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My Biggest Complaint About Apple Online Store Logout Button

Why is there no log out button for the apple store? I’ve searched all over for it. If it’s there then please tell me where. If I use someone else’s computer, my account information is still available to them for some time after I’m done. I find it terribly disturbing that Apple doesn’t see how important it is to be bale to log exactly when you want to. This really bothers me because I though Apple would know better than that. Come on. GET A LOG OUT BUTTON! That’s basic online store/website stuff, Apple!

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  1. -8-2009-I absolutely agree. Interesting how no one has commented on this.

  2. True, I chatted with an agent and she came up with no answer :(

  3. I can not believe that a big, successfull company with popular products like Apple can not take the simply time and measure to have a Log Out / Sign Out button on their apple store website. So many customers like myself feel uneasy to just close browser or having to only just delete cookies to have some feeling of “closure” when leaving thier site. I am not a hacker but there are many out there and God knows what could happen to my personal and credit card info if it is left vulnerable as I feel is the case by not being able to properly log out of thier website. Shame on you Apple. Put a damn freaking log out / sign out button on your website already.

  4. I also would recomment a “logout” button which I can trust.
    Workaround: In Firefox, just clear the newest history (cookies, cache,…) of the day. Then check the “Account”again, you should now be logged out.


  6. I have a few complaints that I can not believe Apple gets away with - Go Droid! Anyway 1 - LOG OUT BUTTON!!!! 2 - just want free apps for the phone (because work made me use an Apple) BUT I canot just creat a ^&%$^&$##$@ account without credit card or a logout. Why doesn’t this get some more attention!

    If anyone can follow the support with the links they give I will give my Apple phone away - it sucks to the core!!


  7. In response to Tim S:

    Yeah. Whoo!! That is one tough article to read and follow. I mean, it’s really difficult to understand step-by-step directions that tell me exactly what to do. I can’t even fathom how someone could be expected to understand that clicking on a FREE app in the app store and clicking CREATE ACCOUNT and then putting in NONE for the credit card info would make ANY sense to anyone. I mean, that is so hard I think I would have to be a graduate from the 3rd grade to follow those directions…

    So when are you going to send me your iPhone?

  8. Want to know why they’re not smart enough to have a LOGOUT button? Cause they are a stupid bunch of incompetent morons that have no clue. Their products blow. These guys dont even belong in this business if they cannot even create a website without a button to log out. I was unlucky enough to get a gift card for 10 iTunes which in itself was like torture trying to deal with their itunes process (wrong format etc). Never again. These guys are losers.

  9. I cannot believe there is no LOGOUT button! If you are at the library (or even trying to logout and login with a different user on the same computer) — you just cannot do it.

    Shame on Apple who states how sensitive they are to the end user and security that the do not have a LogOut button.

  10. I’ve just contacted Apple about the ability to not log out and they made out it was a positive thing i.e. allowing me to purchase goods without having to log back in.


    I suppose we should expect this attitude from a company that forces its proprietary music format on us and makes us use iTunes to get anything onto iPods or iPhones, when every other MP3 player manufacturer allows you to simply plug it into the computer and use Windows Explorer!

    Maybe they assume everyone will be using a Mac. Apparently these are so good that security isn’t an issue ;-)

  11. It doesn’t matter what OS you are using, so long as you have a session that’s logged in anyone can hack into your account and take over your open session. No wonder a bunch of hackers got a hold of some 50,000 itunes accounts. I’m so glad I don’t use any of apples crap.

  12. I just chatted with an Apple.com agent. he said: “We simplified the step. So by closing the browser we automatically sign you out.”

    I replied: “If I just close the tab, it wouldn’t log me out, would it? What if I don’t want to close down the whole browser, because I’m working on other sites in other tabs?”

    He said: “Unfortunately this is the only way.”

    I’m not too happy with that. It’s not very secure. Hackers can pick up open sessions.

  13. I agree. WTF is the log out button? This is insane.

  14. You people are crazy. This is SUCH an old standard. No hacker has an advantage because of an “open session” Logging out of a site is not as important as it used to be. Calm down.

  15. Yep, it’s simple. Just close every single tab you have open and then you’ll be logged out! Sweet!

    Seriously, WTF? This is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen Apple (not) do, and it’s crazy to defend not letting people logout. You don’t need to be a “hacker” to get into someone’s account because “closing the browser” doesn’t work on any browser that remembers your session…which is pretty much all of them.

