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Autozone Battery Warranty | My Biggest Complaint
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File your complaint now

My Biggest Complaint About Autozone Battery Warranty

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Auto zone warranty on battery sucks I had a autozone battery that died, but when I took the battery to autozone they said it was there battery, and for me to leave it for an hour and they told me the battery was bad, but they would not replace it because they did not see my name in the computer with with a warranty. Conviently all the products I had purchased from Autozone were gone, except tune up parts. I told them to look at the bar code and read the bar code, they refused.

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  1. No warranty = no replacement. Reading bar codes won’t help. they don’t tell us your warranty. It’s the customers responsibility to remember what phone number you put your info under. Let me say that one again….listen now….. IT’S THE CUSTOMERS RESPOSIBILITY TO REMEMBER WHAT PHONE NUMBER THE WARRANTY WAS PLACED UNDER. If you don’t remeber, we can’t help you.

  2. @ friggin frack: BS. Try hitting F4 and doing a different search. Something like last name and zip code maybe?

  3. @ Eric Douche! you must be a red shirt, everyone knows all warranties are placed under phone numbers, not all under addresses or zipcodes. Point still remains, it’s the customers resposibility to remember the info their warranty was placed under. Try again, with some intelligence next time.

  4. you must be stupid for a gray shirt, considering you can F4 and do a different search for last name and zip code or maybe store number and last name….
    then you can look through everything that the name is registered under rather than only what a specific phone number is registered to.

  5. Douche, I said with intelligence!! And your still missing the point! Dumb Ass! Holy Crap!

  6. im also a grey shirt, and doing an f4 would be the correct way of going the extra mile for the customer. who to say that who ever typed in the warranty info didnt type in their number wrong? Plus i personally had warranty files deleted on me when my store manager merged my warranty files. both he and i know and remember i bought a set of spark plug wires, yet they weren’t in the warrnty file after. BUT, basically what the guy said is true. if we can’t find it, there is little we can do.

  7. I have a commerical account and most of the batterys I buy never show that I bought them. ALDATA part # are a joke to use. The name should have been to “AUTOZONA” when changed from AUTO SHACK. Most of the time they have GOOD service but when they mess-up It can be TRYING. Area managers are the BAD part because they take the attitude The Store is RIGHT , and to HELL with the long time customer. Do the CARD and get your 10% discount.

  8. i got a battery @ autozone and it died about a year later i try to get a new so they look for the info on the system by last name and zip they say we cant find you but ive only had 3 zip codes in the past 4 years so i know they riped me off i will never go to autozone again no customer service the LADY who was helping me made me feel like it was my fault and was not nice. They will not be around for long acting like this.

  9. It may be the responsibility of the customer to remember the phone number, but that doesn’t help. I went in today with both cell and home number I had at the time, and the warranty information did not exist. It doesn’t matter what info you have, the problem is that Autozone deletes the info after a few months so that you will not be able to find it and then blames the customer as if it is their fault. At which time the customer being in the store and thinking they are to blame will buy a new part. It’s baiting; they are using their database warranty scam to dupe customers into repeat business.

  10. here’s a thought. maybe the battery was out of warranty and dropped from the database.. you can F9 and it will bring up all parts under the # regardless if warranty has expired. This, of course ,is assuming everything was done correctly..

    to vulkmus.. i doubt autozone erases warranty info intentionally.. but just like any computer; it can happen

    My grandfather has been passed away since 97 and his file is still active and still has lifetime warranty brake pads and alternator from 1993.

    It is the customers responsibility to keep up with warranty info. Yes our receipts fade they are on thermal paper which saves money on ink and will fade if exposed to heat or carried in wallet. My best honest advice is to photocopy your receipts of warrantied items. If you make the smallest attempt to preserve your records then Autozone will work with you!

  12. Its like this: I have a battery. More than one actually. One went bad and Autozone refused to honor the warranty. It does not matter the reason because it was their battery. Period. There is nothing more to say about it. I switched to another parts store for all our vehicles. Autozone does not exist as far as I am concerned. See ya ripoff suckas…

  13. It’s the same thing over and over.AZ customers will never shop at Pepboys, PBs customers will never shop at AZ and so on. I have worked for both. I have been telling customers for years (I have never seen proof that they listen) if you buy a part that has a warranty for a specific car (not for another car, not for your kitchen drawer, not for your garage counter etc.) How hard is it to get an envelope or even one of those pouches that a service station gives you and keep it in your glove compartment with all the receipts related to that car?

    Also, at AZ, I have searched for customer’s warranty info and have seen items purchased many years ago. Many people just don’t want to give out their number. Plus, sometimes people buy used cars and think that since the battery says Auto Zone or Duralast that they have the warranty on it. I have many stories from the 3+ years I work there that pretty much were repeated at Pep.

  14. How is that even remotely az’s fault. I’m the CS at an az and I see this all the time. Just becuz you have a duralast battery doesn’t mean you bought it. And that’s all we want, proof you purchased it and have a legit warranty. We give you a receipt and try to put ur info in the system to help YOU! So if you don’t keep a receipt or can’t remember ur # that’s ur problem. There isn’t a delete warranty option unless you access the managers terminal and go to warranty maintenance. But 99% of the time nobody is doing that. And it would have to be a gray shirt. You walked in with merchandise and wanted more free merchandise with absolutely ZERO proof of purchase. So think before you go into a fit.

  15. Because you should honor EVERY warranty of EVERY battery you sell. I am a mechanic and if I break a tool I return it for a new one without a receipt or bull. Period.

    Here is how to force Auto Zone to honor their waranty:

    Buy a new battery identical to the one that you want to exchange (you have to buy one any way), wait a month or so and return your old battery with the new receipt. Make sure you remove the label on the side of the battery that states the year of purchase. And laugh in their faces as you carry it out the door. Then go the Checker for any further business.

  16. Yeah and I see used cars all the time with DL batteries. If you buy a car with a DL battery in it does that entitle you to a free replacement warranty? No. Our warranty policy clearly states they are non transferable. Of course the guy you buy all your tools from takes care of you, its a mutually beneficial relationship. You spend money and he warranties tool. I’m the Commercial Manager and I take care of my “good customers”. But the guys who return as much as they purchase don’t get that same treatment. We don’t OWE you anything. So stop acting like because you walked in with a product we sell that you somehow magically deserve something for free. Proof of purchase is all we ask for. Its not hard. And if you do that we are happy to swap it and hook you up. Period.

  17. Tools are not wear items, and batteries do not last a lifetime, comparing apples and oranges.

  18. Ha! Everyone complaing is dumb. I’m a gray shirt AKA manager,and I will tell u that we don’t care if we have to swap out a batterie it don’t come out of our pay. And the dumb a$$ who thinks we delete things ha its not possible even when warranties expire they remain in your warranty history. Finally the “mechanic” that thinks he would just buy a new battery and return a old one ….that would never work cause for that return it would take a manager approval and we would tell u to shove it….well I would and then laugh @u for buying a new battery and get stuck with it. Sorry one last thing if you think were deleting your stuff out of OUR computers hold on to the YOUR Prof of purchase.

  19. One more thing for the “mechanic” if u try to return a battery that was installed you wont get cash back at best you would just get another battery. What shop do you work @ …..cause I wanna make sure I NEVER let u work on my stuff. You souls like some one that would try ripping people off like charging someone for new ball joints and not even put any on. D-BAG

  20. Yeah just keep up with your receipt and this is a moot point. Simple as that.

  21. I have just had one of these problems. My stock mopar battery went out on my neon a couple yeas ago. Bought a duralast red top ( Autozone is the ONLY store to sell duralast as it is their brand). The battery has a 7 year prorated warranty. Clerk checked batter said it was bad. Went inside to swap batteries since it was 3 year free replacement. Clerk did a lookup and didnt find the battery in system. He found everything else I ever bought even from older cars I owned. What else I thought was funny was during the lookup of an old grand am I had, the battery I bought for that one didnt show up either. Not even under expired warranty. The clerk told me to come in tommorrow to see manager and maybe he can help me after he looks at the manufacture sticker on side of battery. If a company fails to honor a warranty, why shop there? I can spend money on car parts somewhere else. Plus I think my subscribers on Youtube and their friends and family would love to know how I got ripped off from Autozone so they do not shop there anymore either.

