are no longer working for them that were involved in this incident. There are still people working for them that have committed wrong doing. This is a very secretive company that unknowingly records you to keep things quiet.

    Please check out the listed web-sites, and make your own determinations.

    Thank You for Taking the time to read this!

    If anybody has had similar experiences with AutoZone, Post a comment

  40. Above correction for complaint about auto zone go under google auto zone compliance

  41. I realize this is company policy, but it is a sure way to lose business. I needed a part for my car, and as a longtime customer of Autozone, I called for the part. I was told if I came in “Right Now” and paid for it, I could pick it up at 5 P.M. The problem I had was no way to get there [16 miles one way]. I had transportation available that evening, so I offered my credit card so it could be picked up. Ah, we don’t take cards over the phone, sorry. I called a store up the street, they had it that evening. I drove up and paid for it in one trip. I have not been back to Autozone and will not ever again. I do things in my business that is not always in my best interest, but I have the same customers for 30 plus years, which has been key to my survival.

  42. I must say, That I am appalled at the, Rude/Dishonest behavior, and wrong doing I am hearing from these post. As a Parts Sales Manager for AZ 0256, I cannot believe that customers are being treated this way. I try to up hold and provide the highest level of customer service to my customers, and make sure other employees do as well. Sure they get on my nerves at times and I want to say something mean. BUT, I don’t because I have to put my self in their shoes and think, “Hey if my car was in need of repair I wouldn’t be to happy.” I really dont know what to say other than these rude employees need to be replaced with more passionate employees.

  43. I have decided to resort to violence with regards to autozone counter lizards. Is it because i am female that eveyone assumes I know nothing, even though I have to tell the autozone employees how to find the part I need. The Placerville, CA autozone has the most useless manager (Spencer Harris) in the company, he obviously knows nothing beyond the script he was taught in counter person training, and finds it necessary to talk down to females, which I am sure he has never been “familiarized”, what the hell? Today I attempted to pick up the part I ordered, and naturally, it was the wrong one. I even had them pull up the picture of the part prior to ordering, so we both understood what I was purchasing. Oh well, nobody is above an assault MF’s.

  44. Ms Thompson, I have read your complaint and will make sure someone looks into situation. I would appreciate you letting me know how to contact you direct. You can email me at Please give me a chance to look into the situation before you “resort to violence”
    Thank you Scott

  45. Myself personally have been having alot of problems with autozone. Beganing with unfriendly service from local stores GM by actually talking me out of the part I wanted to purchase by listing all other possible parts that may have caused the issue - AFTER I had already tested all other components. In turn I had to go to another local store to purchase the part. Then I trust Autozone ever since they stored all my warrenty info and relieved me from having to carry their recipts that fade away in 6 months of a lifetime warrenty due to the type of paper and how they have been printed. Now though I had a “friend” pretend to be me knowing my phone number and name and with no ID required returned 90% of all my thousands of dollars of warrentied parts. So now anytime I need a part that I have already purchased I have to jump through hoops and yell and argue with at least 3 store managers before they agree to give me the part. after this worked for 3 months and like 4 parts total, now they reply with “we are refering this to loss prevention and will no longer give you any warrenty parts”. Well 9 MONTHS LATER STILL NO LOSS PREVENTION CALL NO WARRENTY AND MY CAR IS FALLING APART BECAUSE I CANNOT GET MY “WARRENTIED” PARTS. In these trying times after loosing all my warrenties if I need to pay to replace parts I already purchased I will just go elsewhere like Advanced Autoparts they keep warrenty on file as well and actually seem like they work to get you your parts. Oh and the real kicker I know one of the managers of the local autozone these parts were return to and they told me they saw the person who return them and told the other employee not to return any parts under my name to this person only for them to do so anyhow!!!!! I wonder If autozone is so loose in their policies how long in a trying economy that their patrons will put up with them not having any customer support for those who have been wronged. I have left my phone number with scott koch this mourning and if I do not hear a response will keep posting elsewhere once a week until I have been heard by many others

  46. Oh and I live In the Madison Heights MI, area Jeff the local GM 30880 Dequindre Rd
    Warren, MI 48092
    (586) 573-0863 is quite the same in his mannorisms as the previously mentioned manager. He has confused my g/f after sending her for a part to the point where she just alked out with nothing since he thnks you know nothing and talks to you as such. then tells you everything else that it “might be” after you know what you need. like this mourning I called about a warrenty part issue again only for him to get on the phone and say yes I already talk to you about this part and after searching said there was no such part number listed in my history. WELL JEFF after having to call another local autozone THEY FOUND MY PART INFO after minimum effort and secondly I never spoke to him about this part because when I called 2 different autozone stores and 3 different employees later they could not find the part I was even talking about or part # so my warrenty was not ever mentioned. until I spent the time to go through every part available for my car listed on autozones website and found that its not available. then to try the store and see if it is correct and they said yes it can be specially ordered

  47. Google autozone compliance Autozone worker Awared 5 Million after being WRONGLY ACCUSED OF

  48. Why as scott not got back to me I have list of deceived customers and illegal activity. customers do
    come first do they not ?

  49. Bob I have left you my email address so you could give me all the details concerning your issues. I will assist you in anyway I can, but I need the specific issues emailed to me. Again I will help you resolve any issues you may have, please contact me by e-mail at

  50. Dear Scott
    I have made many attempts to get my customers help when I worked for auto zone, until autozone fired me for uncovering unethical and illegal practices. Look again to; auto compliance autozone worker awarded 5 million. And then we can start talking about the district manger in the Wisconsin stores. Mr Rip.

    After the investigation was over and he told me there was no “Wrong Doing”. How could this be when he was one of them being investigated? I think this is a good place to start.why is Mr Ripp still working for AutoZone?

    I know of 3 mangers invoided in this matter that are no longer working for autozone. The Store Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, Human Resource
    manager. Coincidence?? The fact that Mr Rip is still there only shows autozone will not hold there mangers responsible. First, if you are really interested in helping me you can find out why i was fired after the investigation was OVER. and there was no WRONG DOING. Second, I think we should start helping the customers that have been lied to and deceived.

    These are serious charges and should be taken as such. These cusomers are hoping and waiting for some resolve as well as I am.

    This company has proven to me than hiding things and dishonesty at all levels is more important that their customers and employees being treated fairly. A moral compass is needed. If AutoZone truly has a board of ethics, I wish this case to be reviewed, and a clear answer to my questions given to me. This has caused me great distress and confusion. The nonresolution of this matter only shows theTRUE CHARACTER and TRUE INTENTIONS of the company…..

    My Intententions all along were in the hope of making AutoZone a better place for all their customers, employees, as well as stockholders. Bottom line, is that everybody is affected by dishonesty, and it is very sad.

  51. auto zone is a terrible company as everyone can see from all these comments. i just wanna share what happened at store 1527 in dallas texas. an employee came in drunk to work during mid-afternoon. to top it off he is also a manager. he was so drunk he sat in his vehcile outside in the parking lot for 45 min trying to sober up. when he did finally clock in he went to the managers office and stayed there for another hour trying to sober up. he had the nerve to brag about how he avoided slamming into somebody on his way to work, but unfortunately spilled his food all over his vehicle. this matter was brought to the attention of store manager steve rodriguez and district manager paul killion to no avail. as it turns out this was not the first incident this employee had shown up drunk to work, it had happened before in the presence of store manager steve rodriguez. apparently auto zone feels its ok to have an irrisponsible alcoholic employee that could have killed somebody on his way to work under their employement managing their business. yes folks thats auto zone for you!

  52. I will look into this right away.

  53. If you could please contact me at I need some specific information so I can do what needs to be done. AutoZone will not tolerate that type of behavior, but without the information Who, what , when it makes it tough to know who to go after.

    please respond as it makes me just as angry as it makes you.




  56. how does Autozone pride themselves in top customer service priorities when they fire their employees for giving discounts to their customers to make them happy so they keep coming back i know i was one of them that had this happen at 2782 in flagstaff, az and the company has owed me money for back pay for an employee referral for months now and say i am not in good standing, answer that scott! this company is corrupt and a pos im still fighting with hr and this lawyer they stuck on me to pay back the money i gave in discounts since i worked their personally this company has no core values and as a business major i think they need to clean house in the whole company cause they dont embrace diversity when they favor hispanics over whites at these stores


  58. sorry to check back so late mr. scott. the culprits name was joel wood. now you have the names needed to do the right thing for once or at least show everyone that auto zone doesnt tolerate or promote the irresponsible use of alcohol.

  59. Hello there,
    I’m terribly ashamed of hearing all these negative remarks about the place that i dedicate 45hrs+ a week to. I’m very passionate about my job and I’ve been slowly climbing up the corporate ladder, and will stubbornly continue to climb. although i’m grateful for what I have, I too have been involved and have seen very similar experiences to mr bob’s. I’m here in cali and it’s devistating to find out that it’s the same elsewhere. truth is that yes this zone DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES. Scott I wish I could believe your emails, but unfortunately I know nothing is going to change. the best advice I have for you young people is to watch your back. upper management such as HR, LP, RM, DM, SM, ect. are not to be trusted. Just do your job and try not to be involved in anything. Be blind, mute, and def. I too tried to do the right thing and ended up in a big mess, and a huge investigation that led nowhere. I was under so much stress, and I was being harrassed by my district manager so much that I finally had a nervous breakdown. All this I discussed with LP, HR, and the RM, but nobody seemed to care. all I was asking for last summer was a transfer back to my original store because I was under so much stress from all the harrassment. well it’s the end of march and I’m still waiting. Why scott???
    I love and need my job, and my fear of ending up like bob turned into paranoia, and the daily harrassment of the DM was so overwhelming, he was (and continues to be) so mentally abusive that I had a terrible nervous breakdown recently. now I have to go to therapy and will need medication because my stress and paranoia from work got so bad. As for you mr scott… please don’t send me your worthless apology. I don’t want to read one of your Dear So and So apologies, that is not going to help me any. I am a strong individual, and I will continue to strive for excellence and attempt to keep moving up. Why should I find another job if I love what I do and I’m not the one violating any laws, policies, or ethical values??? If you really want to help scott do this. don’t send me an i’m sorry reply i don’t want to hear it. Talk to someone. Corporate People, Bill Rhodes, someone… Please!!! Don’t tolerate abusive behavior. have some respect for those people who live paycheck to paycheck. There is no need for any of us to go to work afraid. Some of us have a lot of appreciation and hold the pledge and values very highly. Is respect for your employees too much to ask for??? Hold those who torment your foundation accountable.

  60. the checkout challenge of the month. It used to be that the checkout challenge was for braggin rights. who was the best sales person? with this monthly challenge you could test and improve your salesmanship. now it’s a contest of how many customers can you deceive. There are stores telling the customers that they can not buy an oil special without the aa wipes. this is ridiculous. stores that are selling amounts above 10 per day are cheating customers. the worse part is that they target low income, ignorant, and or spanish speaking customers that is why there are few customer complaints. Not only that but the goal now is not to get screamed at by your store manager or dm.

  61. Some thing to keep in mind about this company is if you quit or get fired you’re considered a disgruntled employee? I asked for 2 people that had already quit AutoZone because they didn’t want to participate in illegal and unethical practices to come in and be interviewed for an investigation on my behalf and they are considered disgruntled because they quit?? This company has no intention of finding out the truth or solving customers problems.

    I’m still wondering how the District Manager, Mr Ripp, in Wi., can come and say to me, that the investigation is over and there is no wrong doing, when he was one of the parties being investigated. I don’t expect Scott to respond, as I am assuming he has been advised by Corporate not to have any correspondence, which, in my opinion would be good advice considering the can of worms it would likely open!

  62. I’m trying to join your free membership for vehicle repair and car recall notice etc. but when i fill out the membership form i enter in my name where it says user name but it keeps asking me for my user name. i guess i done know what it means by user name?

  63. Mr. Cheatham if you email me with a contact number I will walk you through getting signed up

  64. I’m a store manager, and I have to agree with acfidens and concerned employee. You see, I busted my butt for this company, working 60 hour work weeks while putting myself through school so I could do better for myself. I was given a chance to run my own store at the age of 21, and I have excelled in my position.

    I firmly believe in the Autozone pledge, its how I run my store, and how I want my employees to act. Eventually when I graduate, I’d like to be a DM or some sort of regional position. I even met my VP at my regional meeting and I’ll tell you, I have never been more inspired. WITTDTJR, and Air/Oil are good customer service tools when done correctly. Checkout Challenge is about salesmanship. But I find that the standards are getting higher and because of that, I have known some Autozoners that don’t do the right thing, and I have called them on it. Doing the right thing, and doing salesmanship with integrity is key. I tell my guys, if you only sold 5% in checkout challenge, that’s fine, as long as you tried and you asked your customer.

    To all the disgruntled customers and employees, venting to Scott will only do so much. The people behind the counter and the Store Manager leading them must care and be accountable for their actions. To some people, its just a job. To me, its a passion that I try to share with my employees.

    And to Scott, I want to let you know that customer service is my highest priority… you’ll never see a complaint on here from my store.

  65. I work for an Autozone here in New Mexico. I’m a PSM and I am amazed and apalled at the treatment some customers recieve. I can only speak for myself when I say customers at my store are never treated this way. Granted, I do see some customers who get angry and leave for various reasons but it’s through no fault of my own or theirs for that matter. I tend to find that when dealing with customers who are generally having a bad day already because their cars are broken and understaffed Autozones with employees running nonstop, tempers tend to flair on both sides of the counter some days. But were all human, you always have to look at it from the other persons point of view before making a snap judgment about the customer or an Autozone employee for that matter. The best I can say to anyone on this board is not all Autozones are staffed by ignorant halfwits selling defective parts, alot of them are filled with caring employee’s who want to help. I know I will always go out of my way to help a customer who needs it. But, there are those few out there who ruin it for everyone but they almost always get whats comming to them.

  66. I am very upset with Autozone right now. My husband was fired at the age of 58 and also has a handicap.(which has never stopped him from working) I won’t say too much right now as we are in the process of talking to a lawyer and the EEOC. This is the first time my husband has been without a job since he was 18 years old. He actually enjoyed working for the company and the people that he came into contact with. It was a Simple mistake of not following a procedure. No written handbook. Even his manager said he was the most honest person he knows. This is his first write up in 11 years. He has tried talking to the higher up people but can’t find the correct person to talk to. Thats why we have decided to go further with this.
    My husband worked for another parts store for 30 years and was offered a position with Autozone and took it. Seems to me Autozone don’t care if you are qualified to help service the customers. The managers, if forgot what you call them, is the biggest problem of all. I don’t mean the instore managers. Its maybe an area manager and another one. They are concerned only with making a bigger commission so they want to fire the higher paid experienced people. My husband is a good honest working person. Autozone You Have Really Lost A Wonderful Employee and other customers over this. Is this really the way you want to treat your employees? I know of some things the area manager wants some employees to do but you know it is STRICTLY against procedures. You don’t want to short your inventory!!

  67. Dear Concerned I have read your post and it looks like your husband needs to talk to someone here in the Corporate office. Please contact AutoZoner Relations (1-800-510-1033) and I believe they can hopefully your husband. if you need further assistance please contact me at and I will help as much as I can in getting you to the right person.

    thank you Scott Koch.

  68. Sorry to hear you lost a job after that many years. I live in Indiana and I have trouble with Auozone here. Hiring young kids and not enough people that knows what they are doing. I now go to Advance or a Napa store. You ought to try those out and good luck.

  69. ho about the fact that i have been layed off from autozone and then when trying to recieve unemployment for three months cause im losing everything and no one is hiring autozone goes and release investigation and personal info to DES that was signed between 3 parties that if it is released or talked about they are subject to prosecution sounds like a law suit on my half suing autozone that company is going to go down after them violating so many peoples rights!

  70. My name is William Ellison and from looking at your complaint dept,I see that you all are really having problems with other customers too.
    I have waited for one week for a starter from the bonneylake store. I received a starter that was so bad that after it blew all the fuses in my truck, it was then tested by your people and it blew out your store’s fuse box. they then told me it would be there the next day and was told it was picked up mand they have the core so it had to be one of my friends that turned it in.They said my friend came and picked it up.
    without my permission. they acted like I was caught in some weird scam (I couldn’t find my core) ( I have it now) So what were they talking about? And why can’t I get my starter that I have payed for?
    Your customer service is atrotious. Sorry but I have not been able to go to work since this incident and am steadily getting angrier and angrier because you all have destroyed my good faith in consumer purchasing. 1-253-862-9445 William

  71. What is wrong with Autozone?? Is the district managers so hard up that they have the employees, that knows what is going on in their store, fired!!! I think who ever is in charge of the district managers need to investigate them before autozone ends up in one heck of a law suit. Every time i go in one of them stores, you always see a new face. I like dealing with more qualified people. Scott, do you pass these complaints along? Is anything getting done?

  72. Don’t buy BMW/MERCEDES-BENZ/AUDI/or any European part here.
    The risk of receive a part that doesn’t match with your car is really high, I had no idea about this until i went to 5144 Nicholson lane, Kensington, MD
    They said:
    Sorry, lets order this different brand, this one will match!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome one week on waiting!!!

  73. I totally disagree of how people on here are mistreated, i strive for the customer. But just remember that not auto zones are ran with such disrespect, I myself would not work for a store that would!

  74. AutoZone in Magnolia NJ I got all my parts from this store since it opened. Now I am Disgusted and finally stopped going to AutoZone since they hired all new people who know nothing about parts at all. I would call or go in and get fast service and the employees were knowledgeable of car parts before…..Now these people can’t help and don’t even know how to use the computer to look up parts, or tell you anything. If you call they say they don’t carry the part.I called another Autozone in a different town and they were able to tell me if they had the part or if they could order it for me but when ever I call the Magnolia store they always say they don’t carry it. I tried it with a couple different parts and got the same response but another Autozone had it or could get it. So it was either drive farther to another Autozone or take my business to another parts store. So I shop my local store instead of driving further away. I will not shop at this Autozone unless they hire people who know what they are doing. This AutoZone is a disgrace and who ever does the hiring should be fired.

  75. For those of you with complaints about Autozone customer service you need to realize what you are dealing with. A starting Autozoner would be lucky to be paid $7.50/hr, most make less. Yearly raises are routinely in the 10 to 30 cent range. You may think this is fine for a retail job until you realize that as people working in a parts store they are expected to have at least a basic automotive knowledge, the vast majority of Autozoners do not. Technical knowledge is not a priority to Autozone. I became ASE certified and was promoted to management and had to haggle for several months with my district manager in order to receive an 87 cent raise, and that is considered good! All Autozone wants is warm bodies, it might as well be McDonalds. We as employees are promised $100 for referring a new employee if they are hired. No one, I repeat, no one in my store has EVER received their $100 for a referral even after submitting the forms repeatedly and contacting HR. If you are having issues with Autozone’s customer service it is probably because they hired the cheapest person they could get away with and you the customer are the ones that pay for it. This also allows the upper management to deflect the issue continually because they can fire someone and easily hire another unqualifed person in their place for a pathetic wage. Most of those who are genuine automotive enthusiasts and have legitimate automotive knowledge leave for better paying jobs that reward them for what they know.

  76. AMEN TO YOUR POST FOR CHEAP LABOR!! Autozone does not care for the customer, just the almighty dollar. Scott does read this but nothing is ever done. Did corporate office try and call my husband when he was fired?? NO. Why was my husband fired, washing and changing the oil in their trucks, which they say is now against policy. My husband had over 30 years of Auto Parts Experience. After they found out who my husband was on here, they tried to block his unemployment, with no success!! People stay away from Autozone. I hope the company folds under the management they have now. I don’t want my husband to ever go back to work for them. They have rules that only some follow. I know it is against company rules for a store manager to sleep around with another employee, in the store, and be caught by an employee. Well that employee was transferred to a different store and the store manager was moved up to District Manager. Sounds llike she has made her way up by breaking policy. is a good place to also post things. Scott it sounds like you may have your hands full. I wish you well and safe in your job.

  77. I did forget to say that the part about the manager that went to district manager is what other employees were saying. I did not see this but heard the rumor. I am sure it can be checked out.

  78. I needed new brake caliper bolts for a 1996 Honda Accord. I drove over thirty miles to purchase them from Auto Zone My local store didn’t have them in stock (not uncommon) Your store at zip code 36107 was very helpful and provided my needed parts but, only had one pair. He called another Auto Zone appoximately 5miles down the road at zip code 36117. They had the part so I drove down there asked for the part and a military discount. I was informed after I was rung up that this store doesn’t offer a military discount. I told them that their sister store sent me down here to get the other set of bolts and they gave a military discount. The young man stated the this is the store managers decision and that the store manager was a retired Major in the Army. Of course the Manager was not available to speak with me. I will never shop at Auto Zone again. I want nothing to do with a organization that doesn’t support our Armed Forces. 10% is not much on this perticular part it is the pinciple. Advanced Auto, NAPA and O’Riellys all give military dicounts, so from now on I know where I will shop


  79. Also post your complaints on the consumer affair web site.

  80. The person who did all this is Janet C. a mgr of some sort.
    wow, you guys will make anyone a mgr.

  81. I had Purchased a battery at Walmart, and my battery light came on.
    I went back to Walmart and they said the battery need charged.
    I got it charged then went to Checker Auto Parts who had a Alternator Check free, and Checked it because walmart didnt have a alternator checker.
    I had thought i had may have purchased an alternator from Autozone of Mesquite NV.
    So i walked into Autozone , and saw a Person that had ripped off my son at del taco as a fast food worker that became shift mgr at grave yard.
    I thought oh no!
    but then asked her to look up my four sales only on the computer to see if i had purchased an alternator or what date.
    she jumped on two different computers, one to bring up my history of sales with my phone number, then she jumped on the other for the autopart number.
    which may have changed since i purchased it or for any other reason, such as different manufacturer part number.
    then she said NOPE!
    I asked her to open the only four or five purchases made by myself ever there at that store.
    and she would not do it, and said what windows, after closing them laughing.
    with a **** eating grin.
    I told her if she doesnt want to help me then fine.
    i would report her, she said IDONT CARE WHATEVER YOU DO,
    as she did before when she worked at Del Taco, and would leave out drinks i paid for, not put ice in the adult drinks, and would put chili on my sons taco, and not give him a plain one when he is only 5 years old.
    she would turn off the lights early to not have to close late or to leave early.
    she would smart off and act hostile towards customers on grave or late at night or scream and start fights with people.

    her girlfriend works there too, and is nice but she hates men and starts fights with guys , she needs therapy for hating to help or serve men and thinks everything is personal with men.
    Car quest is across the street or napa is in moapa or saint george, it is no big deal to find qualified competent quality service that is friendly and with good work ethic.

    Walmart , had the same type of difficult employees run off many of the customers here in this town to the Walmart in Saint George, and back to Smiths Food King the only other store here, a good example of a poorly ran business with bad management.
    wages dont attract a high caliber, understood, but manners and ethics are not based on wages , only good attitude.

  82. JANET C, Please contact me at I think I can help you with your warranty file to check for the warranty of the alternator. I would also like to discuss the way you were treated while at the store.

    Thank You

  83. I guess my complaint about the Zone in Montgomery Alabama wasn’t important enough for Scott to acknowledge much less address. Thanks alot Auto Zone.

    One Team,

  84. E-mailed you Scott, hope that helps?

    Janet C, is the mgr at the store.

    I also found i have a auto zone card that was supposed to be transferred of those purchases they had not honored the advertised promotional discounts.

  85. Mark I apologize I try and look at as many sites as I can for issues, I just missed yours. Please send me an email with your contact information (phone number you can reached at)

    Again I apoligize


  86. Scott, I emailed you to never hear your response?

    Next, i dont think i had purchased the alternator there?

    but how hard is it too help a customer or act decent, instead of being a difficult smart ass.

  87. Last night I was having issues with my car and pulled into the autozone on Tropicana and Nellis which was closing for the night. After addressing my cars issues, I went to pull out of the parking lot and my car caught on fire. I ran to the store and asked 1 of the employees for a fire extinguisher. This guy was very rude and would not go and get me a fire extinguisher, when he could clearly see my car on fire in his parking lot! I had to yell at him 10 times that I needed help, and 2 customers in the parking lot had to come yell at him for him to finally walk as slow as he could into the store for the extinguisher. I explained to the employee that I am trained in fire safety and tried to follow him into the store and he stopped me at the door and told me I couldn’t come in and that I needed to wait outside. My car was still burning, and he took his sweet little time! His laziness or whatever his problem was could have cost me and the other people around our lives! By the time he came with the extinguisher someone had already gotten some water jugs and his help was no longer needed, he then left and acted like nothing had happened!

  88. Michelle,
    do you recall the name of the employee? Please let me know at

  89. Yes I think his name was Julio and I believe he’s a manager. I placed a call to the district manager this morning and I missed his returning call. Can you please follow up on this for me?

  90. Just got back from the Centerton Arkansas store, I could swear one of the sales guys was drunk, loud and boisterous then he went out to his truck and just sat in it…the other two guys looked stressed. Nobody like s to work with a person who drinks and is loud. The guy was skinny and had a scraggly goatee.

