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My Biggest Complaint About AT&T Poor Service

How does a company like ATT stay in business with continual poor service to its customers? Both wireless and landline internet service is the poorest one might expect from a company. In the last 12 months I’ve not been able to log onto the internet to see my landline bill. Attempts to correct this have not proven long term fixes. I cannot send an email to them I must have an account number from my bill to do so, not able to see my bill prevents me from do this. I’ve called to resolve the problem but for some reason the problem comes back over and over. My ATT cell service CANNOT be trusted, it either does not work or drops calls. A phone service rep. recently told me I should not expect my cell phone to work in my house, so I must stand outside to use it. It is currently – 8 degrees here, I live in Michigan not in the boonies but within a distance of 5 miles to 3 cell towers. You may ask why I stay with ATT, because I love my Apple I-phone. Hopefully in the near future ATT’s poor service will be a thing of the past.

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  1. Hmm I get great service from AT&T.

  2. You said it…iPhone…the bastards rope you in with a fancy phone and figured out they don’t need to improve their service because everyone just wants the phone. They’re going to regret it as soon as their contract is up with Apple and all-of-a-sudden everyone goes back to Verizon. I’ve heard AT&T service is decent on the east coast, but it definitely sucks here.

  3. The latest… today at 2:00pm I placed a call, after the called I got 3 phone messages and one SMS message. The phone messages were from yesterday afternoon, so why did I get them after making a call at 2pm today the NEXT day?? The SMS was from this morning. This completely Pis_es me off to say the least.

    You CANNOT trust ATT!!!

  4. How do they stay in business? I recall a Saturday Night Live Sketch poking fun at AT&T’s government protected franchise with a faux slogan:

    “We’re the phone company. We don’t care — We don’t have too.”

  5. AT&T is really SBC after it sucked up all the Ma Bells in the nation. Their business model is make as much money as we possibly can and screw the customer.

    This company will be the one to watch in the future, I can smell a rip-off a mile away and my nose hairs are tingling.

  6. After having my iPhone banking information compromised by a third party, AT&T put me into a new contract without my knowledge as a resolution! When I tried calling AT&T to get this issue resolved, I have been placed on hold, I have talked with seven different reps and three Supervisors. One of the Supervisors in Nevada response to me was, “why did I buy an iPhone” and hangs up the call. When I called back to speak to another supervisor, that person was located in Texas and he informed that my three telephone calls prior to this one weren’t documented, so he has no idea as to what happened and he cannot help me. By the time I get to another person that was more mild-manner than the others, I had had enough and I asked him to give me the address to AT&T headquarters, which he was not allowed to do. Each time I asked for the address, he kept trying to end the conversation with, go back to the people that sold me the phone. At that point and time, I realized he was not allowed to provide me with that information. However, I was not going to let that stop me from asking, so I asked him if he was apprehensive about providing me that information and his response was, please go back to the people that sold me the phone…

    AT&T is the epitome of fraud with poor customer service!!!!! I have spent thousands of dollars with AT&T this year alone, and this is the thanks I get!

  7. I bought a GD I-Phone in august! I cannot get it to work and everytime I call for service I get a different excuse and a “lets try one mor thing”! This phone is wonderful but AT&T simply cannot support it. They cannot deliver what they promise and they charge a fortune not to help you! I had a Verizon phone and consistently used over 1500 minutes a month. Now that I have an I-phone, I barely use 300. It is because the calls cannot get thru. When I am in the middle of a call, the call gets dropped and my customers think I have hung up on them. I had 3 calls dropped this morning before 8:30 am! I lost a thousand dollars worth of business already today! I called AT&T and would you know it that when I finally got a live person the call was dropped! I cannot take it anymore. I am returning to Verizon which only dropped one call in the last three years!

  8. I retired with South Central Bell which was later bought by ATT. I had everything ATT. Home, Cell, Internet, TV etc. Then something went wrong. My internet kept shutting down. I couldn’t get any help. I was very patient but finally gave up & went with Comcast. My cell bill was extremely high with many dropped calls. Again, I couldn’t get anyone to talk to. I went thru the confused robot options and gave up. I now have a Verizon with a lower bill, great coverage, with an on-line pay system thats user friendly. I now have my TV thru Comcast, great company. With the great coverage of my cell service, I no longer needed my res. service. ATT customer service is so unfriendly. What happened ATT? You lost touch with us. When I print out my bill I had to use half of my color ink to print your logos and advertisment, when all I wanted was my bill. It’s called a user friendly print out ATT. As for my internet problems, I’m sorry we couldn’t get togther on that but I could not speak Hindu. As for my TV, Comcast has you beat hands down. Another sad point Verizon billing was less”even with my so called employee discount.” I hated it everytime I had to end a service with ATT, THAT’S MY COMPANY, I RETIRED WITH THEM. I guess after you get so big, it’s hard to see the little people.

