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My Biggest Complaint About 7-eleven Harassment From Manager At 19001 Bushard St/Garfield Huntington Beach, CA

To anyone who plans to visit this location.

I have lived in Huntington Beach for over 45 years and have lived in this neighborhood for well over 30 years. I have been a valued customer from various owners of this location and business.

While growing up in this area my parents had owned several of the locale Pizza restoraunts and I had worked at this location as a kid. Recently this location transferred an employee, to work in the mornings, from another store to work at this location**.

One morning several months ago this location also started to promote free coffee on Tuesdays and gives out cards to be signed off that with every four cups of coffee’s the fifth one is free. A couple of days after the promotion had started and I went in for my usual cup of coffee and other items I gave my card to be signed, not realizing it was a Tuesday and the coffee was free, and one of the 2 female employees who work weekday mornings signed my card the other employee got real mad and started yelling and ranting and raving at me. I apologized for not realizing that my cup of coffee was free that day and that the card is only signed for the purchase of a cup of coffee.

I was embarrassed because she was lecturing me that the card is only signed when you actually purchase a cup of coffee also when was telling every customer behind me waiting in line that I had my card signed and that it should no be signed because the coffee was already free. I was so embarrassed for my mistake but also because she was getting every one in the store involved. I apologized repeatedly for the mistake but also realizing that the other employee signed the card with no protest. She was still yelling and ranting and raving with the other customers as I walked out the door.

The next day I returned for my morning coffee and other items when I approached the counter pay she was at the register and the lady who helped me the day before was making fresh coffer and other chores. When she rang me up I pulled out my coffee card to be signed she she started yelling at me and was ranting and raving saying that she will not sign my card because I had it in error the day before. She was also telling everyone in line behind me that I had tried have my card signed inappropriately the day before again I apologized and was embarrassed.

The next few visits I hated because every time it was my time to be rung up at the register she would ring me up, the other girl was making fresh coffee and other chores around the store, she would start talking about my mistake and would be telling the other customers in line about the incident. I was so embarrassed I did not return again for several days and was think that she would only be there a couple of days because I over heard her mention working at another location.

After about a week and a half to two weeks it died down and it seamed to be a non issue and I was able to get my morning purchases and leave. That’s when I left my coffee card on my dresser at home when it came my turn to be rung up I told her I needed a new card because I had left mine at home and she said she would not give me a new one but would sign mine the next morning when I come in. I thought there could be no harm after all she was on me that very first time on having my card signed when it should not have and she refused to sign it the next day so her memory in my book was good.

The next day when it was my turn to get rung up at the register (by the way at this time she would ring up two customers at a time while the other girl made fresh coffee and did other chores around the store) I reminded her about the day before and that she said that she would sign the card for both purchases that is when she told me she had already signed my card. I the back of my head I was mad she could remember me having my card signed inappropriately and harassed me for days but could not remember when she promissed. I explained that she told me the day before that she would remember she insisted that she already signed my card the day before and the day before that I had forgot my card again I told her she was incorrect that it was the day before that I forgot my car that’s when she just started yelling at me once again and was ranting and raving and talking to the customers behind me in line saying “do I ever forget signing your card no I always ask the customer for their card” “don’t I”, don’t I” ECT once again I walked out embarrassed as she was yelling at me and ranting and raving to the customers in line about how perfect she is.

The next few weeks were unpleasant as every time I approached the register she would talk to the customers around me asking if she has done this or that and I just egnored her and was embarrassed each time I went in and again it seemed to die down in a week or two. That’s when It was my turn to be rung up and I told her I needed a pouch of Bugler Tobacco that is in the cabnet underneath the register and I set a $20.00 bill on the counter while I asked and started looking in my pockets for my coffee card. After she signed my card I asked for my change and she said I did not pay yet I told her yes I did I had put my $20.00 and then looked for my coffee card in my pockets. I told her again that I put my $20.00 on the counter and at the same time pulled out my wallet and counted my money since I wad just withdrew the money from the ATM prior to walking in that day and sure enough I was short $20.00 but I realized my mistake and pulled out another $20.00 handing it to her while she started ranting and raving that she will show me in the morning the video from the survalence that I never put my money on the counter.

As I walking out she was discussing this with the customers in line. Again I was embarrassed I felt threatened because she is always trying to get the people in line riled up by yelling and ranting like I did something and felt like I was going to get pounched by someone who may think I did since I am a male and she is a small female. Mostly I was embarrassed because she was ranting and yelling about me and saying “I never … have i… don’t ..”. trying to turn everyone against me. Never have I so much as raised my voice or even say anything, I just wanted out.