    Sunday 1:45 PM 12 JULY 09

  91. I will look into it immediatley.

  92. I’m not getting into specifics on here, but this is REDICULOUS!!!! I work for Autozone.. I love cars, working on cars, helping people diagnose whats wrong with their cars… I love all of that. I took the job at Autozone working for peanuts because I enjoyed it so much. I am now a PSM.. got a couple cents extra.. literally.. I work my butt off, 40-60 hours a week even though my manager says no OT but then has me work all those hours which i then get in trouble for?!?!? I do whatever they ask. I work at whatever store they need me at and at a moments notice to boot!! I have worked at the local HUB store and the manager at HUB wants me to transfer there. Basically whatever store I am at, they beg me to transfer to it. It’s funny though.. the only store I have a mojor issue with is MY store…and it’s all due to the micro-managing, egomaniac, self-indulged, money-hungry, no people skills, manager.. Oh, did I mention micro-managing, yeah.. it’s that bad. Like I said, I won’t get into specifics because I don’t want to get caught up in some BS that’s gonna get me fired, but his latest “thing”.. ha has posted a sign in the behind the counter for the employees that reads, and i quote, “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!! FAILURE TO PERFORM YOUR JOB AT COMPANY LEVEL STANDARDS WILL RESULT IN CORRECTIVE ACTION UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION… CONSIDER THIS A VERBAL WARNING.” …… how can that be a “verbal” warning???? He is so concerned with covering his rear end with that damn check out challenge and every other stupid thing we have to do to harrass customers, he fails to realize what good employees he has. We are sooooo short staffed right now since everyone has QUIT because of him, that the few employees that are left are working insane hours. He will make a schedule and then the day of my day off, he will call me and ask why I’m not at work, I’ll then explain that it’s my scheduled day off and he will tell me that he never said I could take the day off.. WHAT?!?!?! I help more people at once than he helps in an entire day!!! yet I still do not have certain “pins” because I have not helped him get “promoted”…I could and would run that store 10 times better than he can. Why am I showing other PSM’s, that have been there longer than I have been there, how to do plan-a-grams and other stuff that every PSM needs to know??? MAYBE it’s because I actually have the capability of learning an absorbing and care for my job. It’s my bread and butter, it pays my bills!! I NEED MY JOB so I make sure I know my job. I feel like the red-shirts put more effort into their job than the store manager. All I want is to be transferred so I can keep doing what I love and not deal with this micro-managing A-hole. BUT that will never happen because we are now short staffed and although we are “hiring”, we have no new people in the store, so I am doomed to stay in my store and remain stressed out for reasons beyond my control. There are tons of petty incidents that have taken place, which on a case by case basis, don’t really mean too much, but when added up equal a whole pile of BS. I’m tired of being lied to and tormented because my manager is on a power trip. If you trust me to open the store, close the store, make bank runs, blah blah blah, then have some damn respect for me as a person and an employee. I could rant and rave forever with little being done. Funny, the store wasn’t this bad before our old store manager left. So, to me, seems like a person by person case. I want changes to be made, action to be taken and most of all, I want a somewhat pleasant work environment. Hey Scott, I want to SPEAK with someone, not email someone about this. I want to know my job is not in jeopardy because I have real complaints that need to be addressed. And honestly, I don’t care if you don’t do a damn thing, as long as I have the approval to transfer!!!! I am not the problem, that is for sure. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  93. Before can do anything I need to know who I am dealing with and where you are located. Please advise me at scott,

  94. Scott, you said to email you???

    what for you never replied?

  95. scott is really damage control. and not very good at it i still have no resolve.MR RIP the district manager in wis. is still working for auto zone. and worst the store manager.that many others lost there job over as been rehired,? IF ANY ONE IS INTERESTED A LAW SUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY FOR MISCONDUCT. I HAVE EVIDENCE AND WITNES’S PLEASE LEAVE A RESPONSE ON THIS SITE AND I WILL GET BACK TO.

  96. I bend over backwards to help my customers, I hope that if the roles were reversed they would do it for me. Not in this town, I’m sure but, I’m an idealist and I have hope, but hey its what I got so leave it.

    I am not the best automotive mechanic but I have built a few engines. I am a veteran, and a college educated employee. I am a family man, with responsibilities. I answer to a 19 year old boss and a 21 year old whose mission in life is to get as tanked up on boose as possible the night before work.

    My fellow red-shirts and I are in college, and therefore not eligible for management because we have children and may need to take care of emergencies. They say because of our availability we can not be management. Despite a degree in Management, and several certifications.

    My head manger of my store allows other practices to go on, but has been supported by other managers. Sex sells they say, current hiring practices are to hire the most attractive ladies available. Several work as strippers after work. Hey I’m on a moral rant nor am I not ticked about having women in the work place, I am for equality and all that. I am annoyed that I have to pick up their work load because their makeup is priority over customers, And management prefers them in the office hanging out with them rather then working. This place is a job and should be treated as such. BJ’s are for the red light district not the red zone.

    What does it take for a promotion? I bet I won’t get promoted, if I do this but the next time I catch her servicing the boss I’ll video tape it and put on

    When my wife was about to deliver I caught hell over having a cell phone, The PSM’s just go behind the battery racks to text and talk anytime.

    Uniforms, When I was active duty I got a uniform allowance, I don’t here, so please stop making me work on peoples cars if I’m supposed to be sales and dressed that way. Today I changed a light bulb and a battery, normal day, but should I be recharging the customers AC? I feel for the work I’m doing, I should be getting paid more than the the burger flipper. Perhaps there is where I need to be.

    And before I get back on my homework, I would like to thank my DM for hiring me, I’m sorry if my military references whom were 3 full birds and a one star wasn’t good enough, nor was my union foreman. But it was the fact that I had a pastor that sealed the deal. What does this say about a company, sorry atheists, pagans, jews, and muslims need not apply. Oh that pastor, he had giving us some coats for my kids, once on my feet I gave back several donations that was twice what we got. Some people are good so don’t lose hope.

    But as a redshirt, I was forced to sign some papers that said we wouldn’t talk about AZ online. Obviously I am really starting to not care for the company or my job. I have bent over backwards and turned this place around, But corporate needs to get off their ass and clean house. A company wide piss test would eliminate about half of our staff. Maybe then they would stop sticking green stickers at the DC on my bar codes. when those peel off it take the bar code with it. Half of my boxes are all sliced up with razors. Who wants to buy a mystery filter?

    If this wonderful Z-net, were so wonderful, which crashes every time you type faster than 30WPM, then perhaps you could put in a suggestion box attached to our password so you know who we are then maybe you might know that there are several alternators that we cant test because we have no specs. Many of us want to do our job but can’t because AZ cares more about POM and the secret phone shopper instead of our customers who are spending real money. That guy on the phone want me to listen to his engine, honestly the guy is an idiot, but I really think I ought to take care of the real customer not the clown who has too much time on his hands and won’t actually spend anything. He walks around looking for our Michigan law violation, the one that says he get 5 bucks if the price is mislabeled, Another green sticker issue.

    Perhaps along with a company wide whiz quiz, some sexual harassment training and ethics training could help. And I do imagine that if this gets back to my district they will find an excuse to fire me, because AZ does such a great job protecting its whistle blowers. The whiner that I worked with before was discharged, so I imagine its just a matter of time for me.

  97. AZ redshirt please contact me as soon as possible.

  98. You are sooo right. If you are a girl, you can get by with anything. This is happening at a particular store in the ky and oh area. Cell phones, yes they are using them.

  99. AZ redshirt, be careful giving your name out. My husband did and gave it to Scott. They tried fighting his unemployment, again, after they got his name. He was fired for washing one of their vehicles. This had been past practice but now said it was against policy. I do not recommend anyone going to Autozone. I tell anyone about what they did to my husband. They were so wrong. Dirtiest bunch of people.

  100. Well I worked at the autozone on university in peoria, il, I will say it is not the best place to work, they do like to send one and only one person out when say I was on the “clock”, and stand around inside and do nothing, I do understand when we are busy yes that can be that you are going outside, and only you sometimes, expecialy when they hire a bunch of young women who are more worried about their make up and standing around at the counter, and do not want to do their jobs. SM(Malik) does not say a word on these issues.
    Many of us have brang it to his attention. autozone isn’t some place to work, there were many employees attempting to receive unemployment for autozone not allowing these employees to work, and then attempting to deny many of these great employees unemployment, and when they get to work accusing many of these employees of theft, and suspending many of its employees who haven’t done anything. They do not care how the customers are treated but would much rather stand around and play with their cell phones. only saying management, not all, but to name a few, Milton c. is one of them and has been spoken to on many occasions about this, but doesn’t seem to sink in, Others would be a employee they currently assigned to commercial department, right hand man to malik at the moment. The employees have brought this to the store managers attention that these employees would rather talk on their phones than work. or that M.C. would like to just talk to the young pretty girls and not care about the other customers.

    Also they like to only work on cars when the girl is cute, such as if there are batteries under a bunch of items on a car or under the back seats. they like to put them in, as the employees were not told to do so. And they still do, or when they are the only manager in the store. They still sneak out for a cigarette. And do not schedule properly, they do not give lunch breaks if you work up to 6 hours, which i was under the impression that you got a lunch break and one paid 15 minute break, none never received such a break until SM was told by Stand in DM that they were to receive such breaks, And employees that are scheduled for 8 hrs most do not get a 15 minute break at all, just told “your not a smoker, you don’t need a break.” and the ones who are smokers get half of a cigarette then are forced back to work when were told they could smoke. didn’t say they had to toss it.
    As far as their want to help employees or care. They do not, only care about them self, the upper management at autozone stores, thankful I am no long an employee, but still speak with friends of these stores also at western(623) and pekin(628) if i remember correctly that is their store numbers it could be the other way around, but,
    This company doesn’t care, but rather blame employees of theft, as what is going on with employees at these two stores. friends of these stores are unhappy LP is pulling aside employees and offering promises of employment if they confess to crimes they never did, and if they don’t confess they will be terminated. and the police will be called. Thankful I am no longer an employee of these stores.
    currently none of the employees at 0648 that I know have spoken about LP but word from western they are at both locations attempting to recover a lost dollar amount. and are blaming whoever they can wrongfully just to get a false confession to put the blame on one, and don’t want to find the real reason.
    I have had friends who ask if it is a good place to work, you know what I tell them.
    “No, they can’t be trusted, they offer all of their employees thoughts and hopes of getting promotions, then turn around and screw the ones who were waiting the longest and were working the hardest, only because they’d rather play who can suck who’s peter better”
    Autozone has lost all respect from its employees most don’t care anymore. and as far as you trying to guess who I am and if I currently work at 0648. I do not, so attempting to accuse employees at that store 623 or 628 isn’t going to help any, I quit 1 year ago and still counting. Although still have a lot of friends in these stores.
    Autozone is the worse company I ever worked for, being treated like a dog and ran around for upper management all hours of my shifts and yelled at constantly by M.C. I lost all respect for this company and plan to never refer someone to that company, they do not take drug tests and the SM, and J.C. as they call him have and do take drugs at the store, not within the store they did not, but on autozone property.

    The women who work the cash registers do nothing but argue and don’t want to do their jobs. so it is put upon the other workers to do their work plus the work of lazy girls that do nothing, then the worker who is doing their job is being yelled at for not working fast enough.
    So how does one win in that job? QUIT! move on find a better one as I did, I was not about to be treated like dirt and make 8.00 an hour it wasn’t worth it, that is minimum wage, I could make that anywhere, I make 11 an hr now working from home..

  101. O.K. This is getting out of hand. I hope Scott from Autozone monitors this! Every couple of weeks I read about employees past and present who are treated like crap, or customers who arnt happy with what our “techs” couldnt do, or how noone at autozone is ase certified. I have worked there in willowick, ohio for three years. I have sold every check out challenge, packets and other addon items that has ever been offered, BECAUSE THEY ARE WHAT IS USED WHEN DOING THE JOB PROPERLY!!! Autozone is not a clerk position to work, it is a sales gig, just like cell phones, cars and stocks. This is why management looks down on people not selling grease or packets, because that is your job to do so. SELL! And I would love to see the write up for not selling it. it doesnt exist. we just push harder to get it sold, and to cover for the employees who dont care enough to sell it.The people who complain about being forced to do these things, are also the people there to stand around waiting two weeks for there next paycheck, not the ones working to strive and make something of themselves in this company. and FYI, I started working for 7.90 and hr. I busted my rear end and was promoted in less than two months. I have had 4 raises and now make over 11.00 an hr. The upper management makes a gross amount of money a year, this I will leave undisclosed because it is not my place to announce other peoples pay, but google bill rhodes the 3rd. we are there to offer products to customers so they only have to do the job once, properly. Also, we at autozone are not TECHS! We are salespeople. We do what we do with bulbs and batteries because we go above and beyond other companies. This is why we have a huge stock growth, and why most of you come to autozone. We also almost always come from a mechanical backround, at least the managers and psm’s(i am a psm). So next time we give you advice, for free, your welcome. Or, if we come out and change your wiper arm, or coolant temp sensor, or all the things were are not entitled to do by our company, but do it anyways because we fell bad, your welcome. I went to a womans house in the snowy cold winter and drained her antifreeze from her block because she filled it all up with water, BECAUSE SHE WAS UNINFORMED, just so her block didnt crack! off the clock! because I want to succeed and be the best at what I do. The job isnt bad if you are not lazy and dont mind working. furthermore just a note. I have never been in a company that did this for me. EVERYTIME i have ever needed a day, or week even off, all i had to do was ask. Not too many places do that for you. I get two weeks pd vacation every year, 401k, stock options, medical, vision dental. You get all that working from home? NO. and lastly, please understand that there is two or three of us in a store, and 10-20 of you in our store, plus phones, and battery checks, and check engine lights, and commercial calls and customers. Have a little patients please. we do more than you see. all you have to do is look further than yourselves. Hope this explains some things to everyone out there.

  102. Oh, and about being ASE Certified employees at autozone, just as to see the certificates, we hang ours proudly in our offices, mine included. Autozone is even gracious enough to pay for the test.

  103. hmmm must be a real company man there.
    As far as the treatment at autozone, not a pleasant place, and yes you may get the pd vacation, and health insurance, and what not. as far as the store I was at, yea they do not mark anyone above “PT” regardless if they are a psm or not. only the store manager is above part time, so no benefits. and a last update on that story of LP. they termed 4 people and suspended 6 of them. jay must either be a upper management for cover up. or must be a very well liked employee at their small store.. but any ways. point being. not a great place to work when you are the well pardon my language “slave” that goes out all the time and does all the work and still gets write ups when you don’t sale every time.
    Even when you offered and the customer said no. that was still a write up or a good talk with store manager malik, which as far as I knew was their policies. I will agree with jay in a way on going outside. but alot of them do the same thing(auto part chains) advanced they go outside. and even do inserts, not just wiper blades. car batteries. and more. and parts are a lot cheaper. not even joking. but at any rate. the ASE certified. I passed that test their “Pre-test” 3 times. only took it 4 total, failed once. but the store manager stated that “the company isn’t paying for them tests at the moment, they aren’t making much money. so you’ll have to pay for it yourself.” so yes maybe you were at a good store and mine wasn’t. could very well be. but the store I was at they treated myself and one other like a slave. and then expected us to care about the place. how would you have liked to been called “cracker” every shift you worked and management didn’t care. just told you to get back to work. you goto upper management(DM) they didn’t care. said you must have been lying.. and get your hours taken away when you spoke up of this to the DM.. corporal punishment isn’t it great.

  104. AZ is a pressure selling company.. it’s horrible to lie to people and tell them that because this checkout challenge is going on, that it’s the best product. .. I feel bad in my store because I feel I have to be either a hispanic or a woman to be a manager. We have 5 grey shirts at my store.. 4 women, 1 man. 4 are hispanic and one is a caucasion female. It’s discouraging to go to work and have to answer to someone who knows far less about auto parts then myself. I grew up in a salvage yard, and have been working on cars since I was old enough to hold a wrench. I have been in auto parts sales for 7 years now, and I have to take up the slack of my managers who can’t tell the difference between ford and chevy. It’s not the fact that they are women, it’s the fact that they are un-educated in the automotive field. there is 3 of them that fall in that boat. I am irritated and want my gray shirt, the title of “senior sales” doesn’t mean anything!

  105. I repeat, I AM A PSM. nothing special. I am on the other hand a employee who cares about his job, knows what Autozone does for me to show me there appreciation, and I give back in return. I also have no problem going outside, doing installs, helping the customer and going the extra mile. I am good at what I do and am a psm because I make it my point everyday to go to work and be better than everyone else there. If you dont do that, than you cant complain about those who do. I also took my ase test 4 months ago, passed and got my cert from ase without paying a dime. As far as pressure selling, if you were working in a commission job, I best you youd feel pressured to sell. hahaha people need to stop complaining about the place and if they dont like working there, find something a little more suiting to them, not go online and try to bash the place currently paying there bills. Ive worked alot of crappy jobs, including roofing, plumbing, drywall, fast food, transportation driver, delivery driver, painter, sider and gutter guy. Autozone is the longest running job Ive ever had, and plan on working my way up the corperate ladder. Good luck to those who cant hack it, its cold out there and theres no jobs to be found. To current employees on here complaining, rethink your complaints when you compare them to the other crappy jobs youve had in life.

  106. ps, i got full time as soon as i got promoted to psm. it took a month. dont know why youd be having such a hard time.

  107. Take all these complaints and post on Topix for all Autozone stores. More people posts there and more readers can see what is going on there. Don’t know how to start the posting for topix but if someone does, post it here and I will find it. Thanks

  108. maybe I was just at a crap store, other do have different experience at other stores, but as far as the one I worked at it was not a pleasant place to work and others have found that same issue. but yes, they like to treat the employees bad at that store and many others that I have seen or heard from. but at any rate. the way I have came to see this company is well to be blunt. “It’s who can suck off who better” sorry for the well unprofessional term. But it is very true at this job. I don’t want to upset anyone, but it is very true. And just saying I don’t do well with kissing butt to someone who I don’t feel is doing their job to their full extent. and is breaking company policies.

  109. I feel it’s the same around here about who you blow to get where you’re at…. And they also teach you to sneak the lubes in on purchases to unsuspecting customers… not very good sales tactics

  110. i got a battery at autozone.The guy put it in for me.When he did he hook it up wrong causing the needle on my gas gauge to spin around so when i started my car up it went back around on the empty mark.That is where it has been staying.I am fighting with them to get it fixed.THey had me take it to a dealer and all they did was turn the key on and off .Said atuozone didnt cause it.But the gauge was working perfect until he put in my other batteryKnow i am fighting with trhem to get it fixed.I am not working on disabilty from back surgery so i cant afford to get it fixwed myself.I needx to know Who i can contact.The store manager has stated it wasnt there fault and got hateful and so doid her district manager.I will never buy anything there again.Please help.

  111. Mary,
    Please send me some more information on the incident. Please tell what the store location is, when the battery was replaced and the name of the people you have talked to in AutoZone about the incident. My email is I will make sure that the information is passed on to the correct person for reveiw. If it turns out that AutoZone is responsible I am sure it will be taken care of. Thank you Scott

  112. In reference to an article by Autozoo dated Aug. 15, 2008.

    Is that manager still there, because I think we got him or her at our store now.
    Although he or she has gotten to be an even more miserable human being than what you describe.
    Ours is a male, more or less, but following are some of the tactics he engages in on a daily basis.
    If you ask him for his password, as is required when conducting certain transactions, He will actually scream at you not to bother him, and waves you off.
    This can be confirmed by any employee with enough balls or ovaries to tell the truth.
    He finally relents after the customer starts complaining about the delay.
    I almost forgot about the following situation.
    A custome came in with his little girl who was sitting in a stroller.
    This child was screaming bloody murder for the usual little child reason, known only to her.
    I admit it was a bit nerve wracking but, to be expected in this business
    Mr. smooth pulls me aside and says, do what you have to do to get that kid out of the store, disregarding the fact that the childs father was a good customer.
    I have actually heard him say, while screwing up the computer, I cant take this anymore, I have to find another gig, gig? did he say gig?
    Its not a job, its a GIG.

    Although we are chastised for not answering the phone during a very busy period, when we are short handed which is very common and, he has to actually work by helping out, he deactivates all the phone lines and, instructs us to not take any credit card sales because they take too much time.
    Im not sure if that was part of manager school training, I hope not.
    When the rush has passed He will retire to his lair in the office, doing not much of anything as far as I can tell except staring at the computer screen with that deer caught in the headlights look.
    His standing instruction is made perfectly clear.
    I do not know how much he is paid but, whatever it is, its way too much.
    I think he should be on medication of some sort, maybe a strong animal tranquilizer.
    If he is already on meds, he is not following the instructions or, they are not working.
    Also, I am firmly convinced that Autozone has instituted a covert policy of getting rid of anyone over 50 years old.
    At least it appears so at our store.
    The older employees are having their hours cut drastically while the manager is hiring new people and giving them extended hours.
    Now, I am for giving new hires all the opportunity possible but, not at the expense of the older employees.
    In addition, some of these hires are barely old enough to drive, let alone consult customers about their technical problems.
    And, if you have ever so much as changed the oil in your car, you quite possibly may be hired as an Autozone Manager, having all that experience and all.
    On questioning a newly hired manager about his automotive experience, he informed me that he used to work on his own car when he was younger, younger?? Im not sure he is old enough to vote.
    The truth is, I actually enjoyed working at AZ for about 6 months, the pay is minimal and there are zero benefits if you are considered part time ( and the Company makes sure you maintain part time status for that very reason) the work schedule was great for me and the best part of the job was meeting people and helping out when I could.
    In my experience, irrational customers were a very rare occurence.
    Than the BEAST arrived and everything changed.
    At this point my hours have been reduced from an average of 32 to 6 per week.
    The recent new hires are averaging about 28 to 34 each.
    The fact of the matter is, if it were not for the current lousy job market, I would not be writing this comment.
    I guess I could go work for McDonalds, the pay is about the same.
    My theory is, if you have a pulse and, are over 16 years old, you have worked at either Mac Donalds or Auto Zone.
    The next big career advancement and, a step up, WAWA.
    I consider Myself a good employee with a great attendance record.
    I do what I am told without question and, the only reprimand I had was for wearing pants that did not meet company guidelines.
    It appears that black jeanes upset some of our customers.
    I still dont know how the folks in Human Resources came to that conclusion but, may God forgive me my transgresion.
    Even though AZ does not give you a clothing allowance of any kind, They can dictate what you must wear.
    Under ordinary circumstances, I might buy black pants, even though thats not my favorite color but, I would never, under any circumstance
    buy a bright red shirt of any kind.
    I now have 5.

    Our store is usually understaffed and, on occasion, extremely top heavy with more grey shirts ( managers ) than were at the battle of Gettysburg.
    Im pretty sure most of them were over 16.

    By the way I still work at this store and I do not want to get into too much detail, even though Im sure someone will figure out who I am.
    Probably the same people that figured out the black pants thing.
    As we used to say in the Army, how do I transfer out of this chicken **** outfit.
    Well, it probably wont be long, one way or the other.
    Ok, lets review, AZ not too bad a place to work.
    However, when you are interviewed, make sure you look deeply into the interviewers eyes.
    If you discern pure evil, no matter what they say, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.
    If you dont, then may God have mercy on your soul and your ass.


    PS: I guess I can kiss my next raise goodby, and I could use that extra 10 cents an hour.
    Thats like, 60 cents a week, Vegas, here I come.
    This is no joke, last raise after 10 months, 10 cents an hour.
    Are they trying to tell me something ???

    In closing and, for your information, I just found out there are actually more plastic flamingo’s than real ones. Who would have guessed?

    I dont know about all you folks but, I feel much better now, Thank you for your attention.

  113. Problem with AZ is that they grew too fast and became too big. Lost track of the original philosophy of Pitt Hyde of treating customers as number one. I guess that is just words they chant and it makes them feel good.

  114. Cantstandzya,
    Please contact me, I have read your entry and really want to talk to you. You can e-mail me at and give me a call back number or call the corporate office and ask them to transfer you to me. I promise you that I will look into the issues you brought up. Please contact me, we (AutoZone) need to take care of the people who take care us.


