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My Biggest Complaint About Alien Anal Probes

Why do alien abductions usually result in an anal probe? Everytime somebody says they’ve been abducted by aliens, it seems 9 times out of 10 the abductee remembers bright lights, funny looking aliens and an anal probe of some sort. Everything else is kind of fuzzy.

My biggest complaint about alien anal probes has me asking how can aliens be so advanced yet so old school with their examination techniques?

Don’t aliens have an x-ray machine on board? Can’t they just beam a CT scanner up from the nearest hospital? Why don’t they just get on the internet and Google whatever anatomic question they have? Why must aliens resort to anal probes of their abductees and why is the anal probe one of the few things the abductee remembers?

Sometimes I wonder if the aliens are purposely allowing the abductee to remember the probe as if to say (in alien of course) “We got you, dude. You are our human, and don’t forget it.”

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  1. You travel through the depths of space, light years from your planet and we’ll see what species you’re not willing to probe anally.

  2. simple explanation. it’s our name that confuses them…


    and so it’s a “when in rome” kind of thing.

  3. Well Im not an alien well at least I don’t think so but…Aliens are quite often seen as something to fear. Well of course an anal probe is not something that most people would precevie as pleasant increasing the fear of aliens. maybe their technology is so advanced that a simple anal probe can extract everything from the subject including memories anatomical things and just everything.

    You just must allways remeber the answer is 32!

  4. I think that the aliens should be thinking “Seen one A$$, seen ‘em all.”

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