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My Biggest Complaint About Apple Macbook Pro Screen Cracked

We purchased a macbook pro for my daughter for college and on her flight
home for a funeral, the jolt of the plane landing cracked her screen. Apple
refuses to repair it since they consider it accidental damage and they now
want another $1,200 to repair it. Doesn’t sound right that it should break so
easily. Any suggestions besides throwing it out and buying a Dell?

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  1. That sounds pretty annoying (and expensive).

    I have to say though, that I don’t really think Apple should repair it under any type of warranty. By your own admission, it was an accident that caused it. Perhaps you can ask the airlines for some compensation.

    I do wonder though, if you got “all the information” from your daughter (or if she really knows when the accident happened). The reason I ask this is not because I think she’s not telling the truth, but because I have a macbook pro, and I’ve dragged it all over the place, including international flights, into rainforests, on crazy bumpy boat rides, etc, etc. I’ve never had an issue with it. I do properly protect it, but it has taken its fair share of jolts (and worse). Many pro’s also can carry their macbook pros all over the planet. I would find it hard to believe that a bumpy landing cracked the screen (now if some other thing slammed into it , that’s different), but I guess anything is possible.

    I don’t think buying a dell is going to change things. You may want to call your homeowners and renters insurance company and see if they’ll cover it.

  2. Although this is a complete bummer, I don’t think it has much to do with Apple. They never claim to have indestructible laptops. I’m curious as to whether your daughter had checked her laptop or carried it on. I never check my macbook pro when I fly.

    If your daughter carried her laptop on with her and she’s saying the force of the landing cracked the screen, that must have been one helluva landing.

  3. Go with a Dell… Get their Gold Support. This Warranty will cover accidental drops and such, and puts in the price at the same price (if not lower) than a MacBook Pro.

  4. Well, its not covered under warranty so I dont know what to recommend other than simply paying to replace it.

    Look for past articles I have posted on here dealing with bent macbook pros. I paid nearly 1400 total for mine to be fixed.

    It really sucks and I agree that the screen should be covered under ANY type of warranty.

    Whats interesting is that when you buy a Mac Pro and a display with AppleCare, the display is covered under AppleCare but isnt for laptops. I wonder just why this is? It seems that if you are going to cover displays on one product it should, in principle, be covered under other products.

    Uh ohhhh, I think I may have another complaint to write!

  5. my mac notebook cracked. i did nothing wrong but when i went to the apple store they said it is an accidental damage and there is nothing they can do. it will cost me 755 to fix. this is not my fault. this is crazy. i used it fri and it was fine and now it has a crack on the bottom right corner.

  6. I’m having similar problems with my macbook. I’ve only had it for 2 months, I purchased Apple care, and this is what happened to me:
    Opened up the laptop one night to use it, everything was fine. Closed the laptop to prevent dust from getting on it while I watched a movie on tv. Opened up the laptop after the movie was over. First thing I noticed was a blue line running down the middle of the screen, then there was some black patches. Over the days it progressively got worse. It looks like it is cracked internally. I brought it to my local apple repair centre, they sent photos of my screen to Apple. Now Apple is refusing to repair the screen, claiming that there was physical damage to the laptop…which there was not! There’s no logical reason why this should have happened to my laptop, and I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of understanding or customer service I’ve received from Apple. Biggest waste of $1900 I’ve ever spent! I’m now stuck with an unusable laptop that I can’t afford to fix (I was quoted $925 to replace the screen). Any ideas on what I should do?
    I was considering filing a complaint with Better Buisness Bureau

  7. Dell now offers Complete Care against accidental damage, and in addition, they offer LoJack Theft Protection. Apple customer service and support still sucks donkey balls and I will still refuse to buy from them because of this. If they would only offer a comprehensive support package at a reasonable price, I would buy one of their products, but until then, I will continue to buy from Dell.

  8. My MBP was 18 month (or a little less) when I first bought it in July of ‘07. The first week I had it I noticed what looked like a mosquito along the right side of the screen near the bottom. It didn’t clean off the screen though and the next day it was bigger. Eventually it spread to 60+ percent of the screen. I scoured the internet for a new screen which I eventually found one for 195 dollars from Smart-Micro in Texas. (Plus shipping and insurance about 235 dollars) delivered the next day (FedEx) In the months between when the damage occurred and when I fixed it I caused further damage to the bottom pan. So when I fixed it a few weeks ago I emptied out the bottom pan ( that means the computer was disassembled into its component parts) I banged the bottom pan back into reasonable and workable shape and replaced the screen in about two days. I couldn’t afford what Apple wanted for the screen replacement (800 dollars) I never asked about a new bottom pan (235 dollars just for the part at Powerbook Medic.com) I downloaded step by step instructions from both Apple and PowerbookMedic.com. and I’m sure there are others out there. Broken screens are a common thing.

  9. Well well well
    This is the first time I have ever posted a concern on the web, but here goes.
    lt seems that Apple is shying away from it’s responsibilities. We have just gone through the same lack of service.
    My laptop has a crack after 12 months. It is in an excelent condition like new,not even a mark on it. We simply put it away as we were going away and when we went to use it there was a crack on the screen. They said it was abuse. They said we either left a pen on top of the keyboard and closed the lid or we stood on it or dropped it. What a hide. They didn’t even want to consider the possibility of their product having a fault. I think there a more people out there with the same problem, and after reading the individual cases above I am not going to leave it at that. So to every one with the same situation don’t give up, post your problem on the net.
    I am going to get as many cases off the internet and copy them, stand outside an APPLE store and hand them out until they want to treat me like a customer. By the way Apple, we have two of your notebooks because we thought you had good service. Hmmmmm.
    I know now and so will many more people that I know.
    To the Apple management, I’m sure you have gone to training seminars and have been told about the word of mouth principal,, tell one person,he tells two, they tell four and so on.

  10. Yes we have just discovered the same! A crack has appeared from nowhere - used it at home last night and opened it this morning at home to use and there is this horrible line running down the screen. We have only had it since Christmas so will be expecting Apple to come to the party as here in NZ we have our own consumer warranty act that covers this sort of thing so Apple better get it sorted or else.
    It does not inspire confidence in the product though as we have done nothing to have caused this - how vulnerable are they? - it must be a design fault surely?

  11. Thanks for your comments Stef.
    I hope in NZ customer service is what it’s supposed to mean.
    Don’t let them get away with it
    I am getting as many cases documented as possible
    And to those that say screens don’t just crack for no reason, they are correct. They crack due to some sort external force or a defect in the product.
    Either theory should be examined by the manufacturer properly and not by a young junior in a service store, who only takes a digital picture and sends it to Apple for a judgement.

    Please keep them comming.

  12. I have noticed that there are a number of threads here regarding broken and bent macbook screens. You may want to look at the “similar complaints” below or use the search tab above to locate them.

  13. I too experienced the same problem with my macbook.
    The crack on the screen of the computer suddenly appeared and the claim the damage is caused by heavy objects or falling is not true. I come from a family of heavy laptop users and have never encountered this problem before. I believe mine is a manufacture default. I agree that it should be examined by the manufacturer properly and not by a young junior in a service store, who only takes a digital picture and sends it to Apple for a judgement.

  14. To all the people with cracked macbooks.
    With your comments can you please describe where the crack on your screens start and end up. I’m just thinking maybe they all start from the same area . If this is the case Apple has a case to answer.
    If not only for us but all future victims

  15. Well I’m back bruised and very disappointed! Apple have taken their usual stance and I quote “you must of shut an object like a pen between the screen and keyboard” story came out - this has been previously documented by someone…btw no one at the store where we purchased has even bothered to look at it - we had to take photos of it and send them overseas and that is what they based their decision on. We will be pursuing this with our Consumer guarantee act - keep you posted.
    The crack started on the right hand side halfway down and then just spread right across after about 30 secs or so and one line upwards.
    Now for the interesting part - when I rang the store and spoke to the manager he sympathised and said to keep on at “them” as he had experienced exactly the same - his went on the right hand side halfway down - but he asked not to be quoted as he would lose his job!

  16. Steph,

    Could you post a picture?

  17. See the following link to inage of crack. No external crack, all within screen.

  18. Steph,
    My laptop screen looked just like yours. It also started on the right hand side and moved its way across the entire screen. It started with a solid blue line through the middle of the screen then the big black blotches. Apple also gave me the same “you must have shut it with a pen in it” like I’m that retarded.
    Anyways I fought them for a month before I finally got someone sympathetic enough who believed me and approved the repair free of charge to me.
    Keep at them, and don’t give up!

  19. Thanks for the encouragement to keep at them. We received a very official letter from Apple via email and they are not shifting from their original stance ie we caused the crack. My husband is totally fed up with them and just wants to now claim from our insurance and use the money to get a windows laptop and I must admit I’m beginning to feel the same way. The concern we have is: ok we get a replacement (if they admit fault) and a few months down the line it happens again. I mean we did absolutely nothing to cause this one to crack so how vulnerable are they??
    We just feel totally disillusioned and never want to have anything more to do with Apple.

  20. Bottom right corner. I think it happened by me carrying it or passing it when it was open, like from suppoer through the backing. BUT THAT SHOULDN”T HAPPEN!

  21. I rang service people again and spoke to someone that was willing to take a look at it - when I dropped it off the guy said they are very vulnerable to a “twisting” movement and he showed me, even if you try opening by the side (why would you as this is hard to do!) or if you place down on surface slightly on one side and drop down the other. This is all sounds to me like they are extemely fragile and for a laptop this is ridiculous. The guy also said the crack spreads when it is turned on because of the heat expanding the screen so this is why it happened before our very eyes when we turned it on. Anyway they have it there and it will be another 2 weeks before they even take a look at it due to backlog of stuff. We will probably end up doing an insurance claim and then buying a windows laptop with whatever we get back.

  22. Just got my daughter Macbook in August for college. She said nothing happened that could have damaged it but she now has a cracked screen and it’s $1200 to repair. Apparently we should have gone with the Dell that had 3 yr. warranty. Not sure where the crack is but I will find out and would like to compare notes!

  23. Please keep publishing your complaints. We are trying to lodge as many complaints as possible. My screen cracked as well- no pen left in there, no heavy handling etc. A laptop is meant to be a portable device, is it not? Therefore it needs to be bulit to be moved around. A screen lid needs to be quality tested to ensure that after several openings and closings that it does not crack the screen. What ever happened to QT?
    Maybe Apple could use IKEA’s chair test as an example..
    Apple need to acknowledge this fault. I assure you, i will NEVER buy another mac again if this problem is not resolved.
    PS My crack looks exactly the same!

  24. Just noticed a tiny 1/4″ crack on my screen.,.. almost looks like a hair. No clue how it happened, wish Apple offered “accidental damage protection” that would cover this.

  25. Against my husband’s advice, last summer I purchased a Macbok for my daughter because we had received $800 dollars in Apple’s giftcards. It turned out to be a waste of time and money since the screen has cracked in exacly the same way as described in all other complaints…..everything looking fine one night and the next morning opening the screen to find a blue line that eventually has extended to the rest of the screen. Apple’s response also the same, claiming the problem is not covered because its the result of accidental damage, and asking for $800 dollars to repair it. $800 dollars for a repair?!!! My father just purchased a brand-new Toshiba with attached camera for $600 dollars…. there is something wrong with this picture.
    In our family we favor Toshiba’s products and have had three throughout the last 6 years. My husband travels about 15 days out of the month, putting his laptops through a lot of handling during security screenings at airports and has never experienced anything like what happened to the Macbook just 4 months after purchase.
    Such a widespread problem should be considered by Apple to be a manufacturing defect and covered appropriately. After the amount of complaints I have read, I am considering contacting a lawyer to handle a class action suit against Apple, so be on the lookout for information. If we ever get our money back, rest assured we’ll never buy another Apple again. It’s a shame that such great design lacks the quality to match.

  26. Inmaculada,

    Sorry you had a bad experience with your mac.

    There seems to be a significant number of people in your situation. If you get something going as far as compensation goes, please let us know.

  27. I have had my macbook for 12 months. I only use it every couple of weeks. It was fine when I closed it down. I opened it up a week or so later (in the meantime it had been sitting on a table in my study) and it had a blue crack at the top of the screen, beginning a third of the way across the screen from the right corner. Over the following 24 hours the crack spread down to the bottom right hand corner.

    I am horrified to read how many users have had the same experience.

  28. Thanks for the feedback people. Please keep it up and for the new victims, sorry it’s happened to you. Statistically this shows that the problem must be much higher than APPLE wants to disclose.
    If anything good comes out of this, is that hopefully people wanting to buy a mackbook might search the web and come across this site.
    I would never want another person to go through the frustration and bad customer service that all the above people have gone through. I’m sure though we will not be the last.

  29. My screen cracked today. I did not move it from the table it was sitting on and I came back and there is a HUGE circular crack in the bottom right hand corner! I am going to a retail Apple store here in Denver and I will let you know how it goes!

  30. UPDATE! I LOVE APPLE! I took my mac book pro into the store today and the genius explained that I probably closed the lid on something very hard and very small- like a paper clip (but I didn’t). He said that it must have been something but could not find any other damage on my lap top. He called it “pristine” and had the repairs covered under my warranty! I could have hugged and kissed him!

    So, I LOVE my MAC and I LOVE APPLE! I hope that others can find someone who is understanding!!!

  31. Danielle, I am very happy for you!! However, the fact that your computer happened to be in “pristine” condition and still got an unexpleinable and sudden crack, helps to prove that there is some kind of manufacturer’s defect that makes the screens incredibly fragile. I believe that you are among the very lucky few that found a repair technician that was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt….unfortunately, most of us haven’t been that lucky.

    Enjoy your computer and repaired screen! I hope it will last you longer than the original.

  32. Wow that makes me feel totally depressed! Here I am with a brand new macbook that has never been out of the home and we are still waiting on insurance to get some money because Apple have been mean and won’t come to the party. See when my original post was and you can see how long we’ve been without it! Good luck with your new screen - maybe you will get a replacement without the obvious flaw that there is. We won’t risk another one I’m afraid…

  33. Unlike many of you, with unexplained cracks in your screens, I was’t paying attention when I closed the screen on my MacbookPro 17″and cracked it on a cable end. Made me sick to see what being in a hurry and getting careless can do (and cost). I found a lcd and will now perform the surgery myself, a little tedious but not rocket science. Should take about an hour or less. If a geek were doing this and charging $100/hr
    it would still be cheaper than Mac fixing it. I would not wish to switch back to a PC windows based machine, since the mac seem to out perform my other pc’s even when running windows using Parallels. I will most likely order another screen to keep as a spare for future foul ups.

  34. I have had the same situation with a MacBook Pro purchased in Aug 07. The laptop was left in my office over the weekend. Admittedly it was very hot that weekend and our office isnt well ventilated when no one is there. So that is the only thing that i can think of, the heat caused the screen to crack, right side at the bottom. Apple refuses to repair under warranty.

  35. I bought a macbook pro last february. Put it away last night in a padded sleeve inside a padded briefcase which I then placed carefully on the floor of my car and drove for four hours on the highway.
    Opened the mac up, there is a big black crack in the lower left and white and colored lines extending up from it. I ‘ve had the same experience with Apple - they don’t want to take responsibility for what is clearly a batch of overly fragile screens.
    Apple wants 1200 to repair it. Unbelievable.
    It is possible that the machines run overly hot which is toasting the screens and generating early failure.

  36. I have sad news for all of you about Corporate America. Based on the amount of complaints so far, I got in touch with a friend of mine to recommend someone to start a class action suit. After serveral calls my friend, a well known lawyer in the Palm Beach Florida area, informed me that he couldn’t find anyone willing to take on Apple, because they would surely pull their big lawyer guns. So much for democracy, fair business practices, and taking responsibility for your actions and/or products!!!!!
    However, although a small consolation, I have placed a complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau and will continue to do as much noise as I can until Apple takes responsibility for the poor quality of its MacBook screens. I suggest you all do the same and spread the words as much as you can, since it might be the only recourse us mere mortals have against big business in this “land of the free”.

  37. I have sad news for all of you about Corporate America. Based on the amount of complaints so far, I got in touch with a friend of mine to recommend someone to start a class action suit. After serveral calls my friend, a well known lawyer in the Palm Beach Florida area, informed me that he couldn’t find anyone willing to take on Apple, because they would surely pull their big lawyer guns. So much for democracy, fair business practices, taking responsibility for your actions and/or products, and justice for ALL!!!!!
    However, although a small consolation, I have placed a complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau and will continue to do as much noise as I can until Apple takes responsibility for the poor quality of its MacBook screens. I suggest you all do the same and spread the word as much as you can, since it might be the only recourse us mere mortals have against big business in this “land of the free”.

  38. I was walking up the stairs, when I sat down, opened my MacBook, and there was a huge crack. It starts as a line from the bottom right, then travels to the top, on a diagnol, and there is a huge black spot, sort of sketchy. It is going to cost me about $500 at an Authorized Service Provider, they told me not even waste gas going to the Apple Store, because they were going to do crap? Are any you lawyers? Could we get a class action or something?

  39. Oh, and dont have warranty, so no options like Danielle. Lucky you!!

  40. So I’ve had my macbook for about a year and a half, and two weeks ago I woke up opened my laptop and there was a huge crack down the right side from top to bottom, the screen is usable but many dead pixels appear and disappear.I treat my apple products like gold because they are extremely expensive and I can’t even think of what i could have done to the screen for it to crack. so its obviously not covered under the Apple support (i didn’t purchase an extended warranty) However, I used an Amex gold card (rewards) to purchase the laptop which extends the warranty for a year so it is covered until october of this year. I’m sure i’m better off going into Apple to talk to them, but i’m not looking forward to the genius bar attitude and a $1200 repair bill because its “my fault”. Clearly there is a defect in these screens if this is happening to so many people. Anyone have their screen repair covered by the credit card extended warranty/buyers insurance?

  41. I received a 15” MacBook Pro for Christmas and loved it until the screen spontaneously cracked in the RIGHT HAND CORNER like everyone else’s. The computer was working perfectly and I hardly ever took it anywhere but needed it for a college summer program. If the computer can’t even last through 1 week worth of college courses, how is it going to survive for four years? The guys at the Mac Store in Manhattan were sympathetic and tried to fix it for free but their managers wouldn’t let them. If anyone manages to sue Apple, I’m in.

  42. I am a brand new Mac user. I bought a 17″ macbook pro less than 2 months ago. I loved everything about it until last week when a black circle the size of a quarter suddenly appeared on the left hand side of the screen. From there, a very thin crack developed running horizontal across the screen.

    I took it into the mac store fully expecting to get a replacemet as I did nothing to the computer other than open & close it on my desk. I never even took it out of the house. I have used it on my lap and on my desk and that is it. I was told by the mac genius that there was a ‘point of impact’ and that I must have hit the screen with something. I am positive that I did nothing to this screen. I paid $2000 for this machine and I have treated it like my baby.

    I am utterly disgusted with apple service and also the fragility of this product. I don’t even want a new one because I’m just afriad it will happen again. I’m very sad to say that I will never buy an apple again and I will tell everyone I know about my experience..

    It’s depressing because the computer itself is fantastic. We plan to keep fighting with apple to get our money back or get a replacement but I am not paying $1250 for a new screen when I have done nothing wrong.

    There is absolutely a design flaw in this laptop. How can apple do nothing when I can find so many people online with this same problem??

  43. My new MacBook has a crack in the bottom right hand corner (not the screen) Urgh! So annoying.

  44. My New apple lap top sreen is cracked in the upper left side of the screen near the area where one might open and close it. Who would have thougth that the simple act of opening and closing such an expensive computer would cause it to damage like that? This is so not fair and such a RIP OFF!!! I still can’t believe this. If there is ever a class action suite please let me know vernaewards@sbcglobal.net

  45. Surely not.
    (While looking for an Applestore in Hanoi Vietnam, I stumbled on this site)
    My screen has done the same thing as the ones above and I am waiting to be near to an Applestore while travelling in the far East. I have about 60% left working and it is strange how you learn to get by, but I felt certain after the celebrations and claim when I bought the powerbook in Magnificent Mile in Chicago in March I would be fine. I was piqued at the three extra charges to get software, a European adaptor kit and the protection, but the beautiful Oriental girl at the door said, “Don’t worry, you’re buying a Mac!” The crack started without any accident or provocation - very possibly a little sideways stress from being in a ruck sack pocket for a day - but that is nothing surely.
    Happy to join any campaign, but I must remind you I have not called in the warranty just yet.
    Keep up the good work


  46. Guys.
    Please keep up the feedback.
    If anyone out there can somehow link this site to the Apple enquiries site on the web, (just like trip advisor does with accommodation)
    I would be really greatful.
    I believed the problem was this big but how much more??
    As I suggested in my notes above, please keep it coming. We may not get any help from Apple but we may be able to help new victims.
    I have found that you can purchase the screen for $200 on the net and installation between $200-$300. Beware when purchasing the screen. It must be an led backlit screen not a cathotube screen.

  47. I purchased a mac book on June 13th 2008 for my son to take to college (he loves Apple) well on the morning of July 22 he woke to find that the screen was cracked, This computer has never been dropped, transported in a case or anything other than sat on a table. It appears that this crack appears in the area one might touch while opening and closing the computer. There is no dammage to the outer shell at all. I thought this computer can’t be that fragile it cost me $1299.00 plus tax. We have been told that this is not covered under any warranty and that it will cost about $500.00 to replace the screen.

    THIS IS A NEW COMPUTER there is clearly some type of defect. This has been the most wasted purchase I have ever made. Apple should stand by its product. YES this appeared out of no where and I see its happened to others. I plan to continue trying to get apple to fix this problem. If this had been some old cheap equiptment I could see something like this happening but APPLE? I am just so dissappointed. I only wish I’d read some of the complaints on this product before I purchased it. Yet another cracked screen. I need help with a solution to my complaint.

  48. I called Apple care this morning and they have agreed to repair my computer free of charge after I spoke to someone in thier customer relations department. I am pleased with the customer service I received after reading some of the postings I am extermly surprised that the service I got was exceptional. I am not so sure I would have gotted the same service had I gone into the store however.
    RE Cracked screen

  49. Same exact problem. A crack near the area where you would close it. Could it be that fragile that closing it causes this? Apple needs to step up and admit the flaw in its screens. My computer is only 6 months old and I can’t believe Apple wouldn’t fix it. The store technician kept saying I must have done something to it! I even purchased the extra warranty but they told me to use my homeowners insurance. With my deductible, it wouldn’t help. I’ve been an Apple customer for many years, but that is about to change. I have an older mac laptop at work and my students are constantly using it and bumping it around with no problems so obviously this is a problem in the latest version as I see no complaints about older mac laptops.

  50. I Brought my $2700 Mac Pro on the 16th of July (this month) it is now only the 22nd! Last night being the 21St Only 5 DAYS of owning the mac & using it 3 TIMES!! I was on web cam to a friend in Perth (im from QLD) It was on a flat stable serface when i got up to move it i picked it up (still on cam with the screen up) with my four fingers under each side & my left thumb resting on the screen side & my right thumb resting on the right hand bottom corner of the screen (NO PRESSURE WAS PLACED AT ALL as nothing was weighing it down on my finger & i was just letting the screens weight on my thumb while i moved so it wouldnt be top heavy & cause me to loose ballence of the laptop) & Even my friend via webcam saw my face as this huge Black mark in the bottom RIGHT CORNER came up with 4-5 tiny CRACKS came up!!!! then within 30 seconds half the screen was covered in lines & went black - the web cam was still working as my friend knew something was wrong from the look on my face so she called me!! I took my laptop back to JB Hi-Fi where i purchased it from only 5 days prior & they said that they know apple will not let them replace it unless they wear the cost - which they were not going to do!
    I then rang APPLE & got a girl who was very helpful & said so so sorry! & that they were going to replace it because it has been less then 7 days - Then she talked me through a series of TESTS to do with the laptop (which she said the computer was a fault) she kept apoligising & assured me i would get an repplacement. she then gave me a CASE NUMBER & said to go back in the store & give them the case number then if they do not replace it give them a call from the actual store.
    so after JB Hi-Fi Called APPLE - APPLE then advised them that they were NOT going to give them a Replace Authorization Number (which is what they need to get their money back) & that it was caused by PHYSICAL DEMAGE! That i had applyed ALOT of pressure to the screen for it to crack!
    Then i did what the lady i spoke to last time (which they ill not let you speak to the same person!!) & rang them back from the store - they told me if i took it to a MAC Repairer store & they checked it out & if they say it looks like there was no pressure or marks on the glass of the screen that they will replace it! So i Drove all the way accross town - waisting fuel (& missing a Client! - im a business owner!)
    & the MAC store told me that it does look faulty as there is not a mark on the whole screen or laptop but cracks are behind the glass!
    So they rang APPLE as i was told to get them to do & they asked for them to send photos!
    They did this then they said they would call back asap - Which they didnt so i had to call - Then they said that the photos were proff that i had APPLYED ALOT of PRESSURE!! (ps the MAC store had another one in like this!)
    Then Even though they got the right answer that they said if the MAC repairer said that it looked fine they would replace it - THEY STILL SAID - NO!!!!! - so they also got me to drive all the way accross town for nothing!!! No matter wat the answer - they wouldnt do anything!
    I had to call back AGAIN as i never heard back from them again - then i was told that they may cover ’some’ of the repair costs because its been under 7 days?!
    THEN - they needed the Mac store to send them a quote which he did while i was there - & its going to cost just $1500 JUST FOR THE PART!! - & $135 per hour labour + extras!!!
    I was in tears by this stage - talking AGAIN back to APPLE - & she didnt care i was upset & crying down the phone. i told her i was going to buy 2 more MAC pros for my business staf members & she didnt care.
    They still havnt returned my call which they should by this afternoon with how much they would cover. so i rang back just before they closed. spoke to a diffrent person again - he then stated that him & the lady i last spoke to said no & means no — that there WAS pressure applyed like i had thumped it hard & i asked if he is saying that i was lying & He Said YES I WAS LYING!!!!
    I am hurt, in tears & have my whole business account information & life in this laptop which i cant use. its going to cost over half a brand new laptop plus time, fuel & hartbreak to fix this!!!
    I dont know what to do anymore…. im a new business owner of age 22 starting out & they tell me im a LIER!!
    Cant believe a Large Business can operate like this!!
    I will be calling back & I am NOT HAPPY
    Let you all know how i go……………..
    If anyone can help or know of where to go or what to do plz let me know :(


  51. Im glad that Australian’s are finally logging on to here to complain! Im from aus and have been refused a repair…It is about time the WORLD knew of the Mac Faults!