  115. I started working for Autozone when it was AutoShack back in 1985 at Store #150. Yep, you use to have to get out in front of the car and turn the crank to start them :) This was back in the Day of Pitt Hyde, Jerry Colley, Bill McCauley, etc. Boy where things different then. Drop/Stop, 30/30, WITTDTJR.
    I went into my locate AutoZone in Kingsport (this is a Store that I help open back in 1991), the store was dirty, shelves where not front and faced, counter was clutter with parts(New and Used) Batteries, Floor Items, Both Front Doors where open and the A/C was not working and the floor was just nasty. I thought to myself “WOW” where is the Manager or better yet where was the Area Advisor. When I worked and Managed AZ store we took pride in the appearance of the store. Our store then was Front/Faced, with merchandise stock in shelves and on J-Hooks.
    Anyway I had went in to buy a Trailer Hitch Ball because I was going to a Local Store to buy a Trailer and I thought I would be OK with just buying the trailer ball since my truck was already wired and I had a Step Bumper on my truck that the trailer ball would fit perfect in.
    As I enter the store there was one employee on the floor doing something but they didn’t acknowledge me. This was OK because I was in a extreme hurry to pick my trailer up. I found the trailer ball which was 2″ but had a long shank but that was OK also because it would not be in the way of anything. I went to the register and a employee was ringing up my sale and I made a comment to him that the store did not appear to be very busy. He made a comment to me that they only done about $2K to $2.5K a day. I thought “WOW” and I told him that I help open this store back in 1991 and on Grand Opening Week we did over $79K with only one day under $10K. He said “WOW” to me and then said we don’t do $79K in a month now. I took my part and left. As I was driving to pickup my trailer I was thinking about what he had said and it made me sad. It made me sad about the amount of business they were doing but it also made me sad about the way the Store look. Back in the years, we took a lot of pride in store appearance, employee appearance, customers and sales.
    I purchased my trailer and installed the Ball onto my step bumper and I went to hookup my trailer and I realize something that I had not taken into consideration and that was the height of my step bumper. I am now going to have to buy a receiver for my truck. I knew this was going to take me a day or so to get the receiver and install it on my truck and I couldn’t leave the trailer sitting in the parking lot at the local hardware store. So I hooked the trailer up and took it home.
    After getting home I went on line to check availability and prices. I first went to AZ website but it was difficult to maneuver around and I could not tell what was available and if it would fit my truck. It was almost as bad as looking up parts for a International Scout:) So, I went to Advance Auto Parts website and I found the site easy to use and they had the receiver that would fit my truck. I called the local Advance and they said they could have for me the next day. I order the part and picked it up the next day. While at the store I was checking the receiver and I realize the Ball that I had purchase from AZ the day before would not fit this receiver. I look and Advance did not have one that fit but said they could get it in the next day. So I went back to AZ to see if they had one that would fit plus as I was driving I realized I needed some other items. I took the Old Ball that I had purchase the day before that had been installed along with the RECEIPT back to AZ. While in AZ they had the Ball that fit the receiver I had purchase.
    I took the new ball along with about $50 worth of other merchandise and the Old Ball with receipt to the counter to finish the transaction. I set the merchandise down on the counter which was several items and the girl behind the counter, the only employee that I seen in the store, that was a couple of Computer down from me did not even acknowledge me. So, I asked her if I could checkout and she said if you want to checkout you need to come down here. I moved my items down to her PC which took me a couple of trips and with her not even offering to help. I asked her if they could do a defective exchange on the trailer ball that I had purchase the day before and had installed for the one that fit my new receiver. I also gave her the receipt. She looked at it a couple minutes and behind the Parts Bins to the office. In a couple of minutes she came out along with some guy name Greg Kzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz something which had on a dull, faded, dirty looking gray shirt. I explained to him nicely what I had done and what I needed. (I say nicely because I worked for AZ and Advance both for a total of about 14 years and I know you are not going to get anywhere being rude). Grag looked at the part for a minute and said that the Old Ball could not be put back on the shelf and sold so it was trash. I asked him if he could doing a defective exchange since that Ball would not fit my hitch and I was purchasing the one from him that did, along with about $50 more in merchandise. Greg rudely said, “Buddy I told it was trash and I can’t help you.” It was his attitude that upset me so I took my Old Trailer with my receipt and left the other merchandise on the counter and went back to Advance to order the Ball that would fit. While in Advance the Manager happen to wait on me and I told him what I needed to order and he said no problem. I explain to him that AZ had the Ball for $8.99 and asked if he would match the price because Advance’s Trailer Ball was $14.99. He said that would not be a problem. I began to explain what had happen a AZ with the trailer ball and how rude Greg was. Advance’s Manager asked me did they have the Trailer Ball instock and I said yes. He said well give me a couple of minutes and I will send a employee up to AZ and buy the part and sell it to you for the same price, $8.99. I told him that was to much trouble for them to do and he said that it was no problem and that his employee is already gone to get the part. Now that is Customer Service.
    This happen back in July 2008 and I have not been back into AZ since. My question is how much money does an employee with a bad attitude and the return of a $8.99 cost you. I learned from the old days of AutoShack and early days of AutoZone, that a Custmer is not always right but they are Always the Customer.
    I remember back when I was managing Store #150 and Jerry Colley who was Regional Manager then came to visit my store. He was checking into his Motel room and struck up a conversation with the receptionist. He asked her where she purchased her parts and she said AutoZone on the Parkway. He asked her why and she said they will take back anything. She said you could pickup a old muffler on the side of the road and take it back and they will give you another one or your money back. My Area Advisor was telling me this and thought I was in trouble and he said heavins no Jerry thought it was great. They knew we didn’t do this but it was Customer’s perception of us that matter. I believe AutoZone needs to get back to what made them great to begin with or maybe they just don’t care.
    In closing, Please forgive the grammer and spelling and to show how old I am, I know why AutoZone change its name from AutoShack and without great details it was RadioShack.

    God Bless,

  116. Hello.
    After having read the posts about Auto Zone I would like to know if anyone else has had an issue with getting “upsold” WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEGE things like the brake lubricant when you purchase brake pads, or felt anti-corrosion rings when you purchase a battery. This has happened to me at least 4 times at the Tehachapi, Ca store and numerous times to friends and co workers. It has turned into a joke at work that you go to Auto Zone to buy a radiator cap, get home and look in the bag to find a radiator that you paid for without knowing it.
    Sounds to me like this might be a result of the checkout challange program. I would call it theft. My little transactions don’t amount to much but I would guess in the big picture, the store (or stores if other locations do this) would get quite a haul from unsuspecting customers.
    On the occasions that I have realized what had happend, and took the time to return the unwanted items, I got no grief from the store staff but did get the distinct feeling that they knew what had happened.
    Just wondered if anyone else has had simular experiences.


  118. I will be compiling a rather large and in depth look at my experience with autozone which will be posted here in the near future….pass the word…

  119. This is the complete fax that I sent to the Office of the General Counsel’s Office of Auto Zone:

    General Counsel’s Office (1-2-08)

    Attn: Cindy
    Concerning Auto Zone’s Code of Conduct

    I come to you with these concerns, hoping that they are isolated problems within my district.

    I had been with Auto Zone for over 2 years in store 1965 and I was recently asked to relocate to a different store to resolve “differences” resulting from being expected to overlook illegal, immoral, and unethical practices.

    I have filed two other complaints with Human Resources, and also with Loss Prevention, with no resolve. I have spoken to several other store managers about these problems and they are equally disturbed, not only about the lack of investigative results, but also about the set of double standards for managers at different stores within the same districts.

    I have struggled with my conscience and they have, as well. I have asked for their support, but they have declined, stating fear of losing their jobs. No one will share this burden with me, so I now look toward you for resolve.

    I hope to find some resolve from outside of my district. It is easier and more profitable to do the right thing. I feel that I am no longer able to speak freely without repercussion and I now look toward you. Men are inspired by being a part of something that is good and right and resolve is not accomplished through fear, intimidation, being ignored, or through a sense of hopelessness.

    After submitting this to the General Counsel’s Office, I was contacted by the head of Loss Prevention. He had told me they were going to get me some resolve. Two weeks later, Auto Zone decided to come into my store and investigate me. Instead of investigating the unethical and illegal activity, they rather decided to find out whether or not I was talking to others about the above matters.

    In Consequence, I was fired for not co-operating in an investigation that “I” opened and told me they no longer have confidence in me. Hmmmm.

    So, I really don’t think contacting corporate is going to solve any of your issues. Although, I will offer you some information if you do decide to pursue in inside of Auto Zone.

    EX-Parts Manager

  120. NOT only is the same district manager still working at autozone. autozone rehires the store manager. who illegal practices has not been investigated STILL. WHO RUNS AUTOZONE ??????????? DO YOU KNOW WANT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR BACKYARD……….

  121. I work for Ironton, store. i keep my nose clean and mouth shut there. lots of things that goes on there but i need my job so i don’t say anything. you have two people that come there to check on the store, which are having a possible affair. does corporate do anything. no. you have a girl that works and does what she wants that is over commercial. why? many things that goes on here. loss and prevention needs to pop in without letting anyone know. i mean anyone! got some good people working here that is tired of taking the heat over a few people. check their automobiles for your parts and see if you see a receipt where it is paid for.

  122. I find it very dishearting that DM’s like sweeping illegal activities under the rug,to protect their top sellers.(alcohol and drug use by employees when on the clock) Avoid the Belton Texas store like the plague. A Z corp and HR need to be investigated,

  123. I don’t have any complaints about customer service or the employee’s.. but I do have a complaint about getting wrong parts and cheap parts that seem to be bad right out of the box.

    first, a crank positions sensor for my truck didn’t fit. returned to the store for another’s made the same way..went to another store.the 3 they had are the same way. the company making them was crushing the metal part that goes into the block. thus making it too large at one end to seat all the way in.
    it measured different than the stock part.
    second part…the serpentine belt part # for my truck is wrong. the belt is so long the crank and tensioner pulley touches when it’s installed.
    but autozone isn’t the only store that has the wrong belt #.
    I had to do my own research to find a belt to fit. turns out if I got a belt for a newer year of the same truck the belt fits like it’s supposed to.
    third bad part…the duralast spark plug wires…brand new out of the box..they arch to anything they touch. they were in worse condition than the stock wires with 140k miles on them.

  124. autzones stupid bull**** point system, totally stupid. you get points for being late, absent from work, even if you have a tottaly legit reason for being late like you got into a car accident, you get points. get to 12 and they wil can ur ass. well gee funny, it only applies to store level personel as so it seems. so what about the dm and rm’s? have the DMs sit at home, roll outa bed just in time for the confrenece call at 745 am, like wtf? and they are super anal about chasing bonus’s. while everyone else bust’s there asses for nothing. no incentives or nothing. my DM yelled at me one day cuz i didnt text him the updates for the days sales and stuff. i said to him dose autozone pay my cell phone bill, no so untill then its not happening. another time, i had myself and 2 other people working in the store, all which were busy, myself and one other on the phones and the other ringing soneone out, then the commercail lines blowing up. its the dm phone shopping the commercail line. then he says why is the phone not answered on the 3rd ring, well asshole, we were busy helping other customers. so he tells us to put the other customers on hold and get the commercail line. so great what if that is a phone shop? then u automatically will get a ****ty score. then have to hear about the store doing bad on phone shops. ill leave this guys name outa this, but this douche bag needs a realilty check.

    from store in pa somewhere

  125. Write ups or corrective actions do exist for not selling COC, phone shops above 85%, WITT score, NTP, AZ rewards, parts on hold etc…. As a DM for AZ, I was told it was required to write up employees even when they had no prior issues. This forcefulness leads to cheating and stealing to get the job done. Do the upper “its a great day to be an AutoZoner” management team not understand this? It is amazing how many people are looking to leave and do not care at all about their job and mostly the company itself. I have been forced to be a prick when that is not the best way to get results. And as soon as there is any trouble, the “TEAM’ that you are supposed to be a part of is nowhere to found. If you work for AZ my advice is this, NEVER STAND UP FOR SOMEONE EVEN IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE BEING MISTREATED OR YOU WILL BE NEXT!!!

  126. hey john doe from store in pa somewhere email me if you get fired over this bull**** point system,two other people and myself have consulted an attorney over this unfair practice.its strange how some people receive no points for absenteeism or being late and other people do,an employee at 1863 was’nt fired untill he was over 20 points???

  127. i was recently fired from autozone in SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA because of there new bull**** points system for being late or absent.i had 9 points when my fiancee was life flighted to a hospital,when i got to the hospital she asked me not to leave her because she was afraid and did not want to die alone.autozone would not give me my vacation days or help me in any way to preserve my job,autozone managers are **cking scum bags,frank glynn the dm you are a piece of dung,rot in hell you bastard.i was fired a week before christmas because i needed to be with my fiancee before she died,what a way to take care of your employees.but it is kind of strange how some employees are late or absent and dont get points,i will see you in court scum bags

  128. I own my own auto parts store–I never understand why people go to a place that has bad service and cheap parts–visit an independent store like mine where our parts our cheaper and service much better. I have employees that have been with me for years. At my store we treat the customer on the counter first then the phone. The person on the counter is there to spend their hard earned money now–that means being waited on right away. Somebody told me one time that if you see ten cars in front of an Auto Zone–4 cars for employees, 3 cars for people trying to return or exhange a part, 2 new customers and 1 trying to steal everything he can find.

  129. To the guy who got fired cause your financee. Seriously how are gonna fire someone who’s wife died. Your dm’s are all currupt and money. And for the rm, don’t even go there. Should I keep going??? I hope this dude takes you for all your worth.
    A multi billion dollar company and you can’t even do the morally right thing, but instead no you follow your dumb corporate ways. Like you also fired 2 other people for being pregnaunt. Which last time I heard was illgeal under pa’s labor laws. Not tennesee’s. Also the average for driving a personal car at work in pa is at least 50 cents. Not 36 in tn.
    No wander we are the 4th wrost company in the us in 2009. Welcome to autozone how can we screw you over today?

  130. I work for autozone as well in the Atlanta region and things are no differant here. The whole district has no moral and our DM does not only treat us horriable but they cuss on phone called, and take cheap blows in form of nasty sarcastic comments.

    I myself just like many other autozoners i talk to in my district feel as if there is no where to go. If we have a problem with another worker or any questions in general there is no one that we feel comfortable to ask, by how we are all treated by the regional staff. I do not want to be their friends and i am aware they are in a position of managment above me, but there is no earthly reason in which people in the legitiment business world should treat others as Atlanta regional workers do.

    I know this is not a really compelling complaint but i am at a loss of words with how we are treated at this job. It is unfair and with all the work (some) of us put towards our job that we can be treated like this.

    Nothing will ever be done about this and when it does i hope it is because Autozone is falling on its ass. All of these “regional upper managment workers” need to crack open a managment text book and take a little peak into it if they can even read(which with some of the deicions and action they take i would be suprised if they can read any word that is not 4 letters long.).

  131. John Doe, I would like to get to the bottom of what you are saying, I have worked in a store and I am very aware of how some employees in our stores have been treated. I am now in the corporate office and connected enough to look into matters just like the one you have written about. I would ask that you contact me at the corporate office in Memphis. Being that you an employee you will have that number and ask to talk to me, Scott Koch (pronounced cook). If you don’t have the number send me an e-mail at I really truley want to help as much as I can. You do not have to identify yourself until you feel comfortable that I am really trying to help. Scott

  132. so Ive worked for azo for a long time now. and i have a few complaints.

    1. you push check out challenge and witt. but the only one getting rewarded for it is district managers. we get yelled at for not selling enough well what can we do when the customer doesn’t want it!

    2. your phone policy and secret shoppers needs to be change since people on the phone are not gonna spend more money then the customers in the store or if their even gonna come in.

    3. your computer systems need to be fixed. cash registers freezing, wrong inventory of parts on how many parts we really have. vdp parts don’t show pictures so the customer has to wait 2 days for a part that may be wrong.

    4. are upper management tell us one thing then tell us another. it confuses us and customers

    5. the point system is messed up since you use it to get ride of employees so they cant get unemployment.

    6.playing favorites with certain employees its like it doesnt matter how long or how good they are as long as they bend over for you then they move up.

    7. autozone is a multi billion dollar company so numbers matter the most its all about numbers nothing else. so if your in autozone customer ill tell you this most employees are putting on a show and are forced to do things tones have been mistreated and still are being mistreated. just remember that the next time you buy from autozone what your supporting.

    btw I’m sorry for not being more in-depth with everything but i have better thing to do.

  133. I work at az and can tell all who read this the company has no morals or ehics for that matter. I unlike all of my co-workers am actually a certified mechanic and can tell you the people working at my store including my store manager and D.M. have no business being in the same time zone as a car. This place is a total waste of money and time. My day as a Parts sales manager starts by resighting a cheer that no one belives in or practices for that matter. fallowed by complaints and constant bit#hi@g by my DM. Then I am told I will lose my job If I cannot sell things that are cheaper and higher quality down the street. @ napa. Where I might add most of the employe’s actually know how to work on a vehicle and can be helpful and actually have some automotive background. Then I get to compensate for my bosses inabillity to do his job because he’s too stoned to see straight. This is fallowed by a barrge of pissed customers because they were either given the wrong part or had to wait too long because all my help is outside smoking or hiding in the back texting for an hour. when I attempt to resolve these issue I am met with sarcazim and overly agressive behavior by my dm I cannot ethically or morally endorse any aspect of this company they treat thier employee’s like dog crap and are constantly on the lookout for new ways to screw the costomer. The truth is I could write a book about this place but it would just be a waste of time. because anything with the name autozone most people want no part of. Well atleast those who are misfotunate enough to shop there or have at one point in time. This place is truly on the list of lowest quality and poorest mangment I have ever seen or heard of .. poor pay poor benefits and the worst team of people ever assembled for a task of any sort. A truly winning compilation. I cannot wait for the day when I am rid of this festering boil they like to call a job so untill next time F%$K U Auto Zone

  134. Working at Auto Zone is terrible. Get out while you can. You maybe an individual with limited education or in a tough situation, but to work at a place such as this for the rest of your life is going to be hell. You will come into work everyday and bitch; there is no incentive in pushing lack luster products such as degreaser and fuel cleaner. When customers want degreaser, they will go and get the degreaser.

    There is large mark-up on products on the floor vs. places such as Wal-Mart; I still don’t understand why people will buy Lucas injector cleaner for Auto Zone’s sale price of $4.99 while it can be purchased at a regular price of $3.89 at another store.

    WITTJR sucks, people have gone years without “bulb grease” and felt washers. Brake lube and anti seize are probably the only important lubricants to purchase.

    When a DM or Store Manager is around, the atmosphere completely changes as apposed to a “mellow” PSM who is not riding you about every single possible task and has you complete tasks; and when you are done with those tasks you are done.

    Making the phone a priority over a customer in front of you is just appalling to the customer in front of you. From a customer stand point, you are there and need assistance; the person on the phone is most likely asking for prices and will most likely not hear from again. Juggling two phone and three customers when you are one of the two people in the store makes things frustrating and annoying while the other person is outside because a customer wants them to look at something.

    This “Scott” guy on here seems to be ignoring certain situations and is more concerned about who can he catch doing something wrong, rather than handling a customer complaint, in which an email is probably never going to be replied and nothing is ever going to be done. Apparently he’s rolling around in a C6 Corvette while PSM’s are making a whopping $11/hr. dealing with so much garbage, mindless paperwork, poor quality products, customer complaints, and so much more.

  135. I have never heard so many complaints from co-workers from various AZ stores about an organization that offers the bare minimum for an individual to survive in this day and age; poor wages/salary, poor benefits.

    I know of an employee, who son has autism, and AZ wants nothing to do with it. He struggles as a full time employee, making ends meet, hoping benefits would help with his son’s autism therapy; but does not “qualify”.

    I have never seen so many products returned at a store, especially warrantied items. Understand that there are individuals that installed item incorrectly or improperly, but there is still a large amount that is swapped out for new products, especially items such as fuel pumps, brake pads, rotary electronics, and certain ignition products.

    Duralast? more like Neverlast. Valucraft? you mean Valucrap.

  136. AutoZone really need to have their employees and management staff evaluated.
    PHONES: You don’t stop completely assisting a customer to answer the phone and fully assist the person. You answer the phone and ask them to hold, while you completely finish assisting the first individual who is standing there in the store with you.
    SUGGESTION: Hire someone, who specifically handles incoming calls. This way your in-store customers are not rudely put on hold, standing there watching you assist someone on the phone. All customers should be respected; whether they are in front of you are not.
    DISRESPECT: I been to your establishments several times in my life and there have been several occasions when the store was practically empty and yet, I had to wait for assistance. It’s like the employees didn’t want to assist, so they were waiting to see which one of them were going to step-up first. Most times, it looks as though they were engulfed in personal matters; e.g. having a personal conversation with someone, on their cellphones, etc.
    SUGGESTION: Management is not doing their job. More meetings and/or surprise visits by the district managers to stores and play role: act like they are a customer; or have an assistant go and play role and see what’s really going on. Announcing your visits is not the way to go.
    Making employees jump to answer phones will and has been losing auto zone customers. It is very frustrating to finally get assistance only to be eventually be ignored while the employee answers the phone and starts assisting someone else as you just stand there “heated” watching them help someone on the phone.

    I can go on and on, but you should get the point. Perhaps, autozone should fire their management consultants - who definitely are not leading management in the right direction. It appears everyone is getting a paycheck, but no ones doing their job “when it comes to customer assistance/satisfaction.
    The public put up with such behavior - because a lot of people can’t afford to just leave and go elsewhere - due to time constraints, money, the auto situation at hand, etc.
    NOTE: Fix the problems with your employees; don’t wait until you lose 50 percent or more of your customers, or worse.

  137. I understand yes there are alot of AutoZone stores that are not so friendly as to say but I have to say that I have been a customer of AZ. ever since they opend there first store in Wa. (about 8yrs ago) and I have always received great customer service and as for the parts never a problem iahave been shopping @ the lakesteves store in WA since it opend and I have to say that the staff there has to be one of the best crews I have ever seen they are allways happy and very helpful I have gotten there just min. before closing and they still treated me great never rushed or felt like they didn’t care so to all those people that have had bad exp. with AZ just remember that there are still some stores out there that will go out of there way to help you just like the crew @ the Lakestevens Store in WA. thanks to that store for all the help you guys deserve credit when credit is do I think there store # is 3725 but I’m not sure but thats whats posted on there door so just remember peaople not all AZ are bad.

  138. Hello,

    I am writing to you because my niece who works for an AutoZone is afraid to say anything.

    BUT the AutoZone where she works REFUSES to give any employees any break time if they work under 8 hours despite the laws.

    As well she was told she would be fired for changing her hair color from Brunette to Blonde, so before she went to work she got up VERY early to change her hair back despite the damage to her hair. She was told it was against the dress code.

    Her male manager regularly rides her more than the male employees who have also noticed this and ride her as well knowing they won’t be disciplined for harassing a female employee.

    FURTHER she was told she can’t work more than 20 hours as that is considered full time and they are not allowed to give part time workers more time.

    As well she was told part time workers never qualify for any raises at all and was told even if she worked there for ten years part time she would never get a raise.

    Moreover, she was publicly reprimanded in front of customers for not answering the phone before the 3rd ring even though she was ringing up a sale.

    AND she gets reprimanded for not trying to sell junk the customer has no interest in buying WHILE she is ringing them up.

    Mostly though she hates being harassed constantly.

    One of the managers has on occasion made crude comments about her body.

    As a result she is afraid of losing her job by complaining to upper management or even further up the ladder as jobs are hard to find.

    NONETHELESS a young female should not be afraid to speak out, so I am, and if corporate wishes to go further it has to be done where she does not have to fear for her job for speaking out. I hope to hear back from you soon…Thank you….Anthony Anderson

  139. I’m going to put this out there, there are many stores, and yes, mine in particular, where we set out to make our customers experience a good one every day. I am a store manager myself ( Scott if you find out who I am please don’t fire me).
    And I know what it’s like to walk into any given store in any given place in America and be treated like an A-Hole. I know, because I’m the same as the guy walking through my door. Happens every day. To all of us. My goal, priority #1, is to earn loyal customers. Satisfied customers won’t always come back, loyal customers will. My District Manager is a freakin’ genuis. I’ve got to have just dumb luck. He is A class, all the way. Straight shooter, and won’t tolerate unethical behavior. Hell of a “coach”. Sales driven, 100%. Unethical behavior will result in termination. Period.
    The District he manages is has quite a few, most, if not all, solid store managers. People of all walks, tryin as hard as we can to succeed, to grow our buisness, to be better. We are out to make a solid positive impact on our customers.

    This is a good company, as companies go. Yes, mad corporate greed, but get the green doesn’t come from getting over on the customer. It comes from getting the customer through ours doors, seeing what we have to offer, and being treated well enought want to come back.

  140. Well said

  141. I have seen some pretty under handed things happen at your store but this is akin to breaking the law. Why does Auto Zone allow drug and alcohol use by its store staff during business hours? A store manager came in drunk,with cocain visably coming out his nose and second manager reported it to district manger, Corporate was informed, then it was all swept under the rug, because the drugged manager is considered a golden boy? There were several witnesses to this act. Next time it happens it will be repoted to local law inforcement. The safety of the public should be kept in mind not profits. Explain this away Scott.

  142. This place is the only job I’ve had that does not have drug testing when you are hired. Way to go AZ, hiring anyone you want just to fill positions; also, hires based on poor judgment by managers when everyone in the HR field knows self judgment and first impressions are usually poor as a basis for hiring an individual.

  143. I worked for az for 3 years. I was promoted to psm in a month. I am very good at what I do. very good. I worked hard, sold RECORD number of checkout challenge, worked 20 hrs one day, ran the store by myself on numerous occasions, and out performed 75% of the store managers in the company. I brought my store to the top of the district, top of the region and top 90 of the chain. I got a red wittdtj pin. I stopped a crook who was ripping off az stores across the district to the point where he was prosecuted and convicted of felony theft of 7000 plus dollars. What did I get in return? I talked to my dm about getting promoted and he laughed. he asked me if i was joking. He said he didnt even know if I was right for the job. I never called off and never showed up late. 3 days later, i started my job at napa autoparts. so now I say to you….. **** YOU BILL RHODES! **** YOU OHIO AUTOZONE, AND **** YOU SCOTT KOCH! go to and search **** AUTOZONE. this is what happens when you do nothing but railroad your employees and treat them like dirt.and I used to defend this company in hopes of making a living for my family by kissing ass. Instead the cut me 7 hrs in one afternoon. i was down to 30 hrs a week because “sales wernt there” but we were up 7-9% gps as a district. everything everyone here is saying is true! very very true! go shop at places where the employees are treated like human beings. go to napa, go to oreillys, go to advance, pep boys, car quest, car parts warehouse, parts pro, order online go to junk yards jsut stay away from AUTOZONE! there stocks are up to 150/share because of why? not because theyre the best! most of the guys working there dont know ****! I was ase certified p2 parts. jesus christ just know az is nothing more than a big box facility. just like walmart! as far as people complaining about not drug testing there employees. I was that guy wh everyone had to get to fix all the problems, answer the hard questions, find the hard to find parts. i also SMOKE WEED DAILY!. just not at work cause i cant function stoned. always at home at night before bed. for 15 years ive been like this. dont be so fast to judge, youd never know i get high if I didnt tell you. never again autozone, I hope your company crumbles to the ground!

  144. Auto zone claims to have great culture and support their employees but yet they instate many crazy policies have you noticed that little packet of brake lube or spark plug antiseize the zoners try to sell you well the reason is auto zone will fire you if you dont sell their WITT or Checkout challange they basically want you to force the customer to buy this stuff as add on sales if you dont youll be fired also the new attendance policy is bull ****** every one in the store is held accountable for their attendance except the store manger, now their reason for making this policy is to make sure zoners are on time because that effects customer service well thats crap store mangers DO NOT HAVE TO CLOCKIN OR OUT he/ she may be on the sched for opening with one other zoner and a Comm SPEC well alot of the time mr store manger is hours late causing the zoner and CS to struggle helping customers but THE STORE MGR IS NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR BEING ON TIME THEY GET PD FOR 100 HRS EVERY 2 WKS AND SOME ONLY WORK 30 HRS A WEEK


  146. right on buddy. anyone else currently employed at az who would like to state the fact that they are stoners and also more competent then those who make more and are not stoners please address that now. support your local nrml branch!

  147. search f u c k a u t o z o n e no spaces. you will appreciated it.

  148. hilarious dude really was that an ooga horn or just the radio

  149. my hand on my kids life! customer returned damaged aooga horn, i ran it to a isle 1 switch we had laying around and mounted that into a small o/s box, then hardwired it to the jump box under the parts counter. id wait till the customers were at the p/c then hit em with an AOOOOOOGAAAA! made some chick jump out of her shoes! lol so the phone rings and the rest is history. soo damn funny.