  22. It seems that Autozone has dumbed-down their battery warranties so they are only 1, 2, or 3 year with no pro-rating. When the basic warranty is up, that’s it. I had my DL Gold go out after 39 month (8 year battery warranty) and the store told me the new battery only has a 3 year warranty, period. I checked the AZ website and it now shows the best warranty is the 3 year, so they essentially knocked off 5 years of pro-rated warranty for all new battery purchases! I went ahead and bought the replacement DL Gold since I still had a lot of credit on the now defunct 8 year warranty but no more AutoZone batteries for me.

  23. how do you forget your phone number?

  24. First, AZ should not care who’s battery it is anyway. The defective battery gets RMAed back to the factory and replaced. It costs AZ only the time to process the RMA. If that is too much effort to ask as a customer then ya don’t need to be in business. If I do work on a car and the same care comes to me with a new owner and my work was defective, I will fix it at my cost. WHY? Because I STAND BEHIND MY WORK.. It doesn’t change my responsibility to my customers just because the car gets a new owner. Its still my work. It hasn’t magically changed into something non-existent. It will be my work until the car gets smashed into a neat little square cube.

    And jackattack, you moron, not everyone has a phone number, Sometimes you send someone down to get the battery and they use a different number. We have many numbers and if the wrong one gets used then AZ gets a freebie. Not everyone WANTS to give out their number.

    You guys can rationalize all you want but the bottom line is SOME POOR SMUCK purchased the battery and the battery failed before the end of the warranty. The battery should be replaced BECAUSE IT IS DEFECTIVE. Its not AZ’s business to care. If Duralast won’t refund then GET ANOTHER VENDER YOU DUMB f***ks…

  25. Let me just say a few things. If u don’t like autozone go shop some where else. And if u don’t want give out your phone number hang on to YOUR ****EN RECEIPT. Your a adult take some responsibility and if you buy some thing with a warrenty and don’t like the way our warrenty files are set up that fine with us we just do it to help dumb ass ppl out that can’t take care of themselfs. And hang on to receipts!!!!

  26. I am now shopping at another autoparts store. I refuse to go into Autozone for anything anymore. It was just too convenient for them to have all sorts of other warranty parts expired or not, in their records, EXCEPT for the batteries I had bought from them. It comes down to the consumer. If you are unhappy with a companies product or the way they conduct business, spend your money with a different company. If everyone did this, companies will start to change the way they do business. I know it doesnt seem like much, but Autozone just lost about 300 dollars a year in revenue from me. If 100 people with complaints who spent the same amount as I do leaves, then Autozone loses 30 thousand dollars a year in business. See how that works. If you don’t like the business, spend your money at a better one.

  27. Hahahaha….$30,000 that’s funny. This company made over 7 billion profit…..last year!!! ;-)

  28. Actually, it was 6.8 billion, not over 7 billion. Maybe you need to look under total revenue by fortune 500 which they ranked in the 320’s. And why is that funny? That was an example. I am sure there are well over 100 people in the world who are unhappy with Autozone. There are probably over 300 people in a single city alone who are unhappy with Autozone. So, lets say conservatively, 5000 people per state, times 50 states equals 250,000 people, at 300 per person equals 75 million dollars per year loss. And that equals 9.06% loss. Is that very funny? All I am trying to say is that it is possible to hurt companies like this if enough people teamed together and did something about it.

  29. Yeah its funny. Cause I can tell u that for every customer like u we have 10 that are pleased with us. U know for like changing batteries, wiper blades, checking engine lights for free, ect. Cause they don’t have the money to pay a shop and have it done or there just to cheap and want to take advantage of a free service we do….that we don’t have to( its not a job requirement). So yes I think its funny. And if u check I do believe that we had a growth in profit from last year….t(”)

  30. So what you are telling me as an employee of Autozone is that the company does not care about customers who are angry with the way they do business? And are you telling me that Autozone thinks its okay to have a customer service rating of only 90% positive? I know you guys do some free services that you don’t have to do. But the only people who take advantage of that are people who are not savvy enough to do even the small things like that to their vehicles. But what I’m telling you, is that as a representative of Autozone laughing in the face of a customer because they were not satisfied, really looks bad. But I do not spend my money there anymore anyway and you reinforced my decision so I thank you.

  31. Not everyone has a phone number? this isnt a third world country, the six year old across the street from me has an iphone and he probably even knows his number. and if the battery was “defective” he obviously didnt purchase it 4 years ago, he surely was friends with the person who bought the battery, maybe one of them even used a credit card…giving out a fake phone number to AZ thats really smart, this guy finally figured it out, hes beat the system… im guessing he was trying to rip off AZ and they caught him, dumb****. go back to ripping off big box stores and not having a phone…

  32. From what I have read so far, there is a reason why the people that work at Autozone, well work there. They aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs. You are some how justifying that it’s ok for your to disregard a warranty because it changed owners. Even though the battery itself should be covered for 2 or 3 years, regardless of who bought it.

    Say someone did buy a used car, the battery is bad and they go to replace it since it is still under warranty. You have more than likely just earned that persons business for quite some time for doing that, instead of losing the potential revenue from them for multiple years to come.

    It’s like if you buy a used car and the manufacturer (Honda, Toyota, etc) decide they would no longer honor their warranties that came with the factory. People would be furious and would never buy those cars again and losses would ensue.

    This seems like a pretty easy concept to grasp, but obviously, once again, there is a reason these people work at Autozone.

  33. HEY JACKATTACK…. most warranties for anything are NON TRANSFERRABLE. if you buy a newer used car with under the manufacturers warranty but you arent the original owner..its done!! all warrantys work that way. wake up!!

    the reason autozone cannot help you if the warranty isnt in their computer is because they cant prove YOU bought it. so you would be getting a discounted battery that the guy that owned the car before you paid for…are you going to go give him/her the money you saved?

  34. sorry jack attack that was for aaron

  35. now i will agree that its kind of bad that if an employee fat fingers your phone # and its 5412 and he types 5413 when you buy it…. we wouldnt be able to find the warranty 4 yrs later when its a different guy at the store that doesnt know you. but… thats why F4 is your friend. because as long as you remember your last name…autozone can look u up by name. so from now on when it doesnt find it under your phone # because either you forgot it or the employee made a mistake. request they do a search by name and zipcode if you can remember where you lived when you bought the battery

  36. If you think the Auto Zone warranty system is so bad, then shop at NAPA or O’Rilley’s. Try returning one of their batteries without a receipt. Even Walmart requires now receipts. Auto Zone spends millions on their computerized warranty system to accommodate people who can’t read what’s written on their receipts: “Keep This Receipt”. Also, if you have the comprehension to read your receipt, you will see it’s a Limited Warranty, stating it’s limited to the person who made the purchase, not the person who happened to buy the car years later.

    Larry Knight, tell us again how you stand behind your work after the car is sold down the road. With your advice on how to get an additional battery, you’re nothing but a thief so don’t try to tell us how you stand behind your work. .

  37. Mr. Battery Warranty? Try this.

    Everything said is correct. F4 and search under last name and zip, or if you know the store number purchased at and last name. Truth be told there are about 5-8 ways to search BESIDES phone number. We try very hard to locate warranty information. It does not cost me a dime to honor a warranty for a customer. However, I MUST BE ABLE TO TIE YOUR BAD PART TO A PURCHASE in the computer. If I cannot do that, I cannot honor a warranty I cannot find.

    I tell folks if they change their phone number to write that number down with something that won’t fade or smear if wet over time and toss it in the glove box of the car. Then if the battery or other part has problems, we can locate the number and help.

    We have returned purchased batteries when the core was brought in and found to be one of ours under warranty to give the customer the warranty credit they deserve.

    Again, if I cannot tie your part to one in the system, I cannot warranty it.

    At the store level, I have no means to delete or otherwise remove your warranty purchases. It is possible your warranty was expired (in which case the person who said F9 is correct). F9 will show parts you purchased, the purchase date, and what the part was.

    However, try to see our side. We sell thousands of “Limited Lifetime” warranty parts. The LIMITED means as soon as you sell the car, the warranty is void. We have had many try to warranty a part that was on the car when they bought it. The warranty does not transfer and we know for a fact the car was sold. This is fraud.

    I honor battery warranties all day long, IF I can find it and verify the person returning the part is the original purchaser. Otherwise….

  38. Oh, and another reason the battery warranty cannot transfer?

    Someone pulls a battery out of a car and puts it into a car it isn’t designed for. Particularly if that car requires a higher CCA than what the battery they put in is rated at. Over time, that battery will fail. THAT IS WHY WARRANTIES DO NOT TRANSFER.

