Need to complain about something? This is the place to do it. At MyBiggestComplaint.com, anyone can harness the power of the web to shout and get things done. Check out MyBiggestComplaint.com in the news.

All complaints are reviewed by editors to check to make sure your complaint complies with the Rules. Complaints that do not comply with the Rules will be edited or rejected.

By submitting a complaint, you agree that your submission can be modified or edited to fit our editioral guidelines.

Tips on complaining

  • Make sure your complaint complies with the rules.
  • General complaints are fine, but specific complaints are better. A complaint called “My Biggest Complaint About George Bush” will probably be not get you very far. However, a complaint called “My Biggest Complaint About George Bush And His iPod Selections” will work a lot better.
  • Tell your friends about your complaint. Complaints with the most comments get the most visibility. More visibility means your wheel is more likely to get the grease.


Why have a blog full of complaints?

Because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. By having a blog full of complaints, someone is bound to have a complaint or two resolved. This sounds like a good thing to us. If your complaint doesn’t get resolved, don’t worry, you will still feel better. Sometimes it just feels good to get things off your chest.

How does this work?

Once you have registered (free), you can login and submit your complaint. Our editors will check your complaint to make sure it complies with the rules. If your complaint complies with the rules, your complaint will be published.

Do I need to register for this?

No, you do not need to register to complain. Anonymous complaints are fine and are listed under the user name of “anyone“. Sometimes anonymous complaints are even necessary, however there are advantages to registering. Registration is free.

What are the advantages of registering?

Each registered user has an archive of their post. Registered users have access to their profile and can interact with other members. Registered users are also able to show RSS feeds of their complaints on their own website or blog. If you have a Wordpress blog and have a widgetized sidebar, show your author feeds on your site by linking to the URL of your author feed, for example, the author “anyone” could show their feed titles on their blog by linking to the feed “http://mybiggestcomplaint.com/author/anyone/feed/”. This is a great way to show your latest complaints on your blog without cluttering your blog with rants.

Can I post images in my complaint?

Yes you can post images or video in your complaint, in fact, we encourage it. You must be registered to post images or video in your complaint. Sometimes it’s difficult to express your complaint in words only. Images and video may be necessary to explain your complaint properly. (See an example of an image used to explain a complaint)

There are two ways to include images or video with your complaint:

  1. Host the image at an image hosting site like Flickr or YouTube. When you complain, include the link to the image in your complaint, or
  2. Email your complaint to complaints AT mybiggestcomplaint.com and attach your image or video file to the email.

How do I send a complaint by email, SMS or text message?

To send a complaint by email, SMS or text message, send the SMS or text message to complaints@mybiggestcomplaint.com. Using email, SMS or text messaging to file your complaint works great when you are complaining from the field.

How do I upload an avatar?

Registered users can upload an avatar that will show next complaints, comments and on their author page by visiting their profile page.

How does the voting system work?

Popular complaints are determined using many factors including number of complaint views, comments, links from other blogs, number of votes, quality of votes and other secret sauce additions to our most popular algorithim. Popular complaints are displayed on the front page.

If you want your complaint to move up the list of popular complaints, try using the “Share This” link at the bottom of every complaint. Share your complaint with friends via email, or submit your complaint to other social sites to help increase the popularity of a complaint.

If you have a blog, post an RSS feed of your complaints in the sidebar to help increase the popularity of your complaints. The url for your RSS author feed is http://mybiggestcomplaint.com/author/{author name}/feed/. This is a very powerful way to increase your complaint popularity because external links to complaints are weighted heavily in the complaint popularity algorithim.