  150. - AutoZone always puts the Checkout Challenge first
    - We know our WITTDJR pieces
    - Our sales pitch is great
    - We’ve got the right merchandise to up-sell the customer for every occasion.

  151. Policy states that you could not wear earrings but the store manger continued to wear her silver hoop earrings. Employees were put on a point system so that they may be held accountable for their tardiness but store managers were not held to the same standards. Store managers were allowed to come and go and not be held accountable for their whereabouts. Customer service was number one priority yet the store manager never stepped up to help or assist a customer when the employees were busy. Employees were not allowed to use their cell phones but the store manager is constantly on her cell phone laughing and talking. Employees were not allowed to have visitors yet the store manager had family and friends constantly at the store and even in the back room. The store manger continued to ask the red shirts questions that she should of known before she was hired. If you don’t know anything about mechanics why would AZ hire you. After ex-employees were fired the store manager continued to asked them questions about mechanical problems as they entered the store to by parts. Explain this: how is that you wont give part time employees over time yet you pay another store employee two hours travel time to work at a different store. Where is the common sense?

  152. Tired, Please contact me at the corporate office, for that fact anyone reading these or writing these entries contact me. I will do what I can, so help with any issues. Sometimes it seems like I can’t do enough and you might be right, but I will do what I can for both Customers and employees. I will never require a name, but to do the best I can you will have to give some factual information to go on. Tired, in the above entry has given me several examples of what is going on in his or her store and I can start working to resolve those issues. I need basic information like store number, dates of incident(s) and anything you feel comfortable in telling me. I perfer you send me an e-mail, but I will still respond in an open forum such as this. My e-mail is Thanks

  153. Tired, AutoZone policy does not state that you may not wear earrings. We may wear 1 pair of earrings. It’s ok if she asks mechanical questions…that’s not the whole job. I will admit to a customer that I don’t know the answer but I will find out. Some zoners make up answers or send the customer away. We only get paid mileage for traveling, not wages. I do agree that managers should be held accountable for their working hours. I remember when assistants didn’t have to punch the clock, they abused it also. Read your handbook honey and try not to worry about what everyone else is doing or getting.

  154. Azgirl. Read the handbook correct on earring but my Dm and sm made up their own handbook that said no earrings and it’s my way or the highway but they didn’t lead by examples. Do as I say not as I do. U are correct on abusing the time clock because the sm doesn’t feel she has to be held accountable for her time put in at work. Don’t believe you understand what is happening. Leaders are suppose to lead by examples. Leaders are suppose to mentor others. Employees should be recognized for the good they do and not only what they failed to do. There should be communication from the bottom up and from the top down. When you have employees who like their job then your productivity will rise and the over all moral will rise. I’m not saying that employees don’t screw up because we all do. I’m just saying supervisors can’t discipline an employee for something they wouldn’t write themself Up for.

  155. Tired, I hear you my friend. In a perfect world everything you said would be true, but that’s not our reality. DMs and SMs do make up their own rules, unfortunately, and it’s wrong. We can’t do much about it because if we jump the chain of command we’re really gonna pay. “Do as I say, not as I do” is one of my pet peeves! I transferred stores because of a SM like that. Also, I am a veteran and firmly believe that you shouldn’t ask your “troops” to do anything you’re not willing to do. I am a PSM and I clean bathrooms, mop the floor, etc. You will drive yourself crazy trying to change things, trust me I’ve tried. Try to focus on the positives in yourself, your job, and your co-workers (look really hard).

  156. damn. just an update. I quit az after 3 years as a PSM and now work at NAPA. open at 9 am close at 6 pm off sunday monday and 8-4 on sat. i took a PAY CUT and some how make MORE MONEY now due to the 40 hrs a week instead of the 32 because AZ is always trying to cut the fat. up 9% over last year and cutting hrs? so awsome. F U AZ! search F*CK AUTOZONE AND COMMENT. THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

  157. I work at autozone,store 1781!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it there,nice customers,i love the people I work with!!!!!!!!PS: Nice job autozone corporate for keeping an eye on this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. I watched the youtube video. It was sort of funny.

  159. The video, weather you like autozone or not is preeeety damn funny! NEW UPDATE! got job at local “used parts dealer”. 32k a year plus bonus same hours and very nice people. KEEP SEARCHING FOR THE LIGHT!

  160. ive been working at autozone for more than 1 year now. here is my story,
    one day i was working from 1 pm to 10 pm EST closing the local store. getting ready to close up i see at the door a man in a van with two guys so im wondering what can those people doing here this time. so without any notification that i had to stay back and polish and buff the floors and help remove the stocks from the floor and stayed back until 4 in the morning cleaning the store. while taking the stock to the back of the store the guys has already start putting out the slipperly solution the buff the store, taking stuff in the back very heavy weight stuff i slipped and sprained my ankle. the manger that night wrote an incident report for me. the following day i couldnt make it in due to my swollen ankle. because i was unable to come to work due to autozone negligence for employees the store manager give me two points for not comming to work although i informed him about this hours and hours before. if my store manager cant fix this i will go to the ends of the world just to fix this , and dont even care if my life is on the line im 18 i dont have a family i have nothing so autozone cant take **** from me. but i will fight for what i know is right.

  161. kev, its called workmans compensation for the injury, and the FMLA, or family medical leave act. it states that you cannot be punished for an on job injury or a leave of absence due to such injury. state these facts to your SM and DM and watch the points go POOF! If you dont stand up for yourself, who will? ****Update*****. went to work in the same field but new company. more hours, much more pay, serious atmosphere, taken seriouly, manager position, BONUS’. autozone, do you know what a bonus is. nooooooo. and kev. i worked at 13 hour day, and then at 9 they said be there, there gonna do the floors. how long? i ask. till 4 am. sweet! bitches had me work 20 hrs w/o notice. but I sat in the car and drank so much I was smashed at 4am with two other people who worked w me. move on after they pay you for your time off due to your injury, its called short term disability, covered in workmans comp, work your way up and yuou will find someone able to pay you what your worth. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM search F*** AUTOZONE and comment. THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, AND IM STANDING THERE. lololololol

  162. Kevin, Sorry about your troubles. Doing floors without prior notice is your sm’s fault. Good luck getting any workmans comp. I’ve never seen anyone get it…sprains, back injuries, you name it. Once a worker got run over by an old man while testing his battery! You have to pick your battles hun.

  163. KEV! dont listen to her, her comment tells me that shes either a sm or dm. IT IS THE LAW TO BE COVERED ON WORKMANS COMP FOR AN INJURY UNLESS UR A DOPER, AND CANT PASS A PISS TEST. WEE TEST. Thats why there is workmans compensation. break it down dude. workmans ( people who work for a living.) compensation. ( being paid back or granted something for payment for something) in this case, an injury. ***WIKI: Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides compensation medical care for employees who are injured in the course of employment, in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

    OHIO law info:

    just google by your state plug workmans comp. plus your state here.

  164. I ordered a VDP part yesterday and it was supposed to be here today at 3:00pm, where the heck is it??? Tracking number says I wont get it till Monday, why tell me today when it really would be here Monday?? Even the little computer said it would be today. Can I sue for lost wages because I will be missing another day of work due to shipping errors or errors at your VDP store?

  165. Josh, let me know the store and part number date ordered (transaction number )and let me see what the issue is, and see what we need to do to get you the part now.

  166. josh, as much as i hate the zone for the way they treat employees, YOU, AREA A you cannot sue them. you have no legal right to sue due to the fact that you have other options to get your parts like used parts stores, other retail, online and dealership. and its a manufacturer, not a VDP STORE. u ignorant asshole. its assholes like you that put the employees who are already overstressed by the half assed way the zone is ran that push said employees over the edge and ruin there abitions twards customer service. i know how to fix ur car. park it in a garage, run a hose from the tailpipe, eat a bunch of ambien, and wait for it to fix itself. pls. scott, your welcome. Im glad to be able to say the things you cannot say for fear of the other guy reading what your doing to fix these issues. and that guy, and that guy, and the guy watching him and so on. THIS IS FOR ALL THE ZONERS WHO DONT DARE SPEAK OUT FOR THEMSELVES. amen. :) ****** UPDATE !!!! FIRST CHECK FOR ONE WEEK AT NEW POSTION : 860.00…. ONE WEEK!!!!!!! have a great day. THERE IS LIGHT. I KEEP TELLING YOU….

  167. Derik, I’m a psm. I’m not a shady beeotch. Kevin can do whatever he wants, I’m just saying that the company doesn’t give a flying f*** about it’s employees. One of our guys blew his knee out so they made him sit on a stool and run the register instead of being home on comp. I wish he could get everything he deserves.

  168. Derik, I’m glad you’re doing good at your new job. You are right, I’m sure Scott would love to tell the dipswitch off.
    Josh, “Estimated arrival date”. Sound familiar?

  169. MAGNOLIA NJ Store. What is with this store?

    The District Manager must not know what he is doing when it comes to this location…….. I really don’t know why I continued to spend my money at this store and believe me we spend a lot there……… There is a manager at this store (kind of short with a shaved / bald head) not sure how long he’s been there or if he has any experience to be a manager. He’s rude and doesn’t work or help out. I have never seen him do anything but stand around while another employee is looking up parts and ringing up customers and people are having to wait longer then they should because this guy wants to stand around doing nothing letting the other employee goes crazy doing it all himself. I put things back and left many times because the wait was to long. I mean seriously there are a lot of people looking for work and you hire one who doesn’t want to work. ………Also a comment on some other posts I read here. I appreciate the employees who love cars and choose to work for little pay in order to help others choose the right part or help with trouble shooting a problem. Some employees get to know you and your car and talk to you when you come in and these are the ones who would make Autozone a great parts store and bring in more customers. The rude lazy ones will cost you business and lose you customers.Wake up and start doing a better inspection of your stores and employees. The CEO needs to go on that show where they go under cover and see what goes on in their stores. this is crazy.

  170. Mike, the CEO of Auto Zone could never go undercover as his face is too well known throughout the stores. It’s especially brought forward when he comes out with his quarterly sales reports on how he touts our great earnings and the high percentages over the previous years sales. The store employees love reading this on DOC, knowing him and the other executives are getting big bonuses when they’re looking forward to a 2% annual raise. For the average store employee that amounts to 15 - 20 cents per hour. Remember that next time you want advice on that high dollar part you need.
    There sure is low morale among AZ employees. The fix? Union!

  171. I was in the store standing in line, whil other customers and I were made to wait while clerks gave price quotes on the phone. I finalyy yelled out!!! I should have called my purchase in. I left and spent my $300.00 at Nappa. By Auto Zone.

  172. still hate the zone, but mike, you should go to napa. ps, spelled NAPA. one p. also, WHILE has an e on the end. FINALLY is one y and two l’s. DROP THE EXCLAMATION POINTS AND PUT IN A COMMA AND QUOTATION MARKS. THE “BYE” YOUR REFERRING TO HAS AN E ON THE END. AND AUTOZONE IS ONE WORD, AND ONLY THE A IS CAPITAL. retards like you who dont know how to use the built in spell check or even worse how to spell in the first place belong at napa with the rest of the retards that make zoners lives just a little bit harder. PLEASE DONT JUDGE THE FACT THAT I USE CAPS AND POOR PUNCTUATION WHILE TELLING SOMEONE TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL. YOU LEARN WORDS BEFORE YOU LEARN SENTENCES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA DIQ HEAD.


  173. I agre with your complaints and moreover,I cant find a cold air intake for my car, can u get parts from autozone?
    Porsche Rims

  174. Complaints against Autozone? Honestly, where can I attempt to start? I worked for the company for 6 years and 7 months until I decided to terminate my employment with the company. I am a female who worked for the company and basically it SUXS when you are overlooked for new positions within the company. I was a manager for the company, ASE certified, etc…but that doesn’t matter to upper management. Second, I do not like employees who stand around and do NOTHING while you are busting your tale to make sure the store runs properly. I have had experiences when the Store Manager hires women JUST for looks. WTF? Can we hire someone with a tad piece of automotive knowledge? It makes my job so much harder when YOU (Store Manager, District Manager, etc) hire women with no interest in autos. I spoke with Store Manager about these issues, and of course, they are always overlooked. I attempted to resolve issues with our store with the Store Manager or better yet, the Regional Staff. The best answer they tend to come up with: We will get back with you. What does that mean? Another issue with AutoZone, employees can steal money from registers and are still allowed to work there. Over the years, I have seen employees getting fired for ‘taking’ a battery from the place, but when an employee register comes up short frequently and nothing is happening, what does that state? The company is not living up to it’s ‘CULTURE’.

  175. All i have to say is that i LOVE working for AutoZone!! My Store, co-workers, SM, DM, are great. We work well and have the respect of our community as well as other stores in the area. The company has never done me wrong and i plan to make a full career from this.

  176. Thank you Stephanie,

  177. As an ex-employee at the store in Edmond, Oklahoma. I have to say it was one of the best experiences i had. Jeff Mitchell the store manager SHOULD BE GIVEN A BIG RAISE he is one of the best managers i’ve had in my life. I loved working with the people there they were all great and very interested in helping customers out. Jeff does give us incentives when we meet our monthly challenges for example 200 dollars or a couple of free autozone shirts. Even though we were not allowed to take tips from customers they were so happy and thankful of my service to them that they threw in an extra 20 or so. One time i helped a few store managers around the area and they offered me a free meal or item from their store! It was awesome. although almost most of my co-workers weren’t very happy with what they were getting paid so i would suggest a raise for all the employees at the store near 9th street in edmond oklahoma!

  178. Ex-Employee, By your note I would guess that you are a woman. By the way you were treated I would guess that you are hot. Lucky you.

  179. azgirl, I was just trying to avoid sounding conceited and pretentious… And I’m not a woman but thanks for the compliment :P

  180. Ex-Employee, You seem to have a good sense of humor. Sorry if I sounded like a brat. Most of the time my team is pretty good to me, but not as good as what you described. Take it easy. *: )

  181. I buy all of my autoparts for those things that I can do on our cars myself from the AutoZone in Sandy, UT. All of the people that work there are great and Bruce the manager sees to it that you always get the right part. The qualtity of the parts they sell is pretty decent but the store is specially good because of its employees.

  182. Autozone is the Walmart of the Automotive Industry. Both are the Biggest Bunch of Anti-American Liars and Crooks to the highest degree. SAY NO TO SCUM!

  183. Anti-Autozone, You are ignorant! AZ employs a LOT of people. Who exactly are the liars and crooks? Is it the cashiers, parts people, managers, executives, CEO…or maybe it’s the shareholders? I assure you that I am not a liar or a crook and I sure as hell am not Anti-American!!! What I am is happy to have a job.

  184. I work at autozone and have since FEB, and I am a member of the United states Army Reserves
    i have 2 things to go over.
    1. My store manager who hired me told me that i cant go full time bc i am in the Army Res. and am gone for one weekend out of the month and that is one weekend i cannot work. I THINK THAT IS BULL**** !!!!!
    i talked to my Platoon SGT at my unit and they said it is a violation of the Soldiers and Sailors act. IDK if it is or what but it pisses me off either way. i had to walk away when he told me that..
    2. My store recently hired a new autozoner. the BOY (not man) dose not no a dam thing about computers let alone the job field he is in. My an my fellow employees hours got cut so he can get his 12-18 hrs a week in. IM SO MAD! Why will they not fire him? And wile im ranting and raving here goes number 3.
    GET OVER IT!!!
    there are other part stores out there.
    If u dnt like it bc i tell you that your 69 VW beetle dose not have a waterpump bc it is AIR COOLED but ur college kid ass says it dose and argues with me about it bc ur white collar dad said thats what wrong with it. i mean really. The customer would no what kind of car they drive. it should be a law. if u dont no then u loose ur car.
    I have Been building cars for 10+ years. i ante a master mechanic but i no a good bit. But when i cant tell you what is wrong with your car after i have said a few things on what i might think it is and u catch a attitude bc i dont no what it is, dont get pissed when i tell you that you need to go to a mechanic instead of a part-store.
    I GOT WROTE UP FOR NOT SELLING ENUF CHECKOUT CHALLENGE!! i asked every customer. but sold 5 the hole week. i live in a tight nip town. dont no body want that SHI…..
    BUT THE MAIN THING I WANT TO NO IS was my store manager in the right for telling me that???(#1)
    Thank you hopefully Scott can help me out

  185. AZ MAN, I can help but please contact me at The issue of the military I know that answer and as for the others they will need further checking, please send me an e-mail with the best way to contact you.

  186. AZ MAN, They better stinkin’ not discriminate against you for serving your country! Read the bulletin board in your office, I think the laws pertaining to that are posted there. The stores do have a certain number of part timers and full timers they are allowed…maybe that’s why they hired the new kid. My dm also has a check out challenge/witt pack addiction…it’s ridiculous! I can’t believe they actually wrote you up for that. If you do not get satisfaction then call human resources, it’s the equilevant of a customer calling the dm. Maybe scott can help you…maybe. Good luck. God bless you.

  187. I just quit this company about 3 months ago… I worked for Autozone for 2 years as a store manager. I must say, while I am grateful for the opportunity to run a store and to learn various aspects of the business, Autozone is quite simply a very EVIL company. The reason why I would dare say such things is simple; Autozone does NOT care about its employees. The benefits in comparison to other retail companies are substandard. The fact that only the store manager gets a monetary bonus is not fair to the rest of the team. Its not ok to force employees to purchase “dress code” items (they should be called uniforms and thus be subsidized the company) when we are required to deal with oil, grease, battery acid, and to work on customers cars while maintaining spotless uniforms!

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. I hate Checkout Challenge! How many months in a row can we shove fuel injector cleaner down people’s thoats?! Being forced to sell customers products that they don’t need is morally reprehensible and is flat out wrong. One month I have to tell customers that Lucas FIC is amazing and a wonderful bargain at one dollar off, but the next month I have to explain to that very same customer why Gumout is so awesome at $3.99! This makes no sense and will only hurt the company in the long run.

    The same thing happens to WITTDTJR. I can appreciate the idea of only making one trip to the parts store and ensuring that people get what they need, BUT there is so much pressure coming down from the Regional Manager to the District Manager to then the Store Manager to sell little packs of grease because it looks good on some report! That kind of pressure and monitoring does not make good customer service. I personally know managers that abuse this system… like selling 2 tmp-1’s when the pack says one pack will do 8 plugs! Or instead of trying to help customers with their problems, your manager only cares about how many oil change kits you sold!

    Furthermore in comparison to other auto parts stores, AutoZone deliberately pays less! I felt so bad having to offer a PSM $11.00 when the local NAPA would pay $13.50.. or more. This brings me full circle to the store manager bonus. Back when Pitt Hyde was CEO, the SM bonus was significantly more than what we got now. Also, they used to give the employees free shirts when you got hired! But that was when they cared about employees and not about how much profit they can make off of one customer.

    I have many other issues with the company… like planograms! I have never seen such a great waste of payroll hours than with the constant reset of planograms! Or the fact that store managers must work 50 hours! There is no need for us to be there that much. I would be more than happy to give those extra 10 hours to an Autozoner that really could use them. Its unfortunate that Store Managers here in California are hourly, as SM’s here are underpaid by the hour and are forced to make it up with the mandatory OT. And if the manager doesn’t do the whole 50, the manager doesn’t get the salary dollar amount that was promised. However in other states, if a manager leaves early they get the same amount of pay. That is NOT fair to the other managers and the employees that work under that manager.

    Oh and to everyone that reads this… our buddy Scott Koch wrote a very nice poem in this years Autozone calendar….. its says he works in Loss Prevention, for what its worth to you all that are emailing him.

  188. Since you brought it up, I am the Cyber Investigator for the company, My job responsibilities include watching for stolen items on e-bay, Craigslist and other sites. My responsiblities also include checking the internet for anything related to autoZone good or Bad. If you will look way back at the beginining of this blog I am not hiding what I do. If I find that a customer or Employee can use my help I will do everything in my power to help them.I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago when I worked in the field for AutoZone, and when I was to the point of being in a wheel chair, this job was created for me, so I could come out of the field, They have taken care of this employee and many many more. Ask me anything I do not dodge questions or try and hide anything about who I am or what I do.

  189. Scott,

    By no means did I intend any offense whatsoever. However, in dealing with upper management at Autozone, I tend to find them untrustworthy. Concurrently, while I am very glad that the company was able to accommodate you and your condition, I wish they would show that kind of compassion to others in the field. In my experience, I could almost swear that the “40 headed CEO” team has some sort of unwritten book about how they can keep raising that average ticket while decreasing employee morale. Surely Scott, with the amount of complaints and unhappy employees that read about (perhaps have seen first hand), you have to be aware that something is dangerously wrong with this company. And no one can deny that ever since Pitt Hyde left, that the company attitude gradually changed into what it is today.

  190. And now they just cut my hours to dam 16 next week?!?!?!
    bc i cant force ppl to by stupid flashlights!!!!
    This is so stupid

  191. AZ MAN,

    Your store manager is limited to the amount of hours he/she is given from corporate. Those number of hours are determined upon average sales for this time of the year for your store.

    Because your SM has a lot of pressure to sell checkout challenge from the DM which was inevitably passed down from the RM, which was then passed down from the VP. Those VP’s directly report to Tom. That’s why your hours got cut. Its not “good customer service” to sell useless crap at the checkout, its only to drive your stores bottom line (if you read the P&L its called Retail Contribution), which is the reason that this is all about. Why pay someone who isn’t going to help that bottom line? This is true for any business, however Autozone’s KPI’s measure a persons (rather SM and his/her teams) worth with how many packets of grease you can sell, or how many purple power’s you can con people into buying.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I loved helping customers and having customers buy the right stuff so they can do the job right the first time. But when an Autozoner has to lie to customers, in order to sell them things that won’t help them really do the job but rather will make the store look good on a report in order to keep his/her job, that is bad business.

  192. Kris, I hear you. I’ve been with the zone for 14 years and things are worse now than ever. The check out challenge and witt pack things are ruining my store! We have some awesome store managers in our district and they are just about fed up and I’m afraid we might lose them. (Especially with O’Reillys coming to town.) It doesn’t seem to matter what our average ticket is, how great our store looks, how happy our customers are…what matters is KPI. My team is very frustrated and unhappy. I am an excellent employee and I don’t sell a ton of that stuff, I try but won’t lie. If I wanted to work in high pressure sales then I would do it someplace where I got paid well for it.
    Scott, I’m glad the company is taking care of somebody. Upper management may be treated well, but not store employees. : (

  193. AZ Girl I do my best to try and solve as many issues as I can, I was in the field and in our stores, so I am aware of many issues our employees face. In my current position I do have the ear to some of the folks in higher places. I know I can never make everybody happy, But I will always work on behalf of our employees to get the issues I see on the internet to the right people and to follow-up to see if the issues are addressed. Being someone that has first hand knowledge of what it feels like to worry about having a job, I do truely understand regardless what people say on sites like this.

    my e-mail address is always published

  194. Scott, Thanks and for what it’s worth, I believe you. : ) I really do love my job. If I had one issue that I could have addressed it would be the KPI(?) reports. Whatever it is that tells check out challenge, witt packs, and air filter upgrades. It really is destroying morale and annoying the customers. There is so much pressure coming from our DM and probably from higher up than that. I understand that the bottom line is #1, but what about our pledge? Can you help with this?

  195. last week I compiled a list of frequent complaints by customers and a list of frquesnt complaints by employees. I took information from this site and 9 others like it. Once the information is mapped out I will turn it over to the proper people who will review it.

  196. Have any of you Auto Zone employees bothered to read the technical information put out by AC Delco, Motorcraft, Champion, Bosh, Autolight, or NGK? You notice I just listed the spark plugs you sell. You’ll find in their instillation information they all recommend against using anti-seize compound. If anti-seize compound is used, different torque values are to be used when installing their plugs. Did you all know that? Do you all pass that on to your customers when you strongly recommend they use anti-seize? Do you realize that by recommending anti-seize without giving them the proper information regarding torque values can result in damage to their engines? Have any of your AutoZone “mechanics” ever notice that the factory never uses anti-seize when they install spark plugs? To knowingly sell a customer something that can cause damage to their vehicle is despicable but we know your job depends upon you doing it.

    Any of you also notice that all of your new plug wiresets come pre-lubed with boot grease but you all will still recommend the boot grease when they buy plugs and wires. Some stores even staple the grease and anti-seize together and call it an Instillation Kit.

  197. Justin, I haven’t read all of that and I wouldn’t remember it if I did. Torque values? If you mean how tight to torque them down then that would be the first time I’ve ever heard of someone doing that at all. We are not az “mechanics”, that’s our whole point! Have you ever seen a spark plug break off because it was stuck? Not fun. I know the new wires come with grease, I still offer the boot grease. I would never knowingly tell a customer to do something that would damage their vehicle or hurt them in anyway. The company listens to it’s customers…go on their website and bitch about it. There is a survey on each receipt, you could complain about the pushy sales, but please don’t give the employee bad marks unless they really deserve it. Have a great day!

  198. WOW!
    I cannot believe what I’m reading and I can’t believe they have someone from corporate monitoring this site. I bet a fellow AZer told him about this site and he jumped right to it.
    I’ve been with the company for 2 and half years and the first year was great until my store manager left. After that it became HELL! My first store manager blinded me from the bad things, well now I have seen it all.
    I could go on and on and on with complaints against the company and agree with all of you on how ****ty things are with this company.
    Start off with I filed a complaint for sexual harassment. Instead of HR getting involved, I was relocated to another store. This store manager thinks he’s a f*cking god send. That he’s mr. perfect. Well yeah, NO!
    He’s a racist, sexist asshole. I’ve been retaliated against, discriminated for being a female, and sexually harassed while working for this company. Now I’m dealing with workmans comp due to my store managers negligence about safety!

    This company has done nothing but wrong to me and I’ll be damned if they keep it up. They’ve made work so unbearable I cry when I get home.
    Guess what Autozone?! EEOC on your asses with a lawsuit and now another for a permanent injury due to someone being careless.