  52. Yes I’m from New Zealand and got same treatment as Amanda. We got our insurance to cover repair cost but didn’t get Macbook repaired as we used the money to buy a windows laptop. The mac is sitting unused with all its expensive software - fat lot of use it has been with a broken screen after only 4 months! I agree we need to get these complaints on the Apple website and yes Amanda they are absolutely awful to deal with on the phone and as for emails - well they just don’t bother to reply. I sent an email to all the sales and support staff here in NZ and didn’t get one reply.

  53. This is an update to my earlier comment. My husband went in to the store ( this is our second time trying) and he got the usual line from the genius about how there was a ‘point of impact’ and we are at fault and the screen is not covered. My husband argued with the genius for 15 min or so, asked him if he was calling him a lier, etc.

    My husband asked to talk to the genius’ manager. She came over and told him the same thing, how apple couldn’t cover it because there was a point of impact. She pointed to a different area than the genius had pointed to. My husband said that she was pointing to a different area and her response was, well i’m not an expert.. Clearly they are just giving the company line. I’m SURE apple is aware of this problem and they tell there geniuses and managers what the canned response should be.

    Anyway, my husband would not leave the store and said he was going to keep complaining until he found someone who would fix the laptop or give him his money back ( at this point we don’t even want an apple anymore ) . The manager gave him the number of her manager ( the regional manager, we’re in Boston) and he is calling today. I have read a couple of success stories so we’re hoping that if we keep it up, we will get a new screen for free.

    A guy sitting next to my husband suggested that we take apple to small claims court. With my husbands company discount we paid just under $2000 so we qualify for small claims court. The man said apple wouldn’t show up and we would win… i’m not sure how it works but it might be worth a shot.

    Also, I was thinking, this sounds like a GREAT story for a local news station.. What do people think about that? We could try here in Boston….

  54. APPLE has agreed to fix my computer after I made calls to the 1800 MY APPLE number. I made reference to my research on the web that this is an on going problem with the computer. Cracks that really do appear out of no where> I also notified someone at sjobs@apple.com DON”T GIVE UP call thier customer relations if you are not getting the help you need. Something is going on with them this problem is bigger than anyone really wants to believe.

  55. Call Apple ask to speak to someone in customer relations if you are not getting the help you need from the customer service staff. I got great follow up from nboss@apple.com GREAT Customer service on his part.

  56. Hi Guys

    Ive done EVERYTHING stated!! & they still wont help! Im crushed
    Ive tried Being Nice, Crying (not having to fake it! - Choked up) & Ive even got cranky.
    What does it take for justice!!!!

    Will Keep Trying - Will Keep you up to Date


  57. We love Apples and have had a number of them over the years. In August 2007 I bought a 17″ MacBook Pro for my son who was heading off to college. I also bought 3 years worth of AppleCare and additional insurance that would fully cover theft or damage to the computer while he was at school. Wouldn’t you know it - my son used the computer last night at home. It was fine when he closed it and went to sleep. He woke up this morning to find the screen cracked. Apple said the AppleCare policy did not apply and since my son’s not in school for the summer, the school insurance doesn’t apply either. Apple wants $700 for a new screen. Will check out other sources. If someone is compiling a list of people with screens that are suddenly cracked for no apparent reason, please include mine.

  58. Hi Guys!!
    Spoke to Apple for the 14th time!!
    told them about this website & they stated if anybody that has had there screen replaced could share there CASE Number with me as prof that some people had had replacements that with the prof of a Case number they would replace mine!

    So could anyone with a Case number please put it up here or email me at cnb_studio@hotmail.com

    I would VERY much apreciate it!!!!! dont let Apple get my money again!!! Help Me Please!!


  59. same thing happened to me yesterday.. i picked up my macbook and the upper right corner of the screen cracked a bit and as a result the whole right half of the screen is really spastic and screwed up. i don’t know what to do. and it’s my little bro’s! i haven’t told him yet..

  60. Apple MacBook- Same thing! My Screen cracked- started on the right side and now 98% of my screen is messed up. I have never taken it out of my house. It sits on a table. I closed it at night and it was fine. I opened it the next morning, it started as a small crack and quickly spread. I called Apple and they said it would cost $755 to fix. The laptop is only 8 months old! I am just sick.

  61. I have the same problem I was issued a pro form my employer and I open it up one day and on the lower left hand side a black dot and a line all the way to the top.. I an going to call apple I will post my response from them.

  62. Update to my 7/30 entry: I spoke with Apple Customer Care. They said they wanted to help me but their offer of help was to let me go to an Apple store and buy a new screen! I sent an email to Steve Jobs (sjobs@apple.com) describing the problem and asking for a new screen. The next day I received a call from someone in Apple’s Executive Offices. He was charming, intelligent, and articulate. He said if I sent him the computer with the broken screen (so he could have Apple engineers look at it), he would have a brand new MacBook Pro sent to me. The new state-of-the art computer arrived this morning. Needless to say, it is gorgeous and wonderful and I’m very pleased with Steve Jobs and Apple.

  63. Following the posting above, today I wrote to Steve Jobs. Unfortunatelly, I got a very different response. Below is a copy of his reply:

    It is not a very common problem. The screens don’t crack by themselves. Usually someone leaves an object inside when they close the lid. Unfortunately many people don’t tell the truth about these things.


    So to add insult to injury, not only did we purchase a defective product, now those of us who have had problems are, according to Mr. Jobs, careless and liars.

    If you are as outraged by this as I am, please file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and contact News stations to investigate this problem further. I have done that myself and will continue to pursue this issue until Apple lives up to its responsibilities.

  64. I had my screen crack on my macbook, I bought a replacement screen.

    it was fairly straight forward to replace, I did have to get a small screwdriver set from radioshack, but I got out of the whole thing for about 1/3 of the 750 that apple wanted to repair it. Its been working fine for over 3 months now.

    Also, A warranty shouldn’t cover accidental damage, that’s what insurance is for… Do you can your car manufacturer when you run it into a wall?


  65. I just wanted to report an update. I called customer relations and explained my story ( see posts above). The woman said because I was a new Apple customer ( I have used PCs all my life ) they would replace the screen for free.

    They sent me a box, I sent in my computer and I received my macbook back in about 5 days. good as new.

    I recommend calling customer relations. I got nowhere with tech support.

    Hope this helps someone.


  66. My screen cracked on a flight from Philadlephia to Costa Rica. I sent an email to Apple’s headquarters complaining about the crack. When I returned home and checked my answering machine, a message was waiting from Steve Job’s assistant (I never included my number in the email). Granted you can imagine my shock when I listened. I was only expecting to get an email in return to say “sorry, nothing we can do.” He left me a number to call back to speak with him. I called back to get his voicemail which informed me if i left a message he would call me back within 24 hours. I’ll let you know how it goes….

  67. Hi Cara,

    Do you have a CASE number from apple? apple said if i found someone with the same problem as me that has had it replaced then only then if i told them the case number they would replace mine for me!!!!
    I would be forever in your dept if you would do this for me>? or if anyone else had a case number after they had theres replaced??

    Thanks heaps! please email me at cnb_studio@hotmail.com


  68. I have had my MacBook pro for almost a year. I purchased the protective cover and treated it like a 2500 dollar piece of plastic and steel that it is. One night, my wife sets it down on the coffee table after surfing the net, and later picks it back up to kind that the screen is completely jacked. It looks like someone punched it, but it never left our sight. I contacted Apple. The guy on the phone talked me into buying the Applecare protection plan and said it would cover the repairs. I said ok. He was supposed to email me the shipping information in order to return my laptop, because he was having a hard time with my APO address. I waited for a couple weeks before calling apple again. This time after two hours of being transferred from person to person and hung up on once, I finally was told that the plan did not cover the “damage” inflicted on my machine. I had such a high opinion of Apple, now I am considering going back to Dell. I had a Dell for two years that had problems. Dell replaced the mother board, without question. The better business bureau will hear my complaint first.

  69. I wrote an email to apple regarding my cracked macbook pro screen. I figured I would just end up receiving a reply saying “sorry, not much we can do” but instead I talked to Tim O’Neil at the Apple executive offices. He explained what could have happened to cause my screen to crack, and handled it in a very professional and friendly manner. I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service I received. Tim explained everything that I could do to get my computer fixed. Even though I had my computer repaired at a apple authorized service center and still had to pay for it (about $200 less than Apple’s quote of $789), Tim called the service center to make sure everything was going well and that if they had any problems to call him (when I went to pick the computer up one of the repair guys even asked “who do you know that’s high up at apple!?! He called and I thought I was in trouble or something!”). I truly appreciate everything he did to make sure my repair was taken care of correctly.
    He explained that if the computer is bumped or bruised or moved awkwardly it could cause the screen to crack. Or, since my screen cracked before my eyes, the crack could have been there before and movement (like from the plane) could have caused the crack to get worse. Whatever the issue, it does make sense for a screen to not be able to crack on its own. But, as I say with everything, there is an exception to every rule.

  70. We purchased a laptop for my niece to use in college. She has had the same problem, cracked screen. She turned it off one night and when she went to use it the next day there was a crack in the upper right corner. We have taken to two different stores and both have told us its not under warranty, we did purchase the extended warranty but they are saying it abuse. She did not do anything but close it, there is no sign of abuse on the laptop. My cousin has a dell, her daughter (4 years old) knocked it off the table, dell replaced it without question. I have twins that will be going to college, they will not get an apple. I am so disappointed in apple not standing behind their product. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to help her get her laptop fixed without it costing her $700.

  71. I’ve cracked it. Not the screen, but the wall of obstructive comments that Apple have been putting out. You must complain, but not to the front desk. Ask to speak to the supervisor, then bat away all the usual abuse excuses and tell them that a lid that thin is likely to encounter torque, if it is both heavy and delicate it is going to suffer disproportionately from rapid movements or jolts and - most crucially - the lid has a powerful magnet-sprung mechanism which gives the lid a good jolt whenever it is shut. I think it is a design fault. I told my supervisor this and she promised to take it to the engineers. After a couple of days they reported that they thought it was - guess what - abuse, BUT they weren’t 100%. Under the circumstances, she said, she would give me the benefit of the doubt, and the lid was mended under warrantee. I believe a deciding influence in her decision was the avalanche of complaints on websites such as this. They can’t ignore it when there’s so much rancour. Well done everyone. Keep it up, (but lower it gently in future)

  72. We puchased a macbook for around $1200 and only had it for a week when the screen cracked. My huband just went to close it and it cracked at the top of the screen, this ruined one side of the screen completely. We purchased the apple care program and were told by the repair center that this is not covered and will cost $775 to fix! I don’t understand how it can cost more than 1/2 the amount of the computer to fix! I am going to take the advice I have seen on here and call customer relations to see what they say. I too am on the verge of tears, you hear such wonderful stories about macs and then this happens!

  73. I took the advice written on here and called customer relations and explained my situation. They were extremely helpful (the repair center was not, do not waste your time even calling them) and waived the $775 fee! The woman I spoke with said that because we only had the laptop for a short time and this happened they would waive the fee because they want us to have a good experience with macs. I was so thankful!!! So…. if you are reading this, call customer service! I called them and was then transferred to customer relations, apparently they are two separate departments.

  74. i opened my computer up today and a beautiful crack, with rainbow colors and all, appreared from the left hand upper corner all the way across the top to the right side. however, i just got off the phone with apple customer relations, and after being on hold for a while (and also since ive only had my macbook pro for less than one month), they have waived the repair cost! YAY! now this is more of what i am talking about. they definetly must be aware of this flaw in their product, and while are not doing an all out recall, are trying to dampen the outcry of unrest from their customers. btw - for 6 years i used and loved the mac-book powerbook g4 - and its screen is THINNER than my new one, and I NEVER had any problems with it cracking. must be the LCD…

  75. Well, I am unfortunately party to this very same sad saga.

    I purchased a MBP for my daughter for her college graphic arts program. The machine is just under a year old and she babies it given the $2200 she knows it cost me. That said it IS a laptop after all and should be engineered for reasonable portabilit and utility. Last week she opened it up to find a tiny crack in the bottom right quadrant. She brought it to me explaining that it appeared to be getting progressively worse. Big black & white blobs, splotches, screwed up triangular bands of color,etc.. We turned it on and off a number of times, opened & closed the lid many times hoping it would resolve itself. Even popped the battery out and waited a while hoping a reset would do the trick, but all to no avail. Unfortunately her pronouncement was dead on - - it was getting worse with every action.

    My very strong suspicion at this point is that what starts out as a tiny crack ends up turning into a large spidering crack, akin to what happens to a compromised automobile windshield. The display was completely unintelligible withing 20 or so minutes. Thankfully, one tiny salvation in this was that the monitor output still works so we were able to backup her stuff to our home network.

    I called Apple Support and they informed me that since it was less than a year old I would be very well advised to purchase and get under cover of an Apple Protection Plan (APP). Apparently one can only do that within the first year standard warranty. So $300 later I was under the distinct impression that I would be covered for the repair and protected for 2 more years thereafter. The Apple Support person did inform me that she could not make promises because, of course, “abuse would not be covered”. I assured her that was perfectly reasonable but that the system is rather pristine, no bangs, not dents. To the very best of my knowledge it had never been dropped, banged or otherwise maligned. My position was that it had only been subjected to normal wear & tear commensurate with all laptop mobility. In fact, I explained that we have had numerous laptops over the years (HP, Lenovo, older IBM, Dell, etc…) and none have ever had a screen go.

    Well, a few days later I brought it to an Apple Service Center with Apple Case number in hand. I got a call from them telling me that the machine was not going to be sent to Apple for repair because “it had been horribly abused!” Shocked, I reacted rather badly explaining that they did not know me or my daughter… how could they arrive at that conclusion? The technician told me that whoever used it was lying and that they had damaged it. I asked him if he was serious, that he was calling me and/or my daughter a liar. Of course he replied “no” but went on to say that somebody had abused it in its travels because “Apple makes superior products and it would not break so easily without being abused!”. I explained to him that my internet research would not substantiate his claim for MBP LCDs. While Apple may have a long standing solid reputation on legacy products there appear to be some cracks (forgive the pun) appearing in that reputational armor. He stated he could not agree. He informed me that we might not agree but there was no way he was going to send this to Apple for service, period. A rather heated exchange (not too often I am called a liar in my travels!) but offered to put a repair quote together for me. Wow, nice! My 1 year old $2200 laptop would only cost $950 for the new LCD and about $140 labour… plus taxes of course. Yeah, I’m impressed!

    Now my big issue is to see if I can get my recent APP money back. Why should I pay for a ‘warranty’ that does not cover repairs. Comes down to a “he said, she said” at this point if Apple want to take this position. They believe me to be lying so they should at least return my APP fee and we’ll agree to disagree on the matter. I do not wish to do business with a company that calls me a liar.

    This is a design defect, IMHO. The screen thickness of a MBP is around a 1/4 thick. Very slick looking indeed but in retrospect, I cannot see how such a design can withstand the torgue and stresses of flexing that a normal laptop would endure in its travels. I really hope there is some sort of class action suit on this front because I would certainly join in. If this is truly a design defect then it is only a matter of time before enough critical complaint mass bubbles to the surface and becomes very public for Apple. They will either step up or accept a loss of reputation - simple.

    The sad thing… I have two other MBPs on the home front. My older son has one for his university and I have one. I now have this sword of Damocles hanging precariously over my head knowing that the dreaded tiny crack could appear to foreshadow visual doom for those units. Very scary! Saddest of all… my entire management team at work is currently piloting Macs in our environment. I have a story for them!

    So very sad!

  76. My Macbook screen cracked after a whopping three weeks of use. I brought it back to my authorized reseller, who told me it was my fault. As if the authorized reseller guy was watching me through binoculars the entire time….he KNOWS.

    I didn’t drop it, throw it against the wall, dance the lambada on it, or use it for a hockey puck. I opened it and the screen was broken. I don’t have any idea of what happened…which makes it worse. I like the computer, but how can I ever own one again? There is probably fine china that’s less fragile. But it’s a laptop computer? Hello? How fragile is it reasonable for them to make it?

    Apple says it’s their policy not to replace such things, and I am out the money. ha ha ha. Sure. And it’s my policy to take companies that rip me off to court. Let them rack up the legal expenses to defend the suit, which I predict will be far higher than them simply buying me a new machine. Morons.

  77. Update on my daughters Macbook Pro crackes LCD saga…

    I contacted Apple and managed to get the $300 back that I had paid the week before signing up for Applecare ‘Protection’ Plan (APP). Recall that I had signed up only 2 weeks shy of the 1 year warranty expiration for her MBP. No merit to paying for that AND paying the quoted $950 for the new LCD and $140 for labour, plus taxes!

    I did a bit of research and found quite a few options. I decided to go with a MBP screen supplier that was Canadian (like us) so we would not have to deal with customs and duty. There appear to be a few big suppliers out there so do your homework. Anyway, these guys were great! Their web site homes in on the exact screen by model. I also was able to print off a great 22 page installation/repair manual on their web site under the “installation” section for the MBP. After reading it I decided that I could likely do the repair myself. Btw- there are lots of Youtube videos on MBP LCD repair too that help.

    For a little over $200 the new LCD screen arrived just over a week after ordering it. I REALLY took my time, laid out all the screws and parts in exact removal order so they would go back together same. In just over a couple hours (very slow but safe) I had a fully functional beautiful MBP. The neat thing was after removing the damaged LCD I found it to be the exact same manufacturer/model (LG-Philips) although I did opt for the Glossy finish as opposed to the Matte. Apparently this is far better for graphic artist, my daughters field of study, so.

    I can tell you that in my research travels I came across lots of 3rd party (non-Apple) repair options, for those of you who might be intimidated by the prospect of self-repair. Most are FAR less expensive than what I was quoted. Suggest you do your homework (BBB & references) if you opt for that.

    The moral my story - there are lots of options other than getting hosed by Apple for LCD screen repair. It really does beg the question though… why is Apple repair charging $950 for the same screen that I am getting delivered for just over $200. Bad enough to have a laptop LCD fail on something is less than a year old. Worse still to hold loyal customers hostage for the cost of a part you refuse to cover! Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    Hopefully this helps anybody out there who finds themselves in this same ugly predicament. No guarantees or endorsements offered, just the benefit of my personal experience. Good luck.

  78. Hear follows my similarly horrifying experience dealing with apple. My screen suddenly cracked in the lower left hand corner about a month ago. I called apple explaining the situation and the representative set up an appointment with the apple store in nyc for me. I went to the apple store fully expecting the damage to be covered under my applecare protection plan that I paid 300 dollars for only to be told by a mac “genius” that it was my fault and I must of either jumped on my computer or dropped it. The guy treated me like a real douchebag and didn’t seem to have an answer to why there was no external damage to my computer or why any sane person would step on a 2000 dollar computer. He gave me the same answer that as everyone else that it would cost 1250 dollars to repair. The price amazed me the most because third party repair companies do the same repair for around 400-500 dollars and it doesn’t make since that it would cost apple more to repair their own product. I left the store really shocked and angry, but was still positive I could get apple to agree to repairs because after all the original rep. I talked to made no mention that this was something not covered. After numerous (5-6) calls explaining the situation I was provided the same rehearsed answer by apple that they simply will not cover the costs. Finally I thought I would try one more time before getting some other company to repair my mac as it had been a month now and I needed the use of my computer (as I am currently a college student). I finally got an understanding representative on the phone that said he would talk to his supervisor and try to waive the costs of repair. After being put on hold for about 30 minutes he came on the phone and said indeed the repairs would be free and that they were sending me a prepaid box to ship my computer in. I was ecstatic. I received an email stating the costs of repair would be covered and the box in two days which clearly stated on it that the cost of repair would be 0 dollars. I shipped off my computer. After another two days I received a call from a woman who told me that apple got my computer and that I had a crack in my screen and the repair costs would be 1250 dollars. At this point I was extremely angry, told her that I was aware that there is a crack in my screen and had already gone over this with an apple representative on the phone. She told me that the apple representative I talked to filed in his reports that he made no mention of waiving the repair costs and clearly explained to me that this is something apple does not cover and would cost the 1250 dollars. Basically the woman accused me of lying and trying to scam apple into repairing my computer for free. She had no answer to why they sent me a box which stated the repair cost would be free and said the email I received is a mass email they send to everyone who have their computer repaired. She would not listen to anything I had to say and basically hung up on me I was shocked and haven’t heard back from apple who are still holding my computer hostage. The world needs to know that Apple lies to and scams their customer. I paid 2000 dollars for a defective computer that is a little over a year old, another 300 dollars for a protection plan that doesn’t protect against anything, and on top of that apple wants me to pay a whopping 1250 dollars for a new screen. That piece of **** computer is not worth 3550 dollars. Apple cannot get away with screwing their customers and treating them like **** just because they are a giant company. That is not how you run an ethical business. Sorry for the wrong rant, I hope this helps those who have had a similar experience.

  79. Here’s my story about a broken screen and how I got it fixed by Apple (for free).

    I have a less than a year old Macbook which is therefore still under warranty. I bougth it from Apple store for 1300 euros (1600 $). I live in Finland, Europe.

    One day a crack appeared on the left upper corner of the screen. Just like many of you previous posters I did not drop it or hit it. One day the screen was fine when the lid was closed and broken when it was opened.

    Fine. I went to a local authorized service point to show the machine. The service guy told me that it would cost 700 euros (about 880 $). Also, he told me that warranty would not cover it because I had broken it by myself. I must 1) dropped it, 2) hit it or 3) I have put a pencil / paper clip between the lid and the base and pushed it, he said. I tried to explain that none of these had happened but obviously he knew better (without even taking a proper look at the computer). I left the shop with my computer still broken.

    Now I called Apple’s helpdesk. As I explained that the crack had appeared without my fault he told me that in principle the warranty could pay for it but I should take the computer to another authorized service point. So I did.

    This shop asked for 900 euros (about 1100 $) for the repair. This time they took the computer in for analysis. The result was that there are no scratches or markings on the cover but the display element is cracked. But, the same conclusion as before, I have broken it by myself.

    According to Finnish customer protection laws the manufacturer must repair a machine broken during warranty period unless they can prove that the fault is caused by the customer. Also, in Apple’s warranty text there is nothing mentioned about that they wouldn’t fix a broken screen. It is just said that the warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident or abuse.

    I called Apple again. They said that warranty would not cover the repair because it is my fault (abuse or accident in their opinion, I guess). Then I asked them to prove it as it is required by consumer protection laws. “We can’t prove it, you must ask the service guy”, was the answer. Ok, I asked the service guy. “I can’t prove it, but I have never seen a display crack by itself”, he said.

    I don’t care what the service guy has seen or has not seen before, especially when Apple’s policy seems to be that displays can’t get broken unless hit with a hammer. The bottom line is that neither Apple or service point could prove that the display broke because of something I did (accident or abuse). I guess they realized that if I would take this case to a “consumer court” (and I would have) their arguments had been ridiculous.

    So, they agreed to fix the display for free. This process took about four weeks and many phone calls and emails.

