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My Biggest Complaint About Autozone Battery Installer

I went to Autozone on Feb. 4, 2010 and needed a new battery since I had been having problems for weeks with the battery dying out and having to recharge it all the time. They sold me a battery that was supposedly the same. The batteries are real batteries if you don’t care of any changes you have to make in order to modify your car batteries wires. The Negative post is thinner than other batteries just to say they are cheaper made. So The clerk did help me change my battery but when he went to connect the battery wires the negative side it was smaller and did not fit. So they did not know what to do so they stuck a screw to make it conduct and left it ghetto style. What I did not like, was that customer service said that is what they call mexican style even though I an not of that ethnicity. This is not a professional customer service and so I called the following morning and another manager told me he had something to adjust the post fitting. I am still not happy with the arrangement since I drive a nice car and should not have to modify anything to satisfy a sale from them. I should get my money back so I can buy one that fits according to what my car takes. I am not happy at all with this company. Not everything is bad just when they cut corners to satisfy sales and don’t care what customers think. I believe after this is that since most people are ignore about auto repairs or replacement Autozone takes advantage of the consumer. I believe I will go to Kragens stores next time and don’t go to Pep Boys because they gave me a battery that did not fit, ran my car but it was the wrong battery and too small. I have learned my lesson and it has make me wise. Don’t listen to any sales person do your research before shopping online if possible or by calling around.

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  1. If, in the end, your were not satisfied with the installation, then your old battery should have been reinstalled, the purchased battery returned, and your money refunded. Period. I recomend contacting the district manager (his/her number will be on the door of every auto zone), telling him/her of your experience, and communicate clearly that all you want is your old battery reinstalled, and the new battery returned and your money refunded so you can ge a proper replacement. Feel free to express disappointment in your experience. Most District Managers, and really most Store Managers as well really want keep our customers happy. Obviously there are bad apples, but general speaking we’re taught to take care of the customer. It might be a good idea to take a picture with your cell phone of the installation and offer to send it to the District Manager, or even the Regional Manager. The number to his/her office is on the door of every Auto Zone as well. I hope these steps help you.
    “Stretched” terminals are an occasional occurance when doing battery installations. The metal stretches. I know how silly sounds but think of this: we do well over 60 batteries a month (I’m being conservative), and we might come across a stretched terminal just a couple times a year. I mean only a handfull. It’s not the batteries, as there sizes are in fact universal. All the terminals, and on every battery of the same part number, no matter the manufacturer, are going to be exactly the same. That’s why they are assigned part numbers, they are all the same. The remedy that should have been used, and Auto Zone carries them, are battery shims. These fit over the existing battery terminal, allowing the reuse of the terminal end from the vehicle. Short of that, the only resolution is to buy another battery cable. If a battery shim was used in your case, then how it looks means nothing compared to how it functions. Again, I hope this helps you

  2. If AutoZone was so concerned about thier customers and thier employees, they would require some type of training so we would know how to correctly install a battery or wiper blades. No where is this even offered. Never have I been asked by a manager or higher if I know anything about cars. EVER.

  3. Hey, how much did you pay to have your car “repaired”? Where was the “mechanic” certification? Do It Yourself!!!

  4. “Do not go to Auto Zone” Hope you read the people commend before you go to Auto Zone

  5. Do not go to Auto Zone” Hope you read the people comment before you go to Auto Zone

  6. Sammy, Learn how to speak english! Every store and every employee is different. Nobody cares if you no longer shop with the zone, they still earn a ton of money.

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