    I have called every single number there is to file complaints with AutoZone and not a single person helped me out. So Scott, I doubt you’ll help either. I seriously think that someone needs to give AutoZone a reality check.

    Hey check this out - go to Google and research AUTOZONE DISCRIMINATIONS

    It’s crazy. This company is terrible. The only reason I’m still here is because I have to support my mom and I need the money. Oh, and since I got hurt my SM is fighting for me NOT to come back because I can’t perform like I was able to before.

  199. As far as those damn packets are concerned. It’s nothing but vaseline. It’s basically useless.

    My SM will force customers to get them and force the air filter with oil filter. sometimes even fight with the customer to by the oil change special. I straight up told him when I was buying oil “Don’t you get it - I don’t use Castrol, I use Pennzoil. DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO BUY!”

    Now I get my sh*t from walmart.

  200. RedShirtGirl Yes I monitor this site and if you look at the very first post, it was a customer that I was able to help Anyway your post has got my attention. I take things in your post very seriously, sexual harassment has no business in the work place period, If they moved you from your store after you made the complaint, that needs looking into, especially if HR was not involved. You talk about being retaliated against, being discriminated for being female and the safety issues plus you store manager is a racist, all of these things make me pretty mad and your right something needs to be done, if this is going on.. I find it appalling that you have contacted so many people and no one has helped you. Please contact me, my e-mail address is or call the corporate office and ask to be transferred to me. No person should ever go home from a job that is so bad it makes them cry.

  201. RedShirtGirl, I am so sorry for your trouble. Unfortunately sexual harrassment is part of life even though it’s wrong. I don’t care what anyone says…the only time you should file a complaint is if you don’t mind leaving your job. Sad but true. If you get no satisfaction from the company then contact the civil rights department and be prepared for a couple years of playing around with it. You have to decide if you want to see it through. Usually it’s best if you handle complaints within your own store…harass them back…don’t take **** from anybody! I know it’s hard and I feel for you. Good luck. I’ve had days where I would throw up when I saw a certain coworkers car in the parking lot. P.S. I only sold one check out challenge today and two witt packs so I’ll probable be in trouble on monday. lol (not)

  202. AZGirl, I sold 4 COC’s and nothing else, LOL. I would LOVE to hear something about that tomorrow.

    I’m amazed right now. I can’t believe someone is actually concerned when HR is trying to act like they care right now and I can’t stand it. I just found out my Store manager is leaving to go to a new store that is opening next week and my ASM is taking over. Even though he’s leaving, action needs to be taken against him. And when HR met after the EEOC got involved they said they knew nothing, but my DM said he told everyone, Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. The district I work in needs some more discipline,
    I would love to e-mail you but right now I’d like to remain annonymous. I’ll try and call you on Monday because I have to think on it, is someone really concerned or is it a joke?


  203. AZGirl

    As far as the sexual harassment complaint and leaving, I’ve filed charges with the EEOC already. Now that they’re aware of them being involved they’re doing everything in there power to make me quite because they know firing me would be considered retaliation. Well, obviously they’re too blind to realize they’re doing it anyway.

    Yes Scott, the EEOC is involved, and as you know termination is considered retaliation. So obviously you know what they’re doing now.
    If I feel I can trust you, maybe we can work something out and drop it all together, but right now since I’ve been betrayed by so many AZers, I don’t feel confident enough. If you do some research in the corporate office, you may figure out who I am. Regional Manager is RJ.

  204. Hehe, I’m laughing right now at how ridiculous this company is. As you know the EEOC is involved. HR tried to make a deal with my to drop the charges because they’ve been so into making me happy since the charges were sent. $0.27 an hour - thats it - nothing else, not even a lump sum to make up for anything that has already happened. This company has money, the just don’t want to dish it out.

    Who’s the CEO of AZ now and how can I get a letter his/her way?

  205. RedShirtGirl, Don’t sign anything without a lawyer looking it over first, I made that mistake already. Go to the website for company info.

  206. bill rhodes is the ceo. he makes a million a year. i work for a similar facility now since i left az, and my weekly bonus is 60 bux. my quarterly is 1300. my pay is 625 a week. pd weekly. do the math for a grey shirt pay. its double. i ****ing hate autozone. n e ways. serch autozone bbq and serch **** autozone.!

  207. I told them they’d have to do better than that AZGirl. They are bribing me with this to let the charges go - saying they didn’t find anything wrong. Obviously they know something is wrong and they know they’re in trouble.

    Thank you very much. I’ve already seen the video. Where do you work now, I’d love to know so I can find something and get out of this hell I work in.

    Also this is funny too - My current SM is leaving to go to a new store that is being set up as the SM there. My ASM is stepping up. All of the problem people are leaving…but that still doesn’t solve anything. I’ll still have the torture and stress carried with me every time I walk through that door.


    If any employees current or ex have any suggestions - please tell me.
    Scott, if you see this I’m calling Memphis’s main number tomorrow to talk to you about this ordeal. But I must say one thing. I’m not saying names until I know I can trust you - for sure. You do know that right now I’m having a hard time trusting anyone from this company and I’m rather skittish about talking with someone else. I have to see something or hear something that will help me gain confidence in believing in you for your trust and confidentially with this situation.

    Once again, thank you AZGirl, and thanks for that bit Derik. It’s nice to find someone to talk to that knows the bull**** this company gives.

  208. RedShirtGirl, I have no issue with you contacting the EEOC. I understand about the trust issue, you do not know me. What I can offer you is a person who always wants the truth no matter what. I would just want to make sure that the truth comes out and if someone is being sexually or any type of harrassment, that needs to stop and the person responsible dealt with. AutoZone does not need the type of person you describe working for us. If I can help you, you know how to get in touch with me, if you feel that you just can’t bring yourself to trust me, I understand.


  209. RedShirtGirl, I still stand by my don’t waste your time theory, but if you have the faith and determination then fight! I actually went through this with another company. I’ll give you the sweet and condensed version: My coworkers were vile and disgusting…I said I was going to complain in writing…The next day I got fired because they couldn’t afford me…I called the civil rights department…After 2 years of headache I “won”…I got a small settlement and the other employees had to have special training…They are still vile and disgusting and the boss is still filthy rich. Did I change anything? No. Did I have a personal victory? Yes. Was it worth it? Not so much. If I had shown the settlement papers to a lawyer I probably could have gotten alot more. Also, we hardly ever clean our battery charging station. Take care.

  210. Can you tell me how I can get in contact with the district manager for the Lexington, Kentucky area?

  211. Send me an e-mail at and I can put you in touch with that DM. I perfer not to put that information on a blog site.

    thanks Scott

  212. James, My store has the dm and rm phone numbers posted on the front door. Or you could just ask a store employee. If you’re a zoner then you better not be jumping the chain of command. If you’re a customer then give the store manager a chance to resolve your issue.

  213. Scott, I have a question for you. I haven’t really investigated it yet so I’m just being lazy and using you. lol. I’m fixin to point out from attendance issues. Obviously I love my job and don’t want to lose it and can’t replace it. The reason I am late alot is because I have mental health issues: GAD, OCD, ADD, Depression. This makes it difficult for me to get anywhere on time if I go at all. I miss doctors appts, I forget to go donate blood, I’m always late to church, I forget to go to parties…not just work but stuff I actually wanna do. Is there any way I can get a “waiver” or something. I haven’t talked to my dm because I think he’ll laugh at me. People really don’t understand mental illness and I can’t catch a break for nothin.

  214. I will send you post to the HR team here at the Corporate Office. HR will know more about that stuff than I. If you can send a message to my e-mail ( with your contact information I am sure HR will get the information you need to you. As far as laughing at you, that will not happen from anyone here.

  215. AZGirl, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell the company about your conditions. I almost did that and they’re trying to use it against me because I have ADHD. My best advice is to go to your family Dr. and talk to him/her regarding your situation to try and put a letter together about you having a disability (but not being thorough). They can’t discriminate against your disability.


    If you’re an employee you can jump right to who you want if the SM hasn’t solved the issue. Scott, I know what you’re saying but nowhere does it say we’re to contact the SM first. But yes James, talk to the SM first if he/she doesn’t fix it - start climbing.

    Updates to all who’ve read my post:
    Scott has gone above and beyond his call in work to help me out. He’s jumped through loops to get me where I want. I’m still having difficulty with the legal dept, and Scott wants to fix it. I asked him not to, Bill Rhodes will be the one to work on it. Yes, Scott works in LP and it seems his place is HR or the Legal Dept since he is so good at getting people what is right for them.

    If you feel skiddish like I did, don’t. Call him and talk to him. It’s not that bad - really it isn’t. Nobody is aware I’ve contacted him in my region. I feel confident right now.

  216. This dress code is crock of crap. MY DM popped in and stared at me up and down, then asked me to pull up my pant leg to show my socks. Now my boots are high (10″) - he made me take my freakin’ boot off to show black socks - WTH?! That’s invading my privacy man…


  218. a z employee - LOL!!!

    So true, so true. I looked at him and said “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!” - so I told him to hold his nose, took my boot off and asked him to hold it and shoved my foot right up towards his face and said “BLACK SOCKS!!!! Now don’t ask me anymore - oh would you like to see my undershirt too??” Response “I can’t see your undershirt so it doesn’t matter” My response “Well you can’t see my socks, so why does it matter, and my boots are so high you can’t tell either way!”.

    I don’t think he’ll be asking me anymore, but I’m going to look into this and see if they’re actually allowed to make us pull our pant leg up instead of asking us to act as if we’re about to climb the ladder, since you’d be able to see the socks if they pants were that short. I wear my pants long for a reason.

  219. so how do you like this one, worked for auto zone since Nov of 2004, im part time nights and weekends they know i have a kid on the way so Monday morning at 7:30 i call and tell them kids coming wont make it today or tomorrow night, get to work next work day and looky there i have 2 points for not coming to work, wtf is that, if i wouldn’t have called i would have still got two points, whats that tell me. I work late at my other job so im curtious and call and tell them im running a few minutes late, i get a point, Nope not no more if im going to be more than 15 minutes late, minus well not even come in. Also auto zone has turned into a fun company to work for to strictly politics, sell this or no hours, When is auto zone going to start paying us commission, they hire guys that know nothing about cars because they will work for minimum wage, not very smart for a parts store. I feel replaceable now that autozone started taking applications online, i just am at the point that i hate my job, just dont hate the guys i work with or the customers i have that come in for only me and 2 other guys because our store is full of untrained or unprofessional employees.

  220. autozone is one of the worst companys to work for. I was a commercial manager for 4 years with them. They could care less about their employee’s, but more about their stock worth and profits.
    I delt with trying to make something happen on the commercial end with not many resources. Prices were TOO high and availability on parts was sad. I was always told to work with what i got..well what i had wasnt much to work with….


  221. Also if someone from autozone wants to contact me for my bashing their name just let me know.

  222. sad to say i work for autozone too, to me its just a job nothing more, while theres no where else to go i am stuck there for now, cant say i have it bad considering not many have a job but damn, we are not f-ing mechanics we are not certified nor required not work on any customers car, ive read the handbook saying no such thing, sure the customer is important but this is a do it yourself store not an all service shop their vehicle is their own responsibility not ours, if we actually got paid a decent wage and properly trained to work on cars that is a different story or if we were pep boys but were not, we cant even accept tips for a job we are not required to do nor enough people to help in the store its always a 2 man squad open or closing, and if we catch a shoplifter we cant do anything other than tell him/her to leave and they come back over and over trying to steal what the hell do we do to keep them out if we cant touch them

  223. I do about $500 - $1,000 business with auto zone a week. I’m a small shop with out a commercial account. The store at 1111 Fayetteville Rd in Newnan, GA has gotten treble in the past 1 or 2 months.

    I order some thing and it does not come in so i order it again. It does not come in again so i order it a tried time. It finally comes in the MOD (manger on duty(who was not wearing a name tag)) gives the red shirt the set of gasket (that cost $8.99) the red shirt ask you already pay for these right?. I said yes he says OK ring up my other item (a belt) and says $37.44 then the MOD says are you sure he paid for that (the gaskets)

    I said it was a VDP I would have to pay for it be for it was order. He said “I have to see your receipt before you can take it” I said It at home. He replays “well I don’t know you” I replay you can look it up in the computer. He said I don’t have the slip (VDP order slip) I said that not my fault it is not my responsibility to put that on the box it’s yours. He says well I need to see your receipt. I tell him “this is bull **** and I’m not doing buisness here anymore” I tell my kid and my wife (they had gone to the rest room) that we are leaving.

    I go home get the receipt and have my wife go back up to auto zone to pick up the gaskets. She shows the MOD the receipt and he says that he just need to see it “because your husband looks up a lot of his own parts and for all I know if he order it himself” How if the f**k could I have order it myself? she then goes to return a caliper (not used)(one that was order and the core had bin paid but not returned) and he gives her the money for the caliper but not the core money. She ask what about the money for the core he say he has to bring the core up here to get the money back for it? what I returned the unused caliper. after 10 minuets and calling me she got the core money. she tells him that I would like to talk to the store manger.

    The MOD calls him she tell him “my husband would like you to call him to talk about what happened with the gaskets he says “No
    I do not want to call him, he showed his ass in my store” She says the gasket where paid for and order 3 times. He said well “if he does not want to shop at my store anymore that’s fine” And he says “your husband is not allowed to use the computer anymore (I go to a parts store to get parts. I know what will work, and I don’t need to talk about it all day so I use the customer Z-Net and look them up myself) The store manager then tells me “A $1,000 of merchandise is taken from my store each week” my wife ask him are you accusing my husband of that. He says NO.

    So the store manger that could have solved this with a “sorry” makes thing worse by accusing me of stealing. This is why I will be returning any thing that I have at my shop that was bought for a future project or customers car that I can (About $1,200.00) this week.


    I want to this store 3 days before all this and walk up to the red shirt at the counter and ask “can you go grab me two H15009 it’s brake hardware” HE says “please… your not going to come in here and start bossing me around” the store manger was 1 row over and down it about 10’ so I’m not sure if he heard him or not but the commercial manger was right next to use and looks over at me like what was that. I’m sorry I did not know I needed to say please for him to do his job.

  224. I really have no words for the treatment you received. I am sending this way up the ladder. I want to Apologize, that type of behavior should never happen and I can tell you that is not the way AutoZone wants any of their customers treated. I can guarantee that this will be looked into. If you could please contact me I would like to get a little bit more information as well as a good contact number to reach you.

  225. do you notice the employee’s of auto zone get very little feedback from this online monitor that we pay for, the packet sales are probably just for his job, The second a customer gets on here and complains auto zone will bend over backwards, send them gift cards and so on. I have been nominated for extra miler 4 times sense 2004. and have received a thing.
    i Have helped two family’s from out of town stranded in our parking lot. And yes that was off the clock, and the person i am would not take the tip. Helped a guy until 1:30 in the morning stranded in the parking lot. Went to lunch a girls battery cable came loose and welded itself to the hood caught fire. I fixed her car enough and got my lunch and told her to i would follow her to auto zone we would sell her what she needed (a battery and terminals), i know i did this because of the person i am, but it wouldn’t have hurt auto zone that profits 300k plus a quarter to help my family out. I was laid off from my full time job and wanted to make a career at auto zone, yea i know a joke, and sorry to the guys that have. But wouldn’t pay me, as a full time psm i was told i was making 10.75 and told i was already being overpaid. that’s when i drew the line. i would take any job over the company, i was waiting for o’rielys to come across the street i was jumping and had the prime of the store too, i want to know from auto zone, whats better, a guy making minimum wage? or a guy with car knowledge that will sell parts, and help the customer buy other part they should go ahead and replace, isn’t that auto zone way. How can someone do that that just wants a job making 7.25 an hour that doesn’t know what a u-joint is. I def, want him on the other side of the counter getting my parts. But luckily my full time job called me back, and auto zone is just a gas paycheck instead of my kids bread and butter.

  226. thats a good thing, autozone as become nothing more than gas money really and they keep stonewalling my raise and my coworkers promotion after they were going to quit and go work somewhere else but told them they would give them a raise and promotion if they stayed, months later nothing happened as of yet

  227. AutoZone bribes people way too much.
    HR wanted to give me a .27 raise to drop the charges against them with the EEOC.

    This company is sad and I can’t take it. I’ve been busting my a$$ trying to get a new job just to get the hell away from here!

    Worst part was I could call Scott and talk to him about stuff w/o everyone else knowing - he understood. Now this piece of **** company won’t let him talk to me anymore because I’m talking to some people higher up. That’s f-ed up and not fair.

    The things this company does….

  228. they wont let him or he doesn’t want to, has he even done a damn thing to resolve any issue?

  229. They won’t let him. He wasn’t happy about the situation either because he could relate to me and I felt confident talking to him. He has done a lot for me and has given me advice that was needed. He got me to where I needed to be and I’m grateful for that. What I’m not grateful for is they sat there and told him he couldn’t talk to me anymore because it’d “interfere” with things.

    Scott is very helpful and good at what he does, but he’s also good at getting people what they deserve. He has been on the other side, behind a parts counter before. I told him he should be with HR not LP.

    I’ll admit I’m upset not being able to talk to Scott and just vent about things to someone who understood - you don’t find people like that with AutoZone very often.

    Thanks for all of your help.

  230. Also,

    Scott went the extra mile for me and wanted to help as much as he could, he went out of his way. It’s just the people above him don’t want to do anything…

    I wish all of you luck and I hope by reading my posts, you have confidence in talking with Scott. You can call him and just tell him your nick-name and he’ll talk to you. Farewell for now, for I shall avoid this website.

  231. true, but working here turns you into what you hate

  232. I went yesterday to AutoZone store in NWhigway in Palatine, IL and was just stunned with prices. Everything went up so much that is realy a challenge to find retailer that sells stuff for more than AutoZone! plain castrol 10w30 for 4.29? syntecs 7.49. That is insane. I went to walmart and got jug of 5 qt mobil 1 for 21 and filter for 3.49. AutoZone AC refrigerant was 12.99 walmart 7.49 for same exact thing!!!!!! Are you people insane?


    HIGHLAND CA. 92346

  234. Mrs Lopez I absolutley understand your point. Please send me the location of the store that you were in and the name of the employee, if you remember (if not the date and time you were in the store) I apologize on behalf of AutoZone and the issue will be delt with. I understand if you decide not to do business with AutoZone, but I would still like to address the situation.

  235. Mrs. Lopez,

    I’m sorry about that… I’ve seen it happen one too many times by my old store manager and how he tried to manipulate female customers, and treated me like a dog. Sadly, this company has one too many ignorant employees that don’t care about customer satisfaction - as it says on our name tags!!! This company has gotten me so angry with everything, I don’t even know who I am anymore and it’s so hard to find new work. Thanks to AZ I have high BP now…

  236. this issue is kinda of a double edge sword, not to say it was right what they did it was flat out stupid and sexist

  237. also ive noticed this, scott hasnt given any thought or opinion when the issue of working on the customers vehicle comes up something we are not required to do nor payed for. answer scott

  238. Zero you should be well aware of the GOTTCHA program and how it works. I respond to every post that I can help with, other posts I forward to someone who can help when I can not. I do not respond to posts that are derogatory in nature or people who are just wishing to vent their frustrations (I have no problem with people just wanting to vent) I contact people directly and do not use this forum to communicate unless it is absolutely necessary. Some people no matter what you do, will never be happy. I help as much as I can, but seems like that they will never be satisfied with any answer or assistance I can give. Zero you can take what I say and do and interpret it any way you wish, but I will not stop what I am doing and the issues I manage to help some people work out.

    Scott Koch
    AutoZone / Alldata Corporate Office
    Cyber Investigator / Loss Prevention

  239. Question unanswered

  240. Hi , there you know it sadden’s me to know how , people sicken me , you know policies are in place to help people ,plus employees and Autozone break’s rule’s that are legal and hurt the people whom work for them are the people that live in the local area and people turn against people it lets me know . I think Autozone could be a traffic place to work if you didnt have micromanegement up there ass and help the customer’s and the people whom work for autozone , and STOP ALL the ****ing write ups and help the autozoner complete the learning task at hand and instead write up , write up ,and more ****ing write up i have never been writen up at any job i ever had , until i got this job , i ask for a transfur and to another store and then new manager step’s in , what the hell is this write up queen come’s in selling at a higher precentage than any one in the store and stay under the radar from manager’s , boy this suck’s and what gett’s me i do commericail sales they dont understand i can tell the customer stop buying from your autozone store and go to someone whom can help them just as easy , and you think your God well AUTOZONE your not people will get tired of you one day ,and your industrie will go away like walgreen did macy’s and otasco soo keep on auto zone your day’s will be numbered , ive been a mason for 15 year’s and i kow people too that will put the icing on the cake , i want my transfur
    where i can keep working and stay away from ****ing write up’s you and get on with my future and work with a company that don’t give a rat’s ass about you , like most ****ed up companies.

  241. careful on the info u give villa they can find out who you are, and scott to answer about the gottcha program what it stood for originally is gone but it does give its true intention, its a trap away hence the name gottcha

  242. aside from just venting there are problems being pointed out, problems deliberately caused by autozone and ignored understaffed underpaid little to no training, discrimination racial sexual, internal theft and no security for high risk areas since they are always understaffed even though the company can pay 1 million to make a lawsuit go away but nothing for our well being, write ups for actually doing our job rather than lying to customer even though some are just complete retards, multi tasking again while understaffed( register parts counter thrash paper work inv matrix verifying returns putting them up and taking cores to core bin) reaching our projection but getting bitched at for not selling the checkout challenge, either a ****ing useless $3 item or a fuel injector cleaner after selling another brand the period before and not even getting a thank you promotions stalled raise not given when promised and trust broken with either fellow co-workers or higher ups that are supposed to take issues seriously but instead fire the whistle blower for little to no reason, and to be clear im not venting but pointing out the problems ive seen other people express and the ones ive experienced most are similar anyway since they are brushed off, this time actually provide answers scott rather than some bull**** explanation to completely avoid it

  243. I am a PSM at an autozone in Alabama. Alongside never getting more than 30 hours a week as a full-time employee, I was told this morning that the district manager called my store manager and told her not to put me on the schedule for half this week because the regional manager was coming in. Obviously, the district manager does not want me around when the regional manager comes in so i cant complain to him about how i dont get hours, and how the store manager has been trying to point me out when she knows i have class and schedues me to be there when i cant be. The regional manager needs to be aware of this. I had never more than 3 points until the new store manager came and has been trying to get rid of me ever since and has now teamed up the district manager.

  244. Cody there are 2 Regional Managers in Alabama and I am going to make sure this email gets in their hands, I am sure that they will try and find out what store you work at and check into what you are saying. Scott

  245. so rather than provide answers u completely ignore it, real nice scott

  246. Amazing thread of comments regarding AutoZone and their lack of employee and customer concern. As an employee, I can relate both as employee and customer. Here’s my story…

    My store is 0509, Stillwater, OK. New store manager. New problems, but isn’t there always? We have two drunks, both gray shirts. One retired military who loves to curse out customers in Spanish. He’s been complained about. What did Autozone do? Nothing. Called the SM. What did he do? Took the day off and went to deal with his divorce in one town and a girlfriend in another. The other is our Commercial Sales guy. He gets his job done but WHY does AZ not require drug testing? Too much money for it, that’s why.

    I want to address a very good comment made about sexual harassment. In my store, we rate female customers on a scale of 1-9, nine being the best. When a 9 comes in the door, we all jump. Store manager included. We hope she’ll need us outside. NOT! But a few employees do. The better looking the customer say store manager, the better service she gets. Get lucky, get her phone number he says. Even tried to get a number for one from one lady. Again, he’s dealing with a divorce in one town and a girlfriend in another. Days off, constant texting and phone calls and time off to apartment shop and furniture shop. He’s worthless but Frazier Gonzales (DM) turns a blind-eye. He’s been laid up with an ankle injury and pretty much absent from daily ops. Think the store manager isn’t loving that? He is! One of us did complain early on when the SM was gone all the time on personal issues…nothing. Store managers just kiss butt and keep their jobs. COC (Check out challenge and WITT….if the #’s are good, they keep bad managers). Anyway, the first thing our new manager says is that we need some females in this store, fellas! They sell parts. He hires one. She’s a delivery guy…ha. He likes it when a commercial account needs something delivered and they ask for the girl to bring it. It’s such a joke. Wear a skirt, look nice, you’re treated right. Come to work on time everyday, work your butt off, always neat and clean, always do the right thing….you get nothing. Maybe it’s the SM. He’s workin on getting another girl in here for his numbers to go up. Settig or Odham come in…he’s ready with a smooth line and a joke and he’s off the hook for anything. We peons just look the other way.

    Guess I’m saying I’m not real happy with AutoZone for allowing sexual harassment TO unknowing customers to occur. A ratings scale for female customers…Really?? Really. Bring in a female just to make the mechanics at local auto shops happy is a good tool for upping scores and numbers? Really? In Stillwater it is. And the hangovers every day are getting old. Half the employees here are buzzed every day. One keeps an open container on the premises. I promise. The back door stays open half the time (against store policy) and we have no cameras in our store. Wanna steal from Autozone in Stillwater? You can. We’ll never see you do it. Just take out the merchandise, toss the wrapper behind a shelf and we’ll find it later. And if you want to work here, you’ll need to smoke with the gray shirts. In front of the store no less. nice. What a job. I should go back to school full time and major in ass-kissing. Maybe I could move up the AZ ladder.

    P.S. Can we have a store manager who doesn’t need every other minute off for personal affairs? We’d all like that. And can our one black employee quit using free AZ supplies and time to wash his car? We’d like that, too.

    OK in OK

  247. quitting this piece of **** company was the best thing ive done, dont be afraid of leaving autozone its not worth staying there with the problems put in place

  248. AZer from OKLA,

    are you stupid, a drug test to sell parts, please. Are you just a complainer, or scared or your sexuality. Perhaps gay? I have not worked for one job that we have looked at a female in that same type of way, same way when you go into a place with primarily females working, if your hot, its guaranteed better service anywhere male or female. Othen than if your just that ugly where we/they feel sorry for you. Is this seriously all you have to complain about your store?