  39. @ inthewerks

    I don’t know where you looked, but as of yesterday our battery warranties are:

    1 year free replacement + 5 years prorated for Valucraft
    2 year free replacement + 5 years prorated for Duralast
    3 year free replacement + 5 years prorated for Duralast gold

    3 year free replacement for Optima (no prorating on this one)

  40. People are still trying to make a point to me? I feel flattered, however, I have already stated my displeasure about Auto Zone’s so called “warranty”, and the way I was treaded there. And I already told everyone here who read all of my posts that I now am no longer shopping at Auto Zones. I choose to spend my money at a store with courteous staff and with a store where they can find my warranty information. Enough said. I know the exact store I bought my battery from. I know the phone number I would have used for the warranty at that time. If the person behind the counter cannot find that information, it is not a fault of my own. Like I said, I spend my money with a better auto parts company now.

  41. Power to ya. I am sure they are feeling the pinch. Bwahahahahahaha

  42. I see alot of people who buy a car that has a Duralast battery or valucrap battery and they come in and say well I bought this battery and then after you have tried several phone number they then admit that they bought the car from a friend with the battery in it and they want to try there number, SORRY BUT WE CANT DO THAT, ITS FRAUD. I also have people who photo copy there recipt….but the warranty has changed and its longer or shorter now but we act on the warranty that was in effect when you bought the part, I have people who have a partthat is a few days out of warranty, if your store manager is like mine we will help you out but if is months or years out it aint gonna happen. I always photo coppy my recipts so I always have all Inf on my car when I sell it, thats from Oil changes to Fuel Pumps..Im sorry if you couldn’t find your warranty but copy your recipt and keep it in reach.

  43. Auto Zone also has no information regarding my battery. My name was on there, but nothing else. I gave them the only two phone numbers I’ve had for the past decade along with my zip, and nothing showed up but my name. Now I read the same thing happening to other people as well. Coincidence? I think not. Horrible company with dishonest employees. It appears that Auto Zone just wants to screw you out of your warranty. Here’s a tip. When they start giving you the run around, start raising your voice to express your disgust at the incompetence and dishonesty of this company in front of all their other customers. They might just honor your warranty after all, in order to shut you up. It shouldn’t have to come to this, but that’s why I’ll never shop there again.

  44. First off, be aware that posts here may or may not be made be former/current employees, but could be made by someone else as a means to get kicks. I know, sounds like a stupid way to spend your time, yet look at the number of posts here….

    Second, those current employees that may be posting here are not representing AutoZone’s views one way or another. Each post is ONLY the opinion and/or experience as the poster remembers it. It DOES NOT mean AutoZone cares or does not care, it means that individual, as an individual is expressing themselves. DO NOT CONDEMN a company because someone posted on a problem. HEEELLLLLLLLLOOOO! LOOK AT THE NAME! You will find few people here who came here to post their good experiences with someone or someplace.

    That said, it is asinine to condemn ALL EMPLOYYES or all aspects of a company with THOUSANDS of stores in a chain solely based on your experience at a few stores in your area or travels.

    I take umbrage at that. How about the dishonest “customers?”

    Customers who enter solely to get what they can steal? Air fresheners are popular.

    The customer who buys 6 ton jack stands and at purchase asks if they don’t work right can they return them. Jack stands do nothing but hold a car up. No moving parts once they are set to the height desired, yet wants to know the return policy. Those same jack stands returned a week later AFTER customer used them for his repairs and wanted his money back.

    The customer who asks if they buy a starter and the problem of intermittent no starts does not disappear, can they return the starter for a full refund.

    Would you want this starter sold to you as newly reman? I think not. Then ask why the price of parts is going up. Because of stuff like this. We eat the cost and have the most generous return policy.

    HELL, you don’t even need a receipt, just a phone number for warranties parts.

    So, they couldn’t find your battery warranty? Did you check your receipt when you purchased it? Was your phone number entered correctly? Did they do a search by your last name to see if alternate (typo phone numbers) came up?

    You may have a bad experience at one store, BUT NOT ALL STORES ARE THAT WAY!

    You can pick and choose where you spend your hard earned dollars, that is the American way. You can even write here how everyone is a crook. Our freedoms give you that priveledge. BUT you saying it does ot make it fact nor truth. Just your experience at one of a few thousand stores. If that was the day to day normal mode of operation, do you really think AutoZone would be the number one ranked parts store? I think not.

    For the cheap seats!!!! EVERY AUTOZONE has a sign posted somewhere near the store hours. If you have these problems, copy those phone numbers and names down! Start at the store manager, then district manager, and fianly regional manager. HOWEVER, be truthful, not just trying to get “free parts.”. Dishonest actions here could cost an honest worker their job. If you were wronged, let the facts speak for themselves.

    I guarantee before you get to the Regional Manager you most likely will get satisfaction.

    For the individual who believes a warranty should transfer, then why don’t car warranties, as well as many other higher dollar purchases? The warranty policy is clearly written on every receipt. Lifetime warranties expire with the transfer or sale of the vehicle. How many free parts should be given away because you have a sense of entitlement when you did not lay out the initial purchase price for the part?

    If you stand in front of me acting the ass, I will do what is required and be sullenly respectful in doing so, but if you check your attitude at the door, I will do everything in my power as allowed by policies and procedures to assure your satisfaction. Your choice, but I am not here to be your dammit doll, to be beaten verbally at your will. I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH IT, but my only recourse is to allow another to deal your your stupid self. I shall not strike you, but I shall ask you to leave if your attitude gets in the way of other customers to the point of disruption. My hands are tied by those same policies and procedures. I cannot give you a new battery if yours is perfectly fine, particularly if you will not allow me to test, for free, the charging and starting system so we can isolate the true cause of your problem.

    Oh, buying the cheap battery not even listed as a battery for your car may save you money now, but when the CCA is significantly lower than your car requires, you are stressing that battery when you start your car. The result, PREMATURE BATTERY failure. You have the wrong battery for your car, but you know what you will tell your friends? Autozone sells junk for batteries. The truth? You were too cheap to buy the correct battery for your car that would have had the backbone to handle the starts and the failure is your fault. The result? When the battery fails in warranty period, you will get a new one free of charge if within the first 1-3 years depending on the battery.

    Computers never have problems. Power outages never occur whereby databases get scrambled. I wish I lived in the perfect world everyone on here does. My world is full of computer glitches, power outages, stores stifling hot because the temps are controlled by someone several states away who appear to not give a hoot that people four states away are in a heat wave, or blizzard, or other temp extreme and temps are set so high that indoor temps routinely hover in the mid 80s in the areas most worked in. Of course we all know computers love these warm temps as well.

    Chairs are in short supply, because sitting is not an option for the 4-11 hour shifts except for 30-60 minute break.

    However, this is MY OPINION. Take it as you will, but deciding to not shop at a store because of a post on a complaint site……hmmmmm.

    I notice this site isn’t frequented by folks who would spend as much time to say how well someone helped them. Just shocking. Nobody has one of those stories?

    Our country is dying because courtesy and respect is no longer considered when we go in public. It is a sad statement of what we have become.

  45. Let us not forget that AutoZone is a big corporation and only is concerned with the welfare of it’s customers because of monetary reasons. Would I feel bad if some one got something for free? Would I feel bad if some smuck stole something? NOPE! Quit whining AZ …

  46. You attributed what I wrote to Autozone. Your comment: “Quit whining AZ,” to me does just that. However, if theft gets out of gand in any retail business, those monetary losses eventually have to translate into higher cinsumer prices. So go ahead, encourage the thefts but tour bottim line WILL become affected as well.

    This is not an “Autozone” thing, it is a retail thing. When theft reaches a point, be it at Autozone, Walmart, Target, Kmart, ir any other retailer, the losses eventually force prices up.

    What about when that theft escalates to higher dollar merchandise?

    Only concerned for monetary reasons? Name another business that is solely doing it for the feel good feelings of helping people. It IS a BUSINESS, they do try to keep customers happy because of the bottom line. Profitable businesses do that, you know.

    Businesses not profitable, they just fade away. Borders appears heading to extinction because they must no longer be profitable.

    Fact of life.

    Oh, those thefts…ILLEGAL to steal. Encourage that. Impressive. NOT!

    Enough said.

    Shop where you will, no matter, you will be back complaining about the others as soon as they will not honor your warranty due to NO RECEIPT!