    A LOGOUT button seems pretty important to anyone who actually uses a web browser and has more than one account which, by the way, includes every parent. I’m pretty sure teenagers are a big part of the iTunes market. Whatever happened to Apple’s usability?

    I still haven’t figured out how to log out.

  16. iJust face it, Apple doesn’t really value the opinion of its customers. There is absolutely no excuse for a “log out” button on every page. To me it seems that either they don’t do product testing, or Steve Job’s over-rides things such as cut/paste & Picture Mail. Or maybe, they really only have a couple software engineers that really know what they are doing, and don’t have time to do everything…the rest of them are being fruity marketing geeks that don’t care about anything but aesthetics.

    It took years for Apple to implement Cut-and-Paste ? WTF a “smart phone” without cut and paste? That should have been fixed over the weekend.
    What about no flash ? still no flash support on Iphones or Ipads ? Don’t forget picture mail. How long did it take for Apple to figure this one out ?
    What if you want to forward a text message like you did on your old clunker phone ? Too bad, so sad, once again, Apple doesn’t think you are worth the trouble

  17. Thanks to md i was sucessfully able to log out of my firends computer all you do is delete history, cookies, form data, and passwords. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! Didn’t want credit card bills to shoot up cause of apple and their NO LOGOUT buttons!! Even if you enter passwords to checkout cart people can still ee your address and credit info.

  18. Apple has become a corporate scum!!! At this day and age there’s no log out button? WTF is wrong with you steve jobs!!?? If he cares so much about customers he should tell his web designers to implement a log out button so that people like me wouldn’t have to worry about someone using our accounts to make unwanted purchases.

  19. it’s terrible!!! sxxk apple!!!

  20. Go into tools and internet options. And delete your browsing history and cookies and saved passwords. And it will log you out that way I did it earlier.

  21. i agree with every comment. APPLE SUCKS……..!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah u heard me Steve Jobs your company SUCKS in capital letters man it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
    ANDROID is way better.

  22. Y’ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BAD ANDRIOD IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY MUSIC HAHAHAHAHA FAGETS

  23. Right, no way to log out. Shut browser and do not use apple store again.

    I had to make 3 apple store accounts and still can’t get ipod to work right.

    I went to Amazon.com to buy ipod to avoid the store after needing 2 apple store accounts to buy an ipod.

    I have bought my last apple product.

  24. Because you will be logged out as soon as you close all of the browser windows.

  25. wtf i cant ****ing log out an account dat sme1 used on my ****ing ipod and i cant log out or use the acc cuz i need the password fuking hell

  26. fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk you app makers

  27. i found out how to do it you go to settings, then click store then sign out

  28. It’s incredible that in June 2011, there is still no way to log out. Incredible! I’ve seen complaints dating back to 2008.

  29. As with everyone on this thread, I find it appalling / surprising that Apple cant / wont / havent implemented something as simple as a logout on their stupid Apple Store.

    I also find the whole proprietary iTunes thing so annoying and frustrating.

    And, finally, if you do choose to purchase something from your iPhone from the Apple Store, they retain your credit card details without your permission.

    Furthermore, even when you delete the card details from the site, the card details are still retained so that my son could still purchase things from my iPhone with my iTunes account without being prompted for card details.

    All in all, terrible security, pathetic usability and total disregard for customers. What can you expect?

  30. Second. WTF? No logout button? I have to kill my browser and start over to allow someone else to log in.

  31. I just spent over 2 hours with apple support asking why such a large company does not have a logout button, they stating that when you close the brower window, it would automatically log you out. NOT!!! I tried this and it does not work, I was still logged in. In the end I had them delete my account from their website because they did not have a logout button. I e-mailed a complaint to the company, not sure what good it will do, but wouldn’t you think that a login button and logout button with valuable information would go hand in hand??? Can’t be that hard to install this in the website???? ALL my other websites that I do business with have logout buttons……just sayin!!!!

  32. Absolutely ridiculous to have no log out button!!!! Whats the point of logging in then? I love apple products but this is really stupid! If anyone at Apple is reading this, please put a log out button on your site. There is no good reason for NOT having one.

  33. Hey jan… Steve Jobs cant read ur thing… He’s dead. :( HEY APPLE HATERS STEVE JOBS IS AWESOME YOU COULD NEVER BUILD A COMPUTER YOU IDIOT.

  34. Apple doesn’t want you to log out, so they can track your activities for their benefits.

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