    I worked for Autozone for 6 years 2 as a red shirt 4 as PSM. i have had 6 different store managers and only 2 of them worked there actual 50 hours or more a week. I personally liked it better that they wont in the store.

    The worst thing that has happened at auto zone sense i have been there, i just recently left 3 weeks ago was, It used to be a fun place to work i had 8 guys in my store that we worked together for 3 years together, 2 moved away, we got ourselves this new store manager that was going to bring sales up in our store and came in and 3 of them were forced to quit or were fired over something stupid. His words to one of our other PSM’s was “they can all leave i don’t ****ing care”.this company went from being a fun company to work for, to a company all about crunching numbers, WE ARE REPLACEABLE IN THERE EYES, Tell your psm, or if you are a PSM go into the doc screen and look at your kpi reports and look at your gross profitted income for the QUARTER, and then go to your DM,SM and find out why your only make 7.50 to 11 dollars an hour. I will give you that secret for free but your going to need some hose greese for $1.19 to help slide the hose there going to give you in.

  249. No, I’m not gay. I just see the difference in our customer service since it became a challenge to see who could land the cute ladies. EVERY customer should be treated the same.

    I make $8.50 an hour. I’m a gray shirt. I look at the numbers, jimmy from va. I know the store. I also know that the Store mgr’s girlfriend should NOT be behind the counter or in the office looking at paycheck stubs and hourly rates and seeing MY personal information! Yet he allows it. Why should the boss have different rules than the rest of us? It’s become a joke at 0509 and we’re tired of it. DM’s need to be in the stores more often and doing a better job at making the managers MANAGE! And no, our SM does not work his 50 hours. Comes and goes as he pleases, personal sh*t all the time. Can we do it? Not for one minute! Double standards. Stop bringing the personal lives to work! And stop coming to work still buzzed from the not before and smelling like a bar! Am i asking for to much?

  250. you are getting way underpaid man i was making 9.50 when i was promoted to gray shirt

  251. FYI did you know that AZ can track you through your IP addy?
    I have a huge complaint, last week needed some coolant for my radiator so figured it was closer to go to auto zone than wally world to get it. Pulled into the parking lot but no where to park, there was construction at the next door restraunt and the construction workers were parked in every spare space, so I parked across the street. Came inside and there were lots of customers standing around with their purchases, but no one behind the registers. There were no employees in site. Watched as two hispanic guys walked out the doors carrying several bottles of Pennsoil. Guess that got tired of waiting in line. Went to the where the coolant was grabbed a gallon and saw a guy greyshirt with a blond redshirt feeling her up. Shook my head and walked off. Couldn’t get to the register by the front door because of customers waiting in the isle so walked around the back of the store via the back isle and walked in front of the brake machine. In what looked like a storage area I saw a grey shirt texting on his phone and another redshirt guy laughing at him. That explains why no one was was at a register. Must have been a multiple lunch break. I whispered, well **** I don’t have time for this.I put the coolant down on the floor and just walked out. I was in that store maybe twenty minutes.Wonder how many didn’t put their merchandise down and walk out of the store anyway? Question, do these employees get payed to be on their own time, cause if they do I want to come and work for Auto Zone. This is the Belton Texas store. Just thought you would like to know.

  252. thank you very much for taking the time to tell what you saw that day. This is absolutley not the way we run our stores and I will look into it. thanks again Scott

  253. Could you please tell me what day you were at the store? thanks again scott.



  255. Actually jimmy from va we use the cameras for more than just that, we have help police make arrests from Robbery suspects, burglary suspects and SHOPLIFTERS. If police can identify a shoplifter on camera we absolutely press charges. You are correct when you say that an employee who takes from AutoZone without paying is fired, unfortunately it happens. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  256. yet the bastards that robbed the store i used to work at havent been caught and they kept hitting the stores nearby cuz autozone is either too cheap or to stupid to hire security, yea camera do wonders for porn not for workplace safety dumbass

  257. Zero your just that. you need to move on and lord have mercy the poor company that hires you.

  258. And you have failed to read and understand

  259. I work for this piece of sh*t company too. They are evil as hell and will work you to death and complain that you haven’t dropped dead yet from doing more than you should for $8.50 per hour in this damn economy. they don’t care about employees or customers. they only care about dollar figures and making money for themselves. I am also from Tennessee. I’m ashamed this damn company was conceived in my wonderful peaceful, trustworthy and loyal state. AutoZone is some **** if you want to know the truth. I have relocated to the Nations Capitol and have not even received a raise since I been here, They promised me a manager’s position and bugged the **** out of me to go ahead and move. When I got there these ****ers only gave me 15 hours per week and my pay stayed the same. I’m deep in the whole trying to pay over a thousand dollars per month in rent alone. I don’t care if I’m reveled. I’m thinking of filing a labor law suit on them, because they work the hell out of you and do not offer break schedules. Also I think they discriminate against women (especially black and also gay). **** AutoZone. Go somewhere else to shop- please. This is a demonic company. they are some **** people.

  260. In response to “Re-Retired” dated Sept 17th 2010. I have a hard time believing you were ever at the AutoZone in Belton, Texas. Reason: AutoZone stopped turning brake drums & rotors over 6 years ago and sold off all the brake lathes shortly thereafter. As for the IP tracking comment, most websites track users. If you had just a little bit of working grey matter, you would know how to set your browser to prevent it. Cheers.

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  262. I have witnessed a bunch of bs at this store 1245. Yesterday I went there where I saw that poor lady waited in line for about 10 to 15 minutes that guy whose name tag read Pete Castanon manager in training called other Hispanics customer to get help out when the lady asked to speak to to whoever in charge. Therefore, the District manager was there the customer lady asked to talk to him his name tag read Mike Xavier she told him is it fair for her to waited in line for 10 minutes while that guy Pete call other customer before her he said yes Pete has the right to do what he just did. I was in shock hearing that as a customer I have witnessed a lot of wrongdoing in that store where they won’t do return because they don’t won’t ticket average to drop in the store manager won’t even talk to customer if have an issue going on. I am going to stop going to autozone 1245 in Miami or all off autozone because these heartless people don’t even realize us the customers pay every penny of their bills and they can’t treat us right with some respect. If we as the customers don’t go there to shop they won’t have a paycheck . The need to teach these bastards some management skills otherwise everyone else will take their business elsewhere such as napa or international autopart. That store needs help over there.. every time I go there to buy parts I witnesses some bad customer service am I the only one that see that or what the store is located on 775 N.w.119 street Miami florida.

  263. Anyone that has complaints about theses stores, trust me, it is not the clerks fault. the work conditions are horriblr for the workers. they hire entery level workers, pay them minimum wage, don’t give breaks, and expect them to be as knowlegable as trained mechanics, have weekly butt chewings about trivial things, then expect them to chear about it. for real, they expect them to learn a silly chear. by the way, i quit, i wasn’t fired.

  264. Ive been working at AZ for a few weeks now. I am doing this as a part time gig. Everyone that works at the store Im at is GREAT! Ive done mechanic work for past 25 years and although my coworkers may not have my experience they are still knowledgeable. I honestly couldnt be more happy with my environment.
    AZ is without a doubt the best parts for the lowest prices! Rock on!

  265. I was employed by AutoZone for over 3 years. I was the golden girl, up and coming CSM. That is until I reported wrong doing within the store. Needless to say a week later I was fired. Loss of confidence. Amazing!!! If you do work for AutoZone DO NOT make any reports to HR if you want to remain employed.

  266. ExCsm if you would like for me to look in to your termination let me know.

  267. Scott,
    Thanks but no thanks. I know how Autozone works as I have a husband and 2 brother in laws whom also work for Autozone, so I am pretty well versed on how they conduct their business. Which is why I hired a lawyer. Besides, reading past posts, I can tell you are pretty much in the same boat as most of us. I just wanted to let the Donets know to keep wrong doings to themselves. I’m not the first person in my district to be fired for the same thing. They are pretty good at cover ups. Especially for store managers and district managers that don’t do their jobs. So, just keep to yourself, don’t report ANYTHING to HR.

  268. Donets should have read Zoners. My phone has a self correcting thing that’s pretty annoying.

  269. LOL! You actually waited 15 minutes before asking an associate for “help”? Then out of frustration you ask to speak to a manager and the wait another 15 minutes? Now I know why they made you wait so long…Don’t blame AutoZone or the associates, blame the moron that waited 30 minutes for a part he couldn’t afford.

    You’re as dumb as the guy who buys the cheapest stereo system he can afford, but then complains it doesn’t sound good and accuses the retailer for only selling junk, unless it’s expensive. Well no sh*t sherlock, you want quality, then you’re going to pay for it.

  270. Scott, the existence of your position is proof positive that not everyone in this thread is a complete imbecile. Your function is damage control via electronic propaganda. C’est la vie.

    If nothing else, posts like the ones above will serve as a caveat for hard working people who are seeking a good company and discover AZ is not. My humble experience is nothing less than willful & malicious misrepresentation of information disseminated through “the chain of command.”


    Rate of pay NOT but a factor of negotiated compensation at hire, followed by SM & DM orchestrated amnesia.

    Hours worked REMOVED from time sheet by store manager in order to inflate his/her bonus.

    Lunch considered a LUXURY by management. Work through it and be charged 1 hour off at the end of the day.

    Health insurance CANCELLED due to change in title.

    Two weeks vacation SLASHED to one week after 1 year service. (See for the double-speak on vacation.)

    Former employee DECIMATED over the phone to a prospective employer by a DM after severing their ties wiith the company. (IIllegal)

    HR is but a figurehead in the grand scheme of things, a hamstrung necessary evil as regarded by sales management. Contact them for the most innocuous question regarding company policy & you will find yourself relegated to the most violent store in your region.

    That’s not the half of it, Scott. How many examples of SM, DM & RM BUFFOONS do you need to realize you’re fighting a losing battle in a forum like this?

    No quarter asked, none given.

  271. May I say “amen!” to the above post. I have witnessed most if not all of the above and then some. It’s a shame, my husband who is up there in terms of store management struggles daily with the moral dilemma of either doing what he is told by his DM, some of which are illegal, or doing the right thing and getting fired, like myself. I feel sad that I am no longer doing what I love in the commercial dept. And yes money now is an issue for us. But in the end I feel free. I feel like I no longer have to Play along in some sick game on a daily basis. I believe in karma. Eventually everything they have done will bite them in the ass. I just hope I get to be a part of it.

  272. After 18 yrs with Autozone I was recently terminated over a broken pinpad. I came to this site while looking to find the phone number to corporate headquarters to see if I could get the vacation pay I earned.I had thought the problems we had in my district were unique but i see it is a company wide thing. The pressure to sell the coc or you will be fired,the presure to not fail the phone shop or you will be fired,the pressure to not fail the walk in mystery shopper or you will be fired gets to everybody in the end.
    And I see that the DM and SM almost everywhere run their stores like little fiefdoms.There is a flaw in AutoZone’s management system, that will drive away the very people it needs to grow. Sure you can make short term profits by cutting your labor costs to the minimum , but then you lose any motivation your employees have.And when you add such things as getting cussed out by your DM reporting him to HR and nothing happening , and then getting wrongfully fired a week later ( this did not happen to me but another employee in my store).
    Scott if you or your successor see this I am not trying to start something, I enjoyed my early years under Pitt and Ton Hanneman it just makes me sad that that company is gone.AutoZone is now not a nice place to work.

  273. Tim if I can help with the vacation issue let me know. email me at


  274. Wanna talk about AutoZone ?? Lemme tell you this.. I am currently working at autozone and was robbed .. The man put a gun in my face and ordered me to give’em the money..The company offers NO relief pay nor any time off.. After 24 hrs I am jus supposed to go to work like nothing happen..Gotta be the worst place to work for

  275. John,
    I know what you mean! My husband who is a store manager was robbed. Not only was the gun cocked and put to his head, but the robbers counted down from 10 to get the drop safe open. Thank god they believed him when he told them he couldnt get it open without brinks there. But they still beat him in the head with the gun. Autozone didn’t give him even 1 day off. So I feel for you.

  276. Oh and they did catch the guys by the way. When hubby had to go to court to testify autozone didn’t pay for his time. Go figure!

  277. thats expected, if you work for autozone quit now its a crap job do the right thing your fired do nothing your fired, lie about a crappy product to sell its a-ok, file a complaint your fired or nothing happens, ucking autozone will slowly kill you

  278. Well I am almost overjoyed to find this little (or rather large) thread on Autozone. As much as I loved my job, the corporation is horrible. Not to say that theyre all bad people. I am a 23 yr old female. I not only endured sexual harrasment from customers, but commercial accounts when I stood in as driver, and other Autozoners. I eventually pulled a no call no show to top of my “points” and never went back. One of my managers actually went as far as to grab my ass in front of a customer nonetheless. I promise it took everything I had not to punch that punk in his mouth. We wont even start on the worthless store manager. Or the previous commercial manager who constantly verbally sexually harrassed me. And when I told my store manager do you think anything happened? Hell no. Now my fiance works for the same company but has transfered to a new store and is heading up their commercial department. He took a demotion to try and imrpove this stores commercial sales and all he gets is treated like crap by his new store manager. Shes a real catch too, she shows favortism like its the new black. Ridiculous. The driver he has in commercial spends his time burning the tires on the company vehicle and being mouthy. She defends this kid all the way. When he tried to write this stupid kid up for it after several verbal warnings, she would only sign for a “verbal write up” which the kid pitched a fit about….
    Overall, Autozone is a joke. My fiance has worked there for 4 years, and been an excellent employee… and all this company has done is crap all over him. I think more disastisfied employees and cutsomers alike need to report this company to the bbb for everyones sake. Oh an Scott, you had better crack down on these people… before they get your company sued. I wish I wouldve.

  279. A.S. please e-mail me I really would like some more information, so I can take any necessary action. There is no way you should have had to go through what you have described.

  280. nothing is going to be done thats a fact

  281. If you are wrongfully terminated by an employer and it has anything to do with sex, race, age, etc. then you need to contact the Civil Rights Department. It took me 2 years, but I got a settlement and they got educated. Only thing I did wrong was sign the deal without a lawyer, so have a lawyer look at your final papers.
    AZ doesn’t care about it’s people, only it’s profits. I work for them knowing this to be the case and then it doesn’t bother me so much cause I have low expectations. Love it or leave it!

  282. What do you do when your new manager says that she wants nothing but hispanics working in her store and procedes to trump up points against every employee thats not mexican? What do you do when she reduces my hours to 7 a week. What do you do when she tells me I’m a liar and I don’t have medical appointments, (I’m a disabled veteran)and racks up more points even though I have a Drs excuse. What do you do when DM says call HR and complain, I’m tired of your whinning. What do you do when other driver blames me for her mistakes, I didn’t work that day. Got wrote up for it. I live on a fixed income. That extra hundred dollars I make every two weeks helps me with my groceries. What do you do when she constantly demeans me in front of customers. I have worked for this company for four years and never had a problem with anyone. I am very knowledgeable in the automotive field.I helped my customers. I developed a clientel. I did my job and I did it well. i was always early for work, only missed one day in four years. I came to work sick, I filled in when some one didn’t call in. I went above and beyond.
    She degraded me, a 69 year old man who, came close to punching her lights out today. If I deserve an ass chewing, I will take it. But I didn’t do anything wrong. Instead I said I’m going home and I walked out. I’m not going back there ever again. Guess I’m not Mexican enough,and she is. Feel sorry for a fortune 500 company that has to hire people that only understand violence to get more money from a money weak society

  283. Please contact me and I will see if I can help

  284. Under the new “Points Policy” you should NOT be racking up any points if you present a doctors note? If your SM is pointing you after presenting a doctors note, you should most definitely either talk to your DM or HR. Talk to Scott, let him know what is going on. Contact Hope Lynch. Just because they are the “store manager” does NOT make them right all of the time! I’ve been through 2 managers. I wish they never transfered our 1st one ….she is so AWESOME to work for! Our new manager…he is a good person….just a lousy manager. I feel like I am being “shafted” by the company but it is probably because they company doesn’t know of 1/2 the things that are going on. I really need to contact Hope myself!? I have some grips I need to discuss! I’m sure it would make my job even better if I did? I love my job…..I love working where I am. Our store is like one big happy dysfunctional family and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love our “regular” customers…and I even get a kick out of the people who call that are totally clueless as to what kind of car they are driving (and definitely should NOT be working on it…OMG!) You are gonna get crap at any job! Beleive me! I get alot of crap because I am a “girl” and some MEN think just because…I am only there to ring them out with a big smile!! No matter where you work…there is gonna be CRAP! The squeeky wheel gets the most oil….speak up! Don’t let your SM walk all over you!

  285. I work for o’reilly auto parts and wow do they actually care for there employee’s. Actually how auto zone used to be many years ago. If you dont have one in your area it is coming and i suggest you jump on the bandwagon for a company that cares about there employees.

  286. Contacting Scott is useless. Done that and the company only cares about the dollar. I had over 33 years experience in auto parts and was let go over something VERY petty. What they didn’t care about was that two of the managers were having an affair and some of the girls that worked at this store was something else. i guess what they could show was how you get promoted. i kept my mouth shut, happily married and could care less what the girls would show you.

  287. You know what I think is just hysterical??? The fact that it’s absolutely ok for district managers to be openly racist with no repercussions. Steve Pickens, district manager in the Akron/Cleveland district, is so racist it’s sickening. Where else can you get away with stating that someone isn’t good enough to get promoted, not because of his ability, but because he has an accent. Because he is a Hispanic. That is just 1 of many comments he makes about his employees. He has a huge ego. Likes to throw his position around. It’s so bad when he goes into his stores in his district. The store managers have to keep him away from the other employees in fear that he will insult them and they will quit. Which leaves the store manager screwed because Steve refuses to allow his store managers to adequately staff their stores. As it effects his bonus. Store managers are paid salary for 50 hours a week. Not in steve’s distrct. Store managers are required to work much more then 50 hours. Even on their off time, the time that is supposed to be spent with family, they must go to meetings every week to store 4530 after they have already put in a 12 hour day. For witt. Which in itself is a joke in the economy we are in. This week steve’s bitch fit was with all of his store managers. Threatening to fire them all if sales do not improve within 3 weeks. How is it a district manager can make every single one of his store managers hate him to the point almost every single one is looking for new jobs. I’d hate to see what would happen if they all walked out at once. Hopefully Steve knows how to split himself up to take care of every store in his district. Regional manager, John Morgan, needs to take a break from his tanning bed and cigarettes, and start laying his pimp hand down on his bitches. There won’t be any bonuses John, if there are no employees. Just a thought. Tell Steve to step back away from his xbox and learn a thing or two about humility. By the way none of this can be reported to HR, because there is no HR. She quit. Not like you can report anything anyways. You report something and you can usually kiss your job goodbye.

  288. Curious, has Scott ever actually helped anyone? Has anyone ever gotten a positive response back about anything they have complained about?

  289. to spillthebeans: no he hasnt done a damn thing cuz he doesnt exist

  290. Scott don’t help any employee. Only to get fired.

  291. Zero your are incorrect, I do really exist and yes I have helped several people resolve their issue.There are times that issues have been fixed without me ever knowing the name of the person who brought up the issue. Spillthebeans I am taking the issues you brought up to the highest level and let them investigate. While I can make everybody happy, I will always do what I can to resolve the issues that are brought up. I am am an employee just like everyone else and wanted to be treated fairly and do my best to see that that happens. feel free to call me at 901-495-6500 if you think I do not exist. Scott

  292. Scott,
    While I thank you for your effort, I’m sure just like most things that go on store level, it will be swept under the rug. It is very difficult to love your job and give your all to a company that just doesn’t care. Being threatened on a daily basis with demotion and out right being fired for sales is extremely stressful. On top of not being allowed to have the right people in your store. Or the right amount of people. Then be ridiculed for not having the best customer service. There is only so much you can do with 2 people scheduled. Trying to get the people in the door is hard enough without being forced to shove everything down their throat while they are there. You cannot force people to buy packets. People barely have enough money to get what they NEED as it is. Steve Pickens doesn’t make it easier by threatening us. I’ll let you know in 3 weeks if I still have a job or get demoted if my Witt score and sales don’t improve.

  293. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. Scott

  294. no results, truth is this is to target whistle blowers, sure one can only do so much but i havent seen crap done

  295. I was hired as a Red Shirt Inventory Specialist in my division. I got the same starting pay as everyone else even though I well experienced in this area. I was taught how to complete the Inventory Matrix (which is really a Store Manager’s duty) although I didn’t know it at the time. I came i as a previous Inventory Manager from Advance Auto and an Inventory specialist from Wal-Mart. Those experiences alone should have got me more starting salary but it didn’t. It wasn’t a huge deal at first because I had another job and only worked two days at AZ. When I transferred to the Washington, DC Region just two months later the plan was to stay on a few days and work another job. My new store manager in that region wanted me to work more hours and promote me to a full time gray shirt. That was all good and fine, but n the meantime I kept asking should I be entitled to a raise since I knew that region started at a higher salary. It was swept under the rug, and I was stuck working there full time at the same amount of pay I was making in my old region. New Red Shirt Zoner’s were coming in making .50-1.00 more than me. The DM had a nerve to quietly insult me to the store manager saying I was not developed enough to become a gray shirt in that region. I didn’t here him say it, but he kind of said it to me in so many words the first day I met him. He was an arrogant butthole during the interview. I ended up doing gray shirt work for red shirt pay -from another regional salary thats much lower. I’m not at all happy with this one year later. Then in October I got an raise of .12 after busting my butt and working open to close for this store all these months. I even wet to different cities to work and they never told me I was entitled to business mileage AND drive time. I was just so new in the company then I never knew how to find the answers I needed and to get the results I needed to make my employment fair with AZ. Now a year later I’m finally promoted to a gray shirt after I turned in my two weeks notice. I got an even higher position than I asked for. Now, the store I’m in now just threw me on the floor as a gray shirt without working with me, because I’m Assistant Manager now. That’s a big title and I need some kind of training because was very slightly trained as a PSM. Now the RM and the store manager is treating me coldly. I’m trying to do the best I can without proper training. It seems like everything I do is a conviction. Keep in mind the store manager has not even spent 1 hour with me explaining what she requires I do. I don’t need anyone to hold my had, but if I’m an assistant manager and make a mistake, it can be critical. The all treat me coldly like I’m supposed to come into the new position as a 5 year pro. I have been in this company a long time, but I never claimed to know everything. If I even ask, it;s like the store manager hates to tell me or show me. The RM came in the day I got my promotion and looked right over me as if I wasn’t there. I have never been treated this way. I’m tired of AutoZone walking over me and mistreating me when I go out of my way to do my job- red shirt or gray shirt. I’m seeking an attorney. I need to know my rights. I feel discriminated against. If any past or current Zoner’s are tired of the abuse form AZ (red shirt or Gray) please email me at We do have rights and if this company has treated you unfairly in any way let it be know (even if you are still employed with the company like me). I have had enough of this type of abuse. We need to find a law firm that will fight for us an get the justice we deserve. We are humans too. We work for the same person - The Customer. There is no room for discrimination ANYWHERE. Please contact me. I cannot be a voice on my own to get the justice we deserve. Let’s make AutoZone feel what we have felt for years. This is an uncaring company. They do not care abut their people (Customers or Employees) they only care about $$ Figures. Think about it. That’s all the DM’s and RM’s are ever concerned about. I have been with AZ for over a year now, and I know not to go to HR for anything. You make yourself a walking Bullseye if you do and you may just lose your job the next day. Let’s make this unfair company pay for it’s harshness!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Excuse the typos in the previous post. My laptop keys stick and it’s about to be retired for a new one….

  297. I have been with autozone for almost 2 years, been passed over for promotion 3 times. Have a new store manager who has insinuated that i am a member of a hate group. Have had my hours cut because i am a white man. And has hired/transferred only women since taking over. store 3451. Also watched said manager steal drinks/candy on closing shifts, where it would be my word versus his, watched him fix his points when he came in late on sudays claiming he didn t know when he was scheduled even tho he makes the schedule. Watched him run store 0084 into the ground before he got demoted, only to be promoted back into management, wonder if the new african american dm has anything to do with it

  298. Some of the things I have witnessed:

    Store manager 0723- go into the computer and take out hours that employees have worked. Got turned in and got away with it. The person who he did it to was transferred out of the store. Also, said store manager was promoted publically to district manager only to find out he had an outstanding DUI. Still wasn’t fired.

    Store manager 0720- fixes points as he chooses.
    Buys coffee, sugar, creamer under office supplies in paid outs.
    Never works passed 3:30-4:00. Even if it’s busy.
    Takes 1:30 minute nap in his truck every afternoon. Leaves every morning to go wake up his step son for school cause his mother can’t do it. Has slept with the store manager from 0715.

    Store manager for ravena- sleeps with customers and is a known thief.
    Btw he is a married man. Not very ethical. Doesn’t get in trouble cause him and the district manager, Steve Pickens, are very good friends.

    Btw nothing has even come about any of the complaints that have been made about Steve Pickens. From what the wind is tossing around he is going up for promotion to loss prevention.

    And why is there no one appointed yet to the HR position for the Akron/Cleveland region? Not that it is safe to report anything to HR anyways. But you would think they would have more then just A pee-on standing in to cover their own asses?

    Wonder if Archie Schmuck is going back to that position since he is once AGAIN taking a demotion from DM. Wow, how many times can you promote the same person and them take a demotion? Enquiring minds wanna know.

  299. Spillthebeans, they are all he said she said things you are talking about, every store store uses coffee as it should be. I have posted legitimate claims on here that were not accusing or pointing the finger, it was concrete. Alot of you are nagging more than complaining. On top of that most of you still work for the company. Ive been gone sense July of 10, and i currently work for a competitor that is happy to have me.

  300. I work at auto and i HATE it. I sold a customer a battery today and asked him if he would like purchase the washers and the grease to help maintain it and my manager snapped at me and told me that i dont ASK the customer if he wants it i TELL him why he needs it and push it until i get the sale. I seriously hate my manager and hes constantly leeaving me in the store ALONE to handle the phones customers and any other problem. I cannot stand working here anymore. Once i accidently took off a customers 12.00$ core charge (it was only my 4th day) and didnt realize it and i got reemed a new one, I really DONOT recommend working for them.