  47. No actually the bottom line is this:

    I said before about how to get around the warranty thing and other than a rare occasian that AZ has something the others dont, I do no shop at AZ. So save ur big corporate theft talk for someone who cares … 8)

  48. Theft costs EVERYONE, not just corporations.

  49. Not exactly ‘everyone’ … only AZ and its customers. If ya don’t shop there it doesn’t cost ya. So how about we steal from AZ and buy from Checker? Hey thats the ticket yah. Hahahahaha.

  50. You just don’t get it and are not worth my wasting any more time. Believe what you will.

    “Lies become truth if you choose to believe them.”

  51. I was a little hesitant to believe AZ was deleting battery warranty info when I read it yesterday… Now I’m a believer .. There is absolutely no record of me ever buying a Duralast battery.. Very Strange, .. I’ve owned my Saturn that it’s in for less that 7 years (purchased 9-18-04).. When I bought the used car, it had a Delco battery in it and was amazed how long the Delco was holding up before it went down.. The Delco was at least in the car for 2 years and more than likely in the car for 4 years.. So I’m guessing the Duralast is anywhere from 3 to 5 years old.. It’s a 7 year battery.. I live in a small town and there is only one AZ store.. I’ve had the same phone # for 15 years.. I’ve lived in the same house for 11 years.. I’ve never owned a cell phone.. MY AZ store has a record of all the other stuff that I’ve bought… Am I mad that AZ has no record ? No, because it’s my fault that I didn’t hang on to my receipt.. Will I ever buy anything from AZ again ? NO… Are battery warranties being deleted prematurely ? YES, but it’s going on at the corporate level.. Don’t blame the poor guy working at your local store.. Like so many AZ store guys have said “There is nothing in it for them to delete your records” but if I were a AZ big wig and made a deal with Duralast to start dumping records… Well there would be millions of dollars to be pocketed… The only reason that I ended up on this forum was to fined out how to read the date codes, which I still don’t know… What’s the big secret ? There’s a bar code on that battery that was scanned when it came off the line.. That same code was more than likely scanned when it went to a store… And for sure, it was scanned when it was sold and who bought it… If AZ thinks I’m trying to scam them, I’ve got a driver’s license to prove I’m the WHO
    Again, I’m not mad or pissed off.. It’s just a shame that the Store managers are taking all heat and loosing customers

  52. You bring up a good point… the barcode … ah yes the barcode on the battery should enable tracking from date and place of manufacture to the store it was sold in. Now if AZ used this barcode to track the warranty, there would be no way to back out of the deal. There would be no need to go by the phone number UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO RENIG ON A PERCENTAGE OF WARRANTIES. A typical corporate way of ‘doing business’ … Am I suprised? Nope 8)

    P.S. You got ‘em on that one Steve! Hahahahaha

  53. Um, no. The bar code cannot be used to track the warranty. Why, you may ask.

    In order for the bar code to work as a means to track a warranty, each and every battery would need to have a unique barcode, even among the same model battery. AutoZone’s batteries do not have such unique barcodes. If you take a number of batteries of the same part number, for example a 24-DL, and you scan each one, each one will give the exact same result. They are not serialized through the bar codes.

    However, when someone in the store is looking up your warranty, ask them to try other means besides your phone number, even if you have had the same phone number since phones were invented. Why? Someone could have fat fingered it and made a mistake, that would not allow it to show when you give the correct number months later. Or if you rattle your phone number off in the smarty way some do, it may have been misheard and entered incorrectly.

    There are several other ways to search. If you keep a maintenance history of your car, write the date of purchase, the ticket number and the store number in your history. That is a way it can be tracked back in the future.. Aother way is store number and last name. If you purchased it, it will show all entries with the same last name, even if the phone number is incorrect.

  54. Excuses and explanations do not change the issue, AZ is losing customers over Duralast battery warranties.. If it’s just a matter of a few forgetfully customers and some rip-off artist, then AZ has nothing to worry about.. If it’s something that’s happening to anyone who ever bought a Duralast battery, (the “missing recorded” phenomena) then AZ has got a big problem.. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, the big question is what’s AZ going to do about it.. And if this is AZ’s official response in this matter, “That it doesn’t exist, there is no problem”… So be it, don’t sweat it… YOUR ONLY LOSING ONE CUSTOMER..

  55. First off, let me make it perfectly clear… I DO NOT REPRESENT NOR DO I CLAIM to represent Autozone and their official policies, stances, etc.

    People posting here should contact the store manager, regional manager, and/or district manager in the district the store is where they have a problem.

    I did not make excuses. I explained why use of the bar code, as had been suggested to track warranty information was not possible.

    I further offered potential warranty customers who have issues an alternate way they can have their warranty looked for in the computer in hopes to head off future warranty issues.

    So standing at the counter you are armed with additional information you can suggest to the person to hopefully use an alternate search means to locate your warranty in the system, even if incorrect info was entered at purchase.

    I recommend when you make purchases, take a second before stuffing your receipt into a pocket, wallet, or purse to ensure your telephone number is correct and your name is spelled correctly. It can go long distances if/when warranty issues may arise and can be the difference between a smooth transaction for a warranty and posting here.


  56. check battery with a voltmeter..whould be about 13-15volt..then have someone crank if it drops under 9volts tell the AUTOZONE expert..some have to to do a voltdrop check before they accept it not holding a charge..some even want to check your charging system..let them its free..the battery has a white sticker on the side ,some with numbers other with letters..A10=January 2010 etc.or.309 3rd quarter year 2009..this is your proof as close as you can get. without a receipt…never buy a new battery with a side sticker that is 6 months or older..most cars batteries last 2-3 prorating is good when the battery is new but not worth getting a 72 month when it goes bad 3 years later..the extra cost you pay is for the proration,,most prorate formulas are the same ,,thay all suk..a batt with 2 years free replacement is always good

  57. 13-15 is the expected voltage if the car is running and the alternator is functioning correctly.

    To measure battery voltage, ensure you measure with the engine OFF.

    The free tests are a good idea because most people do not fully comprehend how the charging/starting system truly works beyind “I turn the key and the engine starts” making it easy for an incorrect conclusion as to a cause for a non starting engine.

    Just because the headlights, radio, and everything elseworks does bot mean there is enough power to turn the starter (the biggest electrucal load on the majority of vegicles).

    If the engine turns over just fine, but will not start, that is NOT a battery issue. Most likely fuel delivery or spark.

    Replacing a perfectly good battery will still leave you stuck alongside the road if the battery was not the problem.

    An alternator not functioning correctly can drain a battery if the engine is using the battery for power instead of the alternator. This is accekertated at night when headlights aid in draining the battery quicker.

    Also note, newer cars can ruin brand new alternators if they are unstalled in cars where the battery is dead. If you have a dead battery and need an alternator, take your battery in for a free charge so thealternator is not trying to charge your discharged battery.

    Cars today are loaded with electronics. Power ports, DVD players, engine computers, etc.

    Autozone batteries are sold with one year, two year, and three year free replacement periods AND then a five year prorated period after the free replacement period expires. The length of you warranty depends on which quality of battery you purchase and may be region driven.

  58. 3 year warranty should be honored no matter who brings the unit in. it’s called standing behind your product. it’s the unit that’s being waranteed not the customers account. track the product not the buyer. az is full of douche bags I’ll never buy anything there again in life till they fix what they sold me as bad product. then was told the waranty starts new with every replacement as that is a new product that has a different life. I”m not wanting somethingn for nothing, $100 for 90 cents worth of materials is enough to pay to expect replacement immediatly with no questions asked every time without jerking me around and making me wait 4 hours for a batter I know is dead to charge. a battery should not go dead sitting on a shelf with no load on it.

  59. Consider this…. NO STORE OFFERS A LIFETIME WARRANTY (OR x year warranty) that transfers to a new owner of the vehicle. For the cheap seats, read the first statement again.

    This means if you buy a lifetime part at NAPA, Advance, OReilly’s, Twin Bee (if they are still in business), Auto Value, Car Quest, Walmart, or any store, the warranty EXPIRES IMMEDIATELY upon the sale or change of ownership of the vehicle PERIOD!

    So to bash one business here for doing something ALL THE COMPETITION DOES AS WELL is asinine, stupid, etc.

    Get over it. Lifetime wart Aries expire when you are o longer the owner of the vehicle e part was purchased for. It is not about honoring the part, it is about honoring the warranty claims of the original purchaser.