  80. Same story as everyone else…I woke up on morning after leaving my 2 month old macbook pro on the coffee table and there it was a strange crack in the top left of my screen running down about 20% of the screen with many colors amplified around it. Knowing that apple is known for their customer care and since I had purchased the apple care protection plan, I figured I was in the clear. When I took it into the store, Mr. Smarty Pants at the counter informed me that I must have taken a pen and stabbed the screen or get this pressed my thumb a little to hard when closing the screen. If the screen can crack from the pressure of my thumb there is a definite defect with this product. I thought I had gone crazy since he told me that there is no way this just happens on its own…Until I did some research and saw the rest of you in this situation. I have always been a Dell user and was in the process of switching all my computers and phones to Mac, when I call customer relations today to explain how they need to repair my screen I will be sure to tell them of my my big switch plan. This is a clear defect by apple that needs to be addressed! Oh by the way of course i was quoted 700 dollars as well to fix it!

  81. hi folks, here we go ;).

    Same story here from Amsterdam the Netherlands. Broken screen, they told me same old story, a pen between screen and keyboard ??? I don’t even use one! They quoted me 650 euro / 900 dollars for a new screen.

    So Apple is getting a bad name because of a 200 usd problem, which all of us have! I am afraid reparing the machine as this could happen again anytime!!! So i am really giving it a thought to go back to a pc, here we can see that hardware and software under one label is sometimes a wrong idea, the software is great!

  82. I have had my mac book for about a year and my screen cracked from closing it! I’m very upset! I paid 1500 dollars at the time i bought this! they said they can’t replace it because it was an accident!! NO!! It wasn’t an accident i just closed the thing and it cracked! I will never buy another mac EVER!!!!!!

  83. I bought my MacBook Pro in October of 2007. I was carrying it across a room the other day and when I sat down it had a huge crack on the upper right hand side that quickly spread across the screen and rendered it unusable. I am going to the store that I bought it at in my neighborhood to see if they can do anything to fix it.

  84. I have the same issue as everyone else, left my macbook pro on my desk closed the screen and opened it again and there was a large black spot in the top right hand corner of the screen. However i wasn’t able to find the phone number for apple customer relations anywhere can someone please post it? I am just so frustrated and as a college student paying for a $700 repair for a faulty computer is annoying.

  85. I have the same issue as everyone else, left my macbook pro on my desk closed the screen and opened it again and there was a large black spot in the top right hand corner of the screen. However i wasn’t able to find the phone number for apple customer relations anywhere can someone please post it? I am just so frustrated and as a college student paying for a $700 repair for a faulty computer is annoying.

  86. Same story. College student returning to school with laptop in backpack. Arrived to school with new cracked screen. Apple via telephone said it was not covered under APP. Has anyone actually filed a small claims case against Apple for this problem? Has anyone successfully negotiated a repair from Apple for this problem that has a documented case number? thanks.

  87. Dear anonymous on December 2nd, 2008 at 8:19,

    I have one guy in my mailinglist that won a small court case against apple. I am planning a courtcase but i want it not in the small case court. Therefore i made a website www.macbook-pro-cracked.com where you can file your case, when i have 100 cases i take them to court and keep everytbody up to date. Please visit the website and file your case there!

  88. I just had my laptop dropped by my younger brother, and my finely cared-for MacBook Pro has a shattered LCD screen. :( After receiving the $1200 quote from the Apple Store (and almost crying in public), I looked online for alternate answers. As a tech-savvy individual, I looked into do-it-yourself options, and I have found that you can get a replacement screen online for ~$200-300. A Torq T6 screwdriver, a Phillips #00, a nylon probe tool for electronics, and this pdf document,
    and you should be able to replace it for $1000 less than Apple charges.
    I intend to complete this process within the week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  89. I have the same problem described as most people above. My laptop sits atop a desk when in the house. I left the laptop on the desk, in the closed position, on the Dec. 20th, 2008. The monitor was fully functional at this point. On the Dec. 21st, I came back to use the laptop and had a circular dark area on my Macbook Pro monitor towards the upper right corner of the screen. Pixalated horizontal and vertical lines were coming from the dark circle area. The computer was fully functional, but only the monitor was damaged. I called Apple on the 21st and they said had seen a problem with the video driver and to send the computer in for repair under my Apple warranty. I did not take any photos of the crack in question. On Jan. 2nd, Apple called and stated the problem was due to a crack in the screen, therefore it was accidental and not covered under the warranty. When I spoke with Apple, they told me something must have dropped on it, although there was nothing I could find near the computer that fell on the computer, causing this internal crack. The repair cost is roughly $1300, which is about 50% of the purchase price of the computer. With all these complaints and pictures that roughly look the same, its must be a design flaw with the monitor, because I did nothing that would have produced a crack as Apple stated. I hope a class action starts, because these repair costs are far too extensive for a vital part of the computer.

  90. My handy laptop just got the infamous peoples elbow dropped on it. ****!! now i need a new goddam screen, someone help me out…please i need help and a new laptop or screen…..Dennis u havent replied since ur last post, i need to see how its comin along brother

  91. hi shizzle,

    The situation is still the same, apple just does not want to see this problem. The good thing is that i do get in filed complaints and interesting as it is, i can see some of the serial numbers come from the same batches!~ www.macbook-pro-cracked.com will keep you up to date!~


  92. So, it was mandatory to buy a MacBook Pro through my school in Nashville, TN. I was not exactly happy about paying 2 grand for a computer that I did not build myself. I complied anyways and just outside of one year later, the LCD screen cracked diagonally all the way from corner to corner. Of course applecare doesn’t cover it, so I am footed with the possibly $350 bill. I am ready to explode like Mt. St. Helens (rogue heli pilot lol). I will end up buying a $230 screen and fumbling around with the repair myself I’d imagine. Be aware of the horrid aluminum LCD combo being HORRIBLE. Go with a plastic computer.

  93. Got to say that’s one of the best excuses I’ve herd yet! But the bitter truth is Mac Books screens don’t crack unless they have something like a pen closed between the screen and the keyboard… or they have been give’in one hell of a beating. Yes I’ve tested this a few times with dead Mac Books… =)

  94. show me your test results :) We have lot’s of examples of broken screens all started the same.

  95. Had same problem. My screen is cracked from top right side and the crack has spread to the bottom and left side.
    Can anybody repair the thing. L\

  96. I like so many of you have had this now happen to me. Last night i was up late recording a new song on my mbp. After i had finished mixing, it was relatively late at night so i got ready for bed. I put my computer on a CLEAR table and proceeded to put on my sleep music mix. After it started i dimmed my monitor so that the backlight was no longer on and closed the monitor so it was about 1-2 inches from being closed (so dust wouldn’t collect on the screen). When i awoke, my sleep music was still playing, and the lid was still 1-2 inches from being closed. So i opened up the screen and turned on the backlight and to my suprise 90% of the screen was now covered in these thin little colorful lines and on the right side of my screen was a huge boomerang shaped blotch. I was upset to say the least, but i figured thats why i paid $300 for an extended warranty.

    I went to the apple store as soon as i got home from class (which sucked not having a computer to take notes with!) and when i got there they said it was under accidental damage and that i must have hit it with something. I told them my story and they said i must have done something while i was asleep (or closed a pen on it, i don’t know how they managed to assume that) Anyways i pointed out that there was no sign of impact anywhere around the crack and they insisted that i had to have applied an extended period of force to the area that wouldn’t leave a mark. However because my computer screen was closed between an inch, to apply such force would have been virtually impossible even if i was restless while i slept. If i had managed to get my hand inside that very narrow chasim i would have had to hold the other side of the screen from moving as i applied a great deal of force to the screen, all of which would have had to have been done while i was sleeping and unaware. Needless to say, i was pissed, but its comforting to know that there are more of you out there, and now that this site is up, i think its only a matter of time until Apple is forced to deal with this problem they so desperately want to avoid.

    I just want to say, that this has been one of the worst experiences of post buyers guilt i’ve ever had, and i absolutely LOVE OSX, but these bastards will do anything to get out of fixing what they ARE RESPONSIBLE for fixing. if i wasn’t going into film, and audio recording, i would switch back to PC. Now if apple had said, this counts as accidental damage, we can fix it for $300 (a fair price seeing as the display probably only costs them $100 tops), i would have been a bit disgruntled, but i would have paid it just for the sake of having my computer back. But to not even cover obvious manufactures defects and then insist that the consumer pay an additional $1300 to get it fixed is just not acceptable, in fact its criminal!

  97. i was doing some reading on an apple support forum for a similar screen issue, and there was someone on there who studied engineering and said the following

    “i know cracks occur and can occur by itself due to manufacturing quality issue. I studied this when i did engineering in my school term.

    i would have argued from the point of Fatigue of the material.

    if there is a flaw at the edge, even if it is a tiny small one, it waiting to propagation, based on factors like temp, and the likes. (cant remb totally).

    Crack propagation from the edge occurs and will soon creep in to the other areas.

    the way the crack moves in the lines is different from an acted pressure(hence a force).

    there are ways to check if it is a internal or external crack, if you have the right equipment.

    engineering helps.

    so if this happens to me, i may engage professors help”

    This means when that genius asshole said it is impossible for a screen to break on its own, he was either A) lying B) not properly educated to make such a claim.

    I think it may be worthwhile to find some more engineers who could publicly state this. It may help our cause a great deal!

  98. I also just purchased a MacBook Pro for Graduate School. Mac is supposed to be the best for music software and I trusted the quality of the product. I did purchase Applecare just in case. 5 months later the screen cracked. Like others who have posted here the repair store said it was accidental damage, saying it could have been that the laptop was closed on a pen or my finger had broken the screen when I closed it. This is a disgrace for the company. I did nothing wrong and the screen broke. From the widespread complaints this is a manufacturing fault and it is unacceptable that Apple will not cover the repair, which is quoted at $875. I am encouraged by those who have called and insisted to customer support that this was ridiculous, and were successful in getting themselves heard and the repair covered. Thank you for the help. I will not be buying a mac again.

  99. I woke up this morning and my BRAND NEW MAC BOOK PRO- had a crack running along the side and along the screen! I have treated this computer like gold, it is less than a month old!. I did not drop or leave a pen or any clip, etc on the keyboard. I am incredibly discouraged about this incident and feel that if as many people have run into this same problem with their new investment- ( $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) that APPLE should stand by their brand and commit to investigating the design flaw instead of arrogantly blaming the customers. I too purchased the ” APPLE CARE” warranty. This is outrageous and I am sure has ruined many people’s post holiday experiences.

  100. Add me to the list. Yesterday i set my macbook pro on the couch, put the lid down, almost closed but not quite closed all the way. I returned in 15 minutes, opened it and saw the screen. The left side of the screen was covered with white with vertigo colored stripes and patches of black. At the very bottom of the left side in the black, it looked like a windshield that had a rock crack it. I couldn’t feel anything. It is obviously inside the screen. Nothing was near the computer, i didn’t have a pen or pencil. I have no idea what happened. I took it to the apple store since it is only six months old and i have applecare. They will not cover it. They said i must have shut it on a pen. No i did not. I treat my computers with tender loving care. If i had done something to it, i would be mad at myself for being so stupid, but i don’t know what the heck happened to it. Apple wants $1245.00 to fix it! I am sick about this.

  101. I bought a macbook , I closed it then opened it and it has a huge crack on the screen now and its bleeding black stuff all over the screen, its about 6 months old and I never used any force to crack the screen. sounds like a defective screen so I took it to the mac store and a genius told me that it was physically damaged by me or someone else so my warranty is no good and it will cost 800 dollars to fix. What a joke !!!! dont buy a macbook enless you have about 800 extra dollars to spare for a faulty product !!!! I WILL ALSO COPY THESE COMMENTS AND HAND THEM OUT IN FRONT OF THE MAC STORE !!!!

  102. I also have the same problem with a crack that started in the bottom right hand corner. It’s not the LCD its the metal strip in the bottom area where you open/close your mac.

    I went to the Apple store and he said it looked like accidetal damage. Then he tries to close the machine–I go hey you shouldn’t do that with the crack like that. He closes it anyway and you hear this crunching sound-but hey he got it closed.

    he wanted to charge me almost a thousand bucks for a new upperclamshell.

    by the end of the day a 2nd crack had occurred on the left side. most probably induced by his attempt to close it.

    I’ve been on with apple care all weekend taking pics and trying to get them to fix it. Its a 4k machine with upgrades only 14 months old. Their’ theory is I’ve dropped it even tho both cracks are in exactly the same spot on both sides. i must have dropped it in exacly the same spot tiwce on either side I guess.

    you buy a premium product you expect not to have a premium applecare warranty–not a new revenue channel for Apple.

    I am waiting now for engineers to review the case–I really am at wits end. Any suggestions to get this fixed would be awesome.


  103. Yes, my genius proceeded to flip the slightly cracked screen up and down - suffice to say the crack was far worse after I left the store.
    I had a $2,799.00 purchase ( with software and tax) that would have
    Cut me if I opened it again . Mac guy blamed it on me , said he ” knew I didn’t do it on purpose.” it was a really humiliating experience.

    Luckily, I took the glass book pro to another store - found an intelligent
    Genius that realized there was no point of impact and replaced the computer.

    It is a beautiful machine but the cracking screen is a huge consideration to roving producers who need the laptop on location- or
    Anyone else who needs to move it off it’s pedestal!!

  104. Well I know it can be annoying but in the end I know most of my friends who this has happened to just buy a new comp and sell the old one dirt cheap… Spunds crappy but might be the only option. I am actually looking for a new desktop but am considering buying one of those apples with a broken screen and just hooking it up to another LCD moniter like a desktop. If anyone can gelp me out that would be awesome! Thanks.

  105. Same thing has happened to me. My Macbook only 8 months old, still in warranty. Internal spider web crack, redish brownish bleed and a thin horizontal blue line had appeared out of the blue. Not dropped, bashed, badly handled, treat it like crystal china… where did it come from !! Took it to Apple Store, Regent St today. Was told Accidental damage, I burst into tears (strangely enough) out of sheer frustration, utter mystified. How did this happen, I am not going mad ! I didnt do anything, yet stung with a repair quote to replace screen. I dont know what to do, the genius guy and manager said sorry but it doesnt crack by itself, help !

  106. after not getting any help at the apple store, i took a week to cool off and then called applecare. I explained the situation to them and that i had googled and found that there were a lot of people with the same problem. All of us insisting there was no accident to cause the broken screen. The guy put me on hold and googled. He agreed there was a problem and talked to his superior and transfered me to a product specialist who talked to his superior and They agreed to replace the screen at no charge to me.

    Apple was insisting there is no defect, but they were willing to fix my screen and put this behind us.

    I am so happy they fixed my macbook pro, but wish they would research this and find what is causing it. I suggested they do this, but they don’t think they have a problem.

  107. Apple Care is the way to go, provided you have purchased the warranty.
    Genius folks seem to be a bit more reluctant to admit that there may be a defect with the screen- Apple Care will be logging all of the individual incidents so ultimately they will see that there is an issue with the screen.
    The new Mac Books have a glass screen- older Mac Books and the 17″ models seem more durable and less prone to random acts of cracking.

    The Apple Care team that I spoke with were fantastic and very responsive to the issue- I would suggest bypassing the Genius bar and dialing Apple Care.
    good luck!

  108. PLEASE GIVE ME MORE INFORMATION! IF THEY REPAIR YOURS, THEY SHOULD REPAIR ALL OUR MACBOOK PRO’S! Why do they fix yours and not all the ones i have seen online. I want to have if possible all information, your serial number, guy you spoke to, any order numbers for the repair etc. If they agreed with you there is a problem i take them to court on my own! Now i am trying to collect 100 complaints and it goes slow! Please help me.


  109. Wow! I was planning on buying a new Apple Macbook Pro, but after reading the above, I am having serious doubts. I have been talking about and researching options for this purchase for months now. And I am about ready to buy, but now I am starting to think I should go back to Dell where I have bought a PC several times over the last 6 years.

    I can hardly imagine having happen to me what has happened to so many of you.

    Thank you all for your posts .. this just might have saved me a LOT !

  110. i have contacted tv and they are going to broadcast about this issue. Also i am planning to flyer in front of the shop I bought the Macbook a copy of this website to show people how bad the service is. Prints are beeing done as i speak.

    I have also noticed, the new macbook pro is such a good machine, and they have taken care of this problem. So they are aware of it! They are the lowest on earth, we are rabbits for testing,

  111. I might have over reacted last night. It is good to see your comment that Apple Macbook Pro “have taken care of this problem”.

    I still want to get an Apple Macbook Pro! I am thinking of buying at Best Buys to get their accident damage protection.

  112. well you buy the new one, even though i am working with exterlan screen i still love my mac ;) it is just that they don’t take us serious.

    mac rules ;)

  113. I have a massive black mark on my screen, and frankly I have no idea how it happened.
    I was using my MacBook, and decided to go downstairs to get a drink. I returned to my laptop and found a huge black mark in the left hand corner.
    I’m really worried, as I need my MacBook for university work, and from what everyone is saying on here, it appears that the one year warranty doesn’t cover screen damage, which is absolutely shocking.
    I’m just hoping it doesn’t get worse now!

  114. I have the same problem too.
    My Macbook is 16 months old and I closed the lid then opened it an hour later and there is now a crack from one side to the other. No pens caught between the lid and keyboard and no jolting at all. It just happened at home. The engineer’s comments on this site make very good sense to me.
    The combination of a delicate screen and the opening and closing mechanism using a magnetic force imply a design fault that Mac does not want to admit to.
    This is my second mac laptop, the first lasted 3 years before it packed up, which wasn’t long enough in my opinion.
    I also have a g4 which is 6 years old and still in great condition. So I can only conclude that laptops are not Mac’s strength. We are all drawn in by the beautiful design and simplicity of use, but the practical side is still not perfected.

  115. fuk sit fuk

  116. Probably doesn’t help but I told a couple of sales people at the local Apple retail store that “no accident” ins on a Macbook is a “show stopper” for me … I really want a “mobile that can do desktop too”.
    - Actually it is possible to get this at http://www.safeware.com/ but it is NOT cheap .. around $640 for 3 years for a $3,000 coverage for a Macbook. But it does cover ALL accidents and theft too.

    Not that I plan on EVER getting Visa, but I am seriously considering getting a Dell with Linux (and dual boot to XP copy I have - for those things hard to get done on Linux).
    - But I do work on Linux servers in my job.

    At least Dell offers a great accident (and theft) insurance deal on their Laptops.

    Is very disappointing still .. I really wanted the Apple Macbook Pro.

  117. Add us to the list! I bought my niece a 13″ macbook for college and less than six month later a hairline crack appeared in the screen. It started about 1 inch down from the top and from the left hand of the screen, and has spread across the width of the screen.

    I called Apple Care first and they said it would be taken care of since the computer is still under its initial warranty. He gave me a case number and sent me to the Pentagon City VA Apple Store where they were supposed to fix the crack.

    When we got there, we were waited on by “Apple Genius” Andrew, who looked at the screen and pointed to the middle of the crack and told us that the crack had happened due to impact, and that the dot he was pointing to was the point of impact. In fact, the crack originated over at the left-hand corner of the screen!

    We assured him that the machine had not been dropped. He assured us that it had been. We went back and forth on this. I told him that I had been sent there by Apple Care and he told me that the “warranty” did not cover accidential damage and “clearly the machine has been dropped” DROPPED! I told him that CLEARLY IT HAD NOT been dropped. Then I asked him if he was calling me a liar. He said he wasn’t calling me a liar, but “the crack has a point of impact” and that’s not covered!

    Andrew told me that the only way the screens crack is through damage. I told him there is a website that is filled with complaints from people who have had cracks suddenly appear in their screen. He said he never heard of it (so I guess this site doesn’t exist). He demanded the name of the site, but I couldn’t remember off the top of my head as he had me so angry. I told him to give me his email address and I would send it to him. He responded, “I don’t do that!”

    He offered to fix the machine for $755, calling it Tier 4 Accidental Damage, IB/MB/MBAIR.

    I told him that I wasn’t going to pay $755 to fix a new computer, still under warranty, especially when WE did no damage to the machine and the repair was over half of what the machine originally cost!

    He told me to file a home owners insurance claim to get them to pay for it! I told him I was not going to do that, that I would call back Apple Care and take the matter further up the ladder. And left. As I was leaving, Andrew yelled out after me “Good luck with that”!

    Now I have to compose myself and call the Customer Relations Dept. and try the steps that the few people who have gotten successful resolutions have used. I feel like ripping their heads off.

    I paid a lot of money for a computer that was supposed to have a warranty, but not only does Apple not want to honor their warranty, I get called a liar to my face by some Apple lackey.

    I’ve used Dells, Toshibas, HPs for years and years and NEVER had a problem.

    I will update after I try the other avenues.

  118. Exact same problem. Macbook Pro, closed it gently and went to bed. Next morning, black ink blot looking things around the top of the screen surrounded by white screen. No damage. Brought it to apple and they won’t replace it, this is a disgrace.

  119. I’ll keep my story short and simple. Hope APPLe don’t see this post.

    It is quite shameful…I have had my new 15inch, 4gbRAM mac for just over a week
    and i ACCIDENTLY leant on my messenger bag causing the crack(forgetting my mac was inside).

    Anyway…i know a mac GENIUS that works in APPLE STORE UK who is hooking me up(is going to claim laptop is his.)

    So instead of me paying around £500…i just have to pay £3 for pint
    afterwards as a thank you.

    Man i hope karma doesn’t come back to bite my careless ways.
    Unfortunately, life is about who you know

  120. That’s great, “joe pesci”. More power to you. But the rest of us did NOTHING to OUR screens to get the cracks in them. WE did not act in a careless way.

    So, if you’re for real, great for you. Be as careless as you like. We, on the other hand, just opened up our freaking laptops and did nothing to them!

  121. I’ll give you the former technician’s POV. Get ready for a novel..

    Bad News First…
    Lets just say…out of 100 cracked LCD screens I saw as Mr Jobs states, 99 of them didn’t just magically break on their own. A glass holding hot coffee doesn’t just crack sitting on your kitchen counter. I’m defiantly NOT an engineer, but as a person who worked in this job for 5+ years on the frontline, this is my opinion after seeing literally hundreds of broken screens. 99% of cracked LCDs, especially like the pictures posted, are the unmistakable result of impact. An LCD is made of 6 layers of incredibly thin glass that can be damaged by a lot less force than you would think. The same people who make these LCDs for Apple make them for Dell, HP, Sony, Acer..LCDs are all pretty much made the same way. They are ALL equally susceptible to being damaged.
    Here’s the catch, you might not have *realized* you impacted it, or that you might have had something sandwiched between the glass and keyboard, or realized something hit the back of the screen while in your bag or applied too much pressure or whatever.. Thats why apple calls it “accidental” damage…its not like you meant to do it on purpose. I will accept the idea that the screen might have just *poof* and cracked on its own, however, the likelihood of that happening is very, very, very low (like so low I can say that I’ve ever seen an LCD that didn’t have a reason it broke - just like another poster said that a technician told them) Any technician will tell you that because its the TRUTH, the glass doesn’t just break.

    The overall condition of your laptop is considered when a technician is quoting you a repair price- IF YOUR COMPUTER IS DAMAGED AT ALL..if it is cracked, dented, bent and scratched to hell- of course they are going to say you damaged it somehow because your computer’s condition is very telling of how well you treated it.

    I think the likely scenario goes something like this: Perhaps a month before your LCD cracked you did drop it, or impact it, or otherwise stressed the glass, and at that point it didn’t break. Unknown to you you might have caused some damage that you cannot see because it’s hidden behind the metal bezel around the LCD edges or it’s masquerading as a very small imperfection in the glass. A month later you move the screen slightly or are setting it down on your desk or close the lid and that hidden fracture YOU caused suddenly gives way. Bam, your screen crack just magically appeared. This is where your argument turns to how much of the crack is due to wear and tear on your computer versus the LCD having this miraculous spontaneous splitting of atoms in the glass particles that you didn’t cause by shutting the screen closed.

    Here’s the hopefully better news/advice I can offer.
    I was much more inclined to flex on apple’s “wedontfixitifitscrackedbecausetheybrokeit” law when I could really see that the computer wasn’t damaged in any other way. A technician knows the different between a computer that discolored with stains and cracks and dents and dings and dirt and dust versus one that has little to no scratches, a clean screen, and it otherwise taken care of.

    I completely agree that for those of you whose computers are in “pristine” condition as one poster put it your computer needs to be given another look There are 2 types of cracks in LCDs, those with these points of impact (a point of impact being a place where all the cracks meet up, typically looking like a star or spiderweb) and those without. Cracks without a point of impact are typically ONE crack across the glass. There is no intersection of the many cracks at one point. There is no indent in the glass particles in one particular area. The cracks don’t radiate out from one particular area. If your crack doesn’t have this point, then I highly suggest getting a second opinion on the repair. This would be the only time I believe you would get any leeway in having to pay for the repair. Having a point of impact clearly shows the technician where the glass fracture is radiating out from and has to be caused by an outward force onto the surface of the glass.