  301. wittdjr is posintless i dont understand why we have to offend people and make them buy things they dont want so tht our manager gets the bonus and if we dont sell enough we get hounded and traeted like crap! i am looking for a nother job ASAP. I will never come to AZ again. they treat there employees like crap.

  302. store in league city texas

    I see my managers taking drinks allllllll the time!! they even gave me one on my first day… managments a joke and apparetly i work on my day off @ 7:15 to 10:00am because my manager doesnt want to wake up early… woopi.

  303. Pegy and John please contact me neither one of you need to put up with what you have described.

  304. Keep in mind folks as it’s been stated Before Autozone isn’t an Employee friendly company.Look at the Parts look up as an example…it is a Data base WEB PAGE similar to Google.It’s Designed for ease of use (meaning for people who Don’t know parts or cars).It’s not Made for a Counter person,it’s made for …well the equivelent to the Blue Vest at walmart.There is Rarely more than 1 or 2 people who can make enough money to support a family (barly).That’s why they hire Part time (Payroll is their biggest expense) less beneifits and more flexability with the schedule.Autozone isnt Looking for Knowledgeable counter people that costs too much money.getting a FT position that’s not mgmt is Near impossible from the get go unless you get hired as mgmt.There are some Horrible employee’s at AZ But, there are many good ones who are being forced to sell whatever is on the KPI’s and Checkout challenge Without sales training on how to do it without seeming pushy.Training is non exsistant which ….after working as a counter man and mgr for a few different companies was shocking to me.

  305. Curious, if you are a store manager and were thrown into a store that sucked in sales before you got there, can you be fired from AZ for the store sucking in sales?

  306. A few weeks ago I went into the new autozone in Stevensville, MD to get some parts. There was a young girl behind the counter with an older gentleman working. I went to ask for my parts and the gentleman (manager) had no idea what to do. The girl was standing there talking him through some things and guiding him along the process. I was wondering how a manager knows nothing about his job and is being trained by this young girl who said she’s been there over three years. After going back and forth and hearing how knowledgeable she was with her job and cars, I asked her why she wasn’t a manager. She looked at me with this look on her face and said “Couldn’t tell you that… you’d have to ask my store manager or district manager.”
    I went in there the next day because I needed more parts and the same young girl was working by herself. The store had about 5 customers and phones ringing like crazy. I saw another lady (store manager) in the back talking to another employee (driver) laughing and cutting up. This girl was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to take care of everyone as fast as possible while the manager was in the back. Several times she called for help and the lady never came out until the store was empty. I had waited about 20 minutes before she could help me (poor girl!) She said she was used to this and it was nothing new for her. I asked her what was really going on and she didn’t say much at all. I honestly feel bad for her with how she’s being treated. She’s running the store by herself, training managers, and she’s not a manager herself yet? Why are they giving the management positions to new people and not someone inside who PROVES they are more than capable of doing it? I only go in there to deal with this girl because she’s smart and she takes care of her customers.I even asked the store manager about it and she shrugged me off. So I called the DM and spoke to him about it. He shrugged me off too.

    What is wrong with this company? Do they not recognize hard workers, or what??

    Robert, MD

  307. Scott why don’t you get a life your responses are all the same must be nice getting paid to copy and paste some bs oh and bob you’ll be supprised what kind of evidence you can get by putting a recorder under the pod while the dm and sm talk about how nice that customers a~s was that just walked out oh and scott don’t. Bother I won’t be contacting you I have others in mind though

  308. Scott,

    If someone does not do something about district manager Steve Pickins, Autozone is going to be down quite a few store managers in his district alone due to him harassing and threatening Autozone employees. We have all had enough. Tell HR to go talk to ALL of the store managers in his district. he is a huge HR liability for Autozone.

  309. I will make sure the right people see this posting. scott

  310. Thank you, Scott. I pray that something is done soon. I see this turning out very bad if nothing is done. So many are fed up, all are looking to walk away from their careers, in which I might add most love, all due to 1 person. None of them feel safe enough to report it on their own to HR.

  311. you message has been sent to the Division VP and I know him very well and I assure you he will look into it. Scott

  312. Once again, thank you.

  313. Well I can honestly say that Mr.Scott emailed me and said that he would see what he could do. Never heard back from him after that, What did happen is the store manger cut my hours to one a week for a month then didn’t even bother to put me on the schedule after that. She wants me to quit and every one can guess why. I haven’t worked in over a month and my hours are being given to everyone else. Know for a fact sheis sleeping with the DM. Another employee from another store said she is bragging of how easy it is to get rid of the gringos. If I could afford a attorney i would get one just to have her on the stand and say she doesn’t discrimanate her employees under oath. Unfortunately I don’t. I also know for a fact, that she goes to mexico once a month to see her parents then brags that she brings back illegals at 200.00 a head. But no one will believe me because im just a pityful old man.I have thought many time about contacting ICE but I think better of it and of myself. She will get caught and AZ will deny all accusations and be red faced again. After all they have already been charged with discrimation of religious practices of employees. Scott you are a big disappointment, and I know now where your priorities lie………

  314. I wonder if it’s breaking AZ policy to be a district manager (Steve Pickens) and know that one of your store managers, who is also your friend, (Zack) is sleeping with a PSM in his store (Beth). Not only is he sleeping with her but she uses his car on the weekends while he tells his wife that the car is at the mechanic shop. Oh, this particular store manager also doesn’t know how to do his own store’s schedule. Steve does it for him every week. Really?

  315. After seeing, reading and hearing the amount of complaints About Mr. Pickens it amazes me that nothing, not a thing, has been done to rectify the situation. Not so much as an inquiry has been done. I’m pretty sure opening 5 LP investigations on 1 AutoZoner, one after another, only to find nothing…zero….zilch each time constitutes as harassment. Not to mention that this employee is muslim. Isn’t it weird that Mr. Pickens,a district manager, is the one training the new LP guy? It doesn’t make any sense. No wonder Autozone is getting sued left and right, and losing at that, from employees. You’d think they would smarten up and get rid of bad seeds like Steve Pickens.

  316. so has anything been done or is it just false promises?

  317. Nope….nothing

  318. Does Auto zone still do warranty returns? I have a few suspension parts with a life time warranty. I want to return them and go with Moog parts for my vehicle. I know auto zone use to allow the return of life time parts..

  319. Im a PSM at auto zone. Yes you can return any parts with a lifetime warrenty. i dont know where you live but if your store tells you that they will not do the return and only offers you a “swap” call the DM and complain. If you dont hear from the DM…call the Regional manager. In my disctrict those phone numbers are posted for customers at the entrance/exit doors. Let me tell you at Auto Zone the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Just make sure that they can locate your warrenty info in the computer or you might be out of luck!

  320. Thanks Jmm I went in and asked at two different stores in the Chicago area and they both said I could only swap them out.

    I have lifetime ball joints and tie rods. Once i get them off the car I’m going to try one more local auto zone and if they say no, I will contact dm or regional manager like you suggested.


  321. read the warranty. The parts are “swapped” with equal or better parts. Nowhere does it state refunds for the parts. The manager “can” return the item but must override the transaction. This is NOT autozone policy and if done enough will result in action taken against the manager responsible.
    Autozones goal is to keep customers happy but if a customer uses a part for however long and then wants a refund they wouldnt stay in business long!
    As for the PSM doing the refunds your days are probably numbered as a gray shirt!

  322. great company will always shop there.

  323. A year ago one of the “best buddy manager” transfer me to another store with a text message over the weekend to tell me i was transfering to another store. The manager that sent me the text was not even working at my store at that time and was new to the company. When I contacted the DM and Hr in my district they both told me it was not a professional way to the transfer and that manager did not have the right to do what he did.A few days had pass that same manager call at the store i was working at to tell me if i have a problem with that come to the HR office to discuss it with tthe HR his buddy to discuss it dont go around calling the DM… This is how you guys operate in miami ..

  324. For your information,,
    Please Wait…
    July 27, 2011
    Disabled Sales Manager Cleans up in Court
    A federal court jury in Peoria recently returned a verdict of $600,000 against AutoZone, Inc. for failing to accommode a disabled sales manager in the company’s Macomb store, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced. An additional claim for $115,000 in back pay will be decided at a later date.

    For a Limited Time receive a FREE HR Report on “Critical HR Recordkeeping.” This comprehensive HR report covers how employers can take critical document from a daunting task to simple! Download NowIn its lawsuit, EEOC charged that AutoZone required the manager, who has neck and back impairments, to perform cleaning tasks, including mopping floors, which violated his medical restrictions. The sales manager testified that he asked not to be assigned mopping and supported his request with documentation of his impairment. The EEOC offered evidence that store management refused the request and required the employee to mop, leading to further injury and necessitating a medical leave.

    EEOC argued that mopping floors was a non-essential function of the sales manager position that could have been reassigned to other employees, and that the employee could perform all of the essential functions of his job.

    EEOC trial attorney Justin Mulaire said, “The jury sent an important message today. Employers should take requests for accommodations seriously, and make every reasonable effort to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to do their jobs and earn a living.”

  325. i just got employed at the autozone in west babylon new york. they gave me a one day training session and i didnt kearn anything. they didnt show me where anything was, tell me how ti do check engine light ect. then the next day they throw me out and expect me to start helping coustomers. the manager gets mad when i ask him where stuff is because i should “front face” to know where stuff is. why not just show me, or label it with signs so theres no vonfusion? the dm yekks at employees and threatens their jobs for not meetimg the check out challenge. they havent even told me when pay day was, or how much i make. there is never enough staff. something HAS to be done, and SOON

  326. Autozone is a ****ing joke. Scott ultimately got my husband demoted by 3 positions and a large paycut. Thank you Scott you ****ing asshole. NEVER WORK FOR THIS ****ED UP COMPANY!

  327. JMM, could you tell us where your store is? I’m sure there are many people who are planning on junking their cars and would love to return the parts they purchased from Auto Zone for their money back. I didn’t know your parts are the same as your loaner tools. You can use them until your done and then get your full money back. That’s almost as good as putting money in the bank; only you don’t earn that whopping .05% interest. I always though it was a lifetime replacement warranty, not a lifetime money given back warranty. I’m sure you DM and RM are thrilled with your lifetime money back warranty.

  328. I was trying to return a fan to them that I bought from there. The manager said there is nothing they can do for me. While trying to call the corporate office I get multiple people on the line that can not speak english clearly saying they are in memphis tn. I use to live there and its a totally different accent. After getting the regional office number nobody pics up the phone. 20 mins of ringing. Called corp back to not understand what they are saying and be given the same regional number again. I AM SICK OF THIS! If autozone really wants to ruin good buisness with my shop over this stuff thats fine. I will take my buisnees to another parts dealer. Autozone needs to help out their customers more!

  329. send me an email and I will see what I can do.

  330. Autozone is a joke to work for unless you like it in the booty-hole.
    The Cleveland region is a joke. Do not shop at their stores, doing so only enables them to continue to treat their store personel like crap. Their HR department is a joke, do not EVER report anything unless you want to be fired. LP is another joke. They should be renamed to Liarzone and Racisitzone. Hope they have good representation cause they are gonna need it.

  331. I have a complaint about the Store Manager in Raton NM:
    I am recently a single father, only work one weak job so I don\’t have a bunch of money. The battery light came on in my car and my dad said take it to Auto Zone. I went there and the store manager tested it and said the alt was not charging my battery. I got one from him and asked if the car would make it to ABQ NM so my father could change it, he politely said \”sure, if you meet a tow truck about a quarter of the way there\”. lol. The store manager then suggested that if I am looking to save money, why don\’t I do it myself, in there parking lot and he would over see the job to make sure I did it right. Well that sounded great but I have never worked on a car before. The store manager got out there little tool kit, some kind of big bar to take off the belt and showed me step by step how to do it. My knuckles were bleeding, hands were dirty, sweating, and when we were done I FELT GREAT! Car worked great. I called my dad and he was shocked a paper shuffler like me got dirty.LOL.
    A couple weeks later I needed wiper blades, the store manager ask if i would like him to change them, I asked him to sow me how. EASY!

    Now to my complaint:
    While changing my alt the store manager mentioned he heard they were building a new auto zone in northern Idaho and he was going to find out about moving there, HE CANT GO, DON\’T LET HIM GO! I CANT AFFORD TO MOVE THAT FAR!

    You all complain, but there are a lot of good people out there also. If you always look for the negative you will never see the positive.

  332. P.S. When I say store manager, I dont mean someone in a grey shirt, I mean the store manager. All of his other people are great also but he is who I seek out when I am there. I dont think it proper to post his name on a forum i just found by accident this morning.

  333. I work at a auto zone in south fla.. My title is PSM with stands for parts sales manager, I’ve worked in the automotive field since I was a 15 ,, so i know what iam doing when I was hired by auto zone my DM made a ton of promise which none have been fulfilled. I’ve noticed that if your not part of the management Dm click you have no chance of moving up. My DM worries more about his bonus more than his employees welfare.

  334. Store 501
    5720 NW 39th St
    Warr Acres, OK 73122


    Also, when management failed to abide by the company handbook and the federal laws, enforced by the EEOC, I, Robert Gray, was not provided the following by his employer:

    1. A workplace free from (harassment / intimidation) both: at the workplace and outside the workplace. Fact. Illegal.
    2. Forcing me to work in an environment; so intolerable a reasonable person would not be able to stay. Reference #1 above. Fact. Illegal
    3. No “Diversity” or “Racial” Relations Training.

    Work Environment

    1. Harassment – Illegal.
    2. Constructive Discharge/Forced To Resign – Illegal.
    3. Being forced to work with drug users
    4. Blatent violation of enforcing company policies.
    5. NO “Diversity” or “Racial” Relations Training

    Work Environment

    1. Harassment
    A. Harassment can be from a co-worker and take the form of slurs, offensive or derogatory comments. And, is illegal, if it results in an adverse employment decision (such as: the victim being fired). I was. You can’t protect myself “verbally” while on the clock, without being fired. (Preston Hayse (EEO complaint) / Ashley Richarson (EEO complaint) / Sean Moffet (threatened me) (August 15, 2011, Preston Hayse harasses me and 9 days later, on August 24, 2011, Sean Moffet threatens me). Of course, I told Mark. He blew me off
    B. Harassment outside of the workplace; is also, illegal, if there is a link with the workplace. For example; if an employee (on the clock) (Preston Hayse) harasses an employee (not on the clock) (Robert Gray) while driving the employee to work in a company van. (When Preston got rude and nasty with me in the Company van). Called me a “Xenaphobe. I’m not familiar with this term, must be a word homosexuals use. Yes, both, Mark Vliet and Robert Russell know about this. Both, blew me off.
    2. Constructive Discharge/Forced To Resign – (management was hoping that I would quit) The discriminatory practices under the federal laws, that EEOC enforces, include: forcing an employee to: to work in an environment so intolerable, a reasonable person would not (want or be able) to stay. Please, reference to #1. Harassment.
    3. Being forced to work with drug users. (Meth / Marijuana) (Stressful)
    Auto Zone has no drug testing policy. You are forced to work with past and present drug users. Crystal Meth is the drug of choice for AutoZoners.

    Both Managers (past users) – used Crystal Meth. They told us.

    1. Grady Fox – he yelled at me at the top of his lungs, twice.
    2. Nicole Saylor

    Active drug users - Crystal Meth

    1. Murray – manager
    2. Russ ?? – Hub Driver
    3. Calvin Mayo – smokes weed before work. He told me.

    Was Sean Moffet on drugs when he threatened me? Don’t know, no drug test policy. Was it racially motivated? He threatened me, for candy, just about every time I put up the truck, after that.

    4. Blatent violation of enforcing company policies. (Enforcing policy when it was a benefit to the company, not the employee).

    For example: (Not Enforced) From the Company Handbook: Smoking policy: No smoking in front of customers. Employees smoke in front of stores, where the customers are. In the employee handbook states that you are permitted to legally steal from Auto Zone: You get paid to smoke while on the clock, (doesn’t say how long you have to take) use your own judgment. You are not doing any work for the company, just wasting time. It is very good policy, non-smokers have to do double
    work. If you don’t smoke, you do not get a break. Go to any Auto Zone and you will see what I mean.

    (Not Enforced) The Commercial Department Manager, Alan Davis and Preston Hayse (employee) make fun of: Blacks, Mexicans and Arabs.

    3. NO “Diversity” or “Racial” Relations Training
    I can’t remember when I was given any “workplace diversity” training, nor any; “race relations” training. This type of training would be appropriate, since Auto Zone services all races and nationalities. (Don’t forget either; that Alan Davis and Preston Hayse make fun of all races and nationalities while on the clock). I have heard them.
    At the end of the day, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees are educated about equality and diversity.
    If your employees do anything that can be considered: “harassment” or “discrimination” then, the employer can be held responsible.
    I felt that I was coerced into given my statement. Grant raised his voice at me. He blew me off, when said something about Preston.
    (It was time for my yearly review and pay raise).

    I was never given a warning: verbal or written, which in the employee
    handbook, states that; that is the part of the disciplinary process.

    I have filed two EEO complaints with HR.
    One in 2009, (Ashley Richardson) and the other in 2011 (Preston Hayse). These are reference on my original complaint. I was still placed in a position, that I was unable to defend myself. Both the; harassment / hostile work place resulted in emotional pain and suffering.

    I had to e-mail Brenda Hodges, at our corporate offices in Memphis, Tenn. To get Preston Hayse to quit harassing me. Grant called me from out of town the next day and talked to me about this. Not sure if Brenda Hodges or Tim Young made him call me. ??
    August 15, 2011, Preston Hayse harasses me /
    9 days later, August 24, 2011, Sean Moffet threatens me.

    Told my supervisor Mark, on the 25 of August, still was put back in that situation. That is: assigned me to unload the truck and put it up in the warehouse.

    If management had stepped up to the plate and taken care of these situations, I would have been less likely to be upset, when Sean threatened me. Correct?????

    At the moment, I can’t remember when I was given any “workplace diversity” training, nor any; “race relations” training. Since, the workplace is different from years ago; we all work with different races: Latino, Black, White, Native American, Mid East, ect. This type of training would be appropriate, wouldn’t you think???????

    I was scheduled to work in the Hub Dept, Warehouse and Commercial Dept, if needed. Me, and Calvin Mayo, are the only Hub drivers that work in the warehouse. That is two different jobs and only one pay rate.

    Auto Zone does not drug test any employee. Employee can do drug(s) before, after work and still show up to work. Seems, that Meth is the choice of drug for AutoZoners. Couple have been caught at work…

    1. Ashley Richardson (Caucasian) – In 2009, I filed a filed EEO complaint – (hostile work environment). Ashley Richardson, was (harassment / rude / disrespectful / degrading) toward me in front of: commercial department customers and employees. She even cussed out a mechanic at Express Credit Auto (commercial dept client). How do I know? She was bragging to Nichole Saylor at the break table and I was standing 6 feet from them. I mentioned this to Alan Davis (her supervisor) and Robert Russell (store manager). Alan blew it off and Robert said, “If the customer doesn’t complain, then it OK”. How do I know? I was standing three feet from both of them.
    Ron in the HR Dept took me into his office and discussed the EEO complaint with me. Nothing was ever done. How do I know this? She continued to with her behavior towards me. YES, I did talk to her supervisor and mine; Alan Davis about this matter. He blew me off as did the store manager; Rober Russell. She was finally transferred to another store. Not, because of the EEO complaint, but personal reasons.

    2. Preston Hayes (Caucasian) - In 2010, I was tasked to help put up one of the two weekly trucks. I was in the back preparing the pallets to be taken to the floor. It was very successful. The more I brought out, the more was put up. GREAT!!!! Then time rolled around and it was my lunch time, and I started walking to the front to clock out. I passed Preston Hayes. He said, in a very rude and nastily tone (as if trying to pick fight). “If I had helped them, they would already been thru”. Remember, I was in the back preparing the pallets to be taken to the floor. Either, you do that in back or on the floor. In the back, is more appropriate.
    I found the store manager; Robert Russell and told him about this encounter. He got a dumb look on his face (deer in the headlights) and tried to play it off that
    what was said was a “fact”. I told him it was the “tone” of his words that made me upset. Nothing was ever done. How do I know?
    In May, 2011, I was given a ride by Preston Hayes in a company van (Preston was on the clock, I was not) because my car was in the shop. I got in the van and made a comment about what I saw in my environment at the apt complex. He got nasty about what I said and threatened me. He didn’t say, “Robert, could we change the subject”? He was just rude and very nasty with me. Among other things, he said, “I was a Xenophobe”. Five minutes later we arrive at the store and I get out. I find the store manager; Robert Russell. I tell him what happened. Again, he blew me off, trying to say, “I mistook what he said”. Nothing was done. Supposedly, John Willingham, the District Manager for our store, talked to him, also. How do I know nothing was done? He got rude and nasty again with me around August 15, 2011. I was driving for the Hub and made a mistake with one of the stores and went back to the store to, correct the mistake (10 minutes). When I walked in the back door, Preston went to the tote that my supervisor had brought in from my van 10 minutes earlier. He found an auto part that was to go to another store and should have been put on the shelf for the route he was taking. He said to me, “Robert, you know this goes on the shelf, not in the tote”. Again, he was very nasty and rude. I went and found both; my supervisor, Mark Vliet and store manager, Robert Russell. I told them what just happened. Mark just shook his head. Robert wanted to get into a lengthy discussion. He blew me off and basically made fun of me. I was to go on another route. I left both of them there.
    I sent a email to Tennessee corporate office, which a copy is enclosed. I guess something was done, he stopped. ????

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “Hodges, Brenda” (1-901-495-6500)
    To: Robert Gray
    Cc: “Young, Tim”
    Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:46 AM
    Subject: RE: Preston Hayes is still harassing me …

    Your email has been forwarded to Tim Young, our HR Field Director. You can reach him at (901) 495-6731, his email address is: If you have any questions or concerns, please let him know.


    From: Robert Gray []
    Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 8:42 PM
    To: Hodges, Brenda (1-901-495-6500)
    Subject: Preston Hayes is still harassing me …

    Dear Ms. Hodges,

    I am a employee at store 501 in okc, ok.

    For over a year and a half, preston hayes has been harassing me,off and on.

    I have talked to my supervisor: Mark Vliet, store manager: Robert Russel, HR Director: Grant Bagwell. Also, District Manager: John Willingham has talked to this person. If you are not able to help, I’ll talk with Todd Sitig and see if he might be of any help.

    Can you tell me why this is still happening? And, what type of organization would allow this to continue?

    Today was the latest run in with him. Talked to my supervisor: Mark Vliet and store manager: Robert Russell who treated me like “whiny” kid about this situation.

    Thank you for your time.


    Robert Gray
    (405) 789-6201

    2. Sean Moffet (African – American) - August 24, 2011. I was helping putting the weekly truck up. I was eating a piece of candy around 4:00 p.m.. Sean walked by and asked, “Could I have a piece of candy, it smells good”. I said, “Sure”. I gave a few pieces. I went on my way, putting the auto parts up. I forgot about the encounter.
    At 5:50 p.m., my shift ended at 6:00 p.m., I was standing between two aisles, looking at the clock, as I had just finished picking up (wood chips from the pallets, plastic shrink wrap, and any stray cardboard) in the back where we were working. This was to, finish out my shift. I heard three people come down an adjacent aisle. They were talking and “joking” around. One was Calvin Mayo (mullato), Sean Moffet and Able (Latino). They went into the back room to bring out another pallet.
    Sean was separated from Able by a stack of totes (4 feet high). Standing there “talking”. Something was said ????? And, Sean pushed Able hard and made the totes move. Sean took it and didn’t do anything. Calvin was pulling a pallet out to the back floor and he passed me, standing there in the aisle, then Sean, who was behind the pallet, stopped. Turned, looked directly in the eyes and said,
    “Give me some more candy”. Sean is African-American. (His face was still “white” from the altercation with Able). He was not joking. I said, “No” I’m leaving. He said, “You said, “ I could have the bag of candy”, “Give it to me”. He was not joking. I stared him down and said, “No” again. After a few seconds of staring me down, he went on. I have never been “strong armed” in my life, until now. For, a bag of candy.
    The next day I talked to my supervisor, Mark Vliet, about the altercation, and being upset. I inadvertently called Sean a racial epithet. After three years of being harassed and management never doing anything, this was the “last straw” for me??? I asked / suggested that I not do the “truck” anymore since this happened.
    Mark scheduled me to do the truck. And, yes, Sean got rude with me again,on September 14, 2011 about some candy. Did I tell Mark? No, I forgot and knew nothing would be done. And, just forgot about it. The same day, I asked Mark to take me off the truck roster for a while. He said, “He would take it into consideration”.
    Grant Bagwell, HR Mgr, called me in to give a disposition. During this, I balked at saying the epithet and he got an attitude with me. He said, “You going to sit there lie to me about what you said”? in raised, rude voice. I told him I was more concered with Preston Hayes that this. He blew me off and said, “This is about Sean”. Grant was not concerned that I had been threatened, he shrugged it off.
    Sean has gotten an attitude with the following employees: Lisa Marie Meyer (supervisor), Eric Rich (supervisor), Robert Gray, Calvin Mayo, Able, Nick. Ie, all the latino males.
    Lisa Marie Myres, (manager) got into a “pissing” contest with him about moving a bin of rotors. Sean was close to getting physical with her, ie, hitting her. I was standing 4 feet from both of them. And, yes, Sean got an “attitude” with Lisa Maria. Sean asked me if he got an attitude. I bowed out of the conversation and went up another aisle and found some work to do. She is always on his ass about f*@#ing off and not doing his job. Sean said something to Eric ???? Eric made the comment to me: “Sean only knows how to play the “racial” card”. I laughed, giggled, shrugged my shoulders and went on about my business.

    Mexican’s don’t like him either. Always call him names, not nice.

    After three years of trying to get management to help in my cause, (working in a hostile environment / harassed) guess, Sean was the last straw. Wouldn’t you think?