  9. AT&T ? Sucks! I had to pay for what I didn’t use. They kept sending me bill & sent me collection. From now on I’ll make sure I don’t deal or making any kind of businesses with AT& T again EVER!

    Super poor customer service!

    My advise : STAY AWAY FROM AT&T!!!

  10. AT&T Third World Service at Third World prices.

    I am using an AT&T hotspot. I’m getting 19% packet loss and ping times close to second at times.

    AT&T Runs all of their equipment - Internet, landline and Cellular at the point of near collapse to maximise profit. They treat customers with contempt.

  11. I don’t know how Att can get away with everything it gets away with. I would love to just go up there and kick there ass how ever that will not happen…. My combined bill with Att is over 600 dollars month. It is not fair that I pay this much sservice and for since there customer service is closed on Sundays I’m having to call the on wendsday because you cannot reach the ln on Monday. Tired of them charing me for thongs they should provider with that other companys do aka wireless router made by them… And at that it being cheaper to buy at retail stores….honestly hope the iPhone goes to verizo. Because Att so far has just been a big peace of ****… Do they read this stuff don’t they know everyone hates there guts and there probably loseibg cleints at record speed

  12. New news! If you send letters to AT&T’s new CEO with a threat to go public with your complaint, you will get a response and they will make changes on your account! Quite effective!

  13. Here are the phone #’s, Address, Email, and the web site if you should wish to join in the class action law suite against AT&T.
    That’s right they are being sued for advertising and charging us for one speed on their DSL and intentionally providing a slower speed.. UH…HUH… that is against the law…. Sign up now before July 1, 2001. It’s easy….

    AT&T Inc.
    175 E. Houston
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    ATTN: Randall Stephenson , CEO, President & Chairman

    Tel. 210-821-4105
    Fax 210-351-3553

    rs2982@att.com (direct)


  14. AT&T landline service and DSL service has been intermittent for two to three months. On April 1 dial tone and DSL gone. Called and requested repair. Nothing done. Called again April 12. Received recorded message April 13 that repair was complete. Still no dial tone. Repair man came on April 14 and found no problem with house wiring, but a problem with wiring on the pole and needed a “bucket” to fix, saying it would take 40 minutes to 48 hours. I called again on April 16 and was told that it would be fixed Monday April 19. Called April 19 and was told it would be about 4 days before service would be restored. Called April 20 and was told it would be 5 to 7 days before repair would be scheduled. I have been without service for three weeks now, and cannot even get a proposed repair DATE from AT&T. Please advise as to what course of action I should take to deal with this arrogant lack of customer service, and lack of any concern whatsoever for the customer. No dial tone no 911, for 3 weeks.

    What a load… I’m out… AT&T never again…

  15. Write to Apple and complain about the poor service ATT is providing Apple customers and maybe Steve Jobs will listen. Maybe someone start a blog petition to Steve Jobs to cancel ATT as the sole provider of the iphone. i’ll be the first to sign.

  16. it’s very difficult for us (representatives) to get all your problems being thrown in our shoulders, in as much as we want to help you guys whenever you call we just couldn’t do exactly as what you guys want. but we’re doing everything to make our service worth it. in behalf of all the representatives whom which you think you’ve aggravated from we’re very sorry but we’re just all doing our jobs, and part of that is listening to all of your concerns and sometimes well most of times specially with frustrated customers we definitely understand them but there’s no point in yelling at us all the times and cursing us. all of these problems are being forwarded to our engineers so they can work on the network issues to provide you all the best service you can get.

  17. We know that this is not the problem with any individual regular worker who works in AT&T. But. say, let’s just try to get your landline service canceled and see how much work it takes.

    First, there is only one number you can call to get that started. The number is not even well-published and there is no second way. Besides, the call has to be made in “regular business hours;” you can’t cancel it in weekends or any Holidays.

    Second, if you are lucky, you will probably get connected to a service representative who can start the process for you after 20 minutes waiting on the line. Even though there isn’t a law limiting the call wait time for customer service after the line is connected, but this would be one easy/meaningful measure of customer service quality. I think AT&T fails big time on this one.

    Corporate AT&T is not service-oriented. That’s just how a lot of us customers feel.

  18. I too have recieved some of the poorest service from this company. I had problems with service from the beginning. They have been unresponsive, rude and I continually had poor reception with their u-verse. We had the bundle package and we were continally having the computer, tv and phone “freezing” It was the most frustrating thing to call them and then have one tell you that they don’t see any problems and then when they transfer me, another one tells me they can see the frequent disruptions. They did come out and try to fix it but never did get it. We were so happy to be done with them. Never again. When we signed up for the service they were advertizing a 200 gift card if you signed up for U-300. I kept the IM that I had the person who told me that and then when I get the card in it is for 50 and I called and they said “sorry, they told you wrong info” Are you serious. This is a crazy company and will never use them again.

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