    If you find someone who will allow these warranties to legally transfer to a new owner, SHOP THERE! Good luck.

    So get over it!

    A typical battery test should take 1 hour or less if the battery is totally discharged.

    Oh, by the way, BATTERIES DO LOSE CHARGE SITTING ON A SHELF. That is why AA, AAA, C, D and other batteries have a shelf life. Car batteries are no exception. Ask the store to put a battery on the charger if you are buying to ensure it is fully charged. A typical full charge is about 12.45 VDC.

    Batteries can take longer to test if you live in a very cold climate and the battery is very cold. Also, a battery that is frozen (where the acid is frozen) is typically going to test bad while a good battery typically will not freeze.)

    If you go to a store with a really cold battery, for safety they may try to warm it with a trickle charge before testing and putting the fast charging system on the battery. In those cases, battery testing can take several hours. Also bear in mind you may not be the only customer in there with a battery. If they have three charging units and you are the sixth or higher person to bring a battery in, you will have to wait your turn for the battery to get attention.

    Now if your battery was purchased BY YOU FOR YOUR CAR THAT YOU STILL OWN, CONACT THE STORE MANAGER, DISTRICT MANAGER! OR REGIONAL MANAGER in the area for the store you had problems with. Posting here will RESOLVE NOTHING FOR YOU. Contacting those individuals WILL.

    Pardon, but your lack of knowledge is showing.

  60. “You aren’t serious”,… I don’t have a problem with the “original owner” warranty, but your broad statement about what other store polices are ,isn’t quite true.. I have bought deep cycle marine batteries at Wal-mart before.. When I purchase them, they don’t ask for my name and number.. I pay cash for them.. When they fail, all that is required is the receipt for replacement.. There is no questioning about original ownership..

  61. Quote {your broad statement about what other store polices are ,isn’t quite true.. }

    Really? So what happens if you sell what you put the battery in? If you do not remember to give the receipt (not many do) how do the new owners get battery warranty? What happens when that receipt fades in 6 months or less? A blank receipt is no receipt.

    Have you purchased something with an “everstart” in it? Did you get the receipt when you bought it? no? did you get that battery warrantied? NO? Hmmmm.

    They do not say anything about ownership because the fact is MOST people do not give a receipt for a purchased battery in a vehicle to someone who buys their car. Thus no receipt, no warranty.

    Search the internet, there are complaints about EVERY seller of car batteries. Most warranty related.

    FACT: Store personnel CANNOT delete, remove, or otherwise take away your warranty out of the computer system.

    FACT: stores are not penalized by warrantying a battery that is bad and sending a consumer out the door with a new battery.

    FACT: if you get a new battery under warranty - the warranty DOES NOT BEGIN AGAIN, it continues the original purchased battery warranty (e.g. buy a Duralast Gold battery with 3 year free replacement and 5 years pro-rated. Battery fails at 1 year, new battery will have two remaining years of free replacement plus 5 years pro-rated. That battery fails 1.5 years in leaving .5 years of original battery warranty remaining. If the third battery fails four years from purchase of the original battery, you will be prorated based on life remaining in the battery warranty. That money will be applied to reduce the amount of the new battery. Buy the new battery, WARRANTY BEGINS AGAIN NEW, because a NEW battery was purchased.)

    FACT: Company policies dictate how far someone can go to help you with a warranty issue. When they reach the limit of their abilities (hindered by the computer system designed to ensure policy enforcement) CALL the store manager, district manager, regional manager.

    Have you done that? Called the Store? District? Regional managers?

    If not, why are you complaining here? You haven’t given the company the option to resolve your issue! IF THEY DO, would you take the time to come back here and post they resolved it for you? Not likely. Easier to complain than praise. Go figure.

    Did you go to the store with a limited schedule? Wanting a new battery in a few minutes? Do not take items back for warranty if you have two minutes to spend in the store. IT TAKES LONGER if something goes wrong. ALL RETURNED BATTERIES, STARTERS, and ALTERNATORS MUST be tested if the complaint is they have failed. PERIOD.

    Again, ALL RETURNED BATTERIES, STARTERS, AND ALTERNATORS MUST BE TESTED. The computer WILL check the testing machines to ensure testing was done.

    What type of attitude did you get and what type did you give?

    Have seen people enter the store complaining because they called and were told the parts are in stock. They arrive, no parts. Instant asshole attitude just comes bubbling to the surface. And five minutes later, when it is figured out THEY DID NOT CALL THIS STORE BUT CALLED THE COMPETITION, they just turn and leave. No “sorry for showing my ass.” Nothing.

    The truth is, if you can hold your temper, attitude in check, even if you are given one (should not be, but…human nature) you will get further.

    Most will go out of their way for you if you treat them with respect. Treat them like dirt and you will get just as much as they are required to provide. Again, human nature.

    How far one is willing to bend over backward to help another is directly related to the attitude received while in this bend over backward process.

  62. Ok so say this after having numerous problems with autozone and their “warranty” i purchased an alternator in October of last year. it went bad in january and i waited till it was warmer out. it has a lifetime warranty and i kept the receipt. now early july i take it out and dont take the receipt because i thought “hell i put it under my phone number whats the big deal?” I go there and i only have 2 phone numbers and its under neither. it only shows i purchased 2 things…. ive purchased prolly over 20 parts. So i go home and get the receipt and called the reigonal manager because of this. I was Livid it even showed on the receipt the number and name he put it under it didnt show up. (this was the manager i had first look it up.) i then go back and i said “see it even shows right there that its under that phone number and so why isnt it showing up in your computer. i got the alternator warrantied and as i was leaving i told him that i will never show here again.

  63. “First, AZ should not care who’s battery it is anyway”

    Yes, we should. AutoZone is a FOR PROFIT COMPANY. Hence, it has its own interests in mind. We clearly state that our warranties are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. In other words, if you didn’t buy the part, you’re not getting a free replacement. Further, the warranties DO NOT entitle anybody to CASH BACK. The warrantees cover defective parts which means we will replace it at no cost to you. That, once again, does not mean cash back.

    “Not everyone WANTS to give out their number”

    Than not everyone will get a warranty. Want a warranty? Give us your phone number. It’s how the system is set up. Don’t want to give out your phone number? No problem! But you won’t have a warranty. It’s really that simple and it’s the customers choice.


    Is it? Or did it fail because the customer doesn’t know how to take care of the battery? What if the alternator is bad? Or the rectifier? That will easily kill a battery. What if the customer allowed the battery to drain completely? Flooded-cell lead-acid battiers (e.g., car batteries) can only sustain so many complete discharges before they’re completely shot. And that’s the customer’s fault, not a manufacturing defect.

    “If Duralast won’t refund then GET ANOTHER VENDER YOU DUMB f***ks…”

    You do realize that Duralst batteries are simply rebranded Interstate batteries, don’t you? Interestate is on par with Delco and other name brand batteries. Out of the hundreds of batteries we sell each week at our store, I see only a small handful of batteries come back. And guess what the majority of those batteries are? You guessed it! Valuecraft! NOT duralast!

    And the next person that says go to walmart, they got rid of their pro-rating on batteries too. It’s not just AZ.

  64. “This is accekertated at night when headlights aid in draining the battery quicker.”


  65. I bought a battery 5 1 -08 96 month warranty and had it tested and it was bad today 12-15-11 the battery was 70 dollars in 2008 and today i just spent 107.99 for the same battery since it was after 3 years . My question is why warranty the battery for 96 months and i still have pay retail for a new one less then 42 months later? plus i should get the new battery for 70 dollars like in 2008 minus the 6 months that extended the 3 year free replacement . this just don’t sound right to me .

  66. Joe your completely right on this one. I’m a PSM for az (parts and sales manager). Your original battery was under a pro-rated warranty, which means you get trade in value towards a new battery. You should have got around $50-$60 to put towards a new battery. And also if the autozone employee new what he or she was doing you would’ve got to put that money toward the same style battery at the same price you Payed back in 08′, meaning you would have only dishes out around $10-$20 on a brand new battery as well as the warranty starting over that day. I’m very sorry about this and in this case your completely right

  67. I guess it’s to late for me to do anything . i mean the battery was for a 2000 dakota 34-DLG item number 561276 i got 44.16 back for the bad battery minus 12 core charge 107.99 new battery same item number 12 dollar core charge added plus i did buy the felt terminal protectors for 1.49 for a total of 69.89 is what i paid today. i did call corporate today but was redirected back to the regional office which i spoke to at 9:30am they closed at 5 but they never called me back.I knew the battery was bad {would not hold a charge} and needed the new one but the price it costed me well i was not perpared for that. UPDATE!!!!!! I called a different store was told 1 computer glitch or 2 that style doesn’t quailfy for the price it was back then . Should i persue this or let it go?