    Two Caucasians and it wasn’t until the African-American, that I got into trouble.

    Sean (17 years old) shows up at two jobs, works ????? (AutoZone & Long John Silver). At Autozone, he would flap his arms and smile,laugh and giggle, while putting up the truck. He has a new Mercedes Benz.

  335. Dude stop complaining and get another job, move on, its LIFE. Your a snitch. I quit autozone years ago because we had our differences. I didn’t go blabbing peoples PERSONAL business all over the internet. If you want to come correctly, that is ILLEGAL. If i was one of those people you mentioned in your blabbering i would have my own lawsuit towards you. Have a good day and grow up.

    Jimmy- Caucasian
    Used to be a PSM.


  337. Go to NAPA

  338. I hate working for this damn company. The first quarter report is already in and they have already made over a billion dollars. Ha. and my damn paycheck every two weeks is $750. I’m an assistant manager by the way. This company is a screw you in the a hole type. I’m leaving in February then I’m going to sue their ass for discrimination. I have another assistant managers printout from DOC noting that she make $16.09 per hour and has been with the company less than a year. I have SLAVED for these ****ers for almost 2 years and make $11.87 an hour as an assistant. I’m black and she’s white (the other asm). I hate this company now….. Don’t work for them.

  339. I hate autozone also and glad i left. But do you ever think maybe you suck at your job and she is better or does the issue always have to be your black shes white?

  340. I was promoted straight from a red shirt to an assistant manager by the way. This you will early see if ever. My store manager is Hispanic and make almost 15,000 per year less than other store managers in the district. It’s a race issue the way I see it. It has to be resolved.

  341. The statement above should have been: (Promoted straight from a red shirt to assistant manager. This you will rarely see)


  343. I have to say upon reading this page I am glad I do not shop at auto zone. And apparently this Scott person has well rehearsed responses for everything. Maybe the cleaning out of bad employees should start with him and work it’s way down. The old saying goes, to kill the snake you have to chop off the head. Have a great day folks!

  344. william, you do not know what you are talking about he helped me. as the old saying goes “if you do not know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut”

  345. I worked at Autozone in Chicago for one they don’t take care of there employes they are all idiots plus are store was robbed ,I got beaten up then interrogated by loss prevention for six hours .even though the manager had the money on the counter counting it then let the robbers in then they fired me for breach of contract if i new any better I would sew

  346. It was 3939 w. Ogden ave Chicago

  347. What would you sew? A blanket? Maybe a towel would be best for you to sew then you could use it to cry on. Dont like working at Autozone then its really easy to put in your notice and quit. Nobodys making you work there. Freaking crybabys

  348. If your a regional manager I’m a CEO, sucks for you to still be working there you mine as well be flipping burgers

  349. I ran a store for about 16 years. All I have to say to all the current employees is,If you want change its time for you to take a stand. DO NOT SELL WITTDJR ,CHECK OUT OR AIR FILTERS WITH OIL CHANGES.send a message to management,until your demands are met. It was embarrassing for me to give a 10 cent or 15 cent raise to my employees. Auto Zone raises their prices by 15,25,35,45 cents per week on many different items.There are over 4500 stores,you do the math,yet they are too cheap to give a good hard working individual a $1 raise per year,what a Joke!!! I left and went to advance.DO NOT SELL WITTDJR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350. A store that needs checking up on is store 1543 in duncanville texas. The store manager and some of the red shirts should be terminated for doing drugs and how they run the store.theo morgan is not some one that should be running a store him and the dm scott horner are sorry excuses for managers.

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  352. OK not sure what your story has to do with automotive parts

  353. So I thought I was alone and now I see I’m not. I used to make 15.00 an hour as a Land Surveying Party (Crew) Chief until the housing market crash and now I have been forced to find a job wherever. I thought Autozone would be a good place to work (learn about cars, learn retail business), I was promised full-time hours, and so far the most I’ve worked in a week is 28. Where I come from “full-time” is considered 40 hours a week, I mean WTF?

    How am I supposed to feed my three kids on a $400 every two week check? That sh!t isn’t even enough to pay my rent alone! Now that I’m hearing that lack of COC/WITT sales results in getting your hours cut, I am looking for a new job now. I would rather work for McD’s, at least their “up-sale” is a good deal, 2 hot apple pies for a buck, hell yeah, and I bet they don’t get in trouble for not having a good “up-sale” percentage. Not like the pay would be much different, 0.30 less an hour, but I bet I get forty a week, if not OT.

    At first I thought my store wasn’t like that, until I got chastised the other day for not selling a COC all day when it was only me at the parts counter all day! It was only my 9th day, the SM and PSM were doing plano-grams and inventory all day while I had at least 1 customer with another waiting all day. This is all on top of the phone constantly ringing, check engine lights, battery tests, and pissed off customers wanting returns without receipts or correct phone numbers, and the bitch has the nerve to further chastise me for not getting the phone in 3 rings.

    I’m not a pu$$y or a young lazy b!tch, I’m 28 w/ a disabled wife and three kids, both parents dead at 24, and I ran multi-million dollar constructions sites, telling grown a$$ men, twice my age, how to do their job for 10 years, but this sh!t with Autozone is eff-ing ridicolous.

    Point is, I’m not some dumb naive teenager, nor a broke down old man. I’m very intelligent and hard-working, but I’ll be damned if my work ethic is going to be judged by my ability to sell Fuel System Restore to an 18 year old Barbie coming in to buy a camo steering wheel cover or some poor single father not wanting brake grease to change his 12 dollars brake pads!

    Scott, don’t even respond to my rant, as there’s nothing you or Autozone can do to change my mind. I’m going to apply a O’Reilly’s tomorrow, and anyone who ever mentions Autozone to me again will be informed about the post from this blog I have read and my own situation.

    And another thing, my SM staples two packs of terminal grease to the felt washer package and then tapes it every battery we sell. The other day I had to explain to a lady why I sold her two packs of the grease when, obviously 1 was plenty (still had some left in the first pack when I was done rubbing it on the terminals and felt washers). She was so pissed with the way Autozone does business, she expressed her sympathy for me and told me she would never come back to Autozone again……

    F!U!C!K! Autozone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  354. Hi, I used to work at autozone and had to leave due to my manager wanting me to work off the clock. I am now working at another auto parts store and I receive complaints about our competitors like the ones on this thread all the time. The biggest of which is the quality of employees that they hire. Which we do have our own bad apples aswell. However what type of quality employee will you get at minimum wage? Can you really expect these non mechanic minimum wage employees to put forth 110% and be able to answer/fix all of your problems? Especially when McDonalds would pay them more? Now I know that the right thing to do is to go the extra mile no matter what job you’re at. To try and exhaust all the available resources to help a customer to the best of your ability. However in this day and age do you know how hard that is to do in retail? Where the employees are almost always no longer full-time, the parts are not made in the USA, and the people you see when you walk in the door have no control over anything in the store? Everything these days is run by corp. People (for the most part) who have never worked in a retail store in their whole life. They tell you how much you have to sell a part for, how much you can hire an employee for, how many hours you are allotted for scheduling, and at the end of the day to top it off they have no loyalty to you, their own employee.
    When I worked at zone in califonia my store manager hit his 10 year anniversary. Corp. sent him a thankyou card. A thankyou card for ten years of his life! We only had 3 full-time employees so Corp wouldn’t have to pay for the benefits for all the employees.
    So in closing I understand how frustrating it can be to not get the perfect service every single time you go to a retail store and how it seems that none of the employees even care but before you say that everyone needs to be fired store level put yourself in there shoes and ask yourself is it even worth it to try?

  355. I mustsay the majority of the problem is the customers themselves. What you all fail to realize is that your local Autozone IS NOT A MECHANICS SHOP WITH TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. Its red shirts make 9-10per hr, supervisors 10-12 and store managers around 16. THATS IT. They are yelled at if they dont pick up the phone even when helping you, yelled at if they dont sell you stuff you dont need, and yelled at for not caring. Dont believe me? next time you go into an autozone ask how many of them have been there longer than 5 years.


  356. The customer is most definitely NOT ALWAYS RIGHT and YES they are a HUGE problem. When you don’t know what kind of car you are driving? What size engine? Whether or not is has ABS or not? Do you have 2wd or 4wd? PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR and leave the repairs to the professionals!! Returns are 95% of the time done because it is YOU the CUSTOMER who mess up. Not the employee. AND YES AZ is a SH*T company to work for (I’ve been with the Co. for almost 4 yrs and believe me I ain’t making what you say and hr) but I do LOVE our regular customers and my co-workers. We make it a fun place to work.

  357. I had, initially, a little frustration acquiring my electric auto-part, from
    Auto-Zone, Durango, Las Vegas. I contacted Regional Mgr, Donald
    Lacey, and Scott Koch. These professionals, especially Mr. Lacey,
    were excellent listeners, totally customer-focused, and went beyond
    the call of duty to get me my misplaced part, ASAP.

    I recommend highly autzone to everybody.
    Samuel Sarri, PhD

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  359. I work for auto zone, and i’m a disabled vet.i had surgery about one and a half year dr put me on restrictions for my was sitting periodically, i transferred stores and my DM took the stool from my old store and said he was gonna bring it to me.that didnt happen.he took it to his house like he paid for it.then i called benefits they told me my restrictions has been lifted and my leave of absence was to.i called my dr and he said he never lifted anything, ive been standing for the last 6 months and now i gotta have more surgery in acouple months. Im going to my lawyer with this, i also i called my regional office and the person that i talked to was real rude.

  360. i have worked for autozone for only two years and i am ready to quit. i have read most of these comments, but not all. I am not wasting my time on this site to talk about a piece of **** company. upper managment doesnt give a crap about the employees and this guy scott well hes an idiot i know what goes on inhis job and nothing is going to change. they pay this guy to view comments seriously what a job and i bet he gets payed way more then even though i do more in one day then he does in one month. Worst place to work for i will never buy here and neither will my friends or family.

  361. I help those customers and employees I can, plus I volunteered to do this on top of my other resposibilties. I will continue to help those that I can. I can not help those who do not want it. By the way Jay Leno has an account with us, so he does shop at AutoZone.

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  366. Scott I am a ASM busting my butt for PSM salary. I’m tired of trying to discuss thisand get my salary the way it should be with my DM.I like my job but this is unfair to me. I’m going to see if you can help otherwwise I will continue consulting a local attorney EQUAL WORK EQUAL PAY IS THE LAW. This is my last try for my equal rights without going to court….

  367. I am sorry to hear about the problems you are haveing. We are commited to equal treatment. Please let me know what store you are working, so I can make sure the correct people are involved. Please contact me at

  368. I personally do not believe any of your fairytales about your auto zone experiences …. and no I do not work there or any other parts house for that matter..

  369. As a mechanic, I challenge any of you to explain to me why any single one of these so called Witt items are useless??

    We mechanics utilize everything they sell in those little packages except we carry in larger quantities. Let’s here some theory’s…..

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  371. I have been going to Autozone ever sense I was little until now I had nothing bad to say about them I always had a good experience every time I walked in to the store recently my local store has changes store managers the manager that replaced “the best manager in the world”……is mean and hateful all hide behind a smile which makes it that much worse. I was in there the other day just browsing and I over heard a conversation among the staff about a customer that had came in earlier that day and was treated badly they were told one thing on the phone and another in the store all by the same person and when this customers boss came in to deal with the situation the store manager whom had been the manager dealing with this the whole time made it out to be the customers fault last time I checked the customer is suppose to be right especially when they are right and they were in this situation
    Another instance in regards to this store manager there have been customers that have come in while I have been in the store saw who the store manager was and left do to old situations that had happened the last time she was store manager
    The other staff there have expressed their dislike for the store manager but the company did not care
    There has been rumor that this store manager has put items in employees cars to say that they stole them and get them fired
    The employees don’t want this store manager
    The community does not want this store manager
    And most of all the customers don’t want this store manager
    so why is she still there
    If I had a petition signed would it make a difference?
    Corporate Autozone does not care about the little guys anymore they are almost as bad as Walmart as long as they get their revenue they could care less about everything else
    Funny thing the stores numbers are dropping ever sense management changed a coincidence? I think not but that does not seem to matter to Corporate either

  372. As a store Manager for Auto Zone I am surprised at the amount of complaints I see on this site. I know that these thing would NEVER happen in a store I manage. My employee’s are taken care of, customers are taken care of and complaints are taken very seriously. If a customer leaves a complaint on the hot line my district manager is on the phone to me THAT DAY and either he or myself call that customer back.

    With 5000 stores in the Auto Zone chain I do know that you will get some that have bad service, some that have untrained employee’s and some that have bad managers but please don’t paint us all with the same brush.

    Understand that some refunds type’s are out of our control such as I have had customers get mad if a refund cannot be put back on their debit card and the system give’s them back cash. It is a way to assure you get your money back now not several days from now when the banks sort it out. Also some customers need to understand that we are a parts house not a repair facility and can only guess at what is wrong on you vehicle a lot of times not perform diagnosis ( that is what repair shops are for.

    As to the employee’s complaining about low wage, long hours ect maybe you should try to live the Auto Zone pledge and take care of your customers instead of sitting on a web site whining about not getting paid enough.

    Ok I will get off my soap box now. To Susan Thompson that complained about the Placerville Ca store. That manager was fired several years ago. If you would like to come in ask for Rick and I will personally make sure you are taken care of.

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  375. I was a very happy store manager always leading the cheer and pledge i defended AutoZone i have so much Autozone gear in my closet my wife gets mad i put in tons of hours into the store and loved it I looked forward to always going to work I was presidents club 3 times and Manager of the year in fy12 at the top of my game even got my picture with Bill R. I had outstanding KPI’S across the board and great management skills.
    Next thing I new i was sitting down with L.P. because my Stats were high and that i had purchased 3 checkout chalenges with my own money along with a candy bar and soda i told them yes when i purchased something if my zoner asked me i will buy it from them like a reward it was my money and L.P. said that was not ok and it’s cheating but it’s not written anywhere in policy that i can’t do that.
    Even L.P. buys some when he is offered at stores he visits how is that different? and then i get in trouble for misuse of $120 dollers on a decision my Comm. Mgr. made i know i am responsable for approving that and took responsablitity for it i expected a firm corrective action but they chose to terminate me over something petty like that? it doesn’t make sense to me.
    But yet my comm. Mgr. dates and sleeps with 2 of the Autozoners in the store and one gets fired and the other transferred out and this was at different times so the comm. mgr. did not learn his lesson the first time and he also has a slush fund of money in the drop box he saves daily with amounts of up to $200 dollers that he uses daily and weekly so he is not short everday instead of depositing it daily but yet I get terminated for something petty and he keeps his job and he always complains about Autozone and I always talked highly of them and this is the thanks I get not even a corrective or a progressive steps leading to termination i have never gotton a single corrective from the company yet my comm. mgr. has violated policy several times I do it once and I am gone very unfair.

  376. I was a loyal customer for many years but after my last experience I will never go back I have taken my business somewhere else and I’m telling everyone about it. Store manager KELLY MATTHEWS is the biggest asshole smart ass cocky prick! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM AUTO ZONE IN. BOSSIER CITY LOUISIANA. STORE IS LOCATED ON AIRLINE DR

  377. Autozone is by far the worst company to work for. Work there and hate it. My manager is An asshole. Please stay away from this evil company
    As soon as I get done with school I’m going somewhere else. They dnt pay enough. Working conditions are horrible. .phones ring off the hook,dumb ass customers don’t know what the hell they want, always asking for free services like this is a damn shop. Management harasses me about selling **** people dnt nee like bulb grease spark plug grease,wireset grease,item of the month etc etc etc so they can get a bonus.our Cost on parts
    is cheap yet parts are marked up way. Up.

  378. I’d like to say, that of course we push sales, thats our job, we are salesmen. I’d also like to say that I always try to sell what a customer needs, and not just push whatever it is that we happen to be pushing that day/week or whatever. Being familiar with whats on sale, where the deal is, and trying to actually help the customer get what is needed, and at the right price, is part of the job. I realize that not every customer has deep pockets and the needs of every customer, and his ride, vary with each situation. There is nothing worse than getting home, having your car torn down, and realizing that you need something for the job, and now you have no way to get back to the parts store.

    With us at 4848 in Hoover, we are always courteous and professional. Is it because we are better? Maybe. Is it because we happen to be the regional hub warehouse and have a staff five times larger than your average AZ store and therefore have a large variety of personel with an amazing amount of combined experience in the Automotive industry? Perhaps. Is it because the Regional Management Staffs Office is located in the back of our store and we are constantly in the spotlight? Sure. Is it because we have an excellent store manager who is wonderful to work for and keeps the ship on a proper heading? You bet. But mostly, it is because we work together as a team and keep an eye out for each other because we all have strengths and weaknesses.

    Furthermore, I’d like to say that nothing like this has been my experience while working for AutoZone, and frankly I love my job. I have had a lot of crappy jobs, so maybe, just maybe, I appreciate being inside, in a climate controlled retail atmosphere, where the hardest part of my job is installing a battery in a hot chicks car. Do I wish I made more money? Of course I do, don’t we all, so does Bill Gates.

    If you live in Birmingham/Hoover metro, or just happen to be passing through, come see us at #4848, the Hoover store. I promise you that your experience will be a positive one. I not only stand behind my parts, I stand behind my team.

    Hey Scott, Let me know when your job is open because I want it!

    Mr. Grey,

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    Thanks alot :)

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  381. I am a PSM for a store in northern N.C. I have been working for the Zone for almost 4 years. I have seen the ups and downs of the company. For those of you wondering we ARE supposed ot upsell you on things like bulb grease, anti-sieze, etc. Not selling these does indeed result in either a verbal or written correctional action. Any employee who tells you otherwise is a liar.

    I per

  382. +++ personally have no problem working for or doing my job at Autozone. I have worked for 3 stores now, one in southern IL, one in central VA, and now this one and only ever had 1 single customer complaint. This means nothing to Autozone. It’s taking the blame for someone else, or catching hell because you’re not a babysitter that riles me up.

    Also, AutoZone is a multi-billion dollar company, and as such they don’t give a damn who you are, what you think or how much (or little) experience you have as either a mechanically inclined employee or an individual with your own take on things. To Autozone, you’re replaceable. PERIOD.

    I am not quitting the Zone, as I like my job. But if the higher-ups were doing their job as well as I feel I am doing mine, I COULD love it soooo much more.

    To those of you irritated with the customer service you receive, when you venture into our stores, look for the older man or woman greeting you with a smile on their face. They’ll do right by you for the most part. If you enter one without, turn around and find another. If the phone rings, they should politely ask you to hang on for a second as they put the phone on hold, since you’ve wasted your gas to come see them at roughly $4 a gallon. I understand.

    In the end, it’s all about where you go and who you get. We are always overworked and underpaid, that’s just the way it is. Some of us care more than others. Not all of us want to sell you everything you don’t need and nothing you do. I apologize for all the bad service or parts you’ve ever received, but it’s like it’s been said a thousand times over: “Good help is hard to find.”

    If this seems like a mixed review, that’s because it is.

    Mr. Scott, I would love some feedback regarding how much trouble I am in for partially bashing AutoZone.


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  384. badazemployee, I hear what you are saying and if you want me to try and help call (corporate office) As far as trouble you are in, you sound like a good employee who is frustrated, in the future give us a chance to help and hopefully there will not be a need to post negative (bashing) information on social media sites.

  385. Attn: Jimmy- Caucasian
    Used to be a PSM.

    Robert Russell, store manager, foreced me to work both, hub driver and re-stock warehouse.

    I am and will be the the only employ in the Auto Zone corporation to do that. Why? Everyone else is either on drugs or to stupid to do two jobs at one.

    I went to the store manager and my manager. Robert Russell tried to turn it around that I was at fault. Did nothing. Mart Vliet, my direct supervisor, laughed. Did nothing.

    Jimmy- Caucasian
    Used to be a PSM. you need to get back on the porch, you are trying to play with the big dog.

    Don’t comment on a subject you can’t comprehend.

    I can’t be sued. It is all true. Slander is false.

  386. What a joke. Dont know if working at AZ or buying from AZ is worse? I say screw both! Ill shop at Rock Auto for 1/4 the price on identical parts. May Autozone go down in flames to hell!

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  388. It is easier to complain anonymously, hidden behind the shroud of the Internet, than to praise in person. Furthermore people - check your spelling and refrain from abbreviating as you do in text messages.

    There are three AutoZone stores I regularly frequent: Eastpointe, Clinton Township and Mount Clemens, Michigan. There was a fourth in Traverse City this past summer which luckily had a replacement shock in stock thanks to Michigan’s questionable roads.

    This past summer required replacement of three vehicle batteries and two deep cycles for a boat; four shocks for an F-250, plus all the regular parts required for a family with multiple vehicles. At every store, I was greeted upon entry and served within a reasonable amount of time (due to other customers who arrived first).

    Yes, my sales conversations have been interrupted on a few occasions due to the telephone ringing, but those sales associates did ask the caller to hold while my business was addressed. To further this point, I have also called in to verify a part’s “in-stock” status, and have been requested to hold while an earlier customer’s business was completed. I do not find this an irritant, so long as one does not “grow old on hold”.

    Being a “Do It Myselfer”, I prefer to purchase parts at local businesses. It creates relationships between sales associates and my family. They always ask “so what’s the project now?”. Again, having so many vehicles and living in Michigan, repairs are inevitable.

    The Rewards Program is great for enticing me back into the store. I work that program along with the one from American Express. If one checks their receipts, one will find how many purchases have been made. I have never had a problem with this, especially when multiple $20 purchases are made in one day.

    Knowledge is knowing how to do something. Wisdom comes from knowing how to do it the correct way. While customer service is an art form of its own, each of us brings 50% to the conversation (unless one suffers from multiple personalities).

    On the flip side, cell phones should not be out, fiddled with, used (etc). Management needs to address this issue as more personal forms of communication are developed and in use. First offense: warning. Second offense: sent home for a day. Third offense: find somewhere else to work. Simple. Enforceable. Employees, take note.

    All of the above aside, I have never had an unpleasant experience with any of the regular or “one time” AutoZone stores at which I have patronized. Thank you for your time.

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  394. As a Auto Zone store manager I can tell you that Auto Zone has a policy of no cell phones are to be used in the store. You can use them on your lunch or on your breaks. If this was going on then the problem is with the store manager not enforcing Auto Zone policy. Leaderships comes from the top. The people in my store do not use cell phones during work hours because I don’t. You can only lead by example.

  395. I call bull****……. They just do it when your not around or in the bathroom….. Lol AZ only enforces rules when it wants to and are not consistent across the board and that’s why they are the number 1 most sued company…. Lol

  396. Yeah I’m sure your right. I can tell by your user name your an idiot. AZ doesn’t enforce any policy in the stores the store managers do or don’t by their choice. This happens to be one I choose to enforce. After a couple of write up’s happen the rest get the message and don’t play around but then again by your comment I am sure you aren’t a very good employee in whatever field you work in but I am also sure that you think you are. Also I would like to see the research that shows they are the # 1 sued company unless you are just talking out your a$$.

  397. ya ya you keep telling yourself that do your cheer and pledge follow your rotations AZ was a great company but went away from their culture and hired x schucks employees that were like a disease to AZ, trust me I’m a 3 time president club and a 1 time mgr. of the year so feed your words to someone else I know there operations all to well…. Lol

  398. @ “The One” : GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

    The 10 Companies Sued Most In Federal Court: (According to Institutional Risk Analytics)
    General Electric- 9,359 lawsuits in 2010
    Good Year- 4,989 lawsuits in 2010
    Bank of America- 3,285 lawsuits in 2010
    Wells Fargo- 3,092 lawsuits in 2010
    Toyota Motor- 1,873 lawsuits in 2010
    JPMorgan- 1,150 lawsuits in 2010
    GMAC- 768 lawsuits in 2010
    Ford Motor- 470 lawsuits in 2010
    Citigroup- 447 lawsuits in 2010
    General Motors- 299 lawsuits in 2010

  399. That is the best you got……lol
    why do you think they add time when you clock in and out its because they lost a lawsuit!
    why do you think they pay for uniforms now its because they lost a lawsuit!
    Like I said, I was there I know about it all your not hiding secrets from me I was in Memphis I know the operations. your not talking to a rookie you just haven’t opened your eyes yet.

  400. Where or where does AutoZone pay for uniforms? I’ve been with the “Zone for 13 years. They have never paid for our shirts, pants or shoes!
    And yes, AutoZone adds time at opening and at closing for hourly employee’s. And BTW you used the adverb “there” instead of the possessive adjective “their” on your June 19 post. One last item. Could you please post the proof that AutoZone is the most sued company?

  401. He won’t be posting it because it isn’t true. AZ has been sued just like any company with deep pockets. The time added to you time card came from the fact that a lawsuit was brought by employee’s ( spurred by lawyers ) that said they weren’t getting paid for the time it took to walk from the front door to turn off the alarm. This takes aprox 10 seconds in my store. @the one is a disgruntled employee that was fired for he states “mishandled cash”. I don’t know the facts but to me that say’s theft of some sort which AZ takes very seriously. He blame’s his commercial manager and maybe that’s true but as a store manager he is responsible for his store. I would guess there was theft and he either knew and didn’t report it or was involved but that is a guess as again I don’t know the facts.

    As for the uniforms we don’t have them, we have a dress code and as a manager I agree AZ should pay for these or reimburse employees for the cost but that doesn’t happen.

  402. Give it time my friend, they will get u as well….. Lol
    But I am enjoying my Monday thru Friday weekends off job and off by 4 so go ahead and slave away remember there is life after the AZ I have told u that before…..

  403. I agree with “the one” the zone has a track record of not being cosistant on their policy and being unfair at times towards the customers. Take a look at all the negative posts I was sold a used part once out of the box how sad.

  404. Worst Workplace In America

    A 2012 survey of employee satisfaction conducted by leading employee feedback website resulted in AutoZone being ranked the 4th worst workplace in America.[31] Survey participants totaling 17% of all employees had direct negative feedback about past and present CEO Bill Rhodes’s leadership of the company.[32]

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