    Here’s the part that some of the posters are missing. Mac genii, people who work at computer repair shops, applecare agents, the people who work in customer relations.. we are normal people. We are not satan worshippers…we don’t kill kittens in the back..we are actually really nice people. I *knew* when people lied to me, I can tell when you broke your computer and are making up some fancy story, and I can tell ( and this sounds like most of you) when you treat your computer with respect and take good care of it and honestly have no idea what happened. Try to stay calm when you are talking to people. Most technicians do have compassion and are emphatic to your plight. Bring a print out of 1000 people saying it happens,show the technician politely that you wish to get a second opinion.Don’t just say rudely..”well a bunch of people online have that issue” I heard that like 10 times a day..any issue with anything you can find on google. your tomatos are getting eaten by bugs? google it..your feet stink? google it..your F key popped off on your macbook?..google it.

    Being a total a-hole to the person whose job it is to HELP you doesn’t make the situation any better. Show them that your computer is not damaged, show the manager that your case isn’t dented or scratched, show them the case you keep it in. If the applecare agent or apple store or whatever still refuses to help you, I suggest trying another apple store or hang up and call back to talk to a different agent. Some stores have managers that unfortunately will NOT bend on any protocols no matter what, most are very reasonable though. They honestly go out of their way to make sure your view of Apple is a positive one, and they don’t want you to go buy a Dell or HP out of anger/hate/frustration/misery. If you still are not happy with the suggested resolution to the issue, call customer relations as most people suggested, they have the final say to repair or not to repair, and I can tell you if customer relations is denying you a repair - you really must have messed your computer up. I’ve NEVER seen customer relations deny someone a repair whose computer was in very good condition or had a crack that wasn’t from an proven impact point- thus one poster stated they had them physically send the computer so the engineers could inspect the glass and they sent them a replacement computer when they saw that it was not impacted.

  122. I think you miss a few points, not going to spent to much time now. Google your feet, now google macbook pro screens crack, and, Dell Latidude screens crack. Google Toshiba sceens crack, or Sony. Name it. Apple knows what’s going on!

    I am lucky, after 6 months of fighting to get my right, the supplier of my macbook changed the lcd. APPLE DID NOT!

    I still feel sorry for all those people that have the same experience as I have. I will never buy a macbook pro again even now it is repaired. The attitude of Apple is the reason why.

    All the best

  123. It does seem to me that the Apple damage
    Patrol are on this blog to dispell the truth.
    “Joe Pesci” bike messenger probably
    Is a personae developed by the company .
    I can only imagine how many bike messenger
    Crack Book Pros will be destroyed- these
    New machines are pristine little slabs of glass-
    Not the Tonka trucks that Apple would
    Lead folks to believe . I am scared to death
    To move mine around at all … So much for
    The portability of a laptop. Bike messengers
    Who carry around their Macbook’s are in for
    A world of cracking glass - leave ‘em home
    Until Apple can figure out how to make
    Them more durable and portable for humans.

  124. Former “Genius”

    MY computer is in excellent computer — no dents, dings, stickers, dirt — the only thing wrong with it is the cracked screen which WE did not crack — accidentally or on purpose.

    We did show all these things to the “genius” who took three seconds to look at our machine, and he was completely uninterested. We DID tell him about the other complaints and this website and he was uninterested.

    We didn’t sit on the laptop, didn’t bang it onto a table, didn’t bump it into a wall. Didn’t have a cat sit on it. Nothing. And it is maddening for you little “apple genii” to insist that you know we did something to these screens. The “genius” I got INSISTED that we had DROPPED the laptop and said over and over that was the only way for the crack to appear. We pointed out that there was no damage anywhere on the body of the laptop and surely there would be if we dropped it. Not a dent, not a scratch, nothing.

    Your customer service is terrible. You start from the basis that the customers are all trying to pull a fast one on Apple and all the little “genii” are there to put us in our place. What power you have.

    You said: “The same people who make these LCDs for Apple make them for Dell, HP, Sony, Acer..LCDs are all pretty much made the same way. They are ALL equally susceptible to being damaged.”

    If all the laptops are getting the same screens, why have I never encountered this problem with any PC laptop in the last 10 years? Between work and home I have used dozens of them on a regular basis and the LCD was never an issue. I buy my first Mac and within months not only is there a crack, but Apple wants me to shell out $755 to get it repaired — even though it allegedly came with a 1 year warranty! Oh wait, the Apple warranty doesn’t really cover anything.

    Additionally, why is Apple charging $755 to have these screens repaired? If the glass from all these laptops is, to quote you, “all pretty much made the same way,” why does Apple feel the need to gouge people? $755 is over half of what we paid for the laptop to begin with — is Apple saying that the main cost of the laptop is the LCD screen? Really?

    Think about that, people. Then save your money and buy a PC. I’m a consumer — and I’m a PC!

  125. Even if I was to accept the stated positions of ‘FormerGenius’ (leaving yourself pretty wide-open with a handle like that!) with respect to the quality of the MBP build (I don’t!) I really have to question why Apple needs to screw customers to the wall with outrageous repair fees.

    Dig back in the thread and you will observe my original complaint and my subsequent update wherein I explained that Apple wanted to charge me around $1100 for parts & labour to repair my daughter’s MBP. In my update I explained that I had bought a replacement LCD online, the exact same Philips model, and repaired her MBP on my own (couple hours work) for a couple hundred bucks. It’s one thing not to back up your product. It’s yet another to hose a loyal customers who paid twice what one would pay for a competitive product. All I can say FormerGenius is that i have had numerous laptops in my time and never had an LCD go on me.

  126. need help! i purchased my macbook 2 days ago and while using it for half an hour the screen flickered,went blank and the screen cracked internally! n yes started from d right side

  127. Daryl,

    Did you pay for your macbook with your credit card? If so, call them immediately and see if they can do something. Even though Apple’s warranty is worthless, there should be some kind of 7-day consumer warranty through your credit card.

    Then call Apple Care. You will probably get the same run around as the rest of us, but you have to try. They will tell you to take to a “genius”. If that fails, and they insist you dropped the mac, next you need to go to Apple Corporate. It didn’t work for me, but you have to try it. Reference this website when they tell you it just “doesn’t happen”. That number is somewhere within these posts.

    Your best bet is probably going right to your credit card company. Worst case scenario, you dispute the charge and send the broken mac back. Be sure to get a reference number when you talk to the credit card people.

  128. Thanks Kathy… much appreciated! But I think it was Norma who is having the issue with a recent 2 day old purchase. The poster’s name is below not above the post. As stated above her posting, I managed to repair my daughter’s MBP last year for just over a couple hundred bucks.

  129. I would like to say thanks to whoever created this web site. It got me to really thinking twice about an Apple macbook pro purchase I was really serious about to buy. The big “show stopper” was “no accident insurance”. Well, actually it was this combined with the costs .. especially when adding in accident insurance from a place that will basically insure ANYTHING for a HIGH price. Anyway, Thanks to all.

    btw .. I ended up getting a Dell XPS M1530 Laptop with great accident and theft protection too. I have had some experience with Dell and they actually REALLY do honor this insurance … saved me from buying new computer damaged from liquids.
    - And I am experimenting with Linux dual (for now) boot .. I have some experience with Linux which makes this easier.

  130. Its me again JOE…there has been some controversy surrounding my post and NO I DO NOT WORK FOR APPLE.

    I just wanted to share my fortunate luck.
    Anyway i’ve shown my genius friend this thread and his seen
    how he can help you lot…and make a little something on the side.

    If you live in LONDON he can fix your screens for less than £200max, he works at REGENT STREET APPLE STORE, can’t give his name for obvious reasons.

    Contact me, send your pics, and i’ll get a quote from him.

  131. I have a cracked screen also. Have not had my mac notebook even a year. I have no idea where the crack came from. I did not drop it,nor leave any object inside of it, etc….They wanted $750 to fix this. That is an insane amount of money. I even purchased the apple care but it will not cover this. I will NEVER NEVER purchase another laptop from apple. The screen must have an engineering defect of some sort! All these cracks that people are complaining about should NOT be happening. These screens should be more DURABLE! They even had the nerve to tell me this is NOT really much of a problem. Ha! From looking at the internet it is very much a problem! I wonder if the computer is even SAFE to use after the crack? HMMMMMMMM.

  132. Same story as almost everyone above.Just knew it was defect and not abuse so went right to google and found this site.Great advice from all and hope all get their new screens and apple owns up to an inferior design.Do they think morons are buying their product and will eat the abuse crap their peddling?So sad for usually great company and products.Looks like customer service is getting a call.

  133. After reading all the complaints here, I realise I’m not in the minority with my daughter’s cracked Apple Mac Book screen. It is cracking from the lower right hand side after only less than 3 months of use. The laptop is in “new” condition and there is no visible reason for the screen cracking. There was “no” impact in that area and you “cannot” see the cracks until you turn it on. The Genius Bar is set up to give consumers the runaround and the workers are taught to tell you that is it “accidental damage” even when there is no visible result of said damage. Like I said, my daughter’s laptop is in “new” condition after only less than 3 month’s of usage.

    Take your case to the BBB and file a case against Apple at your local small claims court and let the judge be the assessor. If there was damage or impact, you can see it on the screen and there is no damage visible. I believe I will win my case and Apple will have to fix their defective product (not at my expense but theirs). I believe if damage was self inflicted (whether it be acccidental or your own fault), you should be helf liable and pay for your accident. In this case, Apple clearly has defective product that may have escaped pre-distribution dectection and quality control. Apple needs to warranty their product and not lay blame on the consumer when it is clearly “not” the fault of the consumer. File your claim because you will get the same runaround story from Apple that it was “acccidental damage”.

  134. Hi guys, was thinking of buying a macbook, but read that the iphone screens are made of glass and break easily. Then I heard the laptops have a glass screen too! It sounds like the GLASS cracks because of RAPID HEATING OR COOLING. Its simple science and if that glass is as thin as I think it is when you close the lid, the aluminium is either hotter or colder than the glass causing rapid expansion or contraction of the screen. The result it cracks. I’ll buy a thinkpad when the time comes, theyre unbreakable (until the thinkpad licence runs out - I read the SL series have no magnesium frames already and its still called a thinkpad!) Keep it up guys, these forums are helping lots of people.

  135. Mine too… This is crazy !!.. u guys cant understant, IM IN AFRICA with a Macbook Pro 17 inch., i dont even think ane one has one of these around here, technicians dont even know how to open this beast, n m so desperate… !! woke up this morning and was sweating in my pants, cuz my screen was broken on the right side !!.. Mac iz crazy guyz!!.. Its a good laptop, but things like this can burn down its reputation !!.. N.B . My dad may own a bank,, but still, this is not something that should happen on normal bases !!!.. Thanx Apple., Luv u guyz !!! ( MAFIA)

  136. my MacBook is about 12 months old and works perfectly fine, but the entire bottom right corner has turned blank/white. along the bordes of the white erial there’s a tiny line (crack?) it looks like it’s behind the screen because there are no cracks (in the glass). The “crack” is one line that divides into another line kind of like the letter Y. There are also some weird black/blue/purple dots along the line.. I haven’t carried it around a lot it has practically been on my desk for all the 12 months i’ve had it. and I haven’t closed it with a pen in it or anything like that. I was told that it could be something wrong with the contact (within the screen). Does anybody know what to do?

    The screen looks simmular to this:
    - -
    - . -
    - . -
    - . . . . -
    - . -
    - . -
    - . -

  137. okay.. that didn’t turn out like i panned… :P
    forget the drawing thing

  138. My Macbook screen went in 3 weeks. What I dont understand is that this chain of complaints started almost two years ago and in that time Apple have done nothing to make the screens more robust.


  139. My laptop screen has become slightly disjointed at one side…I never dropped it or anything and now it has pink streaks over the white areas and is shocking. I have had it for 6 months and am located in Antarctica with no hope of repair for another 8 months. All my photo editing and movie editing is now history. What a bunch of rubbish! And so much moneyspent on it!

  140. Joanna,

    Your movies are on your hard drive, right? So they should be fine. It sounds like just your screen is the problem.

    I’ll never buy another apple product ever!

    Sounds like you are on a big expedition. If you call the Apple Customer Service number at their headquarters, it’s an 800 number found in several of these posted complaints, you might be able to get them to replace it. Do a video on what a piece of crap it is and how you can’t use it for documenting now and you might be able to score a new one.

    All this assumes you are getting supplies shipped to you.

  141. I just bought my first Macbook three weeks ago!!! And when i was moving the laptop i applied the tinest bit of pressure with my thumb on the top right hand corner of the screen… within seconds my whole screen developed a crack as if I had literally thrown some object on top of it!!! and the whole screen just went all different colours. I couldnt make any sense of it.

    Luckily I took out a protection plan from PC world and they give me unlimited repairs for free which i pay £10 a month for.

    My macbook is currently in for repair!!

    I have completely lost faith in Apple, espicially after reading the amount of comments from people with the same problem!! A laptop screen shouldnt just crack from a simple bit of pressure from your thumb or putting the lid down.

    I would advise anyone to take out a protection plan when purchasing an Apple product that has high value beacuse trust me… u will need it!!!!

    I would rather pay PC world that £10 a month than gave Apple anymore money for a product which is unfit for its purpose!!!!!!

  142. I bought my son a macbook for graduation two years ago. He is very protective of his computer, but discovered a wide crack in screen that makes the same shape as the uploaded pic above. Of course, the warranty is up and they say i will have to pay for all of the services involved in repairing it. Gee Whiz!! Dell tried hard to sell me a computer back then with so many features, but my son insisted on a Macbook..so since he was the one to use it I bought it. Now the computer is still usable but that wide dark crack is very distracting. Im adding my name to the list of unhappy customers.

  143. I can echo the concerns of all the previous people. We too bought our son a 15.4″ MacBook Pro for Christmas to help him with his college course in Music Technology. The disk drive stopped working a week or two back and now his screen has cracked too - despite the machine being in a padded bag inside a back pack. Apple tell me that the warranty we took out will cover the disk drive but they are non commital on the screen since they say they will probably regard this as an accident and therefore not cover it. We are about to take the machine in to be assessed so will find out what then what the verdict is. Our other son’s Dell laptop has worked perfectly for three years - the apple cost three times what we paid for the Dell so I would expect it to be three times better! Clearly they are fragile and should come with a warning to make this clear.

  144. I also have asimilar problem. One morning when we opened the Mac book which we bought in dec last year, had a crack on the screen. I took it to Mac store y-day and they said that it is an accidental damage and will cost me $750 to replace it.
    I had many windows laptops earlier and they had covered all the accidents.
    So lesson to learn is Dell is far better with replacements then MAC. Shame on you Apple.

  145. I have just returned from a very frustrating visit to my local mac store in glasgow. same story as nearly everyone else on here except what make it more frustrating is this. I have had my mac book for nearly 3 years, my working life takes me all over the world and my macbook has been with me at all times. Recently the screen started to pixelate and was difficult to read, so i took it to the local store and they replaced the screen with a new one at a cost of £290. I had no problem with this as i assumed after 3 years of almost constant use the screen could “burn out” I picked it up wednesday night and used it for a couple of hours at home. I closed the lid and went to bed, i opened it the next morning and the screen was very dark,no backlight. I assumed it was a faulty screen so made an appontment to have it repaired, when i took it in they took it for examination and came back and pointed out that the screen was in fact cracked, and must have received impact damage. there are no visible signs on the case and i know the computer was not touched overnight. I have been told that they will replace the invertor to get the backlight workiing, but that the screen damage is not covered, whilst i was discussing this with the “genius” another customer came over to me and told me had had just had exactly the same problem and was going to complain as he was sure no impact had happened. so end result is iam £300 out of pocket for a screen that has lasted 12 hours and has had nowhere near the amount of transportiing that the previous one has. I am wondering if Mac have changed the suppliers of screens over the last few years and the new ones are more fragile that the older models

  146. I am so frustrated after reading all of your comments as well! Mine is the same story. Closed it, left the room and came back, opened it, and there was a crack down the top left side, moving towards the bottom left corner. It went away for awhile, and is now back, and I am astonished to hear that apple is being as horrible as they are about this. I thought they were known for their excellent customer service, however, I should have known better. When my last mac laptop got stolen, I called the store to see what could be done under warranty and they said nothing. I had to file a claim under my renters insurance, and when they gave me the money for a new one, I bought a Dell desktop. Looks as though I may have to switch to a PC. Bummer.

  147. I only had my laptop a MONTH and it did that. Crack from one corner up the screen. I took it in, and they refused to cover it. Said that I did it. Said I shut a pen in it because that just “doesn’t happen”. NO WAY!!!!! I was really mad. It was NEVER out of my sight since it’s a work computer. Charged me $800 bucks to fix. DO NOT buy this. It’s not worth the expense. It’s a super expensive computer in the first place. Apple better pay attention cause this is faulty and dishonest.

  148. So I opened my laptop today to see a huge gaping crack on the upper left side of my computer. I immediately googled it and found this thread. I’m terrified now that apple won’t cover this.

  149. Just want to add my experiences to let Apple know what’s going on. We opened our brand-new (three-week-old) ibook the other day (June 26) to discover a radiating pattern of lines from the lower right corner. The computer had literally not left the desk it was placed on when we unpacked it on June 6, and had hardly even been used. I took it into the Apple Store and the “genius” gave me the same story: screens don’t just crack on their own, you must have shut it on something, etc. Not true (I know how to use these things, I own two others) and there’s no evidence of any damage on the body of the computer. I’ve just sent it away for repair at a cost of $250 (despite the extended protection I also purchased). The guy at Mission Repair, who is servicing it, told me he’s heard speculation that this happens from overheating? Could be. But I think Apple should know about this and start paying attention or they’re going to lose customers like me….even iphone/multiple-Mac owning admirers of their “great design”!

  150. I have argued long and hard with Apple and their various agents in Manchester and Liverpool and they all say the same thing ‘without having actually seen the computer yet’. They refuse to admit that a screen can crack other than by accidental damage. I have forwarded this link to WHICH magazine who are really interested in the story. It is inexcusable that with so much evidence they still refuse to admit they have a product problem. Meanwhile WHICH’s lawyers have asked me to file a claim directly with Apple International in Cork from where we purchased the machine. They say though that Apple are arrogant and very good at hiding behind their huge global image. Maybe one of you others could contact the BBC’s Watchdog?

  151. by the sounds of it you daughter is making this story up to cover up how it really got damaged. ive had my mac book pro for over 3 years now, and its still going strong, i don’t have a case for it (as it just goes in my bag. it fallen of a chair on to hard floor, the screen was still intact, the only damage was a little cosmetic scratch. i have dropped things on my macbook pro when it is closed directly on the lid (by ascendent) and the screen works fine. i do not understand how a bad landing in a plane could cause a cracked screen. in the last two years especially my macbook pro had taken quite a battering, so far all the damage is cosmetic. apple wont replace a screen which has cracked by ascendent as that isn’t covered by there warranty, in fact i don’t know any company who does. altho reading comments i have seen that dell do but thats because there laptops have some majourly serious faults such as cracking and flimsy plastic which would cause the screen to crack.

  152. I left a comment before so here is an update. Mt screen broke within 12 hours of being replaced, the old screen had not cracked but had pixelated and was difficult to read. the rest of the story is above, but in short was told the same story about acidental damage by me, must have left a pen in etc. I went crazy at the guys in the mac store and they absolutely refused to accept my story. I had no choice but to put it in to get fixed, when i went to pick it up the told me they had installed a new screen, but would not charge me for it. when i asked why they had changed their minds and replaced it free, they said it was because i was a good customer , when i pushed them to accept it was a faulty screen, they still would not admit a fault and basically told me i was only getting a new screen as a goodwill gesture…. bull****, they know there is a problem and they are all coming out with the same story to avoid it being made public. I am obviously happy that i have managed to resolve my problem, but i still feel there is a problem with the new screens, my old screen was the Matte type and had been dropped a couple of times without a problem. keep arguing, go in to the store and make a noise, thats the only way you will get any satisfaction…

  153. I have got to say that I don’t find One Dread’s comments very helpful. By his own admission, he has had his MacBook for three years whilst the first comment on this string was about September 2007 i.e. less than two years ago. I suspect that Apple must have changed the supplier or construction of the screens midway through 2007 which is why all these complaints are now coming in. With regard to Dell’s, they are well pretty bomb proof, most of my friend’s kids went away to university with them three years ago and they have all come back intact (the laptops that is!) Our son’s Apple has been treated with far more TLC and has suffered a defunct disk drive and now the cracked screen - all within 6 months.

  154. I used to have a Toshiba notebook, took it on a motorcycle trip and the screen cracked… nothing, not even my homeowners, or my motorcycle insurance (which i understood would cover these types of “accidents”) covered my screen, so i had to resign to having my Windows based machine turned into a stationary apparatus that had to be connected to a screen/tv so that i could work.
    Then i was “given” a MacBookPro… went on a bunch of trips and the same packing scheme that i used for my Windows machine was used for the MBP on trips from El Paso TX to Philly and NYC, also from EP to Mazatlán in México (a very bumpy ride), and most recently from EP to Fort Collins CO and around Rocky Mountain National Park (another major bumpy ride).
    The only damage that i’ve noticed in the 1-1/2 years that i’ve had this node, is a horizontal line across the middle of the screen that matches the edge of the keyboard’s sunken housing.
    i am going to take advantage of an Apple repair center across my pad in Fort Collins and i am going to “ask” if anything can be done to replace the screen, however judging from the read’s of this site; my intentions look like a long shot…
    i’ll let you know what transcends.
    Wish me luck…

  155. hey guys it seems like all these complaints came from people owning the macbook pro’s that came out before the new one’s on june 6th of this year. I was hoping to buy a macbook pro within the next month or so and I sure hope that they have fixed this problem because Im going to be shelling out a lot of money for it and I will be really bummed if the screen suddenly cracks

  156. I am also disgusted with the standard of customer service Apple provide given the cost of their products. I purchased a macbook (standard, not pro) with Apple Care Protection Plan and after little more than 6 weeks a crack appeared on the screen which would spread before my eyes and worsen every day. When I brought it to an Apple repairs provider they told me that they refused to fix it under warranty because they knew Apple would refuse to pay them for the repair. I think it is disgusting that Apple charge an obscene amount of money for a flimsy product and then expect you to foot the bill for all repairs. I have previously owned iPods that have had an uncanny ability to break just after the warranty has expired but the purchase of a laptop should be viewed as something else entirely, it is an investment of a large sum of money and I would expect Apple to provide the necessary customer support instead of accusing its customers of wrongdoing. Before this I owned a Dell laptop which last 4yrs. 6 weeks of use is a complete JOKE and if Apple refuse to fix my macbook I will bring them to the Small Claims Court. I only wish I’d seen this site before I bought anything from Apple.

  157. I have had my new, coveted, totally loved and protected MacBook pro 15″ for exactly 2 months tomorrow. Last friday, July 3rd, a crack appeared in the lower right hand corner of my screen. It had spidered out to the top of the computer screen by the end of the day. I have not dropped it, nor mistreated it in any way. I have never closed the lid to the laptop with anything on the keyboard. Essentially I am telling you, I have treated my Mac with kid gloves and it got a crack. Completely unprovoked. The genius’ at the Mac store, the 800# people and the manager of the mac store in WC have all told me without even looking at my computer that it is “accidental damage” and therefore uncovered by the 1 year warranty. It’s just suspicious to me that nobody had anything but a canned answer for me “accidental damage”. I was told that a new screen and installation would cost over $800. When I asked if I could simply return the computer because I was unsatisfied that such an expensive piece of equipment should BREAK in less than 2 months, I was told that Mac only takes returns for the first 14 days. I’m not happy.

  158. I think I have the answer but not the solution! This latest version of the Apple Macbook Pro that we are all complaining about has had an additional thin glass screen placed over the LCD display and this is what is cracking. I am told by an engineer that it is there to protect the screen beneath. However, it doesn’t take a ‘genius’ to work out that if you put a thin glass screen into a flexible lid then at some point it will crack. Probably most cracks are the result of so called accidents - if, for example, opening the lid can be called an accident that is! The fact is that these screens are not fit for purpose and therefore contravene the Sales of Goods Act. I have spoken to Apple Customer Care and they claim their engineers have not yet identified an inherent fault - I think they are not prepared to spend money on developing a suitable replacement screen that will not crack and then calling back all the machines they have sold. There are apparently some plastic screens available from China but the engineer I spoke to says the quality is not as good as glass (but at least they won’t break). I think Apple have a dilemma and are hiding behind their corporate walls hoping we all go away. Meanwhile, I bet the next generation doesn’t have a glass screen. Customer Services did tell me that the Managers of the Apple Stores can over-ride the ‘party line’ and agree to the replacement of the screen if the computer doesn’t show any signs of impact damage - I am awaiting a call back and will post again if I am successful.

  159. UPDATE on my last post - the next generation is out. I have just spoken to a man at Apple sales and he tells me that the new model also has a glass screen but they have made a few changes to it, when questioned he did admit that they had had a few problems with the old one - hence the change. Can we all really push customer service on this to admit the old screen was not therefore fit for purpose.