  68. Just for info, have never seen where buying a new battery allows for purchase at original price. I am also confused by the comment of 6 month extended warranty.

    The way it should work is:

    1 Jan 2008 you buy a gold battery that has 3 year free replacement and 5 years prorated warranty.

    If the battery tests bad in the first 3 years, it should bereplaced at no cost to you.

    Bear in mind, if the battery fails in the first three years, it does not extend the warranty. The replacement battery continues on the original warranty with however many months of free replacement remained at the time of the change.

    Now, if the battery fails after the free replacement AND you are purchasing a new battery, you will be credited prorated money towards the new battery at current prices. Also be aware that with this purchase, your warranty period starts fresh because you bought a new battery.

    You will not received prorated refund if you do not buy a battery at that time, hust for info, although in your case this does not apply because you did.

  69. the {new} battery does have a fresh 96 months warranty also quoting you ” I am also confused by the comment of 6 month extended warranty.” I was saying the battery went bad in 3 1/2 years so i feel like i should get a new battery for 70 dollars price in 2008 minus the prorated differnce of the 6 months that exceded the 3 year replacment .

  70. Joe if I were in your position I would keep calling and complaining. But you don’t have to call the regional office they get a ton of calls and messages everyday. I would try calling their DM his or her number will be on the stores main entry door.

    Also like I said in my original post you should have been able to put that $69 towards a new battery at the price you originally Payed. If the cashier would have scaned that little white PCI slip that prints off and gave you that $69 off and then scaned the new batteries UPC (barcode) the computer would have automatically change the price to the original battery price. Good luck with this and please understand its not the stores employees fault its a lack of training from our company. We are left to kind of figure everything out ourselves and run the store as we see fit inside the companies rules and regulations, for some people it takes longer than it would for others to figure it out TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMER. They can buy their parts any where they want to and they picked autozone.

  71. I’m sorry I said $69 towards a new battery it was $44.

    Best thing you could do Joe would be to call that stores DM. I’m %99 sure he or she will take care of this issue.

  72. Thank you very much autozoner4 . the dm called the store and that mananger agreed to refund me the difference of the new battery 107.99 bringing the new battery price back to 80 dollars like in 2008 so i will save 27.99 so my new battery will have cost me 40.99. they said it was a known computer glitch again thanks

  73. I’m glad that your issue was taken care of. I hate to see or hear that our customers are over paying, with the way the economy is right now who can afford to over pay on car parts. I hope that we didn’t lose your business or faith in our company.

  74. The idea that an AZ customer needs to have his telephone number if his receipt is lost is ludicrous. Those of you who work at AZ may know that the telephone number is key, but not all customers know that. Moreover, not all customers give or are required to give their telephone number in order to make a purchase. Some of you may not mind giving out privacy information that you are not required to give out, whether telephone number or address. More importantly, federal law precludes retailers from obtaining personal information even when a credit card transaction is made. If the battery is defective and is still under warranty, it gets sent back to the manufacturer or distributor and the AZ dealer gets reimbursed to replace it. Any requirement that the customer must know the telephone number it was filed under are just rationalizing bad customer service. And for those of you with who think that even a large corporation does not care about customer goodwill, you are sadly mistaken. One complaint on the internet may be read by 1,000 people or more, even 10,000 or more, and it can affect at least 25% of those who read it. I know from what I read here that I would never shop at AZ.

  75. You are kidding, right?

    If you purchase a component that has a warranty, you must provide the information needed to allow for warranty. This is true reagardless of what you purchase. Computer, car, auto parts, etc.

    Autozone does not sell or share your telephone number. It is asked solely to track your warranty purchases so you DO NOT have to have a receipt should the item you purchased not perform properly for the entire warranty period.

    Your receipt clearly states the warranty information including the warranty expires upon the sale of your vehicle. If you do not to want to provide a telephone umber, then you MUST KEEP your receipt to provide proof of purchase.

    Buy anything anywhere with a warranty and they will require something of you to honor that warranty. It can be the receipt, or providing information for them to register the warranty under.

    Also, stores put all batteries - cores, batteries that did not last their full period, etc onto a pallet that is sent back solely for recycling.

    How about customers who abuse warranties? Try this.

    I buy a battery for my small car, it takes a low cold cranking amp battery. Within months, for some reason I no longer have the car, but I keep that battery and put it in another car. This car is a larger van that should have a higher cold cranking amp but I put my smaller battery from the smaller car in it.

    Now what do you think will happen to this battery? It is taxed and wears out because the starter of the newer car draws higher cranking power each start and the older car did not need that much power. As a result, the smaller battery now fails because of the higher load (not what it was designed for) destroys it.

    They then come back and want their battery warranty honored because it failed, but they neglect to mention the change of vehicles.

    How do we learn about it? When they buy the replacement battery, they buy one for a DIFFERENT CAR!

    The fact is, at least in this geographical area, that Autozone makes battery returns easier to do than Walmart. If proof of purchase can be found and if the battery is in the free replacement period, AND if the battery tests bad, you leave with a new battery.

    No proof of purchase? No battery.

    How about customers who buy cars already fitted with a battery? They try to get warranties honored when they did to buy the battery.

    YOU MUST BE THE PURCHASER TO HONOR a warranty. If you did not buy the battery, you are not entitled to any warranty, should that battery fail. That is the same warranty as offered by O’Reilys, NAPA, Advanced Auto, and Walmart makes you provide a receipt (a receipt that is rarely given when a a car is sold), so, if you have such issues with providing a phone number to protect and prove your warranty, it will make helping you much more difficult.

    It has all been seen. The people who come into the store, tapping their feet because they may have to wait while other customers, there first are helped. Then what are they there for? The free services, only.

    Read my codes, test my battery, then they go someplace else to get their parts. That is their choice, but guess what happens when you do not patronize, with purchases, stores that offer the free services you love so much? They go away.

    People who come in and want $71 per side struts and they want them installed for that price! Hello! Auto parts STORE, we do not install struts nor other parts except for bulbs, wipers, and some batteries.

    Sorry you have issues, but autoparts stores are also there as a business, a business that has a generous return policy, generous warranty policy (the others don’t replace your brake pads and shoes solely if you wear them out, ask them), and you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try.

  76. Bottom line: AZ is a big corporation who’s goal is to relieve us of our money. We on the other hand try to pay as little as possible to AZ. Its the way it works …

  77. Local autozone has “lost” my phone number in their system for warrantied parts too many times now. I shop at ONE and only one store.

    I do save my receipts and they have tried to not honor warranty for 2 batteries, rack and pinion, alternator, fuel pump, warped rotors, power steering pump, and more. I DO give my phone number to save me the hassle of havng to also bring in receipts for any warranty item(the whole reason they ask for my phone number). 75% of the time I have been treated as if I were a criminal. The most recent battery, zero info in the system, they searched by zip, name etc, i explained i always make sure they put the info in the system and was positive they had and they refused and treated my like i was trying to rip them off. Very annoying, took battery home, found receipt couple days later, proved I did purchase it since my receipt showed i had. No apology, just grunting and thunking replacement battery on the counter, still as if somehow i was ripping them off. Battery years ago when it was “tested” was swapped with a similar looking but older battery, they insisted it was out of warranty because of the date code on the battery. That time, they did have my nfo n the system showing it was indeed only a year old and not 4 as they were claiming. Assumed older battery was accidentally mistaken for mine, but based on recent battery warranty issue, not so sure. No one should be treated like this, and yes it was the store manager. Not all emloyees there are bad, just 20%. Autozone has lost my business for good. They have attempted too many times to not honor warranties/ treated me poorly. Lesson learned. Reason for going to same store? Right around the corner, matter of convenience. No longer though, I will drive further to the competition from now on.

  78. If this has happened, I recommend you return to the store one more time. You should not even need to go inside. Look at the front of the store near the vicinity of the store’s hours. There will be a printed sheet that gives you the name, phone number and title of three people:

    Store Manager
    District Manager
    Regional Manager

    Since you stated the SM was one, I would suggest calling one of the other two. What to expect. You are given a phone number and an extension. If there is a # sign after the extension,myou must enter that as well. You will not reach them directly, but you will be able to leave them a voice mail.