The next day I look forward to going in because I know that the video will show that I placed my $20.00 in front of her and that when she went to retrive my tobacco the kid at the other register must have grabed it before leaving. I went up to here and asked when we would look at the tape and she said there is no tape I told he you told me yesterday that you would prove that I never put my $20.00 on the counter then she again started yelling and ranting and raving saying she did not take my money again I told her I was not accusing her that I think the kid took it and she said he did not cause he was nice looking that I had mistaken about putting it down I again explained that I just took it out of the ATM and that if she looks at the tape as she said she would it would prove that I did place it on the counter. She said the kid did not take it once again and was getting everyone else in the store to agree to her side and once again I felt threatened and embarrassed and stated I was going to talk to the manager about how she keep yelling at me and getting everyone else riled up against me and I had never done wrong but she just kept yelling and I just wanted out of their because she kept telling the customers that I was accusing her of stealing my money. I told her she was a lier and left.

I stayed away for a couple of days before returning. Now understand that I have been going to this 7-11 most of my life and she just started several months earlier so I was just going to ignore her and get out as fast as possible. This is when I notice that the other girl would always go to the register when I walked in and the mean girl would make fresh coffee and do other chores around the store. this was so pleasant I would get my items and not get yelled at or hear her ranting and raving. How pleasant it was that she did not say a word to me or yelling at me and embarrassing me as she had been doing and I was nothing but pleasant to her. Once I was being rung up she would return to the register and help the next customer. it did not dawn on me that she would do this when I come in until one day the nice lady was ringing up a customer and I started waiting in line when another customer got in line behind me when she told him that she would ring him up. I reminded her that I was next when she started to rant n rave and was yelling at me and telling the other customers of how she was going to have me kicked out and arrested for trespassing that her boss told her not to help me and that she was supposed to kick me out and have me arrested and this time I did get involved with the customers around me as she was trying to get them riled up and I said “You see I do nothing to this girl and I’ve not said one work except I was next I line as always I was polite and she just starts yelling at me for no reason and I would talk to the manager regarding this.”

One of the customers said “Oh yeah I heard that your so rude to her.”

Then I said “Am I rude or did I say anything to her?”

And the other customer replied “No, but I heard.”

My reply was “Your in here a lot while I’m here and have you ever heard me say one word while she yells at me and rants n raves?” and the reply was “No, I never have but she said” and another customer in line now quips in cause she is yelling at me and getting him involved “She also told me that you are the rudest person”.

This was still going on as I walked out and like I responded inside has anyone seen me be rude to her or say anything inappopriate to her and no one was able to confirm that I have they only could deny ever seeing me say one word back to her.

The next day I went in, that would be today May 19, 2008. When I went in she approached me while I was getting my cup coffee when she asked nicely. “What is your problem?”

And responded back, “I have no problem I only want my coffee and to go.”

That is when once again she starts yelling at me and ranting to the customer next to me, who was pouring his coffee, that because I would not tell her what my problem was that she would have me arrested, so I tried to explain but she kept on yelling and saying she was going to have me arrested. So I said “Look I just want to make my purchase and be on my way, I do not have a problem and I have nothing to say to you I have been nothing but nice and never yelled back to you not once, but you continue to yell at me all the time and I am going to issue a complaint to your corperate office.”

By this time she was still trying to get the other customers in the store riled up and I said, “But one thing you keep doing to me is trying to embarrass me by yelling in front of your customers for no valid reason.”
While she continued to yell at me and was still trying to rile up the other customers I continued, “The other thing you keep doing is getting other people riled up and against me but I still have never even raised my voice or yelled back.”

I turned to the other customer pouring his coffee, “Did I do or say anything to her?”

“No” he replied.

“Was I mean in any way”

“No” he replied again

“Did I do anything wrong”

“No!” once again was his reply.

I told her one is you start yelling at me for no reason and she ignored me still renting to the customer and then I said, “one other things is you keep getting all the customers involved and I did nothing to you ever”.

But she did not reply to me she just continued to yell and rant while on the phone and trying to talk with the police department. I asked the other customer “I did not say anything did I?” he replied “no but she said you are rude.”

“Am I rude?”