  160. so happy to see that other people had same problem with the mac screen.

    my screen (white mac pro) cracked with no reason. I closed it in office it was fine. took it home in my bag, in my car, with no bump or anything, opened it at home, and the screen low right quaurter was blank. I am sure it didn’t get anything.

    reading all the complaints above gives me the impression that something wrong with the screens. I have it exactly 1 year. apple lab sure refused to use the guarantee.

    would be happy to hear of more cases, it will strengthen my case against apple now. thanks.

  161. I read above that the Macbook pro screen was upgraded roughly a week after I bought it. It seems that the glass screen beneath was too thin for flexible lid. It was prone crack. Is there anyone who has found evidence of this upgrade to the glass screen?

    I bought my 17″ macbook pro May 28/2009.

    I opened my screen the other day to see that the screen looked shattered. It appears that the inner glass screen has cracked and shattered. After talking to an applecare representitive, he had me send pictures of my Macbook. He responded that the engineers have deemed the damage “accidentally”.

    I did nothing more than open, close, travel, carry and work on this laptop. The standard operating for a Macbook pro. No dropping, no pressure, no objects left inside. There is not a scratch or dent any wear on the laptop or the screen itself. If daily wear and tear can cause the screen to shatter this computer is not designed properly.

    I’ve had macbook pro’s for the past 5 yrs and they both have been dropped, dented, and are still running, with screens intact. Apple didn’t think this one through. I think that the new upgrade of inner screen is attempting to fix that.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone has a problem with screen post the early July upgrade?

  162. I also got a small crack in the bottom right-hand corner of my Macbook Pro. It seems suspicious that so many people report a crack in the same place. It stayed the same size for a while, but is starting to slowly grow in size now. It isn’t under warranty anymore, and I’ll probably just have to hook up another monitor and use it as a desktop.

  163. Well….It is so unfortunate that all of us here seem to have a very similar story. I have only had my Macbook Pro for about 4 weeks. I had not used my macbook all day when I went and opened it, there was a crack spreading from across the top of the screen. I had not touched it or handled it recklessly. I have the AppleCare but it seems useless in this instant. I took it to the Apple store with the false hope that it would be covered. But what I got was an UNBELIEVABLE quote of $1300!!! I was blown away. Then, I too was told that it was probably a pen that I left on the computer while closing it down. It was first of all rediculous for him to try and tell me what i supposedly did to my computer, it actually sounded stupid. Then the manager tried to offer me 20% off the repair price, or trade for a laptop of lesser value or an older model. I was disgusted. I see now that I am only one of many victims of Apple and its lack of service. I don’t know what else to do. Any help is welcome.

  164. After having my new MacBook Pro for only 4 weeks, I noticed a tiny crack in the lower right hand side of the glass screen. It started about 3″ up from the bottom. The thing looked like dust at first and then instantly and before my eyes spidered out in 6 different directions with the longest crack going clear up to the top right of the screen about 4″ from the edge (about 2 1/2″ from the camera).
    Mac genius guys were not helpful, I had two different appointments to show them and to discuss this issue. I was given an 800 # to call and was immediately dismissed. Accidental damage. I must have shut a pen in the computer they said.
    This computer was so expensive. It’s my pride and joy. I treat it with kid gloves. I treat it better than I treat my own children! Ack. Very frustrating.
    I’m not happy with the complete lack of help from Mac. They said all they could do is order a new screen, for $700 and install it for about $85.
    I didn’t do anything to this computer. I don’t even take it anywhere but from my desk in the house to the table in my backyard. Never been on a plane, never carted it anywhere. Heck, I’ve only had it for just over a month.
    Interesting thing is that the 800# guy tried to sell me AppleCare $350 to protect my computer from anything else that goes wrong, but it seems to me that is a scam, since it doesn’t help with “accidental damage” (read: flaws in design?) and Mac certainly has their own definition of accidental damage.

    It was VERY interesting to read that most others with a cracked screen had the crack begin in THE VERY SAME PLACE AS MINE.

    I should note that NOW it looks like somebody has hit it with a hammer or something because of the way it has spread. But originally it was a tiny little speck of a crack.

    I think that anything that costs $2500 that breaks in one month should be completely replaced. No matter what.

  165. That was good info samething happen to my mac except i was in school and put my backpack down a little to hard, went to open my mac and the screen was cracked apple needs to do something. You pay so much for a mac and apple can’t fix it, come on it’s not like it will hurt your pockets apple.

  166. I have to say I have not read ALL the comments. My MBP was fine last night, this morning had a hairline crack on the upper right hand side which continued to worsen throughout the day. I went to the Apple store and was informed this is not covered under my THREE year warranty. I called 1-800 - APL - CARE. Told my story and then held again to speak with a “higher up”. They told me this has NEVER happened before and must be my fault. NOT COVERED and suggested I call my homeowners insurance. This happened just this morning so … I just now “googled” my issue and find that hundreds of you have the same problem. I absolutely plan to pursue this issue!
    Like others, we are a laptop family and have never had this happen to any of our other laptops and I am far more careful with my MBP than any other computer we have ever owned.
    What bothers me MOST is that they told me my case is unique. They have not had any other reports of this type. Many of you have described my issue to a “T”.

  167. Wish me luck. My daughter’s 2 month old Macbook just developed a crack out of the clear blue sky. I have a One On One appointment at the Tulsa Apple Store tomorrow. Since I bought three Macbooks in the last 4 months, I hope I will get some decent service. Any advice on what to say when I get there? What not to say?

  168. You will not get anywhere. We have had two ‘one2ones’ with our local Apple Store and they will not budge from accidental damage. In the end we have paid up the £297 to have the screen on our son’s Macbook replaced - the store said they would do it at at cost with no labour charge. I am in the process of writing officially to Apple in Cork (from where we bought the machine via the internet/telephone) to claim this money back. I know they will ignore this but at least I will have logged my claim should they eventually hold their hands up to an inherent fault. The Steve Jobs/Apple culture, that their machines are perfect and can not go wrong, illustrates the level of arrogance that makes me glad we normally buy Dell, they at least have proper customer relations and go out of their way to help.

  169. My Macbook is one year old and I have had exactly the same issue.

    The crack started on the right hand side of the screen and spread all the way along the width of the screen!
    It happened overnight, I put my laptop on the coffee table and came to use it the next day to find it cracked!
    I rang Apple and had an appointment at the Genius Bar and he called it “accidental damage” so I asked “what sort of damage isn’t accidental?” and he just said “hardware failure”. Good answer.
    I got a quote for the repair for £297. I’m really angry and now reading all these posts about cracks starting halfway down the right hand side of the screen is rather strange!

  170. Hi everyone,

    same problem here the glass (glossy screen) on my macbook pro. cracked and i am definite that i havent done anything stupid to it! annoying as this was 2 weeks after purchase. Went to some of the apple stores, but all want loads of moneys to repair it. I know me writing this wont really change much which is sooo annoying but at least you all know that youre not alone, but hey thats the world we live in, we have nothing to do against big comp, like apple etc. Screen still works but looks like shi” pretty ambarrassing walking around with a 2k laptop thats broken already, i look like some spoiled dick that cant look after his stuff…

  171. Same problem as above. I was using my fiances Macbook pro 17 inch. I also have one of my own but I was using his at the moment. I have not experienced any problems with mine as of yet and after reading this posts, I am sure to be extra extra extra careful with mine. Ours are both about 4-5 months old. I closed the screen on his and when he first opened the screen he thought there was a hair on the screen in the top left corner but it was a crack that went from the top to the bottom. I am hoping to call Apple Care and CS today and see what happens. This appears to be a huge problem that Apple should address and deal with! We paid over $4,900 for both of them (mine and my fiances) and they will not cover it - this is absolutely ridiculous…what is more ridiculous is the cost to fix it! Apple please do something to fix this problem! Is this why you were running a promotion for a free itouch to promote the Macbooks, because you knew that there were issues?

  172. Like all of you, I have the same problem with my MacBook Pro that I just purchased two months ago. I went on my laptop, set it down, opened it back up and found a crack in the upper right hand of the screen. I have not yet contacted Apple yet because I’m afraid of what they’ll say.

  173. Don’t think your troubles will be over when (if) you get your screen fixed. We got our son’s back a couple of weeks ago from the Apple store and now the background colour has turned pink! SO … we will have to go back again. Apple make a big play on how superior their equipment is - personally I would recommend Dell every time. Much more robust and much better customer care.

  174. What are the price ranges that Apple is charging to fix the screens? I am taking to Apple later today.

  175. I was quoted $700+ for a new screen. Needless to say I am living with an extremely broken screen for now. The crack looks awful and did get much worse that it was when I first noticed it, but it reached the edges of the screen in 5 places and stopped. So, as someone else said, I now look like a spoiled idiot who doesn’t know how to take care of my stuff. But the computer works. Someday I will have to replace it, but my question is this: What’s to stop it from happening again? Really. I really want to know.

  176. We live in the UK and paid
    £297 = $486.73

  177. Apple told me that my cracked screen is not covered under my warranty. This EXACT same thing happened to my Dell computer, and it was completely covered.

    Apple has a terrible warranty policy. They are trying to charge me $800 for a replaced screen, when I paid $999 for the computer. And it is only a few months old.

  178. I ALSO just got a Macbook Pro and have been extremely gently with it. It just sits at y desk! I opened it the other day and all of a sudden all these cracks apperared. I wonder if it may be the heat that does this? But nevertheless, my home office is not THAT hot, and they need to make stronger computers. Feel free to add me to whatever list that will complain to and about Apple. I KNEW I should have stayed with a PC! Ugg!

  179. i would just say forget it and buy a dell, never had any problems with them and i leave my computer in my hot car all day sometimes!!! i have dropped it, the dog has stepped on it! still as good as the day i got it!

  180. It’s so weird how everyone keeps saying “just get a Dell”.
    It’s not the same! You could never edit a movie on a PC up to the standard as on a Mac. (Final Touch)
    You could never get the same results from a digital photo as you could on a Mac. (Aperture)
    The people who have had these problems aren’t looking to just flunk off and buy a cheap laptop because it’s convenient. MacOS is a completely different way of working from using Windows.
    Buying a Dell wouldn’t sort out any of my problems, it would worsen them.

  181. Nobody is doubting the quality of Apple software - and yes, if you are in the market for the best audio/video applications then those designed for Microsoft PC’s are second best. HOWEVER, many people buy Mac’s because they are cool and visually good to look at. For these people it is a waste of money to spend twice as much on a Macbook which will break and cost you even more money. A Dell laptop is much more robust, has better backup and actually I think the latest models are rather good looking too.

  182. USMC Lady, i agree.
    Switched to MBPro in March 08, the previous was a 17″ Toshiba…
    Screen on Mac is not glossy but opaque…
    The machine went on a round-trip from El Paso TX to Philly inside of a backpack that was bungee-cor’d to a bolted-on sissy-bar on the rear of a motorcycle (this was a bumpy and wet ride, not to mention the pressure that the screen was put through).
    This machine was also used when i traveled on an Orbitz booked trip to France, which translates to at least six different Homeland Security checkpoints during the 22 hrs between different flights and airports.
    Then i took the machine on another motorcycle journey that took off from El Paso, this one to Ft. Collins Co. while there, the machine was a used up and down the Front Range and throughout the Rockies.
    As of this writing, i now find myself in Costa Rica for nearly one month. The machine’s been through some of the mountains here and through different hostels along the Pacific)… no know issues have developed and the machine is working wonderfully, although the shell is beginning to show its milage especially on the curved corners…
    Looks Rather Sid-Vicious’y Punk!

    The choice between Mac and PC, or PC and Mac, or whatever; pretty much comes down to what your needs are, not what you can afford.
    My Mac is a tool that i use and for my buck it has made my endeavors a lot more enjoyable, which is probably because i’ve not experienced any conflicts when it comes to functionality.

  183. Anyone have a 13″ Macbook Pro with a cracked screen they want to sell?

  184. aha! Jason wants to make lemonade from lemons! Have you figured out an inexpensive solution? Mine is a 15″ MacBook Pro and I am determined to find a less expensive way to replace my broken screen. But other than that, I’m quite attached to my computer. Who can fix my glass screen?

  185. Does anyone know if the NEW Macbook Pro’s with the LED screens are having similar issues? I just bought one and now am thinking of returning it and getting a Dell except wouldn’t the Dell screens have the same issues?

  186. One Morning before school I opened my computer (that I had properly shutdown and stored on my immaculately clean desk the nite before) and there was a couple of vertical colored lines and some horizontal black lines on the upper left side of my screen. Throughout the day the lines got worse and followed a path on the screen that forms a cracked look. I took it to the apple store and the guy told me that there was a crack in my screen. To this I stated that I never dropped it and I take pretty good care of it. He then examined my computer and complained of “dents” to which I explained that I am an art student and those were NOT dents but scratches from minor wear and tear of having an appliance in a studio. The scratches are from putting the computer on the metal desks we have at school and have nothing to do with my screen. He said that it had to be from some kind of force which could not have been the case.

    My mom, the hero that she is, has the time and the energy to protest the store. I don’t know if this will work but I sure hope so. I at least have some hope now that I see a sympathetic tech guy can change everything, that and knowing how persistent my mother is. I’ll tell you guys how it goes…

    ps: did anyone else have the horizontal black lines and vertical white lines and colored lines form a crack shape seemingly underneath the screen?


  187. oh, duh I own a macbook pro, btw.

  188. Dear Meg

    The story that you are telling about happened to me and to some others on this blog. Apple didn’t cover this to anyone as far as I know.

    It is about time to take a class action. I am not based in the US, thus, I suggest that someone will take the initiative for a class action. This is the only way to get compensated. good luck.

  189. Same story as above, also being waved off by apple support etc. However, found out that some countries like mine (the Netherlands) have legal consumer rights, stating that in the first 6 months after purchase, any defect on whatever product is must already be present on date of purchase. If the company says otherwise, they’ll have to prove that the defect is caused by the consumer. In other words, they’ll have to prove that I have dropped the macbook, or stuck a pen between the lid and the unibody. I’m gonna work on this and let u all know next week how it went.

  190. I have a new 15 inch MacBook Pro, bought 2 months ago. There seemed to be a blemish or something stuck to the screen. I could feel it with my finger nail tried to pick it off, and the screen cracked - left and right from this blemish to the edges of the screen. Quoted $1000 from the Genius Bar in Chadstone, Victoria, Australia. Dell actually come home to repair my son’s Dell; apple are saying I caused this. Really? I don’t think so. It was either flawed from the factory or they shouldn’t be releasing such a delicate screen on the market.

  191. It’s happened to me in Australia. 15″ MacBook Pro. 4 weeks old. Treated with kid gloves. Opened it up this morning and the screen is badly cracked. There is a small mark that looks like an impact mark (as you get on a windscreen) just by the videocam. However the cracking took place while the MacBook screen was closed and wasn’t caused by direct impact. It was not dropped, kicked or punched and there is no damage to any other part of the case. Have now got to chase it up with Apple. Wish me luck.

  192. Hi Steve, you have not got a hope in hell of getting Apple to repair it. They will not budge from the company line that cracked screens are ONLY the result of accidental damage and are therefore not covered by the warranty. They will not accept that the screens are ‘not fit for purpose’ and crack for no reason. Until a big enough movement materialises to make them accept they have a problem then we just have to pay up. Incidentally don’t expect the first repair to be OK - our son’s Macbook had to go back again since the first repair didn’t work properly. I have passed my story onto a couple of consumer organisations in the UK but they have not taken the story up - perhaps more of you who read this should do the same.

  193. I bought my mac book pro less than 6 months ago… I put it in my backpacks special laptop pocket this morning and pulled it out at work without even setting my bag down and i opened it up and there was a crack in the top right hand corner. There was nothing loose in my backpack.. no pens no paperclips no nothing.. i checked. The crack is completely flat and the lcd crystal hasn’t even been broken. This fact really leads me to believe that it was nothing i did.. but apple says that it’s not covered…When i decided to get an apple instead of an equivalent pc (for half the price) I thought i was paying premium price for a computer that was top notch… but obviously i just got ripped off. They want more than half the starting cost to fix it even though it’s due to an OBVIOUS design flaw. Glass+temperature fluctuant metal= a disaster! after reading all these comments I’m even more convinced that this spontaneous cracking issue is a clear manufacturers defect. It’s just so unfair.. I had my old G4 powerbook for 4 years with zero problems. I feel so let down by a brand i was very loyal to. WAS!

  194. I have a Macbook pro 15″ and I noticed today that the screen has a small 3 cm crack on the left side. My MB is 8 months old and always sits on my table, never being moved around. No outside interference could have caused this crack. MUST be a fault in manufacture.

  195. Follow up: I made an appointment at a different apple store to give a second crack at it. I was very nice and just explained my situation and even mentioned this website, showing him how many people have had this problem. I guess he was feeling nicer than the last guy i talked to so he went ahead and replaced it on warranty. They’ve got to know that something’s up with the new macbooks. The glass screen still seems like a stupid idea to me… I wish i was confident that the new screen isn’t going to crack.. I guess i’ve just got to do more research next time I want to drop a grand on something. While i’m happy my computer is fixed now, I’m still disappointed that so many others were not so lucky. Keep on trying!

  196. Dear Jessica, It would be great help if you let us know more details about your case such the serial number of your complaint with the apple store, the date and city. If we have this information, we can go back to our apple stores and give your case as a reference where Apple did make a fix as part of the warranty. It is a big breakthrough and we all must fight for our rights for reimbursement. thanks,

  197. Hi Jessica, I agree with Anat, if we had firm evidence that one screen had been replaced then we could all go back to our stores and demand that they (i) replace existing cracked screens (ii) refund any costs incurred by those who have already paid out. Kind regards

  198. Hey everyone.I have problems with my macbook pro too and I think Apple should fix it. I was jerking off to porn and my hand was all oily .All of a sudden my hand sliped and I punched my screen which cracked it. It was a very intense porn and I was getting into it, but I would have stood further back if they posted a warning on the screen when I bought it.I suggest they post warnings for this stuff and while they are at it a windshield wiper would be cool to. I guess its back to the bookstore.

  199. My Macbook that I bought from Apple six months ago has had numerous problems with the airport claiming no airport card is installed. Finally Apple agreed to replace it, but as I waited for the replacement, my screen cracked and now Apple will not replace it.

    1) WHAT WAS THE POINT OF BUYING PROCARE if it does NOT cover damage determined the fault of a customer based on Apple’s decision. A computer cracking after six months could arguably be not a strong enough computer screen, but Apple does NOT go by the customer’s account, it decides only afterwards.


    3) HELP! I need a computer with a working airport and screen, but Apple has said the replacement for the screen will cost as much as a new one. I paid for Pro-Care. I was recently laid off and cannot afford a new mac. ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT how to get a screen fixed or a new laptop?

  200. My daughter has a brand new 2009 macbook. She did not slam her book closed when gooing to bed. She got up, opened her computer and found her screen cracked around the edges. She is an extremely responsible young adult. She did not drop her computer, lay anything on the keys, etc. Seems to me there is something wrong in the manufacturing of the screen to make it crack so easily. Of course, we took it to the apple store and they can do nothing unless we want to pay over $1000.00 ABSURD! I sure hope people continue to post their complaints so that Apple can look into this problem and fix it either under warranty or for a reasonable price!

  201. i recieved my mac book pro in late september and come to find this morning on thanksgiving theres a crack on the right hand corner going down. I have no clue how it got there. It was protected by the case not a drop, not a step on. nothing. it;s been in the same place. Im just worried how much they’ll charge me to fix it. ;/

  202. After years of hearing people talk about how great the Macbook Pros are, I finally broke down and got one. Well I’ve had it for two days and open twice, and today I see there is a massive crack right down the middle of the screen. I had it in a laptop bag with an external hard drive and I wonder if somehow it cracked the screen when I laid it on its side. Regardless, there is no way a laptop should be this flimsy. I have had a thinkpad for 4 years and could throw my bag down a flight of stairs and it would still be fine. This is ridiculous, I am seriously wondering about my decision to by a Mac now. After finding this post, it appears once you look past the Apple marketing everything isn’t as wonderful as they make it seem.

    ps. send from my unbreakable Thinkpad T61p

  203. I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch, just received it less than 3 weeks ago. Took it out of the house for the first time tonight– in a cushioned leather laptop bag. I pulled it out of the bag to show off to my mother, and lo and behold, there’s the tiniest mark (not even worth calling it a dent– it’s barely noticeable) in the top of the lid, down near the center of the hinge. Upon opening there was no reason to panic, the glass was perfectly intact – why wouldn’t it be? The mark is nearly imperceptible! Well, the LCD has a spiderweb crack from below the dock subtly in an arch toward the top right corner of the desktop.

    This is my first Mac. My husband has a fleet of them. We’re both upset and think that the screens should not break from the slightest mark to the case. This is bad news! Apple needs to step up and realize that this is not the fault of the customer, THIS IS A DESIGN FLAW. I will gladly participate in a class action lawsuit.

  204. Eh, I’m pretty dumped. I just got my MacBook Pro in August, and the glass cover in front of my LCD has a nice half-spiderweb in the upper-left hand corner. Fun! I closed it yesterday all was normal - opened it this morning and hello crack, how ya doin’?

    My guess… This computer runs warm sometimes and I don’t think that it’s good to mix that up with cold December air.

    I’m not going to even bother going to Apple - Sounds like a waste of time. II can fix this on my own. All I need is 4 hours, a screwdriver, spudge, heat gun, suction cup and a replacement part that I found for under a hundred bucks.


  205. Same thing with me. MacBook Pro 15 unibody. Screen started cracking from where I lift to open it. Apple said I hit the screen with something; which I didn’t. I have used Macs for a long time 10 years now and always had problems with the service you get. For a computer that has the largest mark up of any computer on the market you’d think they would be better at supporting the product. Now the crack is all over the place and starting to get really annoying. I found a site that will replace it with a Matte screen for around $350US so I’m likely going to do that once I save up some money. I use both PC’s and Mac’s. My mac is my iphone development tool, graphics, animation and general design machine. My PC is a Dell (my last 2have been) and they are fabulous about supporting their product even though I spend half the amount. I was quoted $1400 to replace the screen which I said ‘why don’t I just buy another computer?’ they proceeded to try and show me a MacBook 13″ that was that price, tempting but what A HOLES. I totally expected this. When I got my G4 back 2000 about a month later it wouldn’t boot. I took it in and they charged me $200 to tap a little red reset button. Luckily the guy at the store knew this would be a recurring problem and he showed me what to do but he also mentioned Apple didn’t want people knowing this because if you hold it it would wipe out your hard drive. lol well good thing he showed me because it happened every time the power went out.

  206. Wife simply closed the MacBook last night w/ her thumb on the screen and it cracked. Same story. Genius said it’s an accident. I’m going to follow the advise of many and be the squeaky wheel. One should be able to close a laptop without the screen breaking.

  207. Got a macbook in 07 with apple care. Problems so far…

    1. Ex girlfriend throughs Mac across the room… No damage.

    2. A mini CD gets inserted into the the Superdrive. CD is stuck for a month. CD falls out, and drive no longer works. I lie to apple, they fix my CD drive… FREE

    3. Randomly, one day the screen dies and refuses to work. Apple replaces my logic board… FREE

    4. USB drive fail… Apple replaces board again… FREE… BUT! They also point out the crack and refuse to fix it. And also point out that my battery is “dead” and needs replacing… Not Free!

    So it seems they will fix anything but screens and batteries, which apple call “consumable(s)” and I call them “Detachable(s)”.

    The bracket of my screen is cracked in the bottom left corner… As a student and sonic artist my laptop has taken a beating. I even managed to drop it, face down, whilst it was open and turned on and it works fine.

    I agree that the delicate screens are a clear fault by Apple. Now that they have realised that they can cash-in on this design fault, it seems clear that they refuse to rectify for this reason.

    I was told back in 05/06 that Apple would repair ANY fault for free.

    Sell Outs

  208. Also!

    Bought a legit copy of logic… Lost the serial

    Called Apple, they said they can;t help without proof of purchase… which I don’t have… “Sorry, we can’t help you”

    Called up again, pleaded… “Sorry, we can;t help you”

    Went to Apple store, “Genius” makes a call and hands me the phone. An Irish guy asks whats happened. I explain, he pauses and replies… “Ok, i’m not supposed to do this but, give me your email and I’ll email you a new serial… Do not tell anyone!”

    In nutshell, Apple doesn’t give a **** about you.
    Apples employees know this, and will do whatever they can to help you, providing their boss isn’t around!