    Give a brief description of your complaint and a telephone number where you can be reached.

    This is not AZ policy, but, store employees CANNOT remove names, phone numbers, warranties, etc from the computer. It is IMPOSSIBLE for that to happen.

    Not saying it didn’t happen to you, just saying that the fact your data is not in the computer, if it was entered correctly is NOT the fault of the store employees.

    Now computer glitches can and do occur, typically every time they update something. Again, not the fault of the store employees.

    Return policy clearly states that warranties are honored if you have the receipt or if it can be located in the NATIONAL DATABASE. National means store minions CANNOT do anything but add to warranty history. If they could not find it, the policy ties their hands. If you have the receipt, the hands are free to help you.

    Please understand you cannot just be handed a replacement part. It MUST be tied to a transaction so that warranties are accurate as well as store quantities are kept accurate. Thus it must be run through the computer. Your receipt provides a transaction number to do that.

    If you have problems with not receiving the same battery returned to you when tested, USE A SHARPIE and write your name on it. Sould not need to, but it will return what is yours to you.

    Also be aware that THIS IS NOT what should be happening. CALL, if this store is not following policy, losing you as a customer is bad, but not getting the problem corrected helps nobody else, either.

  79. Hello AutoZonies — I’m about to take my junk DuraLast battery back to the AutoZone store where I originally bought it. I’ll have the receipt. I’ll also be wearing a hidden camera and mic. I sure hope I don’t encounter any of the problems that customers have listed here, because you can bet you’ll see it all unfold in living color on YouTube as soon as I return. Here we go. Let’s see how you do.

  80. Notice you haven’t bothered to come back and say how it went…..

  81. Sorry for the delay in getting back with the results of my DuraLast battery return.

    I walked into the AutoZone store and they asked me for my phone number. I gave it to them and the original battery purchase was in the system. I never even had to show my receipt. They tested the battery, determined that it was dead, and prorated a new replacement battery. They were very professional. I didn’t experience any of the hassles or issues others have mentioned. I’m not impressed with the batteries, but I’m definitely satisfied with the customer.service.

  82. Thank you very much for telling everyone of a good experience!

    Remember, battery life can be affected by many things. If the battery sits, like in a car not used for a length of time, the battery WILL DRAIN slowly over time. Later model cars with comouter modules that have parasitic draws, even without power at the key on, will also lower the life. High heat and extreme cold can also take a toll on batteries.

    If you are not using the car, remove the battery and place it on a trickle or battery maintainer to keep the battery fully charged. It will increase the life. Car batteries DO NOT handle drains between charges well. If you are doing that, consider a deep cycle battey, they are made for this.

    I am glad your experience went as it should. Also, bear in mind, if you had to pay money for a battery yesterday, your warranty period started over so you have however many years of free replacement vs the battery type you purchased. If you get a free sway, the warranty continues, pro-rating means you are purchasing a new battery and thus a new warranty.

  83. Wow after reading all these comments its good to know I’m not the only one who has a beef with Autozone. I had a problem with them about a battery warranty. I had my receipt and they said they could give me discount not exchange it.

  84. @M.Garza …You left off some key information.

    Were you the original purchaser?

    Did the battery test bad?

    Were you in the free replacement window for the batttery you had?

    Did you have the battery in the store at the time you were asking for warranty?

    Battery warranties are valid only to the original purchaser. The battery must test bad to be replaced free under warranty. Too many want a new battery just because. That is not the warranty.

    If the car had the battery when purchased, warranty stops at time of sale of vehicle.

  85. This prorated warranty worked great for me. Saved about $35. But then they were able to find the purchase in the warranty database

  86. You guys at az are ridiculous. There are all these unhappy people and all you can do is defend yourself, and it makes you ALL look like asses. I have a mitsubishi galant, my battery just died (after 2 months) switched it out. and now my alternator went out, switched it out, but the new battery is dead. Went to find my reciept its a valucraft…. THERE IS NO VALUCRAFT BATTERY FOR MY CAR. I got a battery for a 69 camaro. And to top it all off the ****ing installer slipped my wife some terminal lube and felt pads out of his tool box. He never asked if she wanted them, he just handed them to her, and charged her. I am gonna go get my battery tomorrow and then i will never be back again. Oh and i have my reciept assholes.

  87. One more thing. I agree that if the warranty is void it’s void. But not everyone is trying to get one over on you, sometimes your gonna make mistakes. With child labor laws being what they are i am sure you are all adults, so take responsibility for your actions. I really dont care what color shirt you wear seems to me you are all pretentious douchebags.
    Grow up and get over yourselves.

  88. Dammit …

  89. So, you think name calling and profanity is mature? Yeah, sure.

    How many times do we have to TELL you? Not all stores do things like that. Also, THERE IS BIG TIME PUSHING TO SELL PACKETS OF CRAP. Not doing so to meet percentages results in backsides getting chewed on. It is NEVER acceptable to add to a customer’s bill without their agreeing to purchase.

    But you sir, are a bigger fool! You state you had a Valucraft battery in your car FOR TWO MONTHS before noticing? Really? Two months. How do we know you or whoever purchased the battery didn’t go in, like is frequently seen, and select a battery and refused to listen when told that battery was not the right one for your car? You maybe wanted CHEAPEST and refuse to accept that CCA makes a difference?

    It is fools like you that make the day of someone in retail. They have something to laugh about the rest of the day. Trust me, if you got the wrong battery and are so smart you knew two months ago, why didn’t you say something two months ago?

    You didn’t even look at the receipt after purchase to see 69 Camaro and AZr people are what?

  90. To “j”, i’ll make this short and to the pointS.
    First if we install your battery for your lazy a$$, we have to do it correctly. So ppl like you don’t biiittch about a FREE service. So when you sent your wife down to one of our stores(b/c your lazy) she don’t get the choice of purchasing the felt washers and grease if we install the battery. Again if we do a FREE service we have to do it right and use the right parts like $1 felt washers and grease that you will HAVE to pay for if we install! On to my next point, your saying we have all these complaints. This is the world wide web FACT, and az has more than 4,300 stores fact. There’s less than 100 complaints on here about our batteries, I see twice as many customers each and everyday at my one store. And yes I do get a couple re-turds like you that walk throw my door, when ppl like you leave it makes my day. I take your money, tell you have a nice day and then laugh at your ignorance. To sum up don’t send your wife down to get something she knows nothing about, and dont ask for something for free and complain! POS j.

  91. Hmmm why should you need a number there’s a sticker on the side with the month and year manufactured add 3 years and if its in that range you should honor the warranty. Strangely I DID photocopy my receipt went in today and they still couldn’t find the warranty of a battery purchased January 2011

  92. @Aiden - it is called that ONLY the person who PAYS for the product is entitled to warranty no matter what stickers say. It is the same at every other parts store. Even Walmart requires a receipt for their crappy batteries. So get over it! For the cheap seats - people in the store CANNOT delete nor otherwise modify a warranty in the company’s database, PERIOD! If you want to ensure you have a warranty there are things you can do. 1. When asked for your phone number SPEAK IT CLEARLY and SLOW enough for someone to type into the system. If you rattle it off in a nanosecond, you get a good chance it will be misheard. 2. When you get your receipt, LOOK AT IT. Make sure your name and phone number are correct. If not, they can correct the spelling in the system without having to re-ring the sale. Keep a log in your car, never a bad idea. This can include the store number, date, transaction number, and part number. Then if it cannot be found, you should still have the info needed. A duplicate of the receipt works best because it will not fade. If you do not want to do any of this to protect YOUR warranty, then the hard time you may get should your warranty somehow become lost is most likely going to be a reality. Now, why are AZ workers such ****s? They get to deal with a variety of people on a daily basis. People with brats for kids who come in and destroy displays, steal products, and/or make messes around the store. Let one of those brats become injured throu YOUR negligence, you should control your kids in stores. An autoparts store can only be made child safe by locking everything up which prevents customers from shopping. So take responsibility for your brats and keep them close or keep them out. They can have 10 people in the store at once, guaranteed half are only there for free services, ONLY. Two to three more are shopping to get numbers to go to Walmart to buy. The remainder will purchase something. Free services are battery, wiper, headlight installation. Battery, alternator, and starter testing on the car. And retrieving codes from your 96 or newer car. Now, what is expected is: TEL them what is wrong with their car, they don’t want to hear that the check engine light that has been on for three months has gotten worse. Check fuses because their port is dead and cannot be used to read codes. Sel magic new engine in a bottle elixir and warranty it WILL WORK. Maybe, if people would realize autoparts store do not work on cars, they are not paid mechanics wages, and take their car to a paid mechanic, it will be better. Not saying AZ workers can’t work on cars, just saying they are not paid to. Stop trying to be cheap and take to to someone PAID to fix it. Keep sucking free things only and one day, free will be gone. Oh, and don’t go in and want your light turned off. Want it off, FIX IT!