As she continued and she was on the phone and ranting n raving to the other customers about me and again I said nothing more to her but I turned to the other employee that has been ringing me up for the last several and said to her ” have you ever seen me say anything to her or ever be rude”? Then the mean employee said “do not talk to her she speaks no English”! At this point I walked out the door she was still yelling after me, while on the phone with the police and working up the other customers against me, the same customer who agree that they can not and have not see me or hear me talk back to her or even be rude. While I was outside I got several numbers of the other customers from inside the store who had witnessed this incident as well as other incidents and they agree that they never seen me do anything wrong while they observed and that I also never replied in a negative fasion as she egged me on trying to get them against me. The all seemed to agree that they can not see that I did anything in there presence. They also agree that they never seen me do anything as a matter a fact, that I am always very polite. I will give these numbers to the corporate offices so they can verify that she had no reason to treat me with such disrespect.

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  1. That’s a BIG complaint! You go man!

  2. We all are’nt here to read your life story in a complaint.

  3. Want is the address to the corp. office do you have a number?
    Thanks, Dee

  4. 7-eleven is a bad company to work for, hence it’s still hard for me to enter one of their stores. They treat most of their employees like crap, the managers are always there to criticize employees but never offer a single praise. And then they wonder why people quit 7-Eleven all of the time. Sorry to say, that woman was probably a manager or an assistant manager. The only reason why I say that, is because they have the worst attitudes out of all of the store employees. I have seen an assistant manager curse out co-workers and customers even though no one provoked him, and the boss never fired him, always saying that the assistant manager could never do such a thing. The higher you go up the chain of command in that company, the more corrupt that person becomes, or they start cheating their subordinates out of money. The pay is terrible, yet they expect so much out of one employee. Oh and they love to talk trash about their subordinates. Did I mention that I caught my boss in an office with another woman doing things he shouldn’t have been doing? He took my knowledge of his doings as a threat! Can you believe that??? A threat! Probably because I could’ve gotten him fired for letting corporate know that he was receiving blowjobs in his office while he was on the clock (store # 10052, manager: Tommy Gardner).

    My best advice is to avoid 7-Elevens altogether. There’s other stores out there that can give you your morning coffee. 7-Eleven the company doesn’t care about you the customer, they only care about your money. The price for their food/drinks/etc. are a bit higher than the average price for those products when they are found at other stores/gas stations. It’s a big rip-off of a chain and people buy into the fallacy every single day.

  5. I applyed, at 7-eleven yesterday because I need money baddly, they want to hire me, for 3 days shifst and 2 nights shfits. night shift is from 11p.m. to 7a.m. The Managers of the store sayed to me on the phone they only have one person who work night 7 days a week, because they have no one else to work nights. and if i am not mistaken they have like 5 people who can work during the day time shifts, and if I am not mistaken they have like 2 people in training. The Manager told me the night time shift need special training that day time staff don’t get in there trainning. The Manager also say the night time staff work by them self at night. So I am wondering whats wrong with the store, Why don’t some of the daytimes stuff get trainned for the night time shifts, instead of hireing some one new to work nights. Another thing is I won’t feel comfortable working nights alone by myself, I would prefer some one else to work with during the night. So tomorrow I have to give them my answer if I want the job or not, so my answer will be I got another job offer, and leave it at that.

  6. What the hell did you keep going back for? No Dunkin Donuts? No Starbucks, even?

    You LIKED the treatment, and wanted more.

    I wouldn’t have kept my mouth shut. You, on the other hand, must like to be dominated.

  7. rouschkateer,

    Did you actually read that whole post? Whew.. You gotta give the original poster an A for effort if nothing else.

  8. WOW, a very funny story. your have a saint like patience, if that was me i would have trown that coffee in her face every morning

  9. I’m from MD and now live in NC. We have 7 Eleven’s in both states & I’ve had nothing but good service at any that I’ve been too….needless to say I don’t go often. You do sound a little masochistic (is that spelled correctly?) for going back so often. I would have broken down in tears the first time she yelled at me….start to go someplace else or if you can, secretly video tape one of her rants and put it on You Tube.

    PS Mr Squeaky I love you and your ducky…….

  10. my sister works at 7-11 and she hates it, but she would never ever treat anyone like that.
    that bitch should just quit her job and go be a telemarketer

  11. Why do you persist? Pray for them. God will do what you can only dream of. As for me if i’m crossed once thats it, no more business from Bob and i’ll let everyone know that i can “DO NOT EVER go there.


  12. I worked for 7-Eleven as a sales manager for ten years.No matter how hard the franchisees work,they are never good enough.

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