    Oh, and with regard to my earlier post… I broke the USB by dropping my laptop with a USB cable plugged in to it… SNAP… Apple fixes it for free, then tells me my screen is broken, which they can’t fix for free…

  209. I bought my 15″ MBP in june and and in September I noticed two tiny 1mm hair like cracks in middle of lower right quadrant. They might even have been there from the start!!! Apple blamed me even though unit was otherwise perfect. After complaining to their VP of Europe - Mark Rogers - they offered to repair it for half price as “a goodwill gesture”. So far I’m lucky as the cracks have not grown and to be frank I only notice them if I look hard. Even at half the price (£300 full price) its too much and as I didn’t do anything to the first one, I don’t trust a second, so i’m not going take up their offer - but will keep it on file in case they get worse. Note to new buyers, check your screen meticulously on day 1

  210. I think that I may have a possible answer to the “why”.
    I just discovered on my 14-month old refurb alum 13″ that the glass screen was loose. When I opened the machine, I held the ‘lid’ by each front corner and felt something touch my finger under the edge. After feeling this a few times, I closed and opened again, looking inside as I did - I saw the ‘top/front’ -left corner of the glass cover hanging down with about a 3/16″ gap between it and the ‘lid’ aluminum case! As I opened it further, the glass flopped back into place as the lid came vertical - which is why I never noticed it before. The adhesive has failed. I pressed along the black edge of the glass to try to make it stick back.
    I think that this happens a lot and people just don’t realize it. Then, with the glass loose, a small jarring or vibration ‘rattles’ the glass against the aluminum ‘bottom’ case and “Crack”!
    I’m finding a piece of thin soft cloth to sandwich inside the machine from now on — what JUNK! If this is true, Apple knows it, and has decided to keep their mouth shut and screw their customers! They COULD make an announcement, face the music, wipe the egg from their faces, and save a lot of customers a LOT of Heartache and Money! Even if they refused to fix the adhesive, at least people would know how to prevent catastrophe!
    NEVER ANOTHER DIME TO APPLE. I’ll buy parts and software from aftermarket suppliers. If I decide to upgrade Apple software, I’ll get a pirate copy.

  211. This is truly frustrating. I too have a cracked screen. I found something I wanted to show my boyfriend when he got home, I open the screen and it cracked. I did not drop it or close any thing on it! I am in the process of fighting the case and feel like the extra money I spent on the Apple Care Protection Plan was for nothing! I love Apple products but their service is something less desirable. There is obviously a Manufacture Default!

  212. You guessed it, same problem…very well taken care of 3 month old MacBook Pro 15″, spontaneously cracked from the webcam area, like a cracked windshield. Apple doesn’t want anything to do with it.

  213. I got my computer in September and it is also cracked now. I have a macbook pro, and one day it was fine, the next day, crack. The crack on my screen is an inch from the top and radiates out and it is about 2 inches from the right. And I was told by my IT guy that it is not coveree because its seen as physical damage and could cost my dept about $500 to replace it, if not more.

  214. I bought my MacPro in Sept/09 and woke up Christmas day to find a nice crack starting from the left hand corner and sending spider like cracks down the left side of the screen. I took it to best buy where I bought it and they said it would cost $1000 to fix. I about fell over since I only paid $1100 for it. I think we all need to take action on this. By the looks of it we all bought our computer at the same time so there has to be something very wrong with this batch.

  215. I really am shocked at how naive all of the people here are. Screens don’t just crack for no reason… especially on the aluminum framed macbook pro’s. I’ve repaired many of these screens from the apparent “spontanious” cracking (for $200, by the way) and have always, 100% of the time, find that it’s the owners fault. If you think that dell is less prone to stupidity and more willing to replace your screen because of pure neglect, you really need to think again. At our coorporate offices we started issuing macbook pro’s with vista loaded because they have less hardware issues and generally last forever (minus windows issues). Stop closing the lid on your cables, papers, candy bars, lighters or anything else you have floating around in your laptop bags.

  216. Sorry Ster, you are wrong. I am convinced that the majority of these people HAVE experienced a ’spontaneous cracking’ due to an inherent design fault in the machines. Youa are also wrong in your comments re Dell, The majority of my friends and aquaintances have bought Dell laptops for their children going to university and desktops for themselves at home - all of them are full of praise for the machines and Dell’s after-sales service. No, I do not work for Dell - I am a teacher - I do wonder though whether you may have an interest in Apple products. Incidentally, this was sent from an LG Netbook, also very good!!

  217. Sounds like Ster works for Mac. Instead of just talking, why don’t you open a CrackedMacScreen business and rake in the $200x the 217 comments that are on this site. And if your computer is so perfect, why are you are reading this thread?
    My screen cracked a month after I got the computer (june 2009) and it’s still cracked. I’ve not met a soul to date who’d be willing to fix it for $200. Love my Mac in every other way, but don’t love the company. Careless people should and do buy Panasonic Toughbooks. Artists and designers who care for their machines with kid gloves buy MacBookPro. Your comment pisses me off.

  218. I have owned my custom Mac Pro for less than a year…babied it beyond belief…NEVER picked it up by the screen…it sits on my desk and ossasionally I take it to my office couch to write…so I picked it up supporting weight with my left hand and postioned the screen with my right and CRACK….big crack right under the camera and the crack just flared out like it was made of the cheapest material imaginable. I have owned high end dells, toshibas, toughbooks and several others that still work wonderfully…but since I do so much photography and videography work EVERYone said I needed to get a mac. And even though it is under warranty they say it will cost me 1200 to replace it! I spend over 3000 on a computer I baby and 439 on one that I just carry everywhere with me and the 3000 apple mac pro hardware is very dissappointing. Now get a load of this…I tell my husband about the crack he goes upstairs to take a look at it and the hard drive goes out before his very eyes. I am sure someone it thinking oh we must have dropped it or something….NOPE…and I am really ticked and from reading all complaints am thinking someone needs to get a class action suit going against Apple!

  219. There are several places that will fix your screen for like 299 to 399.
    Google Mac laptop screen damage and you will find lots of people. Apple claims they check out all the parts and that is why they are more expensive and because they can. I also suggest that you get a travel case and make sure no objects indent the screen.

    I have had screens damaged and besides the hassle and money it is no biggie.

  220. The key point about this whole thread is not how to get screens repaired at the lowest price - it’s that they are cracking in the first place! Your comment about the travel case is a tad condescending to all of us who look after our precious macbooks yet experience this spontaneous cracking. Even if they do get the odd bang or two. Its a portable device for goodness sake and an expensive one at that. Whatever happened a product being fit for purpose?

  221. I’m bummed to find this website, just as I was about to purchase a macbook pro for the first time, after much hesitation in converting from my Dell PC.

    Could someone answer this for me? Does the regular macbook (not the pro) also have this problem? And more importantly: For those of you who have had your screens repaired, either by Mac, by yourself, or by a third party—-do those new screens not crack like the first one??

  222. UK user here who’s screen has magically cracked during the night :( Simply placed the laptop on my desk before bed and wake up to find spiderweb cracks on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Was made to look like a fool by “Matt Windsor” who is apparently a mac “genius” at the Southampton west quay store! He was adamant that I broke the screen in some way and proceeded to produce a bill of £297.28.

    F**king ridiculous! My aim is to write to apple and if no reply i intend to file a county court claim to get this fixed!

  223. Hi James, I had exact same experience with a genius in Glasgow.
    The person that runs Apple Europe is Mark Rogers , his email rogers.m@euro.apple.com

    I suggest that everyone write to him!!!!!

    He acknowledged me OK but his team offered me a 50% off as a good will gesture…keep the pressure on and let us know how you get on!

  224. Mine was the same thing…opened it up to use one night, got tired and placed it on my nightstand and next morning i open it up to use and there is a crack on the top left corner of the screen with a large black blotch that is starting to snake down the other cracks…

  225. The same exact thing happened to me! I’ve had my Macbook Pro for aout 2 years and it’s been working fine up until 3 weeks ago. I was working on a presentation and I shut it down for the night. The next morning I turn it on again and it was already cracked. I brought it to the Genuis Bar and they told me it was probably caused by my accidentally slamming the lid down on the cable, which I knew for sure didn’t happen because I didn’t close the lid when I shut down the night before. Like everyone else, Apple quoted me $1,200 plus tax for repairs, which is absolutely ridiculous. I now have my Macbook Pro hooked up to a computer monitor so I can actually use the darn thing but I am not mobile anymore.

    Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? Are the other ways I can have this repaired without breaking the bank?

  226. I would also like to request the same answers as Soup: Apple have a new Macbook Pro and I’d like to know if anyone has had a cracked screen with this latest model? Secondly what would the cost be to repair it from a third party? Has any repaired screen cracked a second time? I was going to buy either a Macbook Pro or Sony Vaio. I am now basing my purchase on the laptop itself (not the operating system) and it appears that Apple have very poor customer support.

  227. Hi Toni, I would have hoped the new screens would be less likely to cracking but, from the comments constantly coming in, this doesn’t appear to be the case. A third party repairer in the UK would charge about £150 to replace the screen and Apple would charge about £300 plus labour (and really you would need to chose this option to maintain the warranty). We had our son’s repaired by Apple and it had to back three weeks later since the repaired screen failed!

    If you don’t need the Apple OS or the Apple applications, why are you considering buying one? Dell laptops are cheaper, very reliable and their customer service is excellent. Try the dmXdimensions site to get their latest deals http://www.dmxdimension.com/

  228. At school the other day the strap broke on my book bag and it fell and bounced all the way down the staircase I was on. Sadly, it wasn’t even a laptop backpack, but just a regular pack that I’d put my MBP into. When I opened it up, needless to say, the screen has at least a dozen cracks all over it, mostly originating in a clear “crunched” point of impact near the middle top. The good news is that it seems to be working in all other respects.

    I normally don’t buy long-term warranties, but I bought this in the school computer center, bundled with a bunch of software and 3 years of Applecare since it was a pretty good deal. Well, then I wondered if Applecare would cover the damage, since long term warranties usually do. In fact, every time I refuse it on laptops in the past, their big sell is “you might slam the lid down on a pen…” (which, of course, I never have).

    So, anyway, some quick searching online (including this site) made me realize that they don’t cover “accidental damage,” which–sadly—is exactly what my situation is. I’m new to the Mac, and I love it, but personally I think it’s a shame that this sort of thing is not covered like it is for most others. As evidenced on this site, it would be good for morale and keep up that “I’m a Mac” atmosphere and all. Maybe someone should make counter ads that show the “Mac” and “PC” both getting injured accidentally, and watch the “Mac” suffer on his own.

    Anyway, knowing I’m gonna have to take care of this myself, and being a voracious DIYer anyway, I started searching online. I’ve found a replacement glass for $99 and it’s in the mail as I write this. I’ve also watched many of the glass replacement demo videos on YouTube (obviously, this happens a lot). I think I can do it–I only wish some of the videos would show removing broken glass because I’m sure it will be different and I’d hate if a splinter or sharp edge were to damage the underlying display.

    So, that said, I want to point something out, and it will probably have some folks on here saying “he works for Apple,” or words to that effect, but I don’t. I’m a software engineer and part time grad-student.

    Anyway, I’ve watched several of the glass removal videos, and the glass appears to be quite strong and flexible. You can see the way the lights reflect off it as the technicians pull it off–it’s flexing quite a bit, so I doubt that the lid flexing with it installed properly would cause it to crack. I’m not a glass engineer or anything, and this is just my opinion, but if you watch those videos you’ll have to agree that the glass is flexing quite a bit.

    I know mine took a hell of a wallop falling to the ground and then cart-wheeling down the staircase like it did. Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t damaged more severely (but, of course, I’m glad it wasn’t).

    I’ve only been using the Mac for about three months, but I really, really prefer it to windows now. I hope this $99 fix will do the trick. Wish me luck.

  229. How old is your MBP? I the one I own doesn’t have glass in front of the LCD screen. The problem I have with what you have to say is that you really did do something to cause the crack in the screen/glass. Dropping it down a flight of stairs is incredibly different from opening a computer and the screen breaking. I’m glad you love your mac, as do most of us that are posting comments on this page, but the difference between our situations and yours are immense! I seriously just opened my MBP and it cracked my LCD screen, It even has my thumb print slightly on the edge where you would open the computer. I wanted to show my family a post that I found and we all witnessed this happening. There is definitely a difference when you DON’T cause the “accidental damage” and when you do cause accidental damage. For those of you that are in the same boat as me, I have found people that would replace the LCD for $199-399 depending on if I do it in town or if I send it out. Mac wanted $1200 and mac repair outlets wanted $650 for a 15′. If any of you would like info on the repair places make a post and I will check periodically.

  230. Same story here. I have received a Macbook Pro, as MBA graduation gift from my sister who bought it from Milan. I barely used it,cause i was using a Dell and residing in Dubai. It was until i started to use it a month ago. Yet a couple of days ago, i was working on it then left it “open” on my table, power on and went to sleep. I woke up to find the same crack problem at the right side of the bottom of the screen, just an inch above the frame there is a black spot with few white spider lines and coming out of it white space..I haven’t done a thing to it, and it was working fine the nigh before…!!! yet when i checked with the apple store in Egypt, my current location, the guy barely inspected and first thing he said that cracks are caused of “abuse of the laptop” !! the pencil sandwiching, or that i must ve bumped it,or i packed it and put the power cable against it that it pressured the back and so cracked the screen… I made him check the impeccable condition, that the machine was in, no scratch at the back, nothing!! and the fact that the damn thing was just sitting on the table, NOONE in the house but me, that i am not crazy nor a liar, plus my warrantee is an international one, so there is no benefit to appeal to him, as it’s not honored locally! i told him to check the screen, and feel it, there was no external cracks..and it seems to be internal..I asked if it the damage can start at a point then develop with time ..!!He said ” no way, it cracks upon the abuse” so in that case, it must’ve been some bad spirits, in my home…my quote for repair is around $ 640!! This is really crazy!! and why is it happening with the Mac Pro only!! and aren’t laptops, supposed to be usable!! If it was a piece of antiques, it wouldn’t break, unless you drop it !! I really don’t get this apple friendly story, nothing friendly about this abusive machine!!

  231. Well, not to add insult to injury but my MacBook Pro did the same thing. Close the top and left on my desk one night and then opened it in the morning and there was a small crack on the L hand screen that over the next few weeks got bigger. I finally took it to the genius bar and paid for repair (originally quoted $1300 but ended up ‘only’ costing $787).
    I was lucky and had laptop coverage on my renters policy and they paid for everything. Would highly recommend an additional policy as apple care does nothing for it.

    Good luck. It truly hurt my little soul to have a crack running through the screen, feels much better to have it fixed.

  232. Well, I didn’t post to be argumentative, but regarding the “difference” between my situation and others, my MBP also still looks like new, not a scratch, ding or dent on it. So I could also argue that it’s pristine and hasn’t been abused, right? Except that I know that it has–it bounced down a staircase as I mentioned above. One of the things that intrigued me when I bought it was the aluminum case, and I think it did its job, and that’s why my only damage is the cracked screen and I didn’t end up with a sack for of parts after the fall. Just my opinion.

    Anyway, the new glass arrived today. I’m in the process of taking the old glass off, and it’s a real PIA. Only one corner had enough solid glass to try to lift off with a suction cup, and it would not come loose at. I pull and pull until the suction cup breaks loose. So, I’m in the process of picking the pieces off one by one…

  233. I just Googled cracked screens on Macs and found this site. My daughter closed her computer and went to bed last night. This morning she put it in her protective sleeve and then into her backpack. I dropped her off at school and watched her walk in school. She emailed me an hour later…”mom my computer screen has a crack running through it”. She didn’t drop the computer or close the lid on a pen. The crack runs from the left corner up through the screen. After reading all these stories I know Apple will tell me she did something to it. She didn’t. Apple needs to own up to a big problem.

  234. Hey everyone!!

    I adored and took care of my MBP!!! It was important to me to have a high-quality computer for my studies (engineer).

    One morning, 11 months after the purchase, I stood up and saw on the screen of my mbp, that it had a red line, going from the top to the bottom. While calling to the consumers service it disappeared!!!! The next day it was back again!! So I decided to go to the mac-stores’ technical support (in brussels). I had to pay an estimate of 90€. It was still in guaranty, so why did I had to pay therefor!? But I paid with the hope of an reparation and showed to the cashier the line. After a week (damn’ looong) they called me back and said that they’ll give my mac back… but they said that they didn’t find the problem!!! If there still was one, I had to show photographs of it and pay again 90€. I showed them the pictures, so they finally saw my problem (the line in the side of my screen)… But they told me that I had to pay a new screen because after all this adventure my guaranty has reached the end!!!

    My conclusion: Mac is good as long as you don’t have to bring it back…

  235. Dear Friends.

    First I will introduce myself. I am an Israeli Attorney that just like most of you got the same problem with my macbook, as posted by me few months back.

    It is time to take action and not just cry over apple’s behavior. I think that we are all like Stockholm syndrome victims- We like Apple so much, that we don’t want to hurt them.

    But for how long should we keep this problem just for us. I would like to create a group that will make a class action. For this, we will hire a law firm in the US that will handle it. If you are serious of getting your repair money back, let’s do something. If interested, please send me an e-mail to anat@angp.net and please provide details about your case, copy of the repair report and the receipt and contact information.

    Many thanks, Anat.

  236. Same thing with my daughteres computer seems like the LCD overheated and cracked and they are claiming accidental damage

  237. Hey everyone,

    Sorry to hear about everyone’s problems with their broken screens. If you are looking for an affordable iBook, Powerbook, Macbook and Macbook Pro screen repair company that does local repairs (if you live near one of our service areas), check out http://www.crackedmacscreen.com.

    We have branches in
    -Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, Delaware
    -Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing
    -Columbus, Ohio
    -San Diego, Los Angeles
    -Baltimore, Washington DC

    We come to you for repairs and charge about 1/3 of what the Apple Store does. Repairs take about 30 minutes and we do the repair in front of you.


  238. Apple says the same. It really doesn’t matter how the display get cracked. If it is cracked, it is an accident by definition and it is not covered. I lifted my macbook pro with one hand on the keyboard and another on the display. The display cracked where my thumb grabbed it. I’m not a body builder. I guess your not suppose to touch the display. Anyway apple says it is an accident and not covered.

    The truth is it is not a manufacturing defect it is design defect and they can’t afford to repair it.

  239. mine has cracked too…
    macbook? .. more like crackbook…

  240. I read most of these comments and I just wanted to contribute my recent encounter so we can get some justice out of this issue.
    I got my MacBook in August 2009, and the other day, out of nowhere, I noticed a crack at the bottom right of my screen. It started out small and now it’s spreading across my screen. When I was reflecting on what had happened within that hour of using my computer the day of “The Crack,” there had been no falls, no food or liquids, no rough handling, and I didn’t even touch the screen.
    While I read all of your posts, I noticed that the cracks seem to happen starting on the right side of the screen.

  241. My Son received a Macbook Pro as part of a new group at his school. They were the first students to get Macbooks. Previously Dell and Toshiba were the computers they got.
    Anyway cut a long story short. His lasted one week before a tiny crack appeared. It was his pride and joy, he worshiped it. 5 weeks later Apple now say it is not covered under warranty. The school can claim under insurance but wants to charge us $150 excess. I am not happy. Am fighting a lost cause. I wish the school luck I don’t think they have heard the last of this problem from what I read on this website.

  242. I am in the same situation. My daughter’s computer belongs to her school and she is part of a 1-1 initiative that we are implementing in our school district. Her school is also saying we will need to pay at least $150 dollars to repair this. As a teacher I’m getting my new MacBook Pro today. We really need to find a way to get Apple to look into this problem. Just like Toyota they don’t want to deal with it.

    Also, I noticed a lot of the cracks have begun in the right hand corner. My daughter’s started in the left hand corner and went up the side of the screen.

  243. Go to Powerbookmedic.com. They have take-apart guides and they sell the replacement parts for your computer.

    Apple wanted to charge me $700 because I accidentally closed my screen on a flash drive top and cracked the screen.

    I paid $230 or so for the screen from powerbookmedic.com and followed the instructions in the take apart guide.

    Saved - $500+ bucks.

  244. am ano unhappy MBPro user with a broken screen, similare story to so many of you. Screen working fine when I logged of one night and next morning cracked screen, same story when I took it in to Apple. The sales girl immediately accused me of hitting my screen and breaking it. I have had it for 6 months and treat it very carefully and nothing hit it, it was sitting on my desk.

    Its now over threes weeks of stone walling and I desperately need my laptop to take with me when I leave next week to work in Nepal. I was interested in the blog from someone talking about a ’screen fixer’ at Apple in London.

    Was the blog from Joe.pesciano…I tried to mail directly but mail gets returned. Is there any I can contact you??? I am not a blogger, this is the first time., so not so sure how this works. Would really appreciate your help. Would race to london to get it fixed next week if poss.

    One interesting point, when I had originally ordered my laptop last April form a store here in Amsterdam, NL they called after a few weeks telling me that the delivery would be delayed by three + months as there was a problem with exploding screens during production in China. When I mention this fact nowe all their people claim ignorance.

  245. A shameless self promoter I am, but I don’t feel too bad having the lowest prices in the continental U.S., and definitely better than what I see available in Europe, for Macbook screen replacements.

    There’s also a parts # list on my website so you can figure out

    a) By appearance which model machine is yours, and

    b) What LCD goes into it so if you don’t want to use me, you can source the part and do it yourself.

    so it’s not all self promotion.

  246. A shameless self promoter I am, but I don’t feel too bad having the lowest prices in the continental U.S., and definitely better than what I see available in Europe, for Macbook screen replacements.

    There’s also a parts # list on my website so you can figure out

    a) By appearance which model machine is yours, and

    b) What LCD goes into it so if you don’t want to use me, you can source the part and do it yourself.

    The thing is these do not break for no reason. I’ve had people swear on their parent’s grave they did not spill anything in them, I remove the lid, and there’s a ton of what clearly smells like & appears to be coffee all over it. If you didn’t do it, something did. It’s glass, it doesn’t spontaneously crack unless exposed to ridiculous heat or physical damage. I beat the hell out of my own devices and have no idea how the customers crack them. It’s the same story each time. “I treated this like gold, and it cracked anyway.” Yet, when I try to crack my own just for the hell of it, it takes a lot of effort.

    so it’s not all self promotion.

  247. Mr. Rossmann
    Your comments are both untrue and a bit stupid and insulting to most of the other people who have posted remarks. For one thing I am have not made up some story…my laptop was sitting untouched overnight and there are no ghosts in my house so the screens on these machines do break for no reason! I have spoken to one of the Apple guys here and his belief ‘off the record’ of course, is that there does appear to be a design fault with MBP if the numbers of machines coming back with cracked screens are anything to go by. So in essence you sound more like an Apple plant than anything else!

  248. Amen, Majella. Thank you for saying what the rest of us were thinking. Sometimes things break for no reason, and in this case we are trying to problem-solve how these cracks happen on our Macs. If I’m correct, the purpose of this site is to discuss our claim of broken Mac screens so we can either make a valid case, seek advice, or trouble-shoot how we can approach this issue. Grossman, I doubt you’ve purposely tried to crack your screen “for the hell of it,” but if that is the case we’d gladly trade our cracked Macs for your “indestructible” computer. Eh? Any takers for Mr. Grossman’s superb machinery? ;)

  249. Mr. Rossman,

    You may have the lowest prices in the US, but you sound like a real A-Hole. A quick Google tells me that you run waylessthantekserve.com. I can tell from your comments and from your kind of weird website that you probably degrade people all of the time and talk down to your customers just because we aren’t nerd-alerts like you. What does the sheep on the top of your site even mean? And why does your site have tekserve in it?

    By the way, who would want to get their computer repaired in the middle of a park? By someone who looks straight out of Jersey Shore. http://waylessthantekserve.com/shop.html

    Go get a life and stop trolling the forums so you can make fun of people that aren’t as geeky as you are.

  250. Grossman made me laugh. I hadn’t heard that take on my name since 2nd grade.

    You can make fun of the images or the funky way I set up my site all you’d like, it doesn’t change that glass LCDs do not shatter spontaneously for no reason. I like having a peculiar business model, it’s suited me very well. Sometimes there are stress fractures occasionally caused by heavy impact that you can’t see until they finally cause a noticeable crack but for the most part, these are damaged by actual incidents. They happen on phones more often since they are more likely to fall victim to this. Scratch a touchscreen with your key over and over again in a particular part. If you drop it hard, it’s likely to crack in that area due to it being weaker. This is one theory to the “I barely did anything and it cracked” problem I have.

    I still hold the position that they are not more likely to fall victim to cracked LCDs than any other average Dell, Compaq, Acer, or older Apple for that matter because they’re using the same general parts. Many of the LCDs used in Apple products get used in HP machines as well. Screwing an LCD into a frame, then screwing the frame into a computer isn’t rocket science.

    There are many flaws I find in the Macbooks, from the obvious hammering palmrest on the regular old white/black macbooks to the weak bottom frame in the A1150, A1226, A1229, A1260, A1261, and A1151 model Macbook Pros that causes the frame to crack internally around that portion. If not looked after properly when that happens, the entire frame could crack off. The keyboard that lets water right through onto the board with no protection, the battery connector to the board on a1181 models, the poor GPU soldering on A1226 models. There is so much to go into if it weren’t midnight on how these bend and malform and break, but the idea that Apple makes these in a manner that makes them more likely to crack just isn’t true. I’m the first to jump on manufacturers for faulty products(especially apple), but the LCDs they use in many of their machines get used in many other laptops but Macbooks, and all fall victim to similar problems.