  93. Im a tech in fla and i never have issues with a warrenty from interstate or advanced auto parts batteries because they stand behind there product. If the date code is even a month or two past the warrenty time the still honor it no questions asked.,and its because they take care o there customers. I have worked on cars for over ten years now and will never ever put a neverlast (duralast nickname) part o. Someones car. They have created nothing but problems for me

  94. When I was buying a used automotive battery, the assistant asked me for my tag number, tag registration and its expiration, my driver’s license, and my right fingerprint. All this information was used in case somebody steals my battery and tries to return it or sell it in the store I purchased it.

  95. Saint peter- you are ethhhher returded or a lire.

  96. The real point here is that the batteries come with a MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY on it, not a warranty from the store, so it should not matter who bought it. That’s why there are stickers on the outside of the battery so the store can see the date of manufacture and it doesn’t cost the store anything because they in turn get a new one also and with a new warranty.

  97. The real point is the facts! WARRANTIES are non-transferable, meaning the warranty DOES NOT transfer if you sell the vehicle or the battery. You can sell your vehicle or battery but you can’t sell the warranty that az has on the battery for the original purchaser. That’s a az policy! They get to pick and choose not you

  98. The REAL point is THE RECEIPT CLEARLY STATES THE WARRANTY IS NON TRANSFERRABLE. Only the person who PAID gets a warranty. Everyone else needs to stop trying to get something for nothing. If you don’t like it, then buy elsewhere. OH WAIT, ALL THE OTHER AUTOPARTS CHAINS HAVE THE SAME REQUIREMENT! Go buy a crappy ever start from Walmart, if you live where it is really cold, it most likely will leave you stranded, your choice. By the way, DURALAST IS the store brand so it does cost the store. If it wasn’t tis way, someone would search every junkyard and scrap bin looking for Duralast batteries just to warranty them. THAT is why it is not transferrable. It is NOT a manufacturer’s warranty, AUTOZONE is warranting it. Know where that bad battery goes? On a core pallet to be recycled. Not back to the manufacturer to get money back to the store. IF YOU WANT A WARRANTY! YOU PAY FOR THE PART!

  99. It shouldn’t matter if everyone digs old batteries out of the trash. If it is still in waranty and does not perform satisfactorily, then it needs to be replaced by the manufacturer. This forces the manufacturer to build quality. Good quality means low waranty replacements. When I bring a battery back to AZ it isn’t usually tested to see if it is bad anyway. AZ just looks it up and gives me a new one according to the waranty. If AZ can afford to do that they shouldn’t be complaining… And batteries shouldn’t be in the trash anyway …

  100. It DOES MATTER. If you did not buy it, you are not entitled to a free replacement. Duralast batteries are manufactured to AutoZone specifications FOR AUTOZONE. AUTOZONE warranties those batteries, not the manufacturer.

    It is a load of huey if you think the manufacturer would make better batteries if they have to warranty them. Wal-Mart requires a receipt. They know the majority of their crap batteries will never be warrantied because the receipt will either be lost or fade beyond being able to be read which means NO WARRANTY. They don’t make better batteries, they reduce the warranty.

    The AutoZone not looking up the warranty is not doing you a service. They are not helping you if you bring a battery in and say it is the battery. Experience shows that 85% of the time, the customer is guessing and needs additional guidance to help them fix the PROBLEM not what they perceive the problem to be. Not testing the battery is against store policy and they can get in trouble. If the battery is not bad, then you get another battery and have the same problem in short order.

    You WILL NOT get to warranty a part you did not buy so complain here all you want. Manufacturer’s warranty the part TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER. Read your receipts and warranty paperwork. Just about everything you buy is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Deal with it!

    Better yet, buy your battery at O’Reilly’s, Advance, Auto Value, NAPA, Car Quest, Twin Bee or any other store. BUT I bet you will find that they will NOT HONOR A WARRANTY FOR A PART YOU DID NOT PURCHASE, nor battery, nor anything else. They would go broke if they do so.

    For the cheap seats: READ YOUR RECEIPT. LIMITED WARRANTY. WARRANTY EXPIRES WHEN YOU SELL YOUR CAR. That is the bottom line. It is on your receipt when you purchase your parts. Whine all you want, but that is the way it is in the industry.

    Oh, I didn’t say trash, I said junkyard (from cars totaled and sent there but not stripped yet) and scrap bins (for recycling). Agree they should not be in the trash, illegal and harmful.

    BTW, different batteries perform differently. Obviously you have never seen some stupid person who has installed an amplifier in their car. They did not do it correctly, there is not capacitor to help the alternator not strain to run their tunes AND charge the battery, AND run the lights/heat/etc. Then they want to listen to their crappy noise and run the battery dead, REPEATEDLY. This is BAD for car batteries. They do not handle full charge, dead, full charge dead cycles well. Dual purpose do as well as deep cycle. Car batteries generally are NEITHER. Thus the customer’s own misuse CAN CAUSE FAILURE.

    If you want to get very technical, the battery should only be warrantied IF it can be shown the early failure is a direct result of improper assembly, less than adequate materials, or other manufacturer defect. Just not working does not prove it is the fault of the manufacturer process. If a stupid person takes the battery out of their tiny car that calls for 450 CCA and puts it in their buddy’s big pickup that needs 750 CCa, that battery WILL FAIL and not through the fault of the manufacturer. It is the wrong battery for the application. So why should a store be on the hook for that? Vicious cycle.

  101. Just to be plain and simple. No Auto zone does not always honor their warranty on their batteries even with a receipt. I was told it was my own fault because I had a sound system in my car. I’ve been doing audio for about 15 years. So there is no issue with my system.

  102. You may be very skilled in your installation of stereo equipment, but far too many fly by night, think-they-know-it-all “mechanics” install their own stereo systems and very poorly and on the cheap. They do not upgrade their electrical system so their already overtaxed alternator running their laptop, cell phone, GPS, and car cannot handle it.

    They want to listen to their “tunes” when the car is off and they suck their battery dry then complain how the battery is crap,when it is caused by their misuse. You cannot draw that kind of power without recharging it at the same time.

    For example, boy comes in and wants glue to hold his back window in. Why? Because his stereo has loosened it! That means he did something wrong, but he will not listen! Have never heard of a properly installed stereo system causing that.

    That big red wire usually means trouble. I ask how long it has been installed. If it has been there awhile, I can figure it is not the cause.

    But I have never denied a return solely because of the stereo system. I will point it out as a possible cause if it is present unless the person I am talking to has at least half a brain and makes sense when they respond to that

  103. You idiots don’t keep your receipts? BTW, make a copy of that
    receipt for they usually use paper that fades to nothingness after
    a few months. Use your heads for something other than holding
    your ears apart.

  104. I have a used Jeep, with a Valuecaft battery, which won’t start the Jeep after it sets for 2-3 days. We normally don’t go to AutoZone because we have had lousy service in the past. I can go to the battery shop less than a mile away and they will check out the battery, install a new one for much less than AZ, and give me a warranty that transfers automatically to the new owner, and any subsequent owners, for the full duration of the warranty. I have bought used cars at auction with their batteries, which often go bad because they have set in a lot through the winter uncharged. They have always honored the warranty, no questions asked, If it has their name on it, the warranty is good! Why would anyone in their right mind buy a battery from AutoZone? They obviously don’t need our business because they are so big. It may not hurt the company because I don’t shop there. But it makes me feel better.


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  107. I bought a 84 months Duralast battery and it went dead after 2 years and 2 months. It was 2 months past the full replacement, so I had to pay the prorated amount. To get another battery, I had to pay almost $70 and the warranty is not 84 months on the new battery, but the balance of the first battery! I now have 56 months and no full replacement, even if it goes dead tomorrow! Better think before you buy one!

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