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My Biggest Complaint About All These Damn Phone Books

Every month it seems I get a new phone book. In my house right now, I have

  • The Talkiing Phone Book (doesn’t talk, it’s just like evey other phone book)
  • The Community Phone Book
  • Your Community Phone Book
  • Verizon White Pages
  • Verizon Yellow Pages
  • Neighborhood Phone Directory

Yes, that’s right, even my neighborhood had to get in on the action and the civic league now produces a bound phone book of the entire neighborhood.

Most of the phone books are delivered to me in duplicates. I don’t know, maybe I do need multiple copies of thousands of phone numbers and worthless ads and just don’t realize it.

One time I actually caught the person delivering the phone books. I say “caught” because delivering this unwanted crap should be a crime. I “caught” the guy at the foot of my driveway as he was about to lauch the volumes onto my property.

I asked him, “Why are you giving me two of these phone books when you gave me two of the same ones six months ago?”

He said, “I can give you up to four but anything more than four and you have to make a special request to the company.”

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  1. I found a site where I could download a poster to put on my mailbox, saying ‘No Flyers, No Community Newspapers, No Phonebooks, Please. We Prefer the Trees’. It’s worked - my garbage is only half it was.

  2. find the company delivering these and drop them on their front lawn.

  3. If you do not want the “CRAP” then just throw it away and move on and find something more productive to do with your time. As a business owner, we pay big sums of money to advertise in phonebooks and other sources of advertising, newsletters, newspapers, flyers, postcards, etc in hopes of offering a great product to someone that needs it. If there were not these forms of advertising for people to use to find goods & services, then what would your brilliant mind suggest? Maybe your can use your time wisely, instead of harrassing someone trying to earn a living, and come up with a better way for business & customers to come together.

  4. In Loudoun County Virginia we need to use both the Verizon directory and the Yellow Pages directory (both of which contain both “white” pages and yellow pages) because neither is complete and both have numerous errors. Sometimes only the little red Community Phone Book has the information I am looking for. This is the first place I’ve lived where I couldn’t just discard all but one telephone directory.

    Even when I could just throw away the redundant directories, it still was a huge waste of paper. How many carbon-absorbing trees are lost to make these unnecessary directories?

    If an agreement could be reached by the business community in each phone areas to pick just one phone directories in which to pay for their listings, we would not only save paper but businesses wouldn’t have to pay for listing in the advertising pages of multiple directories.

  5. HAVE YOU BEEN RIPPED OFF BY VERIZON ADVERTISING? My son’s ad, which produced 0 results, was fully paid for when we told IDEARC last July he did not wish to continue. They published it again automatically, and he’s being billed $65/mo. If U R one of Verizon’s victims, please e-mail me:

  6. Sprint cell phone service is no good!
    follow me on twitter and Plenty Of Fish, username: willbuff2

  7. I always find its the jerks who make complaints like this. Yea, we get about 5 books a year. I live in an apartment and usually grab about four out of five of them. I still prefer phone books to the internet when I am looking for a local business. Its more personal and the list is long and I dont have spam links that take me to a useless web page.

    You can use the phone book and internet to your advantage. I normally find a couple businesses I am interested in like restaurants then I look online for any coupons. Ive gotten several 15% off deals doing this.

    I still look to the phone book for

    A locksmith(locked myself out of my apt..) Used a neighbors book.
    dining out
    A bowling alley
    Tow service
    salon etc…

  8. I got 3 phone books this year. I don’t even have a landline! Yes, AT&T I’m looking at you! While I also prefer the yellow pages to the web for tracking down a local business, one book is enough. Really.

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