    What is wrong, IMO, is the support Apple provides afterwards. I do not think that these accidents should be covered under basic warranty most of the time, but I do think $600-$1200 for repair from base model to top model is crazy, and an insult to the consumer. I will always agree with someone that they should provide better support for the product.

    Search around, it happens just as often on other machines. The reason there is more of an uproar when it happens to an Apple notebook is because

    a) These cost more.
    b) Apple prides themselves on good service, and in this case provides considerably less than good service.

    Now, there are rare cases where the backlight goes out, or the colors go bad from something going wrong that’s above my paygrade. You develop a dead pixel, or a blue/red/strange colored line down or across the LCD, and these are legitimate faults. However, glass does not spontaneously crack. I am not

    As for trying to crack my own, I’ve had more than enough chances! I have a great amount of machines that are beyond any kind of component level motherboard repair, and LCDs that are in too poor condition to use in any machine. When I took it to the test, I realized, it is damn hard to break these things, short of stepping on them or concentrated blunt force. I can’t say I’ve went through every model & serial number, but it isn’t quite the “I closed it softly and it broke” story I read all over the internet.

    You can call me an asshole, insult my character, mock my appearance, make false assumptions, come up with childlike modifications to my last name all you’d like. I’m here to express an opinion, however unpopular, and that won’t stop just because you’ve got jokes. Disagreeing with you doesn’t make me an asshole or a degenerate, and you don’t need to google me to find who I am when the website is directly clickable on my name from my posts.

  251. We repair these at a fraction of Apple’s cost Macbooks from $159 and up

    I am very sorry to hear about your daughters accident.
    On another note where will the Dell, HP, IBM, Sony rep be when you have a complaint?
    Taking your call from India that’s where.
    why should they?
    Defect yes
    Accident no

    Laptop handling tips for commuters…
    a) carry it on
    b) use bubble wrap and a hard shell or
    c) use the box it came in

  252. WRONG! Dell has always offered accident coverage that covers everything except maybe obvious damage caused by running over your Laptop with a car. They also cover water damage and theft with built-in Lojack.

    I’m sure Dell is not the only one providing accident coverage. It is too bad we cannot say the same for Apple.

  253. My apologies for being unclear I was referring to a standard warranty as offered by the manufacturer.
    Dell’s Accident coverage is not part of their standard warranty it is an ADD-ON insurance policy similar to what anybody can buy for ANY computer from a third party vendor or include as part of their renters insurance.
    I think it is interesting to note that this policy specifically leaves out coverage for the motherboard, optical drive, ram, speakers, camera, and microphone of the computer.
    From Dell
    Notebooks. Only the central processing unit, internal keyboard, internal hard drives, and the computer’s built-in LCD are covered.
    This exclusion was interesting to me…
    Any Computer Device that suffers damage in connection with or as a result of incorrect or inadequate Customer Installation. “Customer Installation” shall include any of the following performed by the Customer or any third party on behalf of the customer: (1) UNPACKING OR MOVING THE COMPUTER DEVICE
    Sounds like a laptop friendly policy.

  254. That is classic.

  255. There has been a flurry of comments over the last few days regarding cracked screens on Apple MacBooks and my worry is that in many cases, they are missing the point. The bottom line is that Apple should be replacing these screens foc unless they show obvious signs of being abused (as would probably be the case with Mr Rossmann’s machine). WHY? Well, if as many of us believe, there is a fundamental design flaw then Apple should hold their hands up and replace them under the guarantee. If however, it is due to ‘so called’ accidental damage, then we have a situation of the computer being not fit for purpose - as proved by the ‘more than significant’ number of case histories. These machines are portable laptops which, by the very nature of their name, are designed to be carried around and used in a variety of environments. If the simple act of opening the lid, placing them into a computer bag or allowing a drop of liquid to fall onto the screen causes them to crack then they are too fragile for their purpose. Under UK law any goods supplied which are not fit for purpose should be replaced or, if it is soon after the purchase, a refund given. Apple’s arrogance in not accepting this is very sad and it is vital that we do not them get away with it. Incidentally, please don’t be tempted to have your screen replaced ’on the cheap’ by a third party since this will invalidate your Apple guarantee for any other components which fail (in our case the DVD drive). We were given this advice by the Expert at our local Apple Store in Liverpool.

  256. I also heard the same thing about Apple guarantee from the Apple store near me in the USA for iPhone when I had my iPhone screen replaced for a faulty connector.

    Btw … To compare Dell’s accident insurance to “similar to what anybody can buy for ANY computer” is NO COMPARISON!

    Try getting this 3rd party accident coverage for a Macbook Pro and compare it’s price and value for Dell’s using similar hardware specs… again NO comparison.

  257. Yes, laptops are portable, but do you want a 4″ thick laptop that withstands accidents or a an under 1″ thick laptop with no extra nonsense that looks/feels ergonomic that cannot withstand extra force?

    A laptop that is going to be slim and sexy is going to have to make compromises, and people expect them to be thinner and sexier every year. Most people look at the here and now, and look at its ability to withstand accidental damage last. Behind how it looks, functions, etc. Or else everyone would own a Panasonic Toughbook.

    Drop a Blackberry 8703e, and an iPhone 3GS from the same height. Do it again and again. Which one breaks first, and which one is more disastrous?

    Also, which phone is more likely to be thought of as too big and nasty by the average person? Most choose the iPhone 3GS as more appealing than the crusty old 8703e.

    I do not believe that the Macbooks have a design flaw that leads specifically to more cracked LCD screens. I do believe that all electronics as a whole are headed to becoming more and more fragile as they shed every last bit of protection in order to become slimmer. They will be more susceptible to accidental damage. I read blog posts everyday where people complain about phones with bezels around them and shake my head in dismay, because this is one of the last things that keeps them from shattering when you drop them, and they want it done with so the phone looks slimmer.

    The same people are going to post comments angry as hell because they only tossed it on the couch 5 times and it already broke and then tell me I’m a raging madman. I don’t get it.

  258. Amen Louis

  259. Sorry almost forgot the third party accident coverage or umbrella in your renters insurance will cost more but as they say you get what you pay for - it will cover all your laptop and it’s parts.
    Which reminds me am I really engaging in an argument Dell vs. Apple? I thought everyone on this forum already made that choice and yes we all know why.

    Look it up Apple beats Dell hands down time and again - over and over again.
    If you want accident coverage maybe Apple could creat it’s own accident insurance policy - it would cost more than Dell’s though because Apples cost more than Dells.
    Would anyone buy it???
    Most skip on the optional warranties offered at checkout I know many people who feel they are a ripoff anyway. I’m usually just to cheap.

    For all those whose machines broke all by themselves I say go ahead get a lawyer and sue. It’s your right if you feel genuinely wrong to stand up for what you believe to be right.

    I have to agree with Louis though I’ve serviced thousands of machines and once opened the truth is told - soda, dust, cats, dogs, tobacco, illicit substances, bodily fluids, water, … … …
    Most people claim it’s my baby I diapered it and pampered it ams rubbed it with a soft cloth - I’m not saying everyone stretches the truth unfortunately soooo many people do it’s just about impossible to tell them from the rest. That’s just the sad truth about the world we live in.

    You guys got me thinking though this accident thing sounds awesome I wonder whether we could get GM or Ford or Volkswagon in on it.

    You know those WiiMote controls are dangerous always flying out of peoples hands and breaking TVs I wonder whether I should go after Nintendo or NEC? Maybe they could split the cost of my negligence.

    Sorry just taking the piss out of this conversation strike the last two paragraph if you feel wrong DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  260. I didn’t buy a Mac because I think Apple sucks for a lot of reasons-nonetheless I did buy a Sony Vaio AW290 Premium-this is a model no longer made that has the same RGB LED screen as the expensive Mac Pro’s and costs at least as much-the screen is roughly a $1000 option and is bundled with an Adobe professional graphics program to take advantage of the screen. I also purchased the extended warranty including accidental damage. Yesterday the DVD/Blu Ray drive broke-will not work even after uninstall and reinstall-it just clicks and whirs-and a bizarre hair like crack appeared within the screen-it’s curved and its length varies-no thicker than a human hair right now-and it MOVES. What the hell is this? It doesn’t move fast it simply appears in a different place a few hours after you see it in one place. Sony says this is covered under accidental damage-there’s also an issue with the screen bleeding apparently but I chose to ignore it. These issues however can’t be ignored and Sony should probably just refund the price of the computer-quite a bit of money since they don’t make this model any more let alone any model with an 18.4 inch screen.

  261. I had the same thing happen. My 13 yr old son purchased his MacBook with his own money. After 3 weeks, he opens it one morning to a cracked screen. There was no damage. The machine never left my home. It was working when we closed it. It sat on a desk, it was never dropped. I went back to complain to the Store, Apple Care and Investor Relations. Like others in this blog, we had the same experience. They all said, when whether they saw the machine or not, they said - “You must have closed it with a pencil/pen”. This is physical damage, the warranty doesn’t cover it. I strongly suggest going to small claims court. This is an abomination.


    What the hell happened to the titan generation of America, the ones who took apart their own computers and didn’t go running to Apple.

    Ranting aside, I’m a minor and I figured out how to replace the whole top lid for 250 bucks. Go to powerbookmedic.com if you’re legitimate about fixing your daughter’s MacBook Pro.

  263. Your bag was probably checked by TSA and they left the laptop on the top of the luggage and as a result during luggage dropping another bag was dropped on the top and broke the screen. TSA always leaves a note in regards to random luggage check and says that they are not responsible for any damage due to their action. You were not given the true info by your love ones.

  264. OK The solution seems to be either fix it yourself or get a reasonably priced third party to do it. I have replaced the screen. It is 0.5 mm thick. You would think it would be brittle but it seems fairly robust.

    But glass is funny or maybe not. A small crack in your windshield is stable for 10 years then overnight spreads across the entire windshield. There seems room for small nick in the edge to spontaneously spread into the screen. I don’t think the small pressure I put on the screen should have resulted in its failure. So this is offered as an explanation for these reported failures.

    As for a design flaw, the glass seems strong but it does fail. How about a polycarbonate screen. My eyeglasses don’t scratch easily. How brittle is a thin sheet of polycarbonate?

  265. I recently purchased a Mac Book and was amazed buy the product, until one day while i was closing the Mac Book a headphone was caught between the screen and keyboard, I noticed some resistance while shutting the Mac Book so I gave it the slightest push and then suddenly the screen cracks. I hear that the Apple Protection Plan wont cover it, and that It’ll cost $700 to replace. And I simply can’t afford that because I’m not made of money, something that Apple has no idea about. But there is a small slither of hope. There is an online Tech Store located in California which does ship worldwide which DOES replace Mac Book screens for only $200!!! Which seems like an option. Here is the link, really hopes this work!!!


  266. I had a similar experience with my Macbook but it ws with a pen. I was tired from working all night and I guess just careless. I heard about this guy here in NYC that drives around fixing Apple products. I was a little skeptical at first but I figured Id check it out. He charges $169 for a screen replacement done on the spot in Manhattan. I called set up an appointment he was available for the same day I met him right outside my office. He fixed my screen in about 20 mins and I was on my way. I cant believe this kind of service still exists these days. His website is NYCiPodDoctor.com I called him at 646 202 3935. He said he even takes mail in orders from all over the country so my mother in Florida is sending hers in!

  267. Just recognized a screen crack in mbp about a week ago. It started at the mid point on the right hand side much like many of you have mentioned previously. It hasn’t been dropped or harmed in anyway previously (except for my dog nocking a vase on top of the closed back cover which scratched it a lil when I first got it 7 months ago) Took it to the apple store on lincoln road in miami beach fl and have never been treated so rudely in all of my life. They point blank said I must have done something to it because they have never seen this problem before (i.e.called me a liar) when I said no accident had occurred to cause this and said they weren’t covering it and that it was my problem to the tune of $700 despite being told differently when I called apple about the problem earlier that morning and made the appt. I called apple again and was told that it was up to the stores discretion and that they were very sorry (at least this guy was nice and mildly understanding unlike the people in the store) Anyway I am seriously upset and filing a complaint again apple for the product malfunction and the store.

  268. Same thing happened to me, went to Apple store today, and they replaced the screen within an hour - no charge!

  269. Dear Kim

    Can you please advise to which apple store you went and what was the case number. This can be a breakthrough for all of us. Maybe Apple at last recognized the flaw.

    Many thanks for your help.

  270. I agree with Anat, I note that in November you hoped that we could get a class action together to fight Apple on this one. If we had full details from Kim of the name of the sore and the case number that would be really useful for the rest of us who wish to make a claim. Hopefully Apple have recognized that there is a flaw - don’t hold your breath though!!

  271. Against my husband’s advice, the summer of 2008 I purchased a Macbok for my daughter because we had received $800 dollars in Apple’s giftcards. Of course we had to put close to an extra thousand dollars to pay for the machine plus all the software, etc., and the extended warranty, which we all know by know is probably their biggest money maker.

    It turned out to be a waste of time and money since the screen cracked in exacly the same way as described in all other complaints…..everything looking fine one night and the next morning opening the screen to find a blue line that in the course of the next couple of weeks extended to the rest of the screen.

    Apple’s response also the same, claiming the problem is not covered because its the result of accidental damage, and asking for $800 dollars to repair it. $800 dollars for a repair??!!! During that time my father purchased a brand-new Toshiba with attached camera for $600 dollars…. there is something wrong with this picture.

    In our family we favor Toshiba’s products and have had four laptops throughout the last 7 years. My husband travels about 15 days out of the month, putting his laptops through a lot of handling during security screenings at airports and has never experienced any problems, let alone anything resembling what happened to the Macbook just 4 months after purchase. As for the daughter whose computer we had to replace, we got her a Dell and its still going strong after almost a year and a half of use, traveling, packing, etc. We got my other college student daughter a Sony Vaio and have had no problems whatsoever after two years.

    After the amount of complaints I had read, I contacted a lawyer friend to get his advise about starting a class action suit against Apple, but the news about Corporate America were not good. After serveral calls my friend, a well known lawyer in the Palm Beach Florida area, informed me that he couldn’t find anyone willing to take on Apple, because they would surely pull their big lawyer guns. So much for democracy, fair business practices, taking responsibility for your actions and/or products, etc…. protecting the average American agains big business, and justice for ALL!!!!!

    Adding insult to injury, after reaching that dead end, I placed a complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau, but have so far gotten nothing, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. However, I know that Apple is aware of that complain, because during another call to them I was informed they could not talk to me because I had placed a complaint with BBB.

    As suggested by one of the victims above, I emailed Apple’s CEO and presented my case, along with a link to this threat. His response??? All those of us who’ve suffered cracked screens are careless liars, because their screens don’t crack on their own…. What do you think about that????

    If I were in any way involved with Apple, I would at least be looking into what is causing such a widespread problem, most like one that should be considered by Apple to be a manufacturing defect and covered appropriately. Needless to say, I haven’t nor intend to purchase a single Apple product since I’ve realized that their great designs lack the quality to match. Lucky for us there are many other companies out there that are comming out with comparable products with better quality and prices.

    As far as all the roadblocks I’ve encountered, well I’ll keep on trying and so do you, although my real though on the matter is…. So much for our government protecting us mere mortals against big business in this “land of the free and justice for all” propaganda.

  272. Against my husband’s advice, the summer of 2008 I purchased a Macbok for my daughter because we had received $800 dollars in Apple’s giftcards. Of course we had to put close to an extra thousand dollars to pay for the machine plus all the software, etc., and the extended warranty, which we all know by know is probably their biggest money maker.

    It turned out to be a waste of time and money since the screen cracked in exacly the same way as described in all other complaints…..everything looking fine one night and the next morning opening the screen to find a blue line that in the course of the next couple of weeks extended to the rest of the screen.

    Apple’s response also the same, claiming the problem is not covered because its the result of accidental damage, and asking for $800 dollars to repair it. $800 dollars for a repair??!!! During that time my father purchased a brand-new Toshiba with attached camera for $600 dollars…. there is something wrong with this picture.

    In our family we favor Toshiba’s products and have had four laptops throughout the last 7 years. My husband travels about 15 days out of the month, putting his laptops through a lot of handling during security screenings at airports and has never experienced any problems, let alone anything resembling what happened to the Macbook just 4 months after purchase. As for the daughter whose computer we had to replace, we got her a Dell and its still going strong after almost a year and a half of use, traveling, packing, etc. We got my other college student daughter a Sony Vaio and have had no problems whatsoever after two years.

    After the amount of complaints I had read, I contacted a lawyer friend to get his advise about starting a class action suit against Apple, but the news about Corporate America were not good. After serveral calls my friend, a well known lawyer in the Palm Beach Florida area, informed me that he couldn’t find anyone willing to take on Apple, because they would surely pull their big lawyer guns. So much for democracy, fair business practices, taking responsibility for your actions and/or products, etc…. protecting the average American agains big business, and justice for ALL!!!!!

    Adding insult to injury, after reaching that dead end, I placed a complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau, but have so far gotten nothing, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. However, I know that Apple is aware of that complain, because during another call to them I was informed they could not talk to me because I had placed a complaint with BBB.

    As suggested by one of the victims above, I emailed Apple’s CEO and presented my case, along with a link to this threat. His response??? All those of us who’ve suffered cracked screens are careless liars, because their screens don’t crack on their own…. What do you think about that????

    If I were in any way involved with Apple, I would at least be looking into what is causing such a widespread problem, most like one that should be considered by Apple to be a manufacturing defect and covered appropriately. Needless to say, I haven’t nor intend to purchase a single Apple product since I’ve realized that their great designs lack the quality to match. Lucky for us there are many other companies out there that are comming out with comparable products with better quality and prices.

    As far as all the roadblocks I’ve encountered, well I’ll keep on trying and so should all of you, because I still hope we’ll eventually be heard. Yet I must confess that my real though on the matter is…. So much for our government and “concerned for your best interest lawyers” protecting us mere mortals against big business in this “land of the free and justice for all” propaganda.

  273. To reiterate my prior thoughts,

    It isn’t criminal, or apple’s fault, if people treat a sensitive device in a manner that breaks it.

    It is, or should be, criminal to charge the repair costs they do to fix them.

    If you want a laptop with a screen that will never break, you will have to face having a 4″ thick laptop that is bulky as hell. The consumers spoke and they were heard, form over function. That’s what they get.

    In a world where most cellphone blogs have comments like “why does that phone have a viewable bezel??”, it is no wonder why modern portable electronics are designed to look sexier and slimmer rather than to be more durable.

  274. To reiterate my prior thoughts,

    It isn’t criminal, or apple’s fault, if people treat a sensitive device in a manner that breaks it.

    It is, or should be, criminal to charge the repair costs they do to fix them.

    If you want a laptop with a screen that will never break, you will have to face having a 4″ thick laptop that is bulky as hell. The consumers spoke and they were heard, form over function. That’s what they get.

    In a world where most cellphone blogs have comments like “why does that phone have a viewable bezel??”, it is no wonder why modern portable electronics are designed to look sexier and slimmer rather than to be more durable.

    You also can’t just blame Apple for this. The LCD they put in that machine is put into 2-3 other laptops. Those LCDs are just as durable as other LCDs based on the same technology that are put into other laptops. They’re all equally as vulnerable to this. The only reason Apple gets all the bad press for it is for their famous “that’ll be $800 to repair a $1000 computer” nonsense.

  275. Mr. Rossmann, with all due respect, I believe you are missing the point. There are other products out there that are slim and sexy, as you call them, whose screens are not cracking under normal wear and tear. They are also cheaper to begin with and their warranties work the way warranties are supposed to.

    If my household of 4 is any indication, in the last 7 years of using Dells, Toshibas, and Vaios, the only reason we’ve ever replaced them is to upgrade to a newer model. And I tell you they’ve been through some rough handling, but not out of the ordinary for a laptop…. after all portability is the main reason one would by a laptop to begin with. The only computer ever to break down on us after only 4 months, was the MacBook, eventhough it was probably the one that was used the least as it never left the house.

    In the end, though, we can argue all year long about it, but the proof is in this blog, where out of hundreds of comments that talk about Apple’s MacBook screen problems, deficient warranty, and lousy customer service, you seem to be the only one claiming the rest of us are in the wrong.

    So I guess we’ll agree to disagree. But since you have neither been a victim of the problem, nor have the right to assume the rest of us are careless liars, it would be nice that after having made your point, over and over again, you leave this space to those with true grievances against Apple, which in the end is is what this blog was created for.

  276. That’s the thing. In spite of anecdotal stories, there is still no proof that Macbook laptop screens crack more.

    The Macbook laptops described here use LCDs that are put into many other laptops, that have the same general principle behind how they mount the screen in the machine. To suggest that Apple has some magic pixi dust they put in their machines that causes glass to spontaneously combust is ridiculous, and as long as that is implied, I’m going to be here to say it’s not true.

  277. And Louis, you work for??

    RE: my post on July 8, 2009, a week after my screen had cracked.
    There is no way I can afford to pay $800 to replace my mysteriously cracked screen, so I never did. It’s cracked, just as it was that day. I take it with me everywhere now (no more kid gloves), the crack is edge to edge on the upper right to lower right side, with spider cracks and it has never gotten any worse. My computer works just fine and wherever I am, I tell anyone who wants to know that , yes, I know my screen is cracked and let me tell you this little story about Mac and My Biggest Complaint…. Anytime I’m on some tech blog and there’s a discussion about Mac’s, I just put in my 2 cents about my cracked Mac screen. The crack that appeared less than 2 months after I got the damn thing. If Mac gave every person on this thread a new screen, it would be way cheaper than a class action law suit. I’ll join your lawsuit, just message me in this thread. I’d be happy to talk to any reporter too, print, blogger, heck maybe we can all get a booth at the MacWorld Expo! Wouldn’t that be something.

  278. Myself. I’d have a seven figure salary if Apple designed these screens to break. I wish it were true, I have dreams about it sometimes and smile. Then I wake up and return to the regular world where the same LP133WX1 gets put into 2-4 different laptops with the same frame construction that don’t spontaneously combust, and I’m sad again.

    Another thing to consider with glass used on portable devices. There are stress fractures you can’t see with your eye that occur when the screen feels pressure. Enough of these and it wouldn’t take more than a baby’s touch to fully crack it at the end.

  279. Mr. Rossmann,

    I like to see anyone as a good person until they prove otherwise. You seem to be a good person but I’d like to just point out an obvious thing.

    Even if Apple and the competition (like HP) use the same parts, the way the device is constructed/designed obviously is a significant consideration. I did some searching and I am having a hard time finding a web site similar to this one for any of the competition.

    Also, it seems highly unlikely this many people on this site are all your typical customer with a cracked screen.

    Btw … I see you repeat the comment about the “competition as 4 inch thick Laptops”. My Dell purchased last year with comparable hardware specs as a MacBook Pro 15″ is about 1 inch thick. I’m not sure when the last 4 inch was sold, but it has to be somewhere around 20 or more years.

  280. Frankly, I think we are all giving “Mr.” Rossmann to much attention. The worse thing we can do is turn this blog into something that is all about him and not the real quality problem with Apple MacBooks.

    We know he is wrong and only continues to argue because obviously he has nothing better to do with his life.

    I suggest we just feel sorry for him and move on.

  281. Frankly, I think we are all giving “Mr.” Rossmann to much attention. The worse thing we can do is turn this blog into something that is all about him and not the real quality problem with Apple MacBooks.

    We know he is wrong and only continues to argue because obviously he has nothing better to do with his life.

    I suggest we just feel sorry for him and move on, searching for ideas and taking actions that will get our issue with Apple resolved in the courts.

  282. The real problem is thinking that it is more likely that glass spontaneously combusts than it is likely that over time, a portable device with glass in it may fracture and crack from accidental damage or wear and tear.

    When real problems pop up, real class actions are filed, and there are recalls and results . Look at HP’s DV9000 series hinges, or the A1150, A1211, A1226, A1260 batteries on the macbooks, or the nvidia chip problem on A1226 macbooks. All resolved and accounted for.

    There’s a reason after 4 years there’s been no action on this. Because it’s not Apple’s fault.

    Apple is to blame for a poor repair process and poor customer service when the screen cracking occurs. The screen cracking, however, is all up to you.

  283. The real problem is thinking that it is more likely that glass spontaneously combusts than it is likely that over time, a portable device with glass in it may fracture and crack from accidental damage or wear and tear.

    When real problems pop up, real class actions are filed, and there are recalls and results . Look at HP’s DV9000 series hinges, or the A1150, A1211, A1226, A1260 batteries on the macbooks, or the nvidia chip problem on A1226 macbooks. All resolved and accounted for.

    There’s a reason after 4 years there’s been no action on this. Because it’s not Apple’s fault.

    Apple is to blame for a poor repair process and poor customer service when the screen cracking occurs. The screen cracking, however, is all up to you.

    You can have fun assassinating my character, I’ll still be around to give a dose of the truth.

  284. I agree with Macu that we should not reply to any more of Mr Rossmann’s comments. Having viewed his NYC website and read the eBay feedback he leaves for others confirms in my mind that we should not welcome his input any longer on this chat line. We do have a genuine problem here that we are trying to resolve, getting drawn into an argument with this gentleman will not help.

  285. The reason such a website doesn’t exist for Dells or HPs is because every 2-6 months they have a new model. One can’t pinpoint down “this exact model always fails”, because there isn’t a particularly large userbase for any given model. Someone will say their D610 cracked, then their Inspiron 8200 cracked, then this one cracked, but it isn’t the same model over a 3 year period.

    With Apple, the base model remained unchanged cosmetically & in model # for a long time. Even in early 09 one could buy the A1181 Macbook, the same model they could buy in 06. So if someone cracked their screen in 06, 07, 08, and 09, it is always the same model, which leads people to believe that it has some kind of special problem with it. That’s why year after year it seems like the Macbook is prone to screen cracking, because it’s the same models people are complaining about year after year.

    With a Dell it’d be the D610, then the Inspiron 8200, then some XPS that cracked. Over 4 years you wouldn’t read comments from a bunch of people who have the same model cracking their screen.

    People also expect more from Apple as they pride themselves on superior customer service every step of the way, from the way their stores are set up to the way their goods are boxed. When people buy a Dell, they know they’re going to speak to someone who doesn’t speak English and get the shaft when they need help because their laptop with similar or identical specs to the macbook cost $429 after rebate. They’re less likely to be as openly vocal about it.

    To the people who say the other machines are crafted so differently to the A1181 Macbook, I have to wonder if they actually open all of these different machines everyday or if you’re another person playing armchair activist on a blog.

    If people REALLY wanted to get something done, they’d stand outside an Apple store and get signatures in person, and go to file a class action lawsuit. People who actually believe action would be taken wouldn’t be going on about how a magic fairy cracked their screen on a blog, they’d go around and collect evidence and if one attorney told them no they’d move onto another, then another, then another until something got done. You believe there’s a problem? Why give up so soon? Fight for it.

    There are attorneys willing to put the defense that someone isn’t responsible for a murder in front of a jury because they temporarily forgot right from wrong. There is certainly a lawyer out there who would help you with this. It’s your money they’re taking whether or not it is successful.


    I can say for a fact that I replace ALL different models of laptop screens from all dates of manufacture Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony, APPLE they ALL break all different sizes all different models. The only common factor in their resulting breakage is user clumsiness (which happens and it’s OK to say when we make mistakes) - which I teach all my children too.

    THINK ABOUT IT THIS FORUM HAS BEEN AROUND FOR ALMOST 3yrs. There are only 238 comments maybe 150 of those are complaints the rest rebuttals or empathetic replies. Of those 150 the complaints range from Macbooks to Macbook Pros and Unibody Macbooks. In those 3 yrs Apple has sold Millions of laptops if there were some great flaw in the design wouldn’t there be more complaints here??? Oddly enough many of the complaints I’ve read aren’t even first hand accounts, but rather parental testimonials and I know some kids lie but not mine :).

    I think Apple charges what it does for the repair for a good reason.
    They know you dropped that machine or rather now they don’t know exactly what type of “abuse” the machine has seen once the screen is cracked. That machine is now more likely to break down again in the future at which point they would have no choice but to fix it again and perhaps again.

    I personally cannot say I have EVER had one of these screens spontaneously break on me and I have handled Thousands of them!

    It isn’t greed but common sense which manufacturers are exercising with these prices.

    Yes I say manufacturers because Apple is not the only one which I know first hand dealing with laptops of all makes everyday.

    I’m done now but if you want your screen fixed call me.
    You can also visit the site www.NYCiPodDoctor.com

    $169 Macbook screen replacement that’s on the spot in Manhattan.
    $199 most Dells, Toshibas, Sonys, HPs IBMs and Accers.

  287. Thank you! I can say myself that my experience of a cracked screen was a result fo my clumsiness.

    There’s no doubt that Apple users are more likely to, just because our computers tend to be lighter. Also, the unibody is designed for durability, not strength. An HP won’t last more than a year but it’ll survive a drop from a bed. However, Apple products will last forever if they’re treated half-decently.

  288. You can add me to the list with a macbook pro with a cracked screen It happened when I was cleaning the screen must not be very good glass to break that easy

  289. I bought my MacBook Pro in September 2009. It has left the house twice, both times in a laptop bag. At the house, it sits in its own area.
    Today, I saw a cat hair near the middle of the screen about two inches in from the right side. I tried to brush it off. You guessed it, a cracking sound, ever so slight, was heard. Now I have a crack across the center of my screen.
    A laptop that has been treated better than most desktops, less then eight months old, and the screen is ruined.
    I have no idea how I could have caused this. As for closing it with anything in the way; that has never happened. I would remember that, especially if it happened in the last day or so.
    I am anticipating a nasty fight with Apple. I am also anticipating a return to Windows should I get the company line. And that iPad I was thinking about? That will hinge on how well my visit to the Mac store goes.
    My old Dell laptop just needs a motherboard….

  290. Cry me a river.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how that’s possible…if you abuse your laptop like I do mine, it’s understandable to have it break, I’ve dropped it more times than I can remember - sometimes on metal grating stairs - but to have a MBP crack under your circumstances is beyond believable. The glass of a MacBook Pro screen is extremely durable…I had to literally use a small crowbar and a scalpel to get it off so I could replace mine after dropping it several times and having a direct blow to it (a lamp fell on it while it was open).

    Honestly, 95% of electronics are returned despite not being broken, and I think Apple has figured that out by now. They Genius Bar people are smarter than you think, so it might be better just to tell them the truth.

  291. Nice of you, Nikhil, to call me a liar when you do not even know me.

    I have not done anything that I can see that could have caused this to happen. Had I done something to damage the machine, I would be quite honest as personal responsibility is what I ask of others and of myself.

    The rest of the household (another computer engineer among them) was as shocked as me regarding this problem since they see how I use the machine.

    Healthy skepticism is good, but when you attempt to impugn my integrity with your baseless (and quite base) opinion, you do yourself a disservice as well. Your word, at least for me, is no better than mud.

  292. I have posted in the past about my daughter’s MacBook. I just have to add the latest twist. My daughter’s computer came from her school as part of a elective “Laptop Literacy” class. She was allowed to bring the computer home. I signed a contract saying I would pay $100 for damage done that was due to negligence. Well, as posted before, her screen started with a small crack that over time went through the whole screen. She adamantly denied leaving anything in the computer that when she closed the screen could have broken it. I believe my daughter. No reason to lie. It’s not our computer. I didn’t feel that I should have to pay $100 since she was not negligent and wanted the school to pursue the problem with Apple. Well, yesterday I met with the principal and the tech department of our school district has determined without a doubt that the crack was caused by closing the power cord on the screen!! Unbelievable!!! Do you think the power cord left it’s trace on the screen? Right! I got nowhere with the principal. My daughter was at fault, guilty without a trial. I recently lost my job but still had to write him a check for $100 before he would clear her to check out of school for summer. Apple if you ever read this…thanks a lot. I will for sure be thinking twice before I buy an Apple computer for home use. Thanks everyone for letting me vent!

  293. Children never ever fib or exaggerate the truth when they break expensive things in order to avoid repercussion from authority figures. They’re never careless without realizing it. Children always notice when they are doing something careless and take the proper steps to correct that behavior themselves.

    If you believe that, I have some CHTR stock to sell you.

    There are other issues with these machines. Real, LEGITIMATE issues. Like, on the A1150, A1211, A1226, A1260 Macbook Pros - the bottom of the frame cracks because the hinges are connected to the frame instead of to the backplate. No one will take us seriously when we make legitimate complaints if we go off claiming glass shatters spontaneously on the Macbook laptops.

  294. I can be such a douchebag sometimes, right? Sorry everyone for being such a dick.

    From now on, I’ll do free repairs if you think I’m being mean.

  295. Thank you very much for showcasing the maturity ;level of the crowd that disagrees with me!

    I rest my case.

  296. Louis you are mean.
    Now I need you to go up to Harlem and fix a MacBook Pro for me tomorrow around 1
    Next midtown an iPhone screen replacement
    after that come to the shop I’ve got some more repairs for you there.
    Mean mean mean!!! I think that should cover a days work.
    OK 1 more you’re mean.

  297. I’m on my 2nd apple laptop & have yet to have an issue with the screen. My original laptop was purchased over 6 years ago. It’s banged up, has a problem holding a [power] charge, yet the screen works great. It’s traveled with me all over & has certainly not been handled with extreme care. My newest, a 15″ MacBook Pro, is just over 9 months. I’ve caught my 20 lb cat sitting on it [closed] several times & I pray each time I open that there is no damage. Perhaps the climate which the above individuals with spontaneous cracked screens could be a factor. I’m in Florida where it gets hot!!! Or perhaps the laptop is part of a “bad batch” using faulty parts. Do some homework & compare notes with the others - model #, build date, build location. Perhaps you’ll find some info which can be presented to Apple for resolution.

  298. My laptop was sitting on my desk and I closed it and reopened it and noticed a crack on upper right corner. There was nothing in the way and this is so frustrating and it’s 2 months old.

  299. For those of you that had your mac screens crack for no reason (not dropped, etc), and i do believe you since it happened to my son after 3 weeks, would you mind sending me your name and address and copy of the blog. I am taking Apple to Small Claims court. Despite the ‘naysayers’ on this blog, who say go fix it at the cheaper place, this is a matter of principle. APPLE is selling a sub-standard product. As one noted, a portable is just that. If these machines can’t be opened and closed without costing another $800 to fix, then this is truly a scam by APPLE. No one drops $1000 on a machine to be unusable a few weeks later. mindyrk@optonline.net

  300. I purchased my new MBP right at a month ago. I have absolutely pampered it. He even has a name (oliver). I went up to my school’s library to study for a few hours and the screen was perfectly fine. I got home, opened up the computer - everything was still normal - left it sitting on the couch while i went and took out my contacts and came back and opened it to find a crack across the top where my finger would rest when I open it and then from that crescent there are four cracks shooting off towards the left and one that goes to the right and all the way down the screen.

    Again, I’ve had it a month, it’s a brand new model, I’ve never dropped or banged it in any way and now the screen is broken. I’m terrified it will only get worse when I go to college in a month as I will be traveling to debate tournaments and taking it to all my classes with me. I went to my apple store to talk to them and they didn’t even look at it. They told me it is “negligent damage” and that I must have dropped it or kicked it. They said it would be anywhere from 600 -700 USD to replace the screen.

    The people in the store were very kind but the store was insanely packed and I feel that they didn’t have much information for me and since I’m 18 I could definitely tell that they thought I was just some hooligan girl who threw it into the back seat of my car or something. My mother is going back to the store with me later today to force them to look at the computer itself and see if we can get a different answer. It has been helpful to find all of you who have had similar experiences. They told me “screens don’t just break” but apparently they do. Or maybe they didn’t warn us about how delicate the screens were. In either case, the problem is on them. I wouldn’t have bought a computer that could so easily break if I’d known that to begin with.

  301. So we went to the apple store and the service manager said that AppleCare wouldn’t pay for the replacement but that the store would. He was incredibly friendly and helpful. I hope everyone else is able to somehow work out their situations.

  302. My company purchased a MacBook pro for me three weeks ago and I have taken EXCELLENT care of it.

    I was working from home in the evening one night and shut off my computer and put the in the middle of my table. The next morning I woke up, put it in my uber-padded computer bag and went to work. When I opened it at my desk, I was mortified to find a 1/4″ crack on the upper right hand corner. Absolutely nothing happened between the time I shut off my computer and the time I put it in my computer bag. I have no explanation for what could have caused it.

    It grew throughout the week even though I only used it two other times (research showed that the of the monitor causes the crack to spread). I made an appointment with an “Apple Genius” and they are taking care of it.

    I can’t believe that so many other people are having the same problem.

    It sounds like the LCD screens produce too much heat and cause the glass to become weak…especially if you just shut it and leave it over night without shutting it off. I wonder if it gets so hot that it can cause itself to crack. My laptop does get really hot.

  303. Wow,I never though apple Mac has this big complaint until I found out that my 2month old MacBook pro’s screen has cloudy circle inside of the screen and it’s getting bigger and bigger.I’m big fan of apple and this is my second MacBook. Ok,here’s the problem,about last week while im Playing a movie,I saw the screen has a cloudy shape,I tried to use screen cleaner to clean it off,but it doesn’t and I figure out it’s appear inside of the screen.so I went to genius bar today and the service person ,he didn’t check the macbook or anything, just told me it’s an accident by “enternal force and press the screen too hard in time period it will cause this screen damage.and it’s not under warrantee.and Have to pay $500 to get it fix”.he even show me how am I getting this damage by pressing hard to my MacBook screen(who in the world give him this permission?and he said that’s it’s accident why he still doing to my Mac?). I’m not dumb or something why am I press my screen or have an heavy stuff in top of myacbook.he said maybe I carry in my backpack and got this damage.well please I never took my Mac to other place,so it’s just happened while it’s siting there.I been protecting it this Mac since I bought it. I’m really so disappointed with apple.I always recommend to my friends and family use apple but here’s my problem comes up without help and it’s still under warranteeand apple care.my sister just bought MacBook last night.I totally recommandend unpack the package and return it,coz the way I’m using it is like everybody using if I’m having this problem she might have it too.anyway,I will go to a manager in apple store Sunday again to report my issue.

  304. I honestly do not know how my screen cracked,I closed it one night & the next day I woke & I seen a scratch in the screen which grew into a crack, however my issue isn’t with the cracked screen, for $450 to fix it I can deal with it,(its on the border anyway) however my air card is not working & FRY’s is telling me that Apple won’t touch it if it has any type of physical damage so unless I pay to fix the screen they won’t fix the air card & if I turn it in it will be a $69 diagnostic fee if the repair is rejected because of the screen,but nothing if the repair is done.I paid $300+ just over a year ago (when I purchased my MACBOOK PRO) for the best ” WARRANTY ” that I’m not even able to use…..

  305. WHAT DO YOU THINK? It’s a design defect how easy the screen cracks,(NOT) its designed this way so MAC can make more money,I know that sounds crazy because they have a lot but in a recession can you blame them, they have to make money any way they can & so your screen is cracked, don’t even think about replacing a peace of glass yourself or get a pro that don’t work for MAC to do it ,that voids the warranty…WHAT ? you not worried about the screen being cracked you have a different issue,well until you fix your screen your other issue doesn’t matter according to your warranty…WOW!!! good thing for them is this is not a car part or baby toy ,I guess it’s OK to be designed to break

  306. I have been a loyal apple customer and advocate for many years until now. I am on my 3rd laptop, 2nd iphone and even own stock (only 2 shares) in the company!

    Two days ago I opened my less than 1 year old MacBook Pro and there was a crack down the left side of the screen and halfway through the center. I was surprised by the crack as I hadn’t dropped it or hit it on anything but was not upset because I had purchased AppleCare.

    Yesterday I went into the Genius Bar and was told that the screen is not covered by Applecare and was handed a quote for $500.00. Really Apple? You want to charge me 1/3 of the cost of the entire computer? Applecare was presented to me by an Apple Sales person who said “you can literally throw your computer across the room and as long as there is no liquid damage then it is covered by Applecare.” When I explained this to my “Genius” yesterday he had said that unfortunately this was not the first time he had heard that.

    What sucks for me more than the cost is that my fiance is in the Military and the only way I am able to see him is on my computer. I wish they would be a bit more compassionate.

  307. Use Iresq.com to replace macbook screen they will even send you a padded box for your use. They are very cheap ($250) and do a great job. Anything is better than paying apple 1k for a new screen..

  308. I also hava similar problem. My MBP is only 4 months old. I used it on Friday at a Trade show. Got home on Saturday to find a line on the screen. I thought it was lint, so I tried to brush it off, only to feel a crack. The crack is like an oval shape covering the entire width of the screen. I took it to the Apple store and they checked my laptop and said there were no dents on the back nor inside of the laptop, indicating it was not dropped, but they pointed to two areas near the webcam which look like a spider web and said that was the point of impact. They said it looked like I had taken a sharp object and physically cracked the screen, so they refused to repair it under warranty and asked for $700 for a new screen.

    I own everything Mac, from iphone to Imac to ipad…..how could i possibly just use a sharp object and crack the screen. After reading these, now i know I am not the only one. My laptop is well protected when I travel and is always in its padded case, so how this happened, is a mystery to me. I am going back to the actual store where I bought it, and see how they respond. I am so frustrated.

  309. I have had my macbook pro for less than TWO FREAKING WEEKS and the screen is cracked in the lower corner. I always keep it in a protective case (apparently not protective enough) too.

    I had a dell studio for 2 years, dropped it all the time and never had a problem.
    After reading the above comments I don’t even want to bother going to the mac store, but I guess I will have to >:(

  310. Stress cracks can be caused by so many reasons. I am a CAD designer not affiliated with Apple. I have not read all the complaints but many listed. You should file a class action lawsuit. Manufacturing & & engineering defects could include: torque sequencing, overtorqueing, a missing gasket (gasket should allow flex), several missing gaskets, a gasket that is not thick enough (ineffective), a gasket too thick (pressure stress), a boss or bosses at attachment (screen to pan or however it’s attached) that is not the proper height dim., a strenghening rib that is not the proper height, a flash or plastic burr from manufacturing that increases a height dim., a tolerance or sequential tolerance that is incorrect, a tolerance that has not been maintained and fails quality at manufacture, a material that is not condusive to temperature changes, etc. at manufacture, weak points, stress points from improper injection or cutting, material changes that do not comply with previous mat’l specs for manufacture, a surface process or manufacturing that was implemented prior to manufacture of problem screens, an incorrect dimension, an incorrect assembly, an incorrect fixture, an incorrect tool etc, etc…there probably needs to be a recall. Look at some major home appliances that get recalled. These comuters cost more than some of those applianes but the appliance companies will not correct their mistakes unless a class suit is brought against them to hold them responsible. It’s sad but true. Apple is NOT infallable. I hope you people get some help because it’s like robbery!

  311. And… If their testing ensures thousands of times to open and close the laptop (not only a hinge study but screen clearance to keyboard) and they are selling a product that does not hold up to the test, they should be liable.

  312. I just took out my laptop to take a look. There is a gap which runs across the bottom. There is a gasket (feels like silicone) that runs around the entire periphery of the frame which lies directly on the screen. If that gap is not wide enough and if the cover was opened too far back this may put pressure along the screen. my laptop was purchased summer 09. If the gap is missing or is too narrow or cocked uneven. This could be a stress source. If there is no coating on the back of the frame, that could be an issue. Of the gap between the cover and the bottom when the lid is open 90 degrees+ is not correct, this could be an issue. The attachment of the hinge to the cover (lid) is not designed or installed correctly, could be a issue. The hole placement and allignment of the hinge attachment could be a concern. The thing that would be a biggie is the hinge flange interface into the lid & it’s attachment and the screen edge (where it sits). The ones who repair these know exactly the problem!

  313. Her laptop did not actually crack on the airplane. She drunkenly dropped it while in college and just didn’t want to admit it to you.

  314. For one thing the Magnets are a part of the problem, when you open the computer they flex the screen and this causes it to crack on all my Apples I have put small rubber bumpers which keeps the Magnets from exerting too much pressure on the LCD so the display opens very easy without the bumpers you have to pray it open literally if you do get the computer fixed use small rubber bumpers on each corner that will help because the cover will open real easy and not cause the LCD to flex every time you open it. And don’t place anything on the computer you don’t want the LCD to flex at all ……

  315. Pretty scary site.I was going to purchase a MBP this week as I’m tired of repairing PCs-though not that expensive-and viruses. Most everyone I have spoken with talks highly of the MACS. Now I’m having 2nd thoughts. I can buy 2 good laptops for that screen repair price.
    Lou-you make some valid points but could be a little more tactfull in my humble opinion. Besides, don’t all computers have a serial # which would comfirm their date of manufacture? I’m sure many people would like to stand outside an Apple store with a petition for a class action suit but since they are in malls, mall mgmt will not allow anything like this to happen. I’m disabled and living on a very limited income so moving to a MBP is a major move,I sure can’t afford a repair that costs almost as much as the computer, and I’m about as easy on a computer as humanly possible.
    I did notice that the macbooks have a weird opening and movement action. They do not open nearly as far as my Toshiba so maybe it is a design flaw that stresses the screen. of course we all know Steve Jobs arrogant smug attitude to those types of problems by now-”It’s not our fault, just hold the phone differently”.
    To Rich regarding the bumpers-would you be kind enough to let us know what kind to put on, how, where to buy them and any other details-thanks.
    I was looking forward to converting all my tech stuff to Apple for simplicity sake, im not good at that stuff and thought their 1 to 1 program would be of great benefit. I’m glad i found out the limitations of Apple, especially consdering it’s cost.
    Thanks to all.

  316. Hi John,

    I bought them from this electonics wholesaler I forgot the name the bumper are about 3/8″ round and about 1/16″ thick they came a hundred on a sheet I use these for most of the things so they don’t scratch each other when I place them on top something that could get scratched, the displays on Mac’s are a joke I have what 13 Mac’s and I see defects on at least three of them and they are within the LCD, I have 4 Dell’s and none have a defect of any kind, I have 2 HP’s and they are perfect, I have 13 Gateways they are all perfect I probably have more computers somewhere but I lost count I have so many, I have way to many computers I know, but honestly Apple sucks as far as displays not to mention all the other problems with their computers I thought they were supposed to be the best so I bought two 17″ Macbook Pro’s and they are perfect so I bought a Modbook that has flaws, rubbish in the LCD’s my 13″ Macbook Pro is perfect, my Macbook unibody Polycarbonate I just replaced the display due to flaws but I have come to the conclusion that these computers are fragile to the point that any little mistake on how you pick it up or lay it down could cause the LCD to get damaged but if the person is careful there should be no problems, just never put any pressure on the LCD …..

  317. My macbook pro screen is cracked as well! However, I know this is my fault, because I stepped on it. Stupidest move of my life! It will cost almost $400 to replace the glass on my screen! I am so mad at myself, but I don’t blame Apple at all. It was my fault. Screens don’t just crack on their own.

  318. 1 month ago, my brother and mom bought me a MBP as a gift and as I am busy with a new job, did not open it until 3 days after. Right out of the box and after registration, I noticed a hairline crack on the right side. Stopped everything and sent it back to the reseller.

    Basically, its the same story that I must have dropped it. The reseller takes the computer and suddenly, a mysterious brown mark appears and it is their reason for rejecting me. This brown mark later turned out to be a non-permanent market pen which I never noticed when I was checking the MBP for drop marks after initially discovering the crack.

    Apple Care takes over and once again tells me its my fault and they have escalated the issue with their reseller. After 3 weeks of non-communication, I called them to demand an answer and their answer was the same. Its my fault. The reseller says its up to Apple to decide to give me a new unit and Apple says its the resellers decision to give me a new unit.

    I am not pressing for a replacement screen but a NEW MBP as this was cracked out of the box. I own a macbook that had the logic board problem and had the logic board replaced 4 times in 3 different countries before deciding it was ridiculous to keep losing data.

    I also have a crackbook macbook and another crackbook with a big broken screen in the middle that appeared out of nowhere. I’m sick of their attitude that its our fault or how we are holding the new iphone is all wrong.

    All these excuses point to a company that is going to fail very soon and I do hope that Apple will collapse and fail as a brand, as they have failed to live up to their reputation. I am taking action with the Singapore version of the ‘better business bureau’ and will also take it public with videos.

    I am calling all of you victims to join togather and post your videos up on youtube. We have to band togather to bring down this corporation that sells faulty products. I was a mac-addict, but no more. Just waiting for a new startup to offer a better product to jump ship, but meanwhile, I will tell everyone I know never to buy anything from Apple.

  319. Nicholas-I’m beginning to wonder what this whole Apple mystique is . I see these Mac heads on TV lined up to buy Apple products like they are he 8th wonder of the world. They go out of their way in the stores to demonstrate products and make a sale so I thought their customer svc would be good. I called Applecare a couple of times just to see what their service would be like if I purchased a product-never got thru as the hold times were extremely long. So you purchase a service and have to wait forever for help. I believe the company is run by an egomaniac who’s attitude is my “my way or the highway”, otherwise their iPhone would be availabel to a service provider with decent coverage, like Verizon,instead of AT&Ts crappy reception
    They definitely have a high opinion of themselves as indicated by the instore “Genuise Bar” service area-give me a break!
    I like your idea of the youtube thing but I wouldn’t know how to do it. Someone needs to design a simple easy to use site where all unhappy customers can unite/register and push Apple in the right direction or pursue a